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The Sacred Stones 1: The Stones Temple by Danilo Rocha

Andzia9 7 6 7 7
Bene 7 7 7 7
bERT 4 5 7 9
Blue43 6 6 6 7
CC 6 6 7 6
Duncan 5 5 7 7
dya1403 7 5 9 9
eTux 4 5 7 7
Gerty 7 6 8 7
Jay 5 5 8 8
Jose 5 6 7 7
Kristina 5 6 7 7
Leeth 4 5 3 4
MichaelP 6 6 8 7
Obig 7 7 8 7
Orbit Dream 4 5 9 9
Phil 7 7 7 7
Richard Ba 7 7 7 7
Ruediger 7 7 8 7
Ryan 5 6 7 7
Sash 5 4 7 7
Scottie 6 6 5 7
Tombaholic 6 6 8 8
Treeble 6 6 8 7
Yoav 7 7 8 7
Zhyttya 5 6 5 6
release date: 24-Jan-2004
# of downloads: 152

average rating: 6.47
review count: 26
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file size: 16.16 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Simple, straightforward and undemanding: probably good for a beginning player. Unfortunately the gameplay side of things doesn't achieve any great heights and it becomes little more than a run through each successive room and picking up an item or pushing a block. I liked the scenery side of things and thought that the construction (at least near the beginning) was rather well done, although the gates near the end had some sort of weird texture bug. Enemies are only skeletons and a couple of crocs/pigs so just an explosive weapon will suffice. Overall, this isn't a tedious adventure by any means, but it doesn't offer particularly exciting. And I thought Lara's choice of outfit for raiding (an extremely short bikini) was in poor taste, although admittedly hilarious." - Ryan (02-Mar-2019)
"Very easy to play this level, you'll always find where to go or what to do. Simple gameplay based about pull some switches and look for some gems to place in the serpents mouths. Simple architecture too, the secrets I found were not hidden, and there's a lot of ammo so I never used the revolver or the uzis against the crocs, white ninjas or skeletons. Correct use of the cameras and flybys, I only missed some camera shots when pulling some underwater switches. The texturization is not bad, but a bit monotonous 'cause the empty and nude huge rooms with no ornaments or furniture. At middle game the flare bug appeared (don't worry 'cause I couldn't find flares in all level) and the last wooden doors had a visual bug too depending the camera angle. Playable anyway." - Jose (15-Nov-2016)
"Pretty basic level. Typical strait forward puzzles and game play, with a good action adventure near the end. It was, after all, Danilo Rocha first trle and you can clearly see that. The sounds were really weird, felt like they were exported from the PS game; the ending seemed too much stretched (the game should have ended earlier) and her outfit...well...who goes exploring a Tomb in her bikinis? Anyway, overall it was not a bad level, the fighting scenes were good and the atmosphere too." - Zhyttya (03-Mar-2016)
"A really simple level. But then it goes wrong in a thing that it's so simple to score, the sound. The sound in this level was awful, I don't know if it was the bitrate but it was the first one I actually notice a downgrade from the original. Besides that, the atmosphere wasn't that bad but it was already spoiled by the problem that I said before. The gameplay was simple, the puzzles were basic, and the bugs where there (texture and flare bug even if they weren't that annoying). There was one area that didn't belong there, seemed completely different texture wise. Not really recommended, and that Lara custom was something a bit to awkward to look at sometimes" - Leeth (03-Mar-2016)
"Now I do not want to be more papal than the pope, but this superscanty bikini must not really be. To me occurs even more what I could write in addition, but then it could be that the Review will be not published. Another problem is that one can jump in the beginning area at one place upwards on the wall of rock and is then at the "End of the world". Indeed, this is not the only place, because I have short time later found an other place where I could jump too far upwards. Moreover, the Flares work only if one throws them on the ground. And if one wants to use the rest light amplifier of the binoculars, there is a crash on the desktop. Enough grumbled, because the level also has his good sides. Most places look good, although the rooms are partly quite empty. The riddles were easy and the opponents no problem, because weapons and ammunition were easy to be found. The lighting was good, indeed, there were a few sound problems. All together this was a respectable level which guaranteed play fun for almost half an hour." - Scottie (26-Apr-2011)
"After playing the builder's latest level, The Ancient Knowledge, I thought I would give his debut level a try, to play something short and simple for in between some of the larger levels. Well, it is a debut level and therefore it is not perfect but I found that the builder has built a very decent little level one can tell that there is definitely a lot of talent here. The game play is rather simple and straightforward and there are only easy tasks like finding gems to open doors, a bit of climbing and swimming. I did have problems with the flares and when using the binoculars, the game will crash if using the light button. In the beginning there are hardly any enemies, but in the later part the game turns into a battle with lots of skeletons, so it is wise to not waste all the explosive ammo early. Textures and lighting was nicely done and I think Lara's outfit needs a mention; it is probably as minimalist as it gets...." - Blue43 (07-Oct-2010)
"Since I'm not familiar with this builder's work, since he's recently released a highly acclaimed level, and since I like to track a builder's progress as he or she gains experience with the level editor, I've decided to play the previous releases in order before enjoying the current level that's receiving all those rave reviews. I found this maiden voyage to be a short (30 minutes)and easy romp that's easy on the eyes and has plenty of ambient lighting. In other words, I was impressed. Definitely not a classic, but I would have been proud to present something this well done as my debut level (not that this will ever happen, mind you). Looking forward to the second installment." - Phil (16-Mar-2009)
"Nice level, but there are two bugs here. First at the dark in the beginning. The flares doesn't work, binoculars too. When I entered to dark corner everything became darker, life belt too. Second bug-if you press ctrl to light binoculars, then game has crashed. It happened in other room, I didn't checked the others. There aren't many pickups, only few enemies." - Andzia9 (28-Feb-2009)
"A relativelly short level with beginner's puzzles, but well put toghether in an oceanic enviroment.I think the best thing about this level is the settings (very suggestive).But unfortunatlly this doesn't add up with the enemies, as some are from a different picture. And I didn't like Lara's outfit.I am sure that it is phisically imposible doing all the hard jumps and fighting enemies wearing" - dya1403 (19-May-2007)
"I am confused when trying to describe this level it isn't so good but isn't bad entirely maybe 'a bit different' and 'strange' would be a better description as I said before it was not an annoying level very enjoyable many bugs found but only one thing left me disappointed the author unnoticed I think like this put the wrong enemy in the wrong place (the baddy) but as every author has his beginning I hope his career swallows new and perfect things that the time will bring with certainty." - Richard Ba (20-Sep-2004)
"This is quite a fun level although too short and extremely easy. To start off you are most likely to find the not so hidden secrets and each of them gives you enough stuff to prepare Lara for a third world war. There are few baddies and the level itself is pretty easy (for instance when you are blocked by a door that needs a key you look to your right and you follow that alternate path and soon you'll have that key you needed two minutes ago). The looks of the level are impressive and very well crafted (specifically the outside areas) and although the bikini was very nice I would have used anything but a bikini for a level like this one. 15 minutes." - Treeble (11-Apr-2004)
"This is a nice level reminds me of the TR3's South Pacific level. Unfortunately the canoe you can see at the beginning of the level is not playable. Lara's only cloth is a bikini and she's running about the cold temples and underground barefoot. I found 2 Secrets on the level. The enemies are crocs wild-boars skeletons and armed men. But you have quite enough weapons ranging from the Shotgun to the Crossbow Revolver Grenade Gun. Lara's objective is to find the Fire and Water Stone which she will be transport on a helicopter with her footman. Meantime you have to push blocks and pull levers even underwater. You will find more Stone and a Key till the end of the level. There are no difficult puzzles it was an easy adventure. The textures are nice but a bit average and dark sometimes. The Flares and the Binoculars don't work expect throwing away the Torch. Unfortunately there are no added sounds. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (02-Mar-2004)
"I've played part 3 of the adventure already before I downloaded this one but it seems a strictly chronological order isn't intended anyway since the games all go into the Tut1 slot. Lara picks up some Sacred Stones here as well. No not Mick and Keith ;-). A coastal level with too familiar textures I would have appreciated maybe some new textures instead of the old skulls. The light FX falling through the leaves or openings in the ceiling were really good. The temple building fit quite naturally into the outside area. Despite nice touches like the helicopter at the end I can't rate the gameplay too highly because the first half consisted of picking up keys opening the next door etc. without challenging traps or difficult hiding places and the second half was a big shootout with enemies (white ninjas and skellies) in whole hordes but with the explosive ammo you found meanwhile it's too easy to get rid of them. Kristina is correct about the end-of-the-world bug. So it's a simple fun level but fun I definitely had and prefer this to highly complicated experts-only-levels anytime. I carefully avoided to mention Lara's outfit so far but to round up the review I must say it is daring indeed. Especially climbing the long ladder when the camera films from below how Lara is swinging her bare ass upwards is the closest thing to obscene I've ever seen in a TR custom level. If she was under-dressed like this all custom levels we players would get a bad name LOL!" - RĂ¼diger (22-Feb-2004)
"Once I got over the shock of Lara just about naked (well maybe I never got over it) and once I got over not being able to use the binoculars without being dumped to the folder and once I got used to the flare bug I finally settled in and found that indeed I liked this level. There's crocs and ninjas and skeletons with more than enough ammo to deal with them and a really funny 'skeleton' key. Going for the second secret used up all my flares but I found I didn't need anymore or I would have had to use a cheat. This builder seems to have promise and I'm off to download and play Part 2." - Bene (12-Feb-2004)
"Lara's visiting a beautiful South Sea island but needless to say she's not exactly on holiday. Wearing little more than a determined expression she sets about exterminating the local wildlife and searching for the sacred stones. Enemies are crocs wild pigs skeletons and ninjas but you get more than sufficient weaponry to take on all comers. On the minus side the gameplay is not the most sophisticated and the flare bug crops up most of the time which can be a mega irritation but luckily most of the level is well lit. On the plus side this really is a very well constructed attractive level and shows great promise from a first time builder. After not much more than half an hour the level ends as Lara makes her way to the helicopter and a well-earned cup of tea from Winston." - Jay (08-Feb-2004)
"A nice straightforward debut level - 23 minutes you run around decently textured rooms (the first area is especially well done) activating a bunch of switches both above and below water gathering pretty stones - including 2 quest ones - a water and a fire one and trying to keep your eyes of Lara's naked bits since you see a lot of them lol. Found 2 secrets along the way and also the flare bug kicked in at the middle or so. Overall - nothing special but not bad either - worth a try if you're not looking for anything special." - eTux (02-Feb-2004)
"Unfortunately now that's never a good way to start a review this 30 minute level with it's temple set on an island location suffered from being too easy for it's own good. I was almost shocked every time I turned around to find I just found another of the 5 gems to proceed and at the end the level was almost giving them away along with the two sacred stones you are here for. Even the main enemies ninjas and skeletons that were unseen for the first half just became predictable I am going to enter this room and one will rise from that corner and another from that corner even the two secrets I found were a little easy. I may sound a little harsh but as I saw this level as having something special by the feel of the way it was aesthetically put together I just thought it was totally let down by the game. Anyway I hope that for the preceding levels the gaming aspect is heightened at least slightly. Oh yeah I almost forgot the outfit verges on the obscene and well I loved it!" - Sash (27-Jan-2004)
"Well this is certainly the swimsuit edition of Tomb Raider. A South Seas type of setting that too quickly moves indoors for some pretty standard bits. I think a more South Seas ruins in the jungle ambience would be great. I think the author should have put more effort into making some challenges in the gameplay. But it was fun and well worth a try." - Duncan (27-Jan-2004)
"This is a very promising debut level set in a South Pacific temple. The temple environment is good in many areas notably the first outdoor area and lighting effects are especially well done in some rooms. Still many rooms tend to be a bit boxy and drab and the skull textures a bit overdone. Enemies are a breeze to deal with given the arsenal Lara finds (one wonders where she keeps all this stuff with the almost-there bikini she's wearing). The Egypt-style ninjas though were really out of place in this setting. Gameplay doesn't live up to the quality of the rest of the level being overly easy and linear and hopefully this will change in the author's levels to come. Cameras are used to good effect although there a couple too many flybys for such a short level that neither help advance the storyline nor add any drama. Overall though a fine first effort which has me hoping we'll see more from this author." - Tombaholic (26-Jan-2004)
"This level builder must be a guy as in my opinion only a guy can come up dressing Lara in such skimpy clothes while she is raiding. If I would be Lara I would plainly refuse to run around in this jungle dressed like that. Following the story in the readme your goal is to get out with the Fire and Water stone and that she did. In the meantime get your hands on at least 5 gems and one key and in the process also find 2 secrets. Found 2 crossbows and 2 shotguns apart from some other weapons. I still like the shotgun to get rid of the skeletons that will bother Lara in unison also there are some ninja's and a boar or two. The level is straight forward without any difficulties and apart from the flare bug (as the author does mention in his readme) I could see nothing wrong. It lacks puzzles and or traps but nevertheless this is a pretty good first level. Very nice was to see Winston with his cup of tea waiting to carry Lara away in the chopper. 24-01-2004" - Gerty (26-Jan-2004)
"Considering that the 'South Pacific' texture set came with the LE when it was first released it has been surprisingly (and disappointingly) under-used. I have no idea why as (given care and attention to detail) it makes for a really attractive and atmospheric setting. As in this level for instance. Danilo has crafted a really beautiful location with care and attention which (to begin with anyway) is a delight to wander around. The lighting and water effects are also well used and I had high hopes for this adventure. Alas the gameplay is as straightforward as it's possible to be; and subsequently the whole endeavor became rather dull. The doors at the end looked rather buggy and the rooms (after a really promising start) became little more than large boxes which spoilt it all somewhat. However I look forward to the next installment. If Danilo can create gameplay to the same standard that he applies to crafting beautiful locations then we should see a really fine work. But of course I can't let this review end without commenting upon Lara's Bikini. As a matter of fact this level is probably the closest anyone will get to actually playing a 'nude raider' adventure; so for all those sad and frustrated little people who've always had an urge to play such things: this is the level for you." - Orbit Dream (26-Jan-2004)
"Well I've known for long time now that our Lara is a bit of a spoilt little girl but what she pulls here is simply the ultimate portrayal of a rich person feeling bored. So what do those people do. They call their butler shove him in a heli and off they go to some remote exotic island (usually bought by themselves from some devious former dictator) and have a nice afternoon of luxury beach sunning and a stroll just as easy as you and I - the normal folks - would have an afternoon of shopping. But enough of my jealous ranting. It's an adagio for strings people well a g-string that's for sure because that's nearly all she's wearing and luckily the gameplay is extremely straightforward because I would not have been able to keep my mind on a complex puzzle looking at nothing but butt smiling at me... Boy that one (returning) monkey swing with static camera from below never made her look more saucy in any other game. The settings are nothing but sheer beauty and I want to know right now where exactly this island is situated (well done builder!). Gameplay wise it's about finding keys and those shiny turning gem thingies meanwhile being chased by a few dozen of skeletons so you're not the only one who's interested in her meat... I would suggest the author not to just put the gate opening lever just before you actually meet the gate: that's just way too linear/easy. Found two secrets but had the feeling there are more. To conclude: as a little appetizer this is a nice little level to dream away in a bit." - bERT (26-Jan-2004)
"Lara starts somewhere in the South Pacific and she gets into a temple. There she need to find couple of gems to open another temple and find more gems and keys to open the gate to the end. Nice gameplay and lovely textures but Lara Lara - you are not going to believe what she is wearing in this level.... Hmm well..." - Yoav (26-Jan-2004)
"The script calls this level South Pacific Island and so that's the setting you actually get. And while it may be thrown together a bit simplistically it works rather well. Lara's outfit is straight from a Copacabana beach bikini shop and while it kind of suits the outside areas I am not sure that's what she would want wear while running around inside battling crocodiles warthogs a bunch of ninjas and a dozen or so skeletons. Battle though may be the wrong word as you get pretty much all the weapons and if you find the two secrets also many other goodies to keep you nice and safe. Having said all this the 30 minutes spent here are fast paced as progression is fairly linear and straightforward but fun nonetheless in your search for stones of various colour and I especially liked the waterfalls the light falling in through trees and windows and some really good camera work. The flare bug occurs but hardly registers as you don't really need any flares. Very nice debut - hope to see more by this author." - Michael (25-Jan-2004)
"I haven't seen a level with a South Pacific theme for quite a while. Lara in a very sexy swimsuit searches for two stones the fire and water stones plus gems and a key to be able to escape with the helicopter while her butler waits her for a cup of tea. The enemies are a wild boar ninjas and skeletons which are easy to get rid of since the player gets all the guns needed. It lasted half an hour and I found two secrets. I think it was too short somehow I expected more maybe some puzzles to solve instead of pushing a block or two and use levers to open doors. I liked the setting but there is a problem with the horizon you get the end of the world bug by simply climbing onto the sides of the rocks. Really nice for an introduction to a series of levels providing that we will get to see the rest of the parts the title suggests. Give it a try it's not every day that we get to see this kind of level." - Kristina (25-Jan-2004)
"Lara has canoed herself to a temple in the South Pacific and needs to find two pink crystals a white a yellow and a blue stone a skull key and two red fire crystals. The outfit is definitely for the boys the biggest item covering Lara is her gunbelt. I do like the lightbeams through the trees and in one area there's a kind of cloud effect in the sky which looks quite good. Camera work is good in some places. A lot of waterfalls ladder climbing a pushable block and swimming (if in doubt look for an underwater lever). Gameplay is very straight forward. And Lara opens the last gate to find Jeeves waiting with a tray of tea beside the helicopter. Perhaps he brought her a pair of shorts and a top or just lending her his scarf will do. Interesting to see how this series is going to unfold. Oh I forgot to mention there's plenty of skeletons and ninjas to shoot and a few crocs but not to worry there's a crossbow and two revolvers in there to deal with them." - CC (25-Jan-2004)