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The Sacred Stones 3: The Wind Stone by Danilo Rocha

Andzia9 7 7 7 8
Blue43 7 8 8 8
CC 6 5 8 7
Duncan 6 5 7 8
dya1403 6 8 7 9
eTux 4 7 7 7
Gerty 7 7 8 8
High Priestess 7 8 8 8
Jay 6 5 8 8
Jose 4 5 7 7
Kristina 4 6 8 8
MichaelP 6 7 8 6
Orbit Dream 5 5 9 8
Phil 8 7 7 8
Ruediger 7 7 8 7
Ryan 6 6 8 7
Sash 6 5 7 8
Scottie 7 8 8 9
Treeble 5 6 7 7
Yoav 7 7 8 8
release date: 15-Feb-2004
# of downloads: 109

average rating: 6.96
review count: 20
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file size: 14.53 MB
file type: TR4
class: Ship

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Despite being set somewhere deep in the ocean, the gameplay here is very shallow. I don't even remember if there was any platforming, most of the time it's just running and swimming long distances, throwing levers on your path. There was a long backtracking bit to trade one key for another, which felt like pure padding to me, only to find another lever immediately behind the next door to change the crane position to proceed. On the plus side, however, the level was very interesting as far as visuals are concerned, despite the generally feeling of emptiness throughout the whole level. Still, it was rather straightforward and not too taxing, which just might be what you need to meet your raiding quota for the day. 30 minutes, 1 secret. 01/21" - Treeble (24-Jan-2021)
"I'm generally partial to shipwreck levels so I found this setting to be the most appealing in the series. It's a shame that the gameplay still hasn't been beefed up, and it revolves around the same sort of thing that the previous episodes did. Nothing at all complex, no puzzles as such and rather a lot of backtracking. I thought that sequence where you moved the crane to gain access to an opening was well executed, but otherwise it's extremely simple. I also only found a couple of other pickups aside from the needed items and thought that the rooms had a bit of a sparse appearance to them, and the guards became rather wearisome. I liked the overall atmosphere, though and the environment was well constructed." - Ryan (04-Mar-2019)
"Nothing interesting in this ship level. The only features I liked were the flybys, the cameras and some (few) musics. I swim/ran a very very long way only pulling levers to open doors to get a key; next, came back another very very long way back to the beginning to use that key and get another key; next another very very long way back to the place I was before to use the new key; and so on. The harpoon I found was unuseful, 'cause the last sharks could be shooted with the pistols. What I missed was an extra weapon to shoot the thugs. Not bad the environments but only run/swim without tasks to do. Take a try but I got boring playing this level." - Jose (12-May-2017)
"Very enjoyable, linear and nostalgic raid. There are a few enemies that appear at once but I only used one or maybe two small medi-packs throughout. No sophisticated weaponry here but the pistols amply suffice. Definitely a less tedious return to a similar ship to TR2's Maria Doria." - High Priestess (06-Jul-2015)
"This is exactly the right level for the TR 2-nostalgic among us. The Ship level in TR 2 were one of my favorite level and here I come really at my costs. In the ship wreck it looks really good and Danilo has even recreated the big cave. However, it is a pity that one cannot use the harpoon under water. Now and again Lara must fight against several opponents all at once. Though one has at disposal only both pistols and the harpoon, but with a little tactics is this no problem. If you wants to enjoy once more real TR 2-feeling, then you should not miss in any case this level." - Scottie (27-Apr-2011)
"Part 3 of the Sacred Stones mini-series is a ship level and reminds strongly of the underwater levels from Tomb Raider 2. The game play contains a lot of diving through long windy hallways past underwater levers and Lara is more than once on the edge of drowning since there aren't that many air holes around at certain parts of the area. There is a bit of backtracking involved but it never seemed tedious, although several parts are visited more than once. As a matter of fact I found the game play entertaining enough to be quite disappointed when the level ended and would have loved to play on for some time, although it was simplistic and there weren't any puzzles or complicated jumps and runs. What can I say - the underwater levels from TR2 were always my favorites. Lara encounters several hungry sharks and groups of baddies. There were plenty of pickups and Lara acquired the harpoon as a second weapon, but never got around to actually use it. There were some good camera hints and flybys and I found the atmosphere very good and convincing. The textures appeared to be perfectly applied and the lighting was well done, although maybe a little on the consistent side. It sure was nice to see all those crusty and rusty TR2 textures again. My favorite part was the camera view toward the windows from the cave with the three hammerheads cruising around, which looked even more spectacular than the similar area in the original game. If you liked the ship levels from TR2, don't hesitate to dive into this short and entertaining adventure. Two thumbs up!" - Blue43 (01-Feb-2011)
"I had no idea until I read the author interview that this builder was only 14 when he released the three levels in this series practically at the same time. His stock went up immediately in my book. None of the three is particularly memorable, but each one provides a solid raid that bears little sign of first-timer mistakes. This third installment is a ship level, of which we see little for some reason, and I had a grand time here for the 40 minutes or so that it took me to complete it. There's a little backtracking involved, but not as much as in the previous levels. There's plenty of light to see what you're doing, too. Your brain won't be taxed, as most of the gameplay consists of shooting enemies for pickups and finding doors to open. A nice little trio for one's building debut. Recommended." - Phil (19-Mar-2009)
"I like Maria Doria levels, but it's nothing interesting there. Nice textures, nice rooms, but that's all. There isn't any puzzles and I don't know is it a good or bad. Anyway is not a bad at all." - Andzia9 (01-Mar-2009)
"The last sacred stone that remained to be collected is the wind stone wich is on board of a ship.The gameplay isn't challenging and the level becames a race of 'let's see how fast I can finish it!'.The only plus I give is for the diving suit." - dya1403 (19-May-2007)
"This little series sure does take our Lara from one diverse location to the next here Lara is at the bottom of the ocean where her sub has crashed and there are sharks on her tail (who would have guessed) what shall our heroine do? Oh yeah that big old sunken ship right next to the crashed sub (is this the Bermuda Triangle or what?) looks like a good enough place as any to start looking for sanctuary so start swimming! In this well designed rusty ship your first question on meeting the gang of thugs that welcome Lara is probably gonna be where the hell did these leather queens come from? Yes it looks like the biker from the Village People has been cloned by some sick twisted evil but (insert campy voice and swishy click of the fingers arched viciously back through the air) faaabulooous mad scientist to seek revenge on poor Lara for her past crimes against fashion well those chunky boots are soooo passe! Oh god I'm going off track again anyway the game itself is fairly straightforward as you search for some items open some underwater gates with underwater levers and move some crates and although this doesn't sound like a day at a Beverley Hills spa it was still quite enjoyable. I only found the one secret a harpoon gun which I used with glee from dry land on three sharks I met later on hopefully they were the ones trying to nibble my crimson toenails from the start and ended after 40 minutes when I picked up the Wind Stone." - Sash (23-Jul-2004)
"Well I really like sunken ship levels so I was prepared to like this one before I even began. The opening will bring back memories of the original Maria Doria level although it's not quite as difficult to make your way inside this ship. It's certainly a nicely constructed level and the gameplay although not at all complex has its moments. Admittedly some of the rooms are a bit empty with nothing to do but run or swim through them but I still found this the most entertaining of the Sacred Stones levels." - Jay (08-Mar-2004)
"A very familiar start under the sea and a search for an entrance into a sunken ship with not less than five sharks in the water with you. I love that diving suit and the detail of her gun belt and hair. It's a fairly obvious route through a very Maria Doria textured level. Inside the ship are a few slightly different looking thugs with guns. Despite the wallpaper effect in some rooms I was very impressed with the lighting and the overall atmosphere. Definitely more like a sunken ship than other levels in the same genre with water pouring in through holes seaweed hanging off railings even the diamond and pyramid key the cartouches and keyholes are retextured to fit into this setting very well. There are a few crate pushing puzzles to get harpoon ammo and a secret to find the harpoon but we never get to use it because coming out to where three sharks are in a watery cave it's easy to shoot them from the shore. The other five in the sea I never got back to but I suppose it's possible. Although the logic of going back that far and hanging around in the sea to kill the sharks while dying for air makes no sense." - CC (07-Mar-2004)
"I really love those shipwreck textures and just the same I hate the drowning that inevitably occurs in sunken ship levels. But it is not too bad here once you find the first opening. Quite a linear 40 minutes adventure with two rather long backtracks when you find the Living Room Key and the Round Key. Lara looks as good as ever in her wetsuit and I thought the camera work was quite impressive in this third installment of Danilo's series. Many underwater and other levers to pull along the way and the repetition of the textures in the rather bare rooms soon makes this setting a bit dull but as it is rather fast paced you hardly notice. About a dozen baddies and a few sharks are the adversaries in the quest for the Wind Stone - picking it up ends the level. I found one secret - the harpoon gun - but was never able to actually use it. The crane move - though rather simplistic - was nicely designed and I guess I had hoped for a bit more involving quest for the two Generator Power Keys near the end. It all seemed a bit too obvious. But all in all good fun without big challenges if you are a good swimmer." - Michael (04-Mar-2004)
"Once again Danilo proves that architecturally speaking he is up there with the best of them. Unfortunately his Gameplay hasn't really progressed much since Level 1 of this series; in this instance the 'puzzles' are built around the concept of finding keys which need to be placed in key holes that are so far away that it is almost impossible to believe that the player actually has to return through all that distance simply to open a piddling little door located miles away from its corresponding keyhole. The 'move the hanging box' sequence was the closest this level gets to a proper puzzle; but even that won't have the player scratching his or her head for very long. However the atmosphere is simply brilliant. It really did genuinely feel like a dank submerged Liner; especially the rooms where water poured in from the ceiling. Superb! I thought that Part 2 was the more enjoyable but this is a fun wallow (or swallow if you drown!) in an immersive environment for anything up to an hour and I recommend it. I only hope that despite Lara having now recovered the three stones there is a final installment. One that sees her confronting Von Croy and punishing him for having purloined them in the first place." - Orbit Dream (26-Feb-2004)
"The Maria Doria not a favorite level of mine and this stared as bad as the original as it took quite some searching with four hungry sharks on Lara's tail to finally find the opening in that ship. And as you need to even flip wall lever be aware you will be reloading this one for sure. Surprisingly this is a bigger level than I thought it would be although going back all the way and returning again is not my cup of tea. The only pick up other than the items one needs were some harpoons and flares and as a secret; the harpoon itself. Could have used some medipacks as I was plain out of them after another breathtaking swim and getting shot at from all those guards. You need to find a Guardian key (Living Room key do check out the view WOW) a Gem (Round Key) two Cartouche (General Power Keys nice re-textured) and last but not least the Luggage Area Key and by picking up that Card you hit the finishing trigger. The flip map with the crane was nicely done and having played all three of them I liked this one best. 15-02-2004" - Gerty (24-Feb-2004)
"Admittedly this is my favourite of The Sacred Stones series so far. The underwater scenario here is brought to you well atmospheric classy and overall OK (nothing I've seen so far compares to the original though I must say). The gameplay is just a matter of running around collecting puzzle pieces and fighting the soldiers down here I particularly didn't like the backtrack after getting the living room key but the rest was okay with the most innovative task being the crane box moving. Definitely worth a try for a nostalgic trip down the memory lane." - eTux (24-Feb-2004)
"I haven't played a sunken ship level for quite a while but the memories came back quickly. I have seen those textures before but the gameplay is flawless. Lara swims into the vessel and explores - it's simple and traditional. She meets some big muscular guys and... no she shoots them (LOL). Many nice objects like rusty barrels and benches slimy green chairs you wouldn't want to sit down upon anymore. Cameras are used in a very helpful way. You need a good sense of orientation to find your way back to the keyhole for the key you just found. Just two minor points to criticize: there could have been more variety in the enemies and it was confusing that some blocks were pushable but not climbable so you could climb on the others and then run into an invisible wall. Anyhow I enjoyed myself!" - Rüdiger (22-Feb-2004)
"Nice level in underwater ship and those who played TR2 will remember this. Lovely textures rust and blue looks good long swimming many underwater lever to pull and four objects to find. Good level indeed." - Yoav (17-Feb-2004)
"The third installment of the Sacred Stone series is quite different. In a setting which reminds Maria Doria Lara with a familiar outfit is searching for a gem a key a guardian key and two cartouche pieces all retextured. The enemies are just some guards and sharks with the rooms being really empty. They were all very nicely done but the element of surprise was missing as well as some challenge. The environment alone can't give satisfaction to a player when the gameplay is very easy in a level without a single trap. I would say the author is quite good in creating rooms but not yet in puzzles and that is one thing that he needs to work on. Do give it a try you will feel like walking on familiar territory." - Kristina (16-Feb-2004)
"Starts off with a long undersea swim pursued by sharks. Once inside the sunken vessel it's necessary to find a few objects to open various doors before acquiring the stone. The submerged vessel setting is well-realized and the gameplay is straight-forward and logical. There was too much back-tracking for my taste and the gaming too easy even for me. Nonetheless it's a worthwhile and fun play." - Duncan (16-Feb-2004)