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Planet of the Ancients 2 by uvavoo

Avmaster 10 10 10 10
Bene 9 9 9 9
Capt. Abbey 9 9 9 10
CC 9 9 10 9
dantheraider 10 9 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Duncan 9 10 10 10
Engelchen Lara 9 9 10 9
eTux 8 8 9 9
Gerty 9 10 10 9
Ivan 10 10 10 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
Jose 9 9 10 9
Josi 10 9 9 8
Kristina 8 9 10 10
Leisa 10 10 9 9
Loupar 9 9 10 8
MacRaider 9 9 9 8
MichaelP 8 8 10 9
Mman 9 9 8 8
Navi 9 10 9 9
Obig 9 9 10 10
Petaludas 8 8 9 8
Phil 10 10 10 10
Richard Ba 9 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 10 9
Scottie 10 9 9 9
Staticon 10 9 10 9
Treeble 8 9 10 9
Yoav 8 8 9 9
release date: 19-May-2004
# of downloads: 189

average rating: 9.25
review count: 31
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file size: 42.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"For a space level was too good , especially the room where you were tripping ! nothing to complicated , nothing to difficult to progress or get the rather easy secrets..u could also get out of boundaries so many times or getting softlocked also..the atmosphere was the best part here and the teleportations . Also why so many ammo and why no flares at all.." - Petaludas (15-Mar-2023)
"About 2 and a half hours for fantastic space levels on some desolate planet. It's amazing how good and logical all this is. I'm sorry only because the author hasn't made more levels, because literally every level or levels and new adventures from Lara Croft are for the Hall of Fame. "Space car" is a wonderful vehicle that takes you from one level to another, they had to separate because of their size. He has a lot of weapons and ammunition so he doesn't have to worry about that. The planet is beautiful and all in karst and gravel. Hills and mountains, and like a cherry on the cake, a spaceship arrive at the end, which takes our main heroine on new adventures. Once upon a time, I must not have played Planet of the ancients. Now it was a clean ten." - Ivan (19-Feb-2022)
"What a neat adventure you have here. Not only you get the expected high-tech levels, but you also get some ancient temples to explore along the way (and even a volcano) before you're beamed up onto the next installment of this series. There were a number of neat touches, such as the massive ship flying overhead at the start, the cave-in, Artoo showing the safe path in a triple-layered room, and the huge environments themselves are pretty much a sight to behold. There were a few minor problems along the way, I spotted an untextured surface for instance, one vital pickup is named Load, and the last secret seems to be bogus as it pushed my counter well over 200. Navigating the volcano in search of modern switches was a bit of an odd choice - I mean, understandable for TR standards, but still felt a bit off. In that regard, most of the gameplay revolves around exploring these huge areas in search for switches, but there were a few (easy) timed runs thrown in and a nice pushblock sequence to redirect a beam to open a wall. Definitely worthy of your time, and I hope to get around to the other installments in this series sooner rather than later. 90 minutes, 8 secrets. 05/21" - Treeble (30-May-2021)
"An excellent adventure that generally improves upon the issues I encountered in part 1 of the series. I could have done with some more flares for the gloomy areas as I couldn't locate any no matter how hard I looked, the Borg enemies were acting rather oddly as they were either too easy or too difficult to dispose of and I wasn't a fan of the forced damage sections (I never am at the best of times. A couple of minor bugs elsewhere but nothing insurmountable. Everything else is pretty much spot on. The textures used were excellent and the atmosphere, music and flybys were absolutely brilliant, while the gameplay has high entertainment value with a good mixture of puzzles, timed runs and a bit exploration to do, alongside a jaunt on a space vehicle and a bit of help of R2D2 himself. Highly recommended!" - Ryan (09-Mar-2019)
"The theme here is more varied and interesting than the first in the series, with lakes, ruins, volcanic areas and even a trip to another planet for a diversion. Object use and enemy variety is also better. The overt Star Wars objects are a little odd, but I guess the author was using what they could find. Despite the theme switches it does a good job feeling coherent, although the last segment is a bit all over the place in theme. The gameplay is more varied and creative, with some interesting object usage, and good use of a vehicle. It also flows better without any of the weaker segments the first level had. A great series in a relatively underused theme and a decent improvement on the first set." - Mman (03-Mar-2018)
"Excellent. An adventure full of good features.Some things I've missed like the flares to better explore the dark areas; another odd things like the "demigods" you can easily kill if you approach; but the global impression was very good, with all that new objects, animations, textures and, above all, an attractive gameplay combining some exploration, some innovative puzzles and tasks, and no much backtracking. Certainly there are some points in the game where you'll need to reload, mostly when you use the space vehicle, but it doesn't tarnish an entertaining and fluid gameplay in which you will have with all kind of weapons, enough ammo and medipacks. Even when it's an old work, it's one of the best adventures I've played lately. Highly recommended." - Jose (23-May-2017)
"Much better told and immersive however also filled with even more unguessable shortcuts and unwanted access zones than Part 1, while the flares remain ungiven - therefore as much time as I spent on admiring clever stuff, I wasted on guessing the path and lighting corners with pistols - so this may be more enjoyable to players who don't like checking every spot and who accept going from checkpoint to checkpoint without necessarily following the intended path. A nicely closed circle in the end, curiosity awakens for Part 3..." - DJ Full (03-Dec-2016)
"One can see clear which big progress uvavoo has made compared to the first part of this series. It is not completely so dark any more and one sees less stretched textures. The spaceships and the Flybys are first-class anyhow. And without R2D2 Lara would have had to strike sails. This part was really entertaining. The next big cave complex with the poison-green water and the adjoining caves looked really good. Indeed, here there were smaller sound problems. For example, the crumbling wooden tiling and the underwater levers had no sound. And it was not so good, that the small 4-legged opponents had the Sound of the wild boars. There could have uvavoo think out something else. Another negative point was which one had to drop to himself in the room with the adjustable mirrors several times from bigger height. Something like that costs needlessly life energy. But if one refrains sometimes from these small negative points, the first level was very interesting. It particularly strikes how uvavoo mixes different series and films. I have appealed Close encounters of the third kind already in in the first part of the series. In addition there come yet motives from Star Gate and Star Wars. However, it is a good fit, actually, completely. It is a pity that the vehicle has no reasonable sound in the second level. If one drives through the Star Gate back into the first level, the sound is completely away. But this second level is well built anyway. In the third level it becomes really difficult then over again. Since then still appear the Borg from Star Trek. And with it uvavoo has looted more or less all successful Sci Fi-Series and Sci Fi-Films. It is acutally only absent He-Man with his sword and the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica. This third level has given once more so properly fun. I am curious how it looks in the third part of this series." - Scottie (08-Jun-2010)
"Following on from the first part, PotA 2 starts with Lara at the other end of the rail tunnel she was headed into when we were last here, with what I assume is the same train she followed then heading away from her down the track. Can't have been a long tunnel. Again there is the lovely terrain Uvavoo's so good at, and again it is too dark to admire a lot of it as again he's left us without extra flares... Anyway, having negotiated the outdoor areas and finding a couple of secrets I made it to the high room with the lethal floors. Very nice idea to give us a little of 'Star Wars' to go with 'Close Encounters' and 'Star Trek', and we now have R2D2 to show us the way through the unmarked platforms with the nasty traps. Which although clever I have to say is largely redundant as Lara can pull up directly from one level to the next thus bypassing many of the traps, and shimmying around the edge of the trap tiles where necessary (with a few saves just in case). Then it's to the caves back near the start which is where it gets really dark. There are other ways to shortcut some things, like the gate in the crater can be bypassed by doing a backflip/slope-jump over the fence, but it's a lot more fun to use the zipline :) Eventually, after a rarely used mirror puzzle, you find yourself at a 'Stargate'. No guesses what are Uvavoo's favourite movies! It's back to a bit of 'Star Wars' in the second level with some easy Land Speeder driving, but there's another, and gigantic, shortcut here as it's quite simple (with a bit of lateral thinking) to get the Land Speeder straight through the gates at the beginning and into the Stargate, thus avoiding virtually all of the second level! But where's the fun in that ;) Back to Sirius V with the Land Speeder for a short transport level, but it's only needed to climb that first slope beside the Stargate after which it can be left behind if you like exploring. Then it's on to the final level where it is also possible to shortcut most of the first room in the temple with a curve jump to the small ledge around the fence, but when you reach the 'target' on the ledge for the laser walk carefully past and don't touch the Action button! You'll miss out on a few goodies doing this, but you get the grenade gun soon as a secret anyway. The lava lake and tunnel are a bit of a challenge, and in the big lava room I didn't need to use most of the ledges so I'm not sure whether I did the right thing. Then on to a nauseating tunnel to the teleporter to another part of Sirius V, where Lara gets picked up by the alien spaceship to end the game. I found 151 secrets (8 really, if it wasn't for the final, buggy, secret ledge which slowed my game down to about 2fps and increased the secret count dramatically, but it was only on 2 squares so it wasn't a problem). This level is a bit difficult for a beginner as some of the jumps are quite tricky, especially around the lava lake and tunnel, but don't let that stop you trying - that's the way to learn!" - MacRaider (26-Feb-2006)
"How does he do it? This is even better than the first part. For such dead looking planets there is an abundance of atmosphere - most of it thrilling. So much good stuff in this level, where do I start to describe it? With my love of sliding block puzzles, I was very well pleased with the laser puzzle in the temple. I also enjoy a bit of climbing and jumping so the volcanic valley was another moment of sheer pleasure. R2D2 guiding me through the Hall of the Ancients was pure joy. It is also great fun placing films with objects and enemies alike. I could go on all day like this but I shall resist. Instead, I am going to start on part 3. What delights await in this one, I wonder? The only thing I am sorry about is that I missed the secret with the bug and finished the game with only 7 secrets. :-D" - Staticon (16-Feb-2006)
"Wow, great sequal. I can't wait for the third one. Its wonderful. I love it. I just loved it. I like all of it, its really fun to play." - dantheraider (09-Oct-2005)
"I liked part 2 of the series much better :-). The puzzles were more diverse and there were several timed sequences. The architecture is enormous, especially the caves you have to explore, which were very nicely designed. Lara moves around with a space glider. Textures were a little better this time but I was still missing some flares. :-( You also meet a few 'old friends' and especially R2D2 is helpful in one situation. Apart from that there are lizards and guards and at the end Lara is picked up by a flying saucer..." - Engelchen Lara (16-May-2005)
"Another great level from the builder who merges all the famous sci-fi flicks into a tomb raider level, and does it well! You get a star-trek alike outfit and borgs (?), R2D2 from star wars guiding you through a clever puzzle, a stargate creating a link between the 2 planets you play on, and probably other things are of relevance too, but I don't follow this so closely to be able to tell whether the impressive aircraft at the start was from star wars or star trek, or what else not, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that this is an original over an hour level set through strange worlds for Lara, and you get interesting puzzles not seen in other levels, or new twists on old puzzles. I particularly enjoyed the vehicle (LS?) ride through the hot planet with all the puzzles that come in between. There are some minor quirks with the animations themselves, but the biggest problems I found here, was that it was completely possible to avoid the whole racetrack by means of an end of the world bug, that allowed Lara to simply get over the fence by the stargate while on the vehicle, what kind of is the goal to achieve. There were also some more shortcuts in the first part within and near the green cave, but I personally didn't mind those as they allowed me to avoid some tedious monkey swing sequences. I also remember finding 5 or 6 secrets, not sure how many, but that's because one of the last secrets I found rocketed the secret count as high as to 265 of 70 secrets found, so I don't remember for sure. The statue of the 'chosen' one near the end was a nice twist of plot, and makes you wanna find out what happens in the 3rd part of the trilogy. Well done, highly recommended, especially if you like space like environments and different planets." - eTux (07-Mar-2005)
"I've finished this levels series with an adorable sensation and an anxiety for the next levels series of the trilogy. The variety and diversity of atmospheres that the author had the pleasure to explore his maximum creativity to pass for us the certainty of enjoy. A thing that left me intrigued were the teleportals they remind me something that I already saw but I don't know where." - Richard Ba (29-Aug-2004)
"I had already started this when I read the thread about the 'Mac' version. Thinking OK I'll get that I was disappointed that the beautiful mist was gone that hangs over the bridge and water area waterfall and railroad and made me go wow when I first saw it. Pity. Either way it was a great surprise to see the spaceships flying low overhead. I found it easy enough to make my way through the levels but that doesn't mean it was boring far from it I was gawking at everything things that are familiar like monkeyswings are well textured and different from the norm. SIRIUS V. Lara is still in that great Startrek outfit which I love and the haunting music is wonderful. And how could anyone not love our little friend R2D2 who shows us the safe way up ramps and walkways he looks great. Enemies are colourful mutant lizards large mutant fish flying poisonous droids and brilliantly created Borg. I liked the underwater mirror room the room with the timed raised blocks and the whole outside area with bridge and train track over water. A lot of the level is very dark but strangely enough I didn't use one single flare! In the room where you have to move four mirrors and a ray gun to open a door you have to do it right first time; I spent ages trying to figure out what happened when I heard the explosion and the door stayed closed; but when I reloaded and did it again the red rays went through the mirrors and opened the door. Lara finds a key to open a stargate and goes through to HOT PLANET to find a super looking space vehicle. Loved the idea of raising the parts of the road to get this vehicle across a lake running over the Borg and bringing the vehicle back through the stargate to Sirius V. A most unnerving experience was the Plasma tunnel. Don't know how that was done but it was a great effect. And again we are back at the strange mountain from Planet of the Ancients I to witness another UFO encounter. I'd recommend playing this straight after the first level to keep the momentum going. I hope Richard is working on the next level in the series. Highly recommended." - CC (01-Aug-2004)
"I've loved both parts of Planet of the Ancients because they perform very well the atmosphere of a strange planet. I like overall the mist and the vast lake in the second part. After a lot of puzzles timed doors and also timed elevators Lara arrives to the same place where she had landed before. It's a good way to finish the adventure but it would have been better with Lara finding a treasure or an object to proof her visit to the far planet. My Lara got 8 secrets in 2 hrs of game but in the final screen the counter displayed 84(!). The only fault in my opinion (as usual) is the unnecessary darkness of some parts (the corridors)." - Loupar (12-Jul-2004)
"If you are a SF-fan this is absolutely a must play. Starwars Startrek Stargate you find them all in this level. You will meet and fight well known friends and enemies and the spaceship you already saw in the previous level is showing itself again. This is really great fun the only bad (well maybe not bad but annoying) thing is the darkness at some places but even that is quickly forgotten because the level is wonderful and a great pleasure to play. 23-6-2004" - Josi (24-Jun-2004)
"I started playing Tomb Raider shortly after the initial DOS version was released. At that time I had a number of other favorite games that I would play incessantly: Doom Heretic Hexen Duke Nukem Blood Quake Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny etc. But after the level editor was released I found myself playing Tomb Raider almost exclusively. I've sometimes asked myself why I insist on sticking doggedly to this game while new and ever more sophisticated releases keep popping out on the market all the time. I believe I've found the answer in levels such as this two-parter where talented level builders apply their ingenuity and imagination to give us consistently rewarding gaming experiences that are vitally fresh. And to think that the LE community is able to enjoy these productions--no labors of love--absolutely free. There are so many neat touches in Planet 2 that rather than reading a description of them it might be preferable simply to play the levels and treat yourself to a host of visual wonders. I would be remiss if I didn't mention just a few of them however: the surface-skimming vehicle from the first Star Wars movie the restructured demigods made to look like the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation the mother ship at the end that we saw in Close Encounters and so on and so on. And the surroundings are consistently alien in appearance in keeping with the theme of the levels. Richard provided a walkthrough which was of much help (even though he left a good bit for the gamer to figure out) but the level of difficulty is kept low enough that I had a grand time simply playing the levels without having to worry too much about getting stuck or overly frustrated. Nevertheless be forewarned: there's a tricky timed jump to a rising platform near the end that I conquered only by accident. (You have to drop down to a hidden lower block to make the jump and grab successfully). It is levels like these that make playing Tomb Raider such a pleasant pastime. We're blessed to have builders like Richard who keep churning 'em out month after month and I'll keep on playing them until my joints freeze up or my mind rusts away." - Phil (14-Jun-2004)
"This 3-levels game is beautiful. It seems the author loves the STAR WARS episodes. Spaceships familiar from the movie are flying above Lara R2D2 helps you for getting through between the burning floor-tiles what's more you can ride in one of Luke's spaceships on the level. The enemies are mutants alien spheres and armed men. There are quite a lot of puzzles on the level. I found 7 secrets but at the last one the counter messed and finally counted up to 230 secrets. :) Unfortunately I dropped from high above so I had to use a Medi Pack. You will get the Shotgun and the Grenade Gun. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (11-Jun-2004)
"At last the eagerly awaited part 2 of the Star Wads trilogy and it takes up right where part 1 left off. Admire the wonderful special effects as the spacecraft fly overhead enjoy the superb alien landscape and oh joy R2D2 is waiting to guide us over some dangerous ground to find the crowbar. Cheers R2. This is a fabulous pastiche of sci-fi favourites - Lara wearing her Star Trek uniform again and getting to run over Borg with her Star Wars style vehicle. I loved the new objects - rise keys laser machines to open doors etc. The lava lake section was particularly effective and I was jolly glad of the grenade gun - those Borg are tough. There's plenty of good raiding to be had along the way but the real joy of this level is the incredible atmosphere. If you're looking for something different not too difficult but hugely enjoyable this will fit the bill nicely. I'm really looking forward to part three." - Jay (07-Jun-2004)
"Sirius V (8/9/10/8 60 min. 5 secrets): Looks like this is going to end up being a truly classic series now featuring the second part of three. From a great and very atmospheric introduction flyby with a train and a few starships passing by you begin exploring a nicely crafted area around a lake for a fuse and a few keys. Progression is actually not all that complicated but nicely diverse and entertaining inclduing a zipline nice waterfalls fabulous caves an underwater mirror room a nice meet up with an old friend that shows you the way and an impressive puzzle involving timed raising blocks a lasergun and a few mirrors. The secrets mainly provide you with additional shotgun equipment here but enemies are only a few lizard and fish mutants so pistols will do just fine. I guess my only complaint here would be that it is often rather dark and flare pickups were very scarce. The Hot Planet (7/7/9/9 15 min.): A bit of an interlude but sure a fun one as you come in through a Stargate and pickup a very cool vehicle and bring it back through the Stargate after literally paving the way for it. The lake are is nicely done but as (almost) always the use of elevators bears the risk of getting stuck and needing to reload a savegame. Also it's a pity that the vehicle is of course based on the Jeep and Lara makes an open/close door animation when in effect the vehicle has no door but those are minor gripes. Sirius V - Part 2 (8/8/10/10 45 min. 3 secrets): Back on Sirius and now in more of a Temple setting you put two more of those Laserguns to good use meet up with a bunch of (thankfully rather dumb) Borg collect a set of Raise Keys to bring you to higher levels and find a cool golden Lara Statue. And then reach what is probably my favourite area of this set: an awesome Volcanic valley where you get to make a few jumps around to find switches. This is followed by some more caves and a nice (but way too easy) timed sequence where again you can get stuck easily if you miss your 'elevator'. The end is a nice reprise of Plant of the Ancients 1 and Lara gets picked up to be carried on to Mars where the next installment is bound to take place. All in all a great set of levels very unique in many aspects and beautifully carrying the story along. Very much looking forward to Part 3." - Michael (06-Jun-2004)
"What can I say? The standards have risen so high that I'm short of words to describe my gratefulness to all the fantastic builders (who very often should be called artists) that spend so much of their time to gratuitously give away the best seats aboard the best vessels to so many fantastic tomb raiding voyages to the members of our community. I liked Planet of the Ancients II much better than the first installment. The settings seem more varied and more beautiful the textures seem much more solid the adventure seems to unfold much more fluidly. I think we can clearly see improvements here. Uvavoo has grown as a builder and that is plain for all to see. One thing I didn't like so much was that in the mirror room (not to be confused with underwater mirror room) one had to move each piece of the puzzle in a correct order when there was no single clue to that not that I've noticed. It also took me some time to realize I had to run to my vehicle (great vehicle by the way) and catch the platform going up in time in Hot Planet. Something strange also happened before that in Hot Planet (or so I think because I can't remember it 100% anymore): without having pushed a button in the middle of the way (again I think not) the floor gates were already opened. There were also places where Lara could get trapped amidst some block and the wall and the same goes for the vehicle which could easily get trapped inside a column when going down the road. Fortunately that's what savegames are for! Finally I didn't get the (supposed) secret in the very last lava room but that was my fault because after I understood how it worked I simply decided to move on without it. Now all that doesn't minimize the game a single inch. I enjoyed every single minute of it. The settings are simultaneously bizarre and wonderful they do vary and the generated atmosphere is one of the best I've seen with an omnipresent feeling of isolation which is most uncommonly never boring at all. I can't really say which part I liked the best for all three of them were masterpieces amongst alien levels. One thing should be emphasized: Uvavoo managed all this without having to resort to any overtly complicated paths impossible jumps or amazing traps. That my friends I consider the work of an artist. I can hardly wait to meet the continuation in Mars! (June 3 2004)" - Jorge22 (04-Jun-2004)
"This is my first review ever! I think this game was a perfect mix of puzzles secrets and not too difficult timed runs. I had so much fun playing this game and only got frustrated when I didn't open my eyes to see what was in front of me. I never once felt the urge to uninstall and toss it..LOL. The sound was great except a little crackly at times so that's why I gave it a 9. Also the lighting (although much lighter than part I of this series) was a bit too dark at times with no flare pick-ups so that's why I gave it a 9 as well. I loved the surprise 'guests' (R2D2 and the Borg). And the use of the 'Stargate' was a real treat. I did have trouble with the laser and mirrors but it makes sense to move them in order to make it work. The 'secret' bug was entertaining I thought. I would like to see more flybys of doors that open when you press switches however. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience. I can't wait for the third installment! Great work Richard!" - Leisa (04-Jun-2004)
"A well-realized and thoroughly enjoyable level. This continues Richard's first level - but without any show-stopping bugs. There are many references to pop sci-fi which is fun and maybe even tongue-in-cheek. The fly-bys and animations are excellent. A guest appearance by R2D2 is well done and a real pleasure. The ancient temple setting is visually highly refined and a fun little puzzle. Demigods are re-textured as Borgs and can be defeated with grenades or getting in close and bringing them down with pistols. If you love this game you gotta play this one. -" - Duncan (30-May-2004)
"It's what raiders want: It's different it's polished off nicely it's not boring. Not too often do you see a level that's beautifully designed and yet fun. I could play the whole thing through! You might get sick of rock textures but other than that the textures are amazing (see for yourself). At the beginning I got the feeling that the author had put too much effort into creating new puzzles that were too easy. As it progresses though you'll quickly change your mind. The secrets however were a bit too easy (considering I could find them) and the bug was kind of weird. The big vehicle was cool but a bit noisy. I recommend this level no matter what type you tend to enjoy; it's kind of a mix of everything." - Capt.Abbey (27-May-2004)
"This is the second installment of a trilogy with Lara searching for fabled Scrolls. Everything about this level is fun: spaceships Borg droid weapons Close Encounter music and a landspeeder vehicle that looks like it could fly. I went around the lava lake a few times before I thought to look for a walkthrough. The answer was a deviously easy backflip that I just had not thought to try. A bug in the first level had me pushing blocks on and off the correct tiles for awhile until the weapon was triggered. Another very minor bug is the secret count - just kept going up. Best weapon is the Grenade Gun - always a lot of fun. Looking forward to #3. Thanks Richard." - Bene (24-May-2004)
"Another Science Fiction level by Richard and he brings together Star Trek Star Wars Star Gate and Close Encounter of the Third Kind. There was definitively a WOW seeing that War Bird in the sky and also Lara had her trekky suit on how appropriate. You start in a very desolate looking environment needing to find all kinds of keys. Then you proceed to the best stargate I ever saw. R2D2 was a hoot but you better pay close attention to the little drone. There are some nice puzzles. The second level is not much more than driving that floater to come back at the pace you started. You need to raise three platforms for that and there are two nice timed runs with an elevator. The floater you need to get to the third level. Getting artifacts for raising blocks and the enemies you encounter are Borg WOW. Then you need to find more levers to open up a door over a lava lake and finding a push button will raise another timed elevator for a secret. At the end you are doing some traveling through a portal to get again at the Close Encounter of the Third kind mountain. Place the music disk and it is a matter of 'beam me up Scotty'. I had much fun. There is however one complaint I have that the textures used do fit well but are making the level very very dark. It did make finding places to jump too quite hard. A puzzling thing is that my secret count was up at 63 and I don't know how that happened as I was sure I had missed some. 20-05-2004" - Gerty (23-May-2004)
"I loved the game's atmosphere the planets that at some point were so close it makes one think they can be touched and the fog effect. The entire setting with the custom objects gives a great feeling to the player; the space vehicle was fun to drive. Our dear Lara has to gather a few items in order to proceed but every now and then she also has to fight tough enemies which in my opinion weren't that many in this level. I didn't use the zip line at the start so I hope I haven't missed anything or spoilt the gameplay and by finding another way to access a small island Lara was able to reach the end of the rocks/walls on the side. You are going to change levels or parts of the levels enough times but it seemed like the entire time Lara was on familiar territory. The gameplay is straight forward with the part where you have to drive the vehicle being very sort and with empty rooms around. I understand it's just a pass-through but still it could have been exploited in its full. The secrets although not hard were cleverly hidden and two escaped me but my statistics instead of showing six it showed above a hundred. That happened because when I picked up a secret in a certain area near the end the sound indicating the secret kept looping so the number kept rising. That bug doesn't interfere with the gameplay though obviously. A lot of work and attention has been given to this level thus the wonderful atmosphere that was created but I would have preferred more puzzles and more challenge as far as the enemies and gameplay are concerned. Definitely a level you have to try." - Kristina (23-May-2004)
"From the end of the Planet of the Ancients levels game it starts on a railroad track. The three levels look wonderful. Sirius V - Average puzzles walk after robot timed raising blocks move to right place in the mirror and find the star gate. Hot Planet - Lara drives a space car and she needs to raise three platforms on lake and drives to Stargate to complete level one. Sirius V Part 2 - Lara enters an Ancient Temple solves the place and opens the gate to a valley with lava. There she needs to pull few switches around to continue to the end. These levels gave me a good time - I enjoyed playing." - Yoav (23-May-2004)
"I enjoyed playing this level. Great animations the space area looks great. Richard spent a lot of time to build this level. I liked the tie fighters the borg-guys. Opponents are lizards Borg a few fishes and flying droids. Borg are easy to kill with the grenade launcher. In my game they shoot against the wall and it was easy for me to kill them with the pistols I saved the grenade ammo for later. I found seven secrets but in the lava cave I had the secret trigger bug and after getting secret number seven I had 181 secrets. There are a total of eight secrets to find. There are ways to find which are well hidden for example the way to the zip-line. I liked the waterfalls they are nice and Lara should look closely at them they are not what it seems. There are a lot of switches in this level they open doors turn on/off machines or raise/lower blocks. Lara can use monkey swings under water she finds switches and useful items. In one room the little R2D2 shows her the way. It is possible to find the way without him but then it is more difficult because some floor tiles are deadly traps. Lara finds the shotgun the crowbar and the fuse. Doors are easy to spot look for alien heads. Lara can use ladders to reach upper areas. The LS-Key is important to start the orbital glider in the level 'Hot Planet'. She needs the glider to get thru the timed doors without the glider it is not possible. Back in the second part of level one she uses the orbital glider to drive up the slope. There are some crawlspaces smashing blocks and breakable floor plates. The mirror room is easy to do just find the hints and understand what you have to do. Lara finds switches and items under water and a mirror room under water I never saw this before. Some walls under water are not walls Lara can swim thru them. Laser guns open doors Lara must move them to the correct places. The Stargate looks great and I like the Starwars music. The time tunnel is suitable for this level and a borg is waiting in it for Lara. There are a big lava room and some lava caves to discover. Teleporters bring Lara to new places. Some stones are shootable they hide useful items. The big Lara-statue is a hint. Lara finds an audio-cd and a book. The book contains hints where Lara will go on with her journey in space. She will go to the red planet Mars. Use the audio-cd and the Ufo appears over the big mountain. Climb the mountain and run into the light. Lara is teleported into the Ufo. This is the end of level. Play it it is really great and I am sure you will have a lot of fun playing this level." - Avmaster (23-May-2004)
"A nice 3-parter with good puzzles. Not too hard. New objects that I have not seen before and very suitable for this game. Graphics were generally good rather gigantic and very realistic settings. Enemies were diverse and well placed and I will not give away the ending. Superbly designed! Congratulations to the builder and I can only recommend it!" - Navi (20-May-2004)