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The Falls of Nefertiti by Morgoth

Ceamonks890 7 7 8 7
Duncan 5 5 7 6
eTux 7 8 8 7
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 7 7 8 8
Kristina 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 8 7 8 7
Minox 7 7 7 7
Obig 8 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 7 9 8
Phil 8 7 7 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Sash 7 6 8 7
Scottie 5 6 8 8
StudBuddha 7 7 6 8
Treeble 7 8 8 8
TRTheoP 7 7 9 8
Yoav 7 6 8 7
release date: 21-Jun-2004
# of downloads: 94

average rating: 7.33
review count: 18
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file size: 22.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This is one of the levels I'd dropped in the past, not only due to its non linearity aspect but also in part because of its darkness. By following Lizard Queen's walkthrough, however, I managed to reach the end in a timely manner while also enjoying my ride. I still stand by the fact it's a bit too dark, not so much that you need to whip out a flare at all times, but too dim so it can get a bit tiresome on the eyes. It comes with a catch however, as despite my complaints the atmosphere is very good, and generally speaking the areas look very inviting to exploration. The ending came rather abruptly after collecting the four hands we set off to retrieve. 25 minutes. 03/21" - Treeble (28-Mar-2021)
"Gameplay&Puzzles - This was a nice adventure. I enjoyed how relaxing this raid was. The exploration is pretty nice. One of the puzzles with the switches I was a bit confused on what exactly you wanted but I made it through. Overall I enjoyed collecting all the stars. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - Not many enemies and subtle objects to decorate the place nicely. I liked the shotgun secret but I didn't find a use for it. I wish a medi or two were more present because of the wraiths at the end I barely made it lol. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - Atmosphere is okay. No need for camera really in this one. Lighting & Textures - Some textures may not match. But what I liked here that you kept the theme pretty strong throughout. And after placing the stars I thought the follow up rooms were a highlight. Overall a nice chill experience. 1 secret and 35 mins." - StudBuddha (15-Oct-2020)
"Despite its age, this is a level that holds up surprisingly well. At first, the general level design appears a bit crude and uncomfortably cramped (applying to the textures as well), but resolves itself quickly as you proceed further into this interconnected environment which makes effective use of much stock TR4 assets to convey a decently convincing sense of place as you backtrack to and fro via various routes taken upon obtaining the four star artifacts (being utterly ingenious in their simplicity). There's also a fair bit of varied gameplay tasks on offer here as well, such as pulling the right lever to get out of a trap room full of scarab beetles keen to nibble at Lara's shins, timing your rope swings in front of pulsating spikes to grab the ladders without getting skewered or even escaping to the surface as vengeful spirits pester you for trespassing. But what ultimately sold this level for me the most was its atmosphere (as all good raids should, with some genuinely compelling aesthetics on display). And while this level could have done with a couple more enemy encounters, I'd be remiss if I didn't say my experience was still entertaining in spite of that. Overall, a quality old-school release that I recommend to anyone curious." - Ceamonks890 (10-Feb-2020)
"A small and intriguing level that has some small puzzles capable of pleasing your evening. The aim is to find 4 keys to unlock the door and escape the temple, which is perfectly designed with my most favorites rooms being the one with the demigod and the chamber with the four stars. The soundtracks used were really touching in most occasions. The only drawback that I could find were the last two wraiths which force you to drop in the water and do some backtracking to continue to the exit. I would prefer to fight an enemy and finish the level than being chased by wraiths. Conclusion: The Falls of Nefertiti by Morgoth creates a nice temple atmosphere which really deserves a chance. I would prefer some more enemies and the lack of wraiths in the end for it to be awesome." - TRTheoP (23-Jul-2018)
"Level quite short, recover 4 stars to complete the level. Be careful to recover the most kits because at the end of of the burning ghosts pursue lara" - Minox (16-Jul-2018)
"A solid but short Egyptian level of the early years. Yes it is dark, as others have mentioned, but the environments are attractive and some of the underwater rooms look impressive. Savour your medipacks as these pickups are rare and there are beetles, crocodiles and a demigod that will be after your health. Once you find four Golden stars, you can end the level." - Ryan (22-Aug-2017)
"This is an entertaining if short (36 minutes for me) Egyptian style level of the old school. Other reviewers have mentioned the darkness, but for some reason this was not a real problem for me. The environs are well crafted and attractive to the eye, and your primary task is to acquire and place four golden stars. Most reviewers, and the walkthrough writer, missed the only secret in the level, so if anyone is interested you'll find it near the end in the room where a fire wraith is released when you shoot a large vase. There's a crawl space behind the second pillar on the left, leading to a ladder that takes you to the shotgun (nice to have before your encounter with the demigod in the next room). A pleasant way to spend some free time between the more complex levels." - Phil (21-Nov-2014)
"Lara has found a subterranean palace / temple of Nefertiti, called also Nofretete. Nefertiti/Nofretete was the wife of Pharao Echnaton. This Echnaton was the first monotheistic religious founder, while he abolished all gods and introduced one single God, namely the sun-god Aton. Lara must find four stars to open a big rolling gate, which frees the way to the level end. There are here several things which have disturbed. Lara must pull 10 levers in a small room, than she can collect a star. She reaches in this room by a water flap, which shuts, if she is in this room. The bad thing is, that suddenly masses of little beetles appear and Lara has no chance to flee. So she must pull the 10 levers and collect a star, which suddenly appears on the water flap. And only then this flap rises again. This is something, what I can't stand it. It must also not be, that Lara starts to burn, after collecting a star. A little odd thing happens, when one has used the four stars. Suddenly to ghosts appear. For what should this be good, if one is a few seconds later anyhow at the level end? Another problem was a door, which freed the way to the last star. For any reason it was closed constantly and suddenly open. The level itself is well built and textured. The same one is valid for the lighting. Result: Actually a good level, but the odd things reduce the play fun." - Scottie (24-Apr-2009)
"I liked this level very much. We are exploring in underground caverns. We have to collect 4 Golden Stars to leave the location. The challenge is to get them all. One is guarded by a fiery ghost at the other we burst into flames and we can rake out the fire in the water. At the third an army of scarabs will attack us and the fourth is guarded by a demigod and a crocodile. We gain the Uzi and the Shotgun at one secret. At the end there's no escape from the two ghosts but our speed. I found only one secret and I had to use 3 Small Medipacks mostly because of the scarabs. The textures are very good I couldn't find editor mistakes or bugs on the level and the custom sounds raised the feeling of the adventure. I can only advice this level. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (08-Dec-2004)
"Having played and enjoyed 'The Sacrifice to Horus' I thought it'd only be fair if I gave the authors debut a chance too and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It's a short n' crisp 30 minute Egyptian temple/cave level with some refreshing ideas thrown in and though confusing at first is rather simple and straight-forward as you go on. The lighting could've been better and the texturing more consistent but overall this is a decent effort extremely well done for a start in the LE scene. Definitely worth a try if you don't want anything extremely long or complicated yet still refreshing in its own way." - eTux (18-Oct-2004)
"This is a supreme example of what (with some skill) you can still do with an original wad. An exceptionally well crafted atmospheric and quite gripping subterranean adventure with plenty of exploring and quite a bit of excitement. The over-all playing area seems a little confusing to start with; but providing you thoroughly search everywhere you shouldn't have any difficulties. My only reservations were the darkness (excusable up to a point as she's clearly in some very deep dark caves) and the lack of health packs. The finale in particular (although exciting) would have been impossible for me without the saving grace of DOZY. Nonetheless I recommend this Level highly as it's the work of a Craftsman." - Orbit Dream (15-Oct-2004)
"Oh I thought to myself another Egyptian blah looking level this is gonna be all boring and crypt like with mummies and ninjas and all that stuff but then I entered the level as was happily surprised. The environment this is set in is more like an underground water cavern with some man made slightly templish additions and it looked really lovely. The game itself playing 25 minutes was quick paced as you search for 4 Hands to use on the second and final huge rolling gate that leads you to the end on the quest for them you pretty much just explore until you find them the only real puzzle I found involved a room with 10 levers on pillars and a floor full of beetles now I have no idea what solution I stumbled across for that one but I just frantically pulled levers here and there as those hideous beetles gnawed my toes off (I used most of my medis in this room) and eventually one of the Hands materialised. For a first attempt this was really well built and shows so much promise for future levels I hope though that the author keeps that element of exploration this one has and incorporates that into them." - Sash (26-Jul-2004)
"While converting I saw that this level didn't have that much rooms and I was pleasantly surprised how big it looked. There aren't that many enemies some crocs and exploring is mostly what you do. Finding Hands and a Gem is what you need. I loved the look of this underground cave like level. Specially the cave with the pool. Don't think it is a walk in the park as I completely overlooked a place I could swim through and another rope jump. My mistake. I still love Egyptian levels sure why not and this one has some very good ideas. Like Kristina I couldn't find the only secret. No worries this is on my list of replay. 22-06-2004" - Gerty (18-Jul-2004)
"This was a nice break from the alien/tech levels I have being playing lately. In a very nice setting which reminds something of catacombs with greenery but not many enemies Lara is called to find four hands to escape. I liked the way it's been built with waterfalls and a lot of water I might add. It's not a difficult level but at some point I got stuck because Lara wouldn't grab the middle of a wall I don't know whether that was bad alignment from my part or a design problem. I didn't find the only secret that was in the level. The small scorpions and a crocodile were the enemies I encountered. It is worth playing it and I hope the author will create more levels like this with more puzzles this time." - Kristina (28-Jun-2004)
"There are some quite lovely areas in this level and some nice misdirection going on too. You need to find four hands and getting hold of them involves a fair old bit of swimming rope swinging spike avoiding pulling multiple levers whilst being eaten alive by beetles and getting set on fire. Pickups are not plentiful and I only just made it through to the end with my life intact. There aren't that many enemies actually it's the beetles and wraiths that drain your health so much. There was one underwater passage that I never did manage to get into because of the current and needless to say I failed to find the one and only secret. My only complaint about this level is that I found it too dark; otherwise I enjoyed it a lot." - Jay (28-Jun-2004)
"What could have been a fun level was spoiled for me by the same old Egyptian textures and objects in a dark setting and some rather malicious bits of gameplay. To be fair the author seemed to be trying to make an Egyptian level that looked better than average and there were some good ideas in gameplay. There is one secret a shotgun hidden in a crawlspace behind a pillar in the room accessed through a waterfall." - Duncan (28-Jun-2004)
"An impressive debut level indeed maybe a bit on the darker side and a bit short at just under 40 minutes but very cleverly constructed as you search for four hands and a gem. The caves look very realistic and some of the gameplay ideas like the beetles chamber and a few of the jumps and the positively annoying use of wraiths are remarkable. One secret to find (shotgun). Try it and let's hope the author continues building to give us an encore." - Michael (25-Jun-2004)
"It's a good level and the textures looks fine but dark lighting spoils the fun. Looking around you pick up only one flare so keep them as much as you can Hm.. do not get mistaken - in my impression it is still worth to play. You slide to a big area with a few pools not many enemies three maybe four crocodiles one demigod a couple of wraiths and find four Golden Stars." - Yoav (25-Jun-2004)