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Lara at the Movies - Blood from the Mummy's Tomb by Josep Borrut

Aims 9 9 9 10
Blue43 9 9 9 9
Bogey 9 9 9 9
Brigidsgirl 9 9 10 10
CC 9 9 9 9
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
Deekman 10 9 10 10
Dimpfelmoser 8 10 9 9
DJ Full 10 10 10 10
Drakan 10 9 9 8
Duncan 9 9 10 10
eRIC 10 10 10 10
eTux 10 10 10 9
G.Croft 10 10 10 10
Gerty 8 9 9 9
gfd 8 6 6 8
Horus 10 10 9 8
Jay 9 10 9 9
Jerrod 9 8 9 8
JesseG 8 10 10 7
JoeTheCrazyGamer 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 9 10 10 9
Josi 9 9 8 9
Kristina 9 9 9 9
Loupar 9 8 10 10
Magnus 9 10 9 10
manarch2 10 10 9 8
MichaelP 9 10 10 8
Mman 7 10 10 9
Moonpooka 9 9 9 9
Obig 9 9 9 9
Phil 9 10 9 10
QRS 10 9 9 9
Ravenwen 10 9 9 10
Ryan 10 9 9 9
Scottie 10 9 10 9
Shandroid 9 8 8 8
Soul 9 10 10 9
Staticon 10 10 9 9
Sutekh 7 8 8 8
Torry 10 10 10 10
Treeble 10 9 10 10
Whistle 8 8 9 8
Zhyttya 9 10 10 9
release date: 25-Jun-2004
# of downloads: 202

average rating: 9.18
review count: 45
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file size: 301.83 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"While the last level makes players struggle with transporting a torch, this time it's a jeep. It is not a good early impression to pick up some cat eyes in a sunken cavern and realize you're stuck for good because you didn't take the jeep down with you. Another miscommunication is that the three lifts for some reason only operate themselves when Lara drives the jeep in them, but not when she's standing in them on foot - I'm surprised I managed to guess this on my own. That aside, there's quite a few fascinating moments in this level, my favorite being the mirror puzzle (I just wish the last piece wasn't locked up until the others were in place). The escape at the end with a good and bad ending was tense! Stone mechanisms will fold and unfold before Lara as she explores the ruins, for a high amount of immersion. The cutscenes are also put together well. The textures and lighting face a lot of repetition, so there is room for improvement there. I wish the ruins were a bigger part of the adventure, but it was a pretty engaging one regardless. 50 minutes." - JesseG (08-Sep-2021)
"Excellent level. Brilliant and innovating puzzles, such as the elevators and the mirror room. Not to mention the lovely attention to detail when triggering the platforms/stairs - the difference on the level floor were crucial to solve the puzzles and progress! Lovely. I do however have some complains when it comes to "intuitiveness". Some small things, like using the jeep to hit the buttons (?) on the elevators. Sorry, but I would have never have guessed that! Just like the cable descending at the end. Even though the latter was "warned" by Josep the pilot. I didn't quite get it that it was a speed run section, which failure results in Lara's death. That's why walkthroughs exists! Thank you. Really fun level to play, good fresh air after the Indiana Jones level." - Zhyttya (31-Aug-2020)
"This level again was really and the Puzzles were cool and the timed run at the end was really fun. The elevator puzzle was really good, however if you make a mistake when setting the elevators you have a wait a while before you can change it 36/40" - JoeTheCrazyGamer (22-Jun-2020)
"Based off a critically mediocre entry in Universal's Mummy film franchise, this movie 'world' starts off on a standout note, with Lara hanging from a helicopter's landing gear(before letting go and roughly landing in the area below, the decently voice-acted helicopter pilot explaining your reasoning for being here, before ultimately leaving you to your own devices). What happens next involves some pretty fun platforming and jeep driving through a mostly deserted canyon, before venturing into the Egyptian tombs beyond and solving some incredibly devious puzzles in order to proceed forward, ultimately culminating with a tense escape sequence that has you on the edge of your seat as you rush back to the helicopter, before its destroyed by opposing enemy forces. Overall, an excellently made level across all design areas whose only real serious drawback, involves some unavoidable high drops that cost the vast majority of your health. But aside from that, this is practically a must-play!" - Ceamonks890 (22-Jul-2017)
"A masterpiece in the Gold series. I could do no less than award the Gameplay a 10 simply because it was so to my taste. Fun acrobatics around an authentic canyon setting, a button puzzle to manipulate elevators, a challenging Jeep ride (timed if you wish to get the secret), a mirror puzzle to divert rays of light and a final adrenaline inducing escape towards the waiting helicopter. Amazing." - Ryan (25-Sep-2016)
"The last movie is another one I didn't know but the synopsis suggested it shouldn't be hard to remake as a better level... we're back in '70s for more or less practical effects made of artificial limbs with a supercluster of shrieky dissonances for soundtrack - a horror which unwillingly becomes a comedy. But what Josep made of it is essence of adventure. The sole intro can satisfy a cutscene maniac, but seconds later my jaw has dropped together with Lara from the helicopter, though it indeed took a lot of blood and an instant first aid to avoid a blinking bar (and while I had 69 small and 55 large medis I still don't like using them). The initial area looks like in A Witch Shall Be Born but without the waterfall so the game already feels like a prequel and therefore a movie, no matter if the author intended it or not. Then I couldn't believe when I heard a voice explaining the upcoming task layout and I wondered why among 14 levels this only one has custom dialogue if the project allowed it. What follows is absolutely perfect platforming among the most organic rocks including a potential detour to the most pleasing secret since five or six other movies. You would be sure such a rock climb has a lot of unplanned access, but here everything is perfectly calculated and if you see a ledge you know it's the way. When I quit the rocky cave I was totally immersed and I thought "this is how you build levels" after just five minutes of runtime. Another drop to the canyon and the door with barbed wire appeared both decoration and a barrier from horizon. Another corner and a jeep with lasers silently explained what will happen now and later. Another corridor and a spotted guardian tower prompted me to request "please be climbable", as I already expected real-life events I don't dare to wish for in the majority of levels. And the tower was interactive indeed, both expected and surprising as I still couldn't believe it really happened. Ten minutes. Only ten minutes were needed to surpass a regular 10 for gameplay, invoking every positive emotion by simple sticking to the point, lack of redundancy, some optional challenge and bullshit evasion, even before I saw the unique crates no other contributor thought about. After I wasn't allowed to die in a pit which bottom I couldn't see, and after a special camera ensured me where the monkey swing goes to remove a slightest chance of trouble, I realized any death so far was either my fault or choice. I wished I had started this game earlier that night, because it really didn't want me to break for a nap. Indeed when I returned I got stuck for hours, but I only did because I stopped to think like in real life. Since I realized that, my hat was constantly off and I progressed with my head exposed to mind-opening Egyptian sunstroke, never losing track nor immersion because even the final puzzle, unusually complex and creative, was still solvable directly from the game, without external data or piece of paper. If that's how the bulk keeps up with masterful intro, then how do you make conclusion keep up with both? Yet the final dialogue, ambush getaway, ultimate win or fail opportunity and a brilliant cutscene do just that, providing so much relief that I clapped in the end, and even afterwards the game managed to throw in one more surprise for extra laugh and scare. In the entire work there's just one design I don't agree with - the guardian tower secret, very hard to guess just because it steps away from the logic applied everywhere else. SUMMARY: After going through all the movies I fail to express how lucky I was to pick this one as last - an extremely well-thought map where progress makes perfect sense and returns all time invested. It could look better but I give it full score for playing it was constant, enlightening pleasure. I only remember two single levels which had things put together so well: Experiment 3.1 and this one, which is also the best I had a honor to launch this year, fair enough to state six months ahead." - DJ Full (19-May-2016)
"Level rather complicated, especially the lift and jeep and very painful this part fixed camera in certains places. Otherwise excellent level of Josep in helicopter pilot." - Drakan (09-Oct-2014)
"One of the best levels I've played from this author. Full of cool features and very well builded. Half lineal gameplay with interesting puzzles and an entertaining (and dangerous) ride with the jeep in the canyon area. Not very hard tasks; perhaps he abuse a bit of the fixed cameras in certain places, but the atmosphere is quite good and surround. The final escape to the chopper and the missile launcher if you arrive too late is simply fantastic. Highly recommended." - Jose (29-Sep-2012)
"In my opinion it's the next masterpiece in "Lara at the Movies" but I needed quite some time until I finally realised it, as Josep chose the worst way to start such an adventure: I'm not talking about the cutscene - brilliant stuff that has to be seen - but about the drop from the helicopter that takes away 90% of Lara's health. Indeed this level cannot be finished without taking at least 1 large medipack, which is a real shame. This however is the only bad aspect about the game as the rest will leave you speechless! There are fantastic jumping sequences high up in the canyons, great, creative puzzles that are unique in the way they are done here and overall loads of "WOW"-moments thanks to one of the best object usage I have ever seen in a custom level. I also loved that the author managed to create a storyline that evolves during playing the game and culminates in a cinematic finale, after finally finding the Tara idol. Highly recommended!" - Soul (10-Apr-2012)
"This level's theme is probably the closest to TR4 itself so far, with outdoor and temple environments like those early on in the game, although with high-tech elements added. The main areas have a vast scale, and that's one of the main distinctions this level has. There are also a lot of custom animations and objects which are really impressive at times. I thought some of the caves looked a little dull compared to the rest, but that's pretty much my only issue with the graphics.
This level starts with the awful idea of forcing you to lose about 90% of your health, and the gameplay is a bit mixed in general. There are lots of really impressive sequences and stuff I haven't really seen before (like the elevator puzzle), but there's also a ton of potential backtracking and items that are extremely hard to find, such as one key item in a cave area. The ending is also timed with only a vague clue, and it's hard to tell that the failure state is a result of you taking too much time; it's easy to believe that there's some puzzle you haven't solved. It's a level that tries a bit too hard to be "cute" at times (with a couple of bits of bad design), although it's mostly enjoyable. While flawed in some ways this is another very ambitious and interesting entry to LATM." - Mman (21-Jan-2012)
"Several good times and jump sequence in this level, I especially liked the puzzle with the jeep and the elevators, but if the fixed cameras are many, the clues are rare and it's easy to be stuck. Oh and please change the pilot for the next mission, this one seems to be really unskilled for this job." - Jerrod (27-Sep-2011)
"There are ideas who quickly fall into oblivion. And there are ideas who are not realizable, all the same what one tries. And there are ideas from which one believes as a player that they are impossible to be realise. Though I have learnt in the meantime, that is nearly for everything possible in the CL-Universe, but still today I am astonished at the fact that there is really such a project. Now it is not in such a way that LatM is absolutely unknown to me, because I have played this level package already about 5 years ago. But at that time I have played it just for the fun of it without bother myself about how much work must be behind. Now, in the meantime, I can roughly imagine, how big the amount of work must have been. This already starts with letting look the different level in such a way that they are more or less similar to the suitable movie. Above all the black-and-white-movies might have been a big challenge. And then still comes that somebody must co- ordinate the whole project. And it needs a common superstructure because to jump simply thus from movie to movie would be dull. So much to my general thoughts about this mammoth's project.
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb: It's good that there is Google. Since without Google I would never ever have attained knowledge from this movie. Wiki says that this is a horror movie, but if one reads the story, one could mean that is it, moreover, a trash movie With what I want to say nothing against trash movies. They sometimes have so much unintentional hilarity that one must watch them absolutely. Have a look to the movie "Plan 9 from outer Space" and you know what I mean. The first part of the level up to the pyramid was very good. Though it was unnecessary that Lara has lost through the height of the drop from the helicopter so much life energy, but this was the only negative point. The hoists with whose help one could go with the jeep up to the pyramid were especially interesting. Then the rest was easy. Above all the rest was simply good. And at the end there is still a small surprise." - Scottie (28-Jun-2011)
"In one of the first reviews, Michael simply brings it to the point: Has to be played to be believed. I can totally agree.The best thing in this level were the multiple tasks you could solve here. All of them were really clever and great fun. First of all to deal with some climbing, then circling some interesting laser beams. After few exploration some jeep jumps and at the end a nice long timed run that you can not do a second time. All in all puzzles that are unique, but now I know the source of the electricity puzzle of the "Curse of Winter"-level(?) To work out this puzzle was of course brilliant. The texturing is correct here, but not brilliant, I think. All six secrets were placed extremely well, like the watchtower one or the ones in the mountains with some tricky jumps to master. Objects were fitting very well to the scenery. This level is a true masterpiece because it is way ahead of its time, like many levels of this series." - manarch2 (14-Jan-2011)
"This is another interesting and challenging level from the Lara at the Movie series. I have never heard of the movie before but the game was quite interesting. I found the game play fairly confusing and I got stuck many times here, especially with the Jeep where I drove around forever without having any clue which road to take and where to turn until I did a step by step from the walk-through and that finally got me where I needed to go. There were some really nice jumping and monkey-swing sequences and an interesting elevator puzzle. The mirror puzzle in the end was a lot easier than it appeared at first. The enemies were mainly armed guards, which never created any real problems and could easily avoided. The secrets were well hidden and I probably would have not found them without help. I did like the atmosphere and the soundtrack but thought the texturing was a little hard on the eyes in the red rock areas and things like climbable areas or areas where Lara could stand on where really hard to make out. This is definitely a challenging level. It is fun to play, once the player knows what to do and where to go. I wish there would have been a few more hints or camera clues in that level..." - Blue43 (02-Dec-2010)
"This level had Lara mostly transversing a rocky canyon in search of an Egyptian tomb. There are many interesting and nifty puzzles to solve in the tomb and also in the canyon. You also get to drive a truck. I liked this level a lot, but had trouble with the mirror puzzle. It is very light and bright, which is different for tomb levels." - Shandroid (27-Oct-2008)
"Like most of Josep's levels, this one too is a masterful combination of complex puzzles and impressive, mazey environments where many times you wonder where to go next. As far as gameplay is concerned, there's so much to do, a lot of jumping around, monkey-swinging and shimmying around rocks, there is even a jeep and a nifty jeep ride on narrow rocky paths above water. The atmosphere is great and everything seems to work perfectly, as soon as you find your way along. I managed to find a few secrets this time. One of the most requiring and intelligent levels of the project." - Ravenwen (02-Sep-2007)
"I've never watched Blood from the Mummy's Tomb, but if I were to take a guess based on the name of the film, I'd say it's probably not very good. Of course, it doesn't have to be a good film to become a good level (and from what I've read about the film, it doesn't seem to have that much in common with the level anyway). This is an excellent little thirty-minute level, with varied gameplay and excellent new objects. Lara's quest for an artefact brings her to a canyon with the world's smallest tomb (just one puzzle - but what a great puzzle it is!) and... um... a place with lifts and stuff. I'm not sure what they were good for, but they made for an interesting puzzle. The use of the jeep is great, and the lack of enemies doesn't hurt the level at all. I'm sure everything has already been said about this level, so don't let me keep you. Off you go to play it (or to build another level, in case you're the builder checking what people thought of his level)." - Magnus (15-Oct-2006)
"Hmm Strange.. for some reason I did not really like this level. It had all the elements. Great graphics, hard spots, hard to get secrets etc. I'll have to rate this level due to the facts that the author has been doing a great job though and not my personal feeling about the level. (Hence the high rating even if I don't like the level.) This level has one of the hardest secrets I have ever come across.. it involves the car, so it might be me that thinks it is hard (I suck at driving!) A lot of cool monkey swings and a fine map layout. Still I don't fancy this level though. Oh well, you can't love them all, can you? :)" - QRS (01-May-2005)
"The only thing that I remember that would be worth complaining was that the end came a little bit too soon for such a brilliant level. A whole lot of stunning ideas had been realized in this level that made me stare at the screen in amazement, wondering how yet another great effect or puzzle had been done. Notable moments from the level have been this brilliantly done mirror puzzle and parts of the big cat temple which started moving in front of your eyes to reveal a set of stairs which fitted perfectly well together. For a player that might not sound too thrilling but as a builder I highly appreciate the work Josep must have put into this wonderful level. The jeep ride and some timed runs at the beginning were fun and the following elevator puzzle was very cleverly done. With all new puzzles to solve the gameplay was always something new and rarely only contained switches and doors and the usual 'stuff'. Thus it was very entertaining and surely a big highlight in the Gold series." - Horus (16-Apr-2005)
"I don't think the movie has ever hit the theaters here, in old France, nor has ever been aired. I haven't seen it, but from the title I gather it is one of those Hammer-like movies. I haven't seen any mummy or tomb in the level, and although I did see my share of blood, I don't know whether it's a good rendition or not. When it comes to gameplay, I'm wavering a bit, here. There were things I disliked, such as having to lose health at the very start (When Lara's back in the chopper, this pilot has better have a good explanation about that, or there's gonna be some serious bawling out), or the confusing starting area. And there were things I liked a lot, such as the timed-race with the jeep and the final run dodging those SAS. So, all I can say is that my experience was of varying enjoyment, with the good parts good enough indeed to - almost - make me forget about the bad ones." - Sutekh (06-Feb-2005)
"Not a very long level with a stunning opening with the copter. I couldn't really relate to the title to what happens in the level. As I saw only Lara's and guards blood and no real tomb only twigged when I read the booklet with the CD. Gameplay not too difficult but one or two close observations needed with some of the puzzles. Reasonable variations in the puzzles but few enemies; just the Guards. Main feature is the tricky jeep drive through the tunnels and across the rock walls of the canyon. This ends as you drop down through the floor into the pyramid section. Textures generally are standard for the type of level but with one or two novel features such as the lift area. Sound provides the normal atmospheric music and two good voiceovers at the beginning and towards the end. Good dash at the end to catch the copter before you have a meeting with 'SAM'." - Whistle (09-Dec-2004)
"Really liked the cool camera moves in this level the jeep ride was a bitch (but not so bad after I did it a few hundred times...) and the end was VERY cool! Fun level." - Brigidsgirl (21-Nov-2004)
"This level wasn't really hard but if you are hunting down the secrets boy get ready for some BIG frustration. It might have been just me but that timed run with the jeep over narrow paths was just beyond expertise - it was all about luck! Not mentioning the drops you HAVE to take taking 75% out of Lara's health at once (agree with Dutchy - couldn't the pilot have gone down a little more?). But enough complaining. The level design is just awesome on its own but if you have played any other level from Josep you will already know that. Gameplaywise it's nothing ordinary with one smart puzzle about mirrors and a complicated jeep course or should I say labyrinth. I loved the object effect on the walls making them really "rocky" instead of a flat textured surface. The sounds are great (the background sound on this one must be one of the best I've heard!). Textures weren't really many but still they were perfect for the level. Highly recommended. 60 minutes 6 secrets." - Treeble (24-Oct-2004)
"What an impressive and clever level! Surely one of the best levels ever created. I'm really impressed by the skills of the author how he has shaped blocks for a more realistic setting how he leads sometimes the player in the flow of the gameplay by some subtle and helpful camera views and how he is able to create new animations! Many things never seen before and nothing out of place. Great gameplay good puzzles and very interesting background music." - eRIC (18-Oct-2004)
"What a great level! Very enjoyable and not too hard. An Egyptologist went searching for a powerful artefact; Tara the Egyptian queen of darkness. When communication is lost Lara decides to find and claim the artefact herself. The level is set in Egypt (as you can probably tell; an Egyptian artefact elsewhere? lol) and it starts off in a canyon where a research camp has been set up. The canyon looks very much like Nevada desert in tr3 but darker texturing and it has some objects from the level too like the elevator and the little room high above the ground supported by metal structures. Lara is brought here by a helicopter but he is a little useless he doesn't go low enough so you have to use a medi within the first few mins of starting! There were some clever ideas in it you need the jeep to access where the cat temple is hidden which you access by going through some elevators hitting pressure pads with your jeep to go up or down in them! I also liked the idea of collecting cat eyes which you placed on some statues to access the temple! There aren't many enemies in this until the end when they all appear and another clever idea of reaching the helicopter in a certain amount of time if you want a good ending. The level looked great and was a lot of fun to play I recommend it to everyone!" - Aims (16-Oct-2004)
"I did enjoy this level. From the opening scene with the helicopter right through to the mad-dash to get back to it and escape via the Jeep ride the lifts and the mirror puzzle. All classic stuff combined with good texturing atmosphere and sound. Well done Josep." - Staticon (09-Oct-2004)
"Lara's heli lands on an area with rocks and chasms and she drops with a small lack of energy. This level reminds me to the TR3's Nevada level. Get through the large gate climb up the rocks through the crawlspaces and up into the control room. Collect the ignition key from the top of the drink machine. You can return to the jeep but for getting the first Cat Eye you don't have to drive into the cave as it's difficult to get outside. Then you have to set appropriately the elevators and push its buttons with the jeep. Smash the wall and get the other Cat Eye. Shoot the stone cover of the cat statues and place your items. On the way back blast the rock and the next is a timed run until you can climb up into the heli. You don't have time for taking care of the soldiers: kill them while running or leave them alive. Don't be sad if you fail: use 2 Medi Packs and get on the next level safely. It's truth this is a small bug but it works. :) Anyway this is a great level good adventure. You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (12-Sep-2004)
"Very cool effects - the elevators the cat opening up and the mirror room for example. Great puzzling really good cut scenes and a breathtaking ending!" - G.Croft (09-Sep-2004)
"No mummys? That's ok. The original film as well as Bram Stoker's story 'Jewel of the Seven Stars' which the movie is based on both have more to do with atmosphere (and cats - my copy of Seven Stars is contained in a book of Cat Crimes) than anything else. And Josep Borrut's level abounds in atmosphere. At first it took me a while to figure out what I really needed to do with the jeep in the cave area then realized that I really just needed to keep moving. The jeep and elevator puzzle was another shining example of the brilliance you level builders have shown me. The helicopter bits were great. Even right at the beginning it took me a while to figure out how to safely drop and the two-way ending makes for just that much more variety." - Deekman (29-Aug-2004)
"In a word this is a marvelous level. Another couple of words apply too: challenging and frustrating. Heck I couldn't even get started on this one without calling upon the flycheat to access the passage high up in the canyon wall. But once you get some momentum it's a wild and thoroughly entertaining raid with scarcely a dull moment from beginning to end despite the relative lack of enemies. As others have mentioned the fixed camera angles become annoying after a while and you have to shoot some objects you wouldn't normally think of shooting (the gold-clad cats where you place the eyes and the statue normally used as a receptacle for the timeless sands). The Jeep ride was also too much for me as I never did find the route to the highest ramp. Luckily my devious mind discovered a way to cheat my way along. The walkthrough told me what was coming next so I simply drove the Jeep down to the first gate DOZYed over and landed to push the button and I was on my merry way. The gameplay is innovative the surroundings are pleasing to the eye and the cut-scenes and flybys are a work of art. The concluding 'surprise' is reminiscent of the author's ending to the Tarragona series. A thoroughly enjoyable level and I'm surprised that the average rating isn't even higher than it is as of the 16th review (9.1)." - Phil (24-Aug-2004)
"This is a quite original puzzle level which is set in barren canyon with a maze of tunnels and valleys. The opening scene where Lara approaches the canyon in a helicopter is really fabulous. There are other good cut scenes too although one of them interferes with Lara's movements in a timed run. A great deal of exploration is needed to figure out what to do. One of the secrets is very well protected since the circuitous procedure to get it is rather subtly advertised. In the course of exploration I parked the car and rummaged the mountain tops but I didn't find anything interesting there. There are not many enemies until the end but then you have other things to worry about. Failing the last timed run has interesting consequences so don't run just for success (make sure you save first though). The original devices and puzzles makes this a very fun level to play." - Bogey (22-Aug-2004)
"Well not what I expected no mummies no blood and no tomb but wow what a fantastic level. Gameplay wise it can't be faulted other than those secrets because unless you mail the author I doubt you will ever find them. Take a trip around mountain areas on foot and by jeep collect two sets of cats eyes and do a lot exploring for secrets. A rather testing event in the lifts with the jeep but thank god for patience. Not much in the way of enemies a few bats at the start and then some guards you have to just run past or miss your lift home but you do get two endings good and bad although I tried both I'm not so sure either was good for out Lara lol. So mountains underwater cavern jeep ride well hidden secrets some fantastic floor moving scenes and of course some right nice back ground audio made this a stunning and most enjoyable level." - Moonpooka (18-Aug-2004)
"This is the most original level in the Lara at the movies project. It has one of the most difficult gameplay and the secrets are hard to spot. The jeep travel is a nightmare and the end of the level requires few attempts to be done. The Egypt settings are great (the spike traps in the pyramid and the cat statues) and the elevators puzzle very difficult (I had to read the walkthru....) I never thought that the jeep could activate the elevator....Is only the extremely difficulty of some parts that decreases the rating; the atmosphere and lighting are perfect. Another great Josep's work." - Loupar (17-Aug-2004)
"A pretty difficult level this what with some very tough jeep-manouvering and some *horrible* fixed cameras. I was also kind of disappointed that despite the ammo I had amassed there were hardly any enemies at all. Luckily there are some very good puzzles to take your mind off the more bad points. There is also a very nice tune that plays quite a lot of the time; so nice not to play in silence for once! I don't know how faithful this is to the film because I don't believe I have ever watched it. Having said that I didn't come across any mummys and I didn't come across any blood either. One last tip before I go: make sure you save just before you pick the final statue up (the one in the 'mirror room') because you'll have one hell of a timed run to get back to the helicopter. This adventure took me a tough 2 hours but I didn't have a single secret to my name :(" - gfd (01-Aug-2004)
"This installment of Lara at the Movies has less to do with the original than any of the others I've played. That is hardly a problem. This piece has some superb bits in it - including a terrific jeep run that took me a few tries to get right! The puzzle with the elevators and having the shoot the boulder were very clever and it has a bang-up ending as well. Unfortunately I found the disjointed camera work to be a severe handicap and I had to wonder why such a clever author resorted to so many poor camera tricks. All in all a great level and a must play for any TR fan." - Duncan (30-Jul-2004)
"Lara has to drop out of a helicopter and find her way in to an excavation site. On the way you see a jeep but the keys are very hard to find you need them though so search carefully. The fixed cameras did not make it easy at some points (that's what made it so hard to find the keys) but it's not annoying. The puzzles are pretty hard and it's easy to get lost in the caves but I like this level and really enjoyed playing it. Once you get what you came for a statue there's two ways to end this level (bad and worst) the ending you get depends on how fast you are. Anyway it's another great part of a fantastic game (so far anyway) so have fun playing. 13-7-2004" - Josi (28-Jul-2004)
"First off I do not see the similarity between this level and the movie (like where is the severed hand?) but apart from that what a wonderful and innovative level this is. Realistically the level is quite short but there is so much to do within the confines of this little area it seems much larger than it is. You commence in a helicopter hovering some ten metres above the ground and the first problem you are confronted with is how to get Lara safely to mother earth without smashing her delicate and shapely body. You then need to find you way into the compound through a series of tunnels and crawl spaces locate the keys to the jeep best a timed gate and get the jeep into the compound. In between this you also need to find the first set of 'cats eyes' which you will need later on. In the main compound you are challenged to position a series of lifts just right so that you can take the jeep through the mine tunnels via these lifts. I have to say this was extremely well thought out and an enjoyable challenge. This route will lead you to the second set of 'cats eyes' which after a series of puzzles allows you to retrieve the Cat Mask icon and escape. You had best hurry as the automated air defense system has been activated and unless you reach that waiting chopper in time both you and it are doomed to a fiery demise. Another first in a Tomb Raider level and oh so welcome. Other innovative ideas were the removal off a boulder obstacle by blowing it awry with the grenade gun and removing years of built up grime on the Cat Statues before placing the "eyes". All in all one of the best and most innovative raids to come along in a long long time. Bravo." - Torry (21-Jul-2004)
"This level has some really great WOW moment which start with the helicopter and even ended also with the same chopper and Lara died quite a few times before I could let her get out and later get in the bloody thing. I loved exploring this canyon and I hated the jeep ride through the caves. I lost my way so many times that I almost gave up. And lo and behold by the time I was throwing the towel into the ring I found the gate. Getting the jeep to smash into the yellow buttons in the elevators was easier said than done glad I could use the reverse with the jeep. Before getting the second pair of cats eyes and shooting that boulder gave me a short cut to the temple but as I was still missing the eyes at least in the end I knew the way. That doesn't mean that I could make it safe back in the end no way that took some trying. Another WOW was for the pyramid and the last one was for the mirror room. Great! I specially loved the way through the mountain with the use of that elevator. But I keep wondering what the blood of the Mummy had to do with this adventure. Did I miss something in that pyramid or in one of the boxes where it might be stored after been stolen? 05-07-2004" - Gerty (18-Jul-2004)
"All things considered Josep Borrut is probably my favourite Level Designer of all time so when I heard that he had got back to work the sensation I experienced was somewhat akin to what I felt when I learned that the Pixies had reunited. Thus expectation for this level were pretty high and well it's not so much that I'm disappointed. All the elements that made me an avid fan of Josep are still there. The sophisticated camerawork the ambition to have a convincing story the realistic environment the amazing inventivenss and determination to come up with new things; and yet this seemed oddly unfinished to me. I reckon it's simply the fact that this is far too short for Josep's magic to work good and proper. I didn't mind that you don't meet any enemies until the final climax (and there you just have to rush past them) but both the long course for the jeep (apparently a secret is to be found here; well someone could have told me) and the Pyramid area seemed a bit wasted to me. The elevator - and the pushable mirror puzzles are great as is the final timed run to the chopper and yet it seems more like a demo to me than a proper Josep Borrut level. I just wish he would continue building and come up with another series like Tarragona. Needless to say that I can't make any cross references to the film that this is sourced from cause like you I haven't seen it but one can't help wondering: Where was the mummy? Where was the blood?" - Dimpfelmoser (17-Jul-2004)
"This starts with a very nice cut scene of Lara arriving by helicopter but I just wish the pilot could have got a little closer to the ground or possibly provided a parachute. I must say it's a most inventive beginning to a level. After a bit of entertaining jumping around on the rocks you make your way to a huge cave full of machinery. This level contains the most novel use of a jeep I've ever seen although the drive through maze like caves to get the jeep where it was required was a bit of a nightmare. I was really glad to get out into the lovely daylight and find the impressive cat temple. I really loved the way blocks moved to provide ladders/stairs/lower floors - unique and very stylish. Place two sets of cats' eyes and solve an elegant mirror puzzle then escape with the artefact (if you can). There are two possible endings - both spectacular - and if you get the wrong one you won't make it back to the cinema." - Jay (11-Jul-2004)
"I never watched this movie and probably I never will so I can't relate the movie to the game and I'm sure I'll be missing something that way - that's one of the 'problems' that may arise from time to time. Well one can see an interesting evolution from the first author's work but his main characteristics are still there namely his taste for rocky textures well done rocky textures let's add. The game can only get confusing because it's so full of ways and counter-ways and not at all because the textures are confusing per se - and they usually are in TR desert environments. There are only two parts in which the game becomes overtly complicated - the elevators can be confusing and the caves by the pool are confusing as (w)hell. Why didn't I think of riding around the rocks before jumping the big gate? I did in fact but the jeep fell and I somehow decided it couldn't be done. Oh well... There are some nice puzzles namely the one with the mirrors near the end the beginning starts out by being quite puzzling although it's simple in fact and the end is great getting back to the helicopter with all those skull-face SAS shooting at the same time and then getting a rope from Josep himself who's driving the helicopter (but the pilot's voice isn't his now is it? :wink: ). I was afraid this would become a very long game after having played the enormous Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. But no its size is just about right. Good textures almost good gameplay (just a little too much jeep riding in total confusion in the caves) good story. My congratulations to Josep in Catalonia!" - Jorge22 (09-Jul-2004)
"As we move along the cinemas I am talking about the TRLE Gold project we get to play more exciting levels. This one is a canyon-like level with a fantastic opening scene that involves a helicopter and an even more wonderful ending scene which I am not going to reveal and spoil it for you. All I'll say is that Lara is a 'changed' woman and has an interesting meeting. Lara's goal is to find the statue that depicts Queen Tara and hurry back to the helicopter before it gets destroyed by the enemy. The setting has some tech elements as well as the Egyptian element at the second half. I liked the new objects the jeep race that you must complete under a certain amount of time if you want to access a secret the cat eyes and much more. There is some darkness at a few areas especially inside the many corridors at the area near the double gates but there is nothing to worry about really it's not so bad. I believe the trick with the boulder has never been used before nor the one with the rope from the helicopter. It's an impressive and challenging level with only one glitch if you can call it that at the area just before the double gates. If you stop with the jeep before you jump across you can walk on the rocks and find the 'end of the world' bug. I'd say definitely a level worth playing. Well done to you too Josep." - Kristina (06-Jul-2004)
"Already from previous Josep offerings we knew that he has numerous great ideas whom he puts to work well - this level is no exception and one just can't stop awing at the many creative never before seen tasks and puzzles he offers. The desert canyon atmosphere is pretty convincing and due to the voice-overs which you can hear here and there you also have a feeling that you're on a mission even though the puzzles and traps are the greatest challenge here cause you don't meet enemies till the very end of the level (and you have to ignore them here anyway if you want to get to the ending that allows you to progress in the game) if memory serves me well - but they're not that essential anyway. The clever elevator + jeep puzzle timed runs/drives and various other puzzles will keep you occupied till any of the 2 ends (the bad and the worst very well done you just have to see both for yourself no need for me to spoil them). A fantastic offering from Josep I certainly hope his building career doesn't end here." - eTux (04-Jul-2004)
"This level certainly would need an extension of the scale in the Objects category. Be prepared for countless 'Wow' moments along the way as you explore a very real canyon area to find a small statue in a pyramid and escape. There are six secrets along the way and make sure you accept the challenge of the unobvious timed Jeep ride to get one of them - great stuff. The elevator construct is quite spectacular and also the puzzle room to open the door to the statue and the subsequent timed way out to meet one of two possible endings are original and never seen before. Has to be played to be believed! We can only hope Josep continues building for us TR addicts." - Michael (28-Jun-2004)
"Great opening flyby of a helicopter lowering into a canyon and hovering then we see the helicopter door open and Lara stands ready to drop down. I liked all these rock areas and the route to the first secret shotgun. Through caves and tunnels to get to the control room complex which has a very clever lift system that only the jeep can use properly to get through. After getting completely trapped in the lifts with the jeep and trying to understand what I did I realised the idea is to move the lifts first with the switches in the control room. Through the control room windows you can see the lifts going up or down. Once I understood this it was easy. The jeep is used a lot in the level driving through caves over bridges down to underground water areas over jumps and to crash into and through things. It's also used along the way to open a timed tower secret which I got the first time I played the level but never could repeat this success. Your goal is to find two sets of cat's eyes and to make your way into a pyramid to get the artifact. You are in communication via a headset with the pilot of the helicopter and hear him giving Lara instructions. The interior rooms of the pyramid are beautiful. All camera shots and flybys are excellent just as we've come to expect from Josep. There are some unusual things to do with objects and if in doubt - shoot with every weapon to see what happens. I met no enemies along the way until the end and what an end. There are two endings a good one and a bad one. Naturally I got to the bad ending first because I wasn't sure what to do and I wasn't fast enough. The good ending is where Lara reaches the helicopter and escapes the bad one is where she just makes it to the helicopter but is spotted by the satellite gun that shoots a rocket and explodes the helicopter and kills Lara. An excellent level - and a gem in the crown of this Gold Project." - CC (28-Jun-2004)