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The Mystery of Eden 3 by Sweet

Dimpfelmoser 9 9 9 9
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
eRIC 9 9 9 9
eTux 6 8 7 8
Gerty 8 10 10 10
Jay 9 10 10 10
Jorge22 8 10 10 10
Jose 7 8 9 9
Kristina 9 10 10 10
Loupar 9 10 9 10
manarch2 8 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 9 9 8
Phil 10 10 10 10
Relic Hunter 9 10 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 10
Treeble 9 9 9 9
release date: 02-Aug-2004
# of downloads: 177

average rating: 9.11
review count: 16
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file size: 191.43 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"As I finally sit down to piece my thoughts on this journey, I realize I'm a bit split. Actually, more than just a bit. I struggled to reach the end of these levels, and I'm thankful I had Kris' very thorough walkthrough to guide me otherwise I would have ditched it very early on. I suppose the very first red flag was the multitiered timed run where you had to use ropes to swing across four switches — that was a frustrating experience, at best. Then, one jump required you to grab a ledge from a very specific angle. It took me god knows how many tries and I honestly think I just lucked out when I finally got it. There's also a fair share of backtracking involved, but that was the least of issues in the end. The author has combined pretty much every available set of textures and while it felt odd seeing all of these together in one single room, they are generally well applied so the levels manage to look good. Towards the end there were a few unmarked climbable walls, and some SFX issues (the knights grunting non-stop and the silent pushblocks, to name), and quite a few areas were heavily inspired by the original games (such as the scale trials, the rising blocks maze, and the final level was this close to being a remake of It's a Madhouse). These are not bad levels, far from it, but I guess it could have been half as long and it'd still deliver the intended experience. These took me the better part of two days, and that was following the walkthroough! 3 hours, 9 secrets. 05/21" - Treeble (16-May-2021)
"This final installment in the Mystery of Eden series is by far the most mature and enjoyable. The sceneries and textures are close to perfect this time around and with plenty of light to show them off to good advantage. There are a few dark areas around to be sure, but these are mainly just nooks and crannies and don't hide anything of great importance. The church area in the Sanctuary of Eden was in particular striking to look at, although a bit of an unexpected surprise after traversing through dark caves for a while. The gameplay is also more well rounded in this part, with plenty of engaging timed runs (sometimes combined with rope swings as an added bonus), pushblock puzzles (a bit tedious at times, but bearable), torch puzzles and a lot of well thought out exploration. There were a couple of missing sounds for blocks, the knights were a bit annoying and I somehow managed to access all of the secret weapon chambers throughout the entire game despite me missing a secret (not that I'm complaining too much about this latter aspect, mind you), but overall this is a brilliant finale to a mostly enjoyable series. Definitely recommended." - Ryan (23-Oct-2018)
"Sweet eventually gets a 10 from me and for him. The concluding chapter is the richest in atmosphere but primarily in object usage with consistently satisfying secrets. One major disadvantage is certain fine geometry again copied from the classics, although this time it's so well masked I almost failed to recognize another instance of cleopal. Graphics and sound are well done so you will really feel inside a solid standalone realm to contain all kinds of interaction, while clever puzzles include unexpected pushing, playing with fire and temperature. Timed runs are very fair but not always indicated so sometimes you may get caught in doing an extra attempt. SUMMARY: Very professional, however I still didn't have that "wow" moment so I hope the author will yet build something even better." - DJ Full (29-Jun-2016)
"Except the last level, the backtracking and the dead ends are often present in this part of the series. I don't know why the torches are always lost in some tile on the floor and not in a pedestal or so. Also in the tight ropes Lara can only advance a couple of steps each time. Even with low resolution textures, the environment is good, enemies are well balanced and there are variety of tasks, the timed runs are not tight and the musics are well chosen for every occasion. Except in the maze with all those raising pillars and moveable blocks where I was disoriented, the tasks are easy and classic, shoot balls, drag blocks... Perhaps the objects are not well tinted (they often shine too much in dark rooms) but the rooms are well builded and the scenes are good. Recommended." - Jose (03-Oct-2013)
"This last installment of the Eden series is certainly the best in any regard. The gameplay is much more player-friendly and attractive even if a bit pedestrian in some of the levels; each level had its own atmospherical charm - this time working together in coherence, not being thrown together in any way. The review range of this level does not only look interesting at first glance, but it certainly stays so when reading through the reviews. Remarkable: This level had the lowest review amount of any Hall of Fame levels until my review, on par with just one other game, and even after finishing it I still cannot see why. Garden of Eden (9-8-9-8) dured 50 minutes and is gameplaywise certainly the best single level in this series. The route takes you around a central hub with lots of interesting riddles - I especially loved the double timed run with the torch, which I found pretty innovative for an old style game. Just as eTux, this level reminded me a lot on Hidden Garden, but I found the similarities to be rather accidental than intended and even if intended, the atmosphere didn't suffer from it. Maybe the builder focussed a little too much on cleverly hidden balls to shoot but I at least liked the binocular hint for the hardest to find. The textures this time are more spot-on as in the previous parts but some still didn't fit together that nicely; also the invisible walkway could have been better marked as such. Still a very enjoyable level and just the right opener to this last part. Sanctuary of Eden (8-8-9-9) was split in two parts (15 and 25 minutes) surrounding the third level and I found this part to be pretty atmospheric with clever usage of darkish textures in the first half and bright Vilcabama textures in the second one. The main objective is all about finding and using four stars (the Tomb of Ancient level being the hideout of three of them) and the good old waterskin puzzles also find their place in this level, as well as a few pushblock puzzles (one of them was a bit too long for my taste though), encounters with some knights of the cross and a beautifully designed cathedral that almost felt a little out of place in the temple area. I found unmarked ladders in one area and blocks that didn't had sound but all those mistakes were rather minor in comparison to the overall ambience of the level. I especially liked the "bones secret" here and the cutscene showing the flooded basins was well done. Tomb of Ancient (8-7-10-9) that lasted 55 minutes for me was not a big change of setting as you still explore large darkish levels. Found the greenish lighting to be quite strong in this level creating a great atmosphere but there were some strange bugs in it such as levers not working directly (only after using it three (!) times) or the tightrope walk that lead Lara away from the pole. Apart from that I really enjoyed this level with its timed runs (two for secrets), the push puzzle and the torch usage, but the excessively long shimmy high above the AoD reminiscent hall was rather spreading tedium. Another nice addition was the main hall eventually changing into a lava room. Caves of Eden (8-8-8-8) is the shortest level of this last foursome - 25 minutes - but I still liked the intelligent raising block maze (with TR 3 Tinnos as its origin) with an included search for four crowbar levers that hold a short and interesting puzzle each. I found the atmosphere still to be not as great as in the previous parts as some of the rooms didn't convince me with the "star texture ceiling" rather than a regular horizon. The finale was also rather disappointing with a too easy to avoid boss you never actually kill and the placement of the apple was rather strange as in a cutscene the apple is on a shelf in front of Von Croy but you pick it up behind a closed door? Anyway, the level was a nice conclusion of the Mystery of Eden series.
All in all the previous parts even if not always to my taste were quite worth playing through for these final 2:50 hours of fun gameplay in an atmospherical setting. Maybe not HoF material in my eyes but I heartily recommend this series that took me six hours to complete to everyone out there if he or she searches for a good classically built level with enough surprises to not bore you all along the path. It's all too sad the builder didn't release a level since six years..." - manarch2 (28-Aug-2012)
"This is without a doubt the most interesting episode of the Eden series , with 4 satisfying levels , strong in all categories , and with less places that can make you recall you have been there and done that than in the previous episodes. In fact I enjoyed myself quite a big deal in this adventure which has a lot to offer with many various kinds of puzzles, and tasks , I particularly enjoyed some of the timed tasks not too difficult, finding the secrets although I could managed to find only 2/3 of them in all of the levels so I could not accessed the bonus rooms, there are some areas which are really a lot of fun to raid. I have been stuck only a few times because a switch was of the same colour than the wall to which it is attached or because a torch was hard to spot on the ground , and if the first level is a bit to slow to really start , the more i progressed the most I was immerged until the end with a good sense of achievement all along. The different settings are interesting , one level is mostly Roman with a bit of Egypt but managed to be harmonious, another one has textures from AOD , another one is less harmonious with textured from TR4 and TR1, and the last one is quite an atmospheric level. If you like classic raiding , this set of levels is one of the best out there, with a high degree of quality." - eRIC (04-Aug-2009)
"Garden of Eden (8/8/9/8, 60 min., 3 secrets): Starting in a pleasant coastal style outside environment, this first part is fairly straightforward and very enjoyable as you make the rounds around the central area. I liked the complex and creatively designed timed passages which are never too difficult and the nice flybys and music choices. Some of the climbing and pushing things around gets a little tedious here. Later the setting becomes more library style with the well known Snake Switch puzzle and the burning floor. Sanctuary of Eden (8/8/9/8, 15+45 min., 3 secrets): Suddenly the series gets much darker and the atmosphere more sinister. After a first initial visit in this part, you run off to play the next part and then come back to visit a nice Cathedral (great Organ music) and complete a nicely varied waterskin/scale puzzle and push a few blocks around. Not sure I liked the transparent ledge (despite the binocular hint). Rather few enemies here, as in all levels, with a few bats, spiders, ahmets and knights only. Tomb of Ancient (8/9/9/8, 60 min., 3 secrets): Roman soldiers are your enemies in this part and it does have a number of tedious gameplay bits, but the underwater mirror room is nice and the pushable object puzzle is also well done. You collect three of your four shaft keys in this part and get a little timed run with a torch. Very solid camera work again. Caves of Eden (9/9/9/8, 30 min.): A short but really clever final part. Certainly I was not envisioning Paradise to be that dark and spooky. Besides a short gauntlet with swinging blades, spikes and collapsible tiles you have to deal with various pushable blocks and a rather original raising block maze, before you finally get the apple you were after and have to make a thrilling escape which was a truly worthy finale to a great overall series." - MichaelP (29-Aug-2005)
"All I can say is this is Tomb Raider at its best. I played all three installments together and in that context the Mystery of Eden series is very much a complete game in itself. This third release is far and away the most visually stunning and challenging of the three with trappings very much reminiscent of TR3 near the very end. I feel compelled to give it top marks even though I'm really rewarding the whole series in so doing. It easily passes my two-pronged test for perfection: (1) would I buy it and (2) would I play it again. The answer in both cases is a resounding yes. Along the way I was assisted by one of the best walkthroughs I've ever read by Kris of Lara's Home. It's complete and clear and I couldn't have finished without it. If you've somehow managed to miss this outstanding series at this late date (12/04) download and play it for a marvelously entertaining Christmas present to yourself." - Phil (10-Dec-2004)
"Excellent gameplay although a bit difficult in some puzzles and switches in very dark places. Great use of the secrets: I love the golden roses... and found 22/24. There are lots of enemies: dogs bats crawling beasts heartless men and the final enemy from The Legacy (Norman Scherke). The rooms are sometimes copied from another original game (the last level Reunion from The Lost Artifact) and the end of the game is also very similar but instead of the balloon there's a helicopter. I missed some camera help. Lighting and textures are great perfect for the settings; and the settings are very beautiful. An enjoying game and a superb end of series." - Loupar (08-Sep-2004)
"Playing this mini game be sure to play the last bit after the sun is down as the textures and atmosphere are moody that means darkish. In my opinion this is undoubtedly the best of the Mystery series. There were two times I was very much puzzled the first was seeing so many unlit lamps the minute I found the torch I tried to clutch it to Lara's bosom everywhere I went but that wasn't possible and in the end it means that it also wasn't necessary but I still wondered why those unlit lamps then. The other part was much further as reaching some jump levers with rising block how could one know that they were climbable? I am not saying it is a walk in the park mind you. Having also Matthias sitting next to you is fun as two minds work better than one right? At a certain part of this game you encounter some axes that might not swing just use the lever again as that also triggers a door. I still think that the timed ropes swing and lever pulling is a bitch. For me the gameplay flowed nicely even coming back to an earlier part of this mini game. Finding quite a lot of artifacts and slaying enemies that were nicely placed throughout Lara has to find the way out to a waiting chopper that will whisk her off. The hunt for the secrets are fun to do and I stumbled on most of them. 31-08-2004" - Gerty (02-Sep-2004)
"Is the reviewing fatigue kicking in already? Every now and then the veteran reviewer asks himself: Where is the point why bother?! See I could dwaddle on endlessly about the different tasks the settings the enemies the minor glitches but I'm a bit tired of this and for some strange reason I suspect that you are equally bored to read this. I could complain about some areas being too dark for my liking and about some climbable surfaces not being textured as such. But do you really care? And just in case you aren't fed up to learn all about torch- waterskin- and moving object puzzles about the beautiful settings that reminded me of this and that about the timed trapdoors and tricky jumps and what not then you might as well read the detailed reviews from Elvis and Jorge. Come on there must be another angle to reviewing. I could tell you that I played parts of this at the fifth TR Meeting in Lage and that it adds to the enjoyment if you have met the author in person. Interesting isn't it? Those Level builders are never how you imagined them to be aren't they?! In fact now that I don't have that much time and zest to play a lot of custom levels I briefly toyed with the idea of limiting myself to play only levels by people that I have met in real life but that would mean that I have to give Richard Lawther's Level a miss and we can't have that. I could also tell you that I played this epic level on the 30th of August in Amsterdam. The day that Sonic Youth played in this very city and to top it all they performed at the Paradiso which is an old church and probably my favourite venue of all time. Well Sonic Youth and me go back a long way. I think it was in 1985 when I first heard them on the radio. In 1986 I bought my first Sonic Youth record and since 1988 I'm a hardcore fan. So imagine this: I played The Mystery of Eden with Gerty for hours on end getting ready for the gig (which basically means getting drunk) then nip out to see the show (which took place just around the corner from where Gerty lives) return a few hours later with my ears ringing and feeling pretty ecstatic after such a religious experience (religious in more than one way like Sonic Youth are Gods they played in a church and music is pretty sacred to me anyway) only to continue with this highly enjoyable adventure. Kids don't try this at home but you know how alcohol can sometimes warp your sense of reality. And let's be frank if you are playing a lot of Tomb Raider your connection to the real world is pretty tenuous to start with. And you know how when a game is really good you are sucked right into it. And yes the Mystery of Eden does that quite well. And of course I don't have to tell you that every now and then Lara finds herself in a beautiful church and this adventure incorporates one as well. So I was standing in the Paradiso blissfully unaware of the world outside listening to the earsplitting racket of New York's finest and as my gaze wandered up to the illuminated church windows something clicked and I was back in the Mystery of Eden. In the church looking for jumpswitches or whatever. What is that horrible noise? Where do all those people come from and where has that scantily clad girl gone? But then Sonic Youth launched into 'Expressway to your skull' and I snapped out of my reverie. Pretty exciting huh? And of course you must have noticed that Paradiso is just another word for Eden. Spooky isn't it?! Coincidence?! Well I got back shortly before Midnight and then we spent another four hours in the Tomb and the Caves and it just goes to show how hard it is to stop with this formidable adventure even if you've been there before. But hey I've seen Sonic Youth 12 times before and they blow me away every single time. I guess you can never get enough of the good stuff. So go for it." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Sep-2004)
"Garden of Eden: Timing is the name of the game at the start of this level. There's a rather good timed rope swing sequence I enjoyed - luckily it's not too tight. There are a couple of gems and a sun talisman to find which involves quite a lot of jumping climbing rope swinging and a couple of torch puzzles (well I did find three torches but I never found a use for one of them). It was also rather nice to see the burning serpent puzzle again. Demigods and harpies are your enemies but not too many of them. If you get all three secrets in this section you can access a room full of goodies but one of the secrets involves swimming against a really fierce current and it takes some doing - I nearly sprained my wrist achieving it. Sanctuary of Eden: Initially the visit to this part is brief but there is one secret and a shaft key to be found plus another torch puzzle before going through to: Tomb of Ancient: There is an AOD influence here with the audio files and the main hall. There are gladiators to fight and one skellie was waiting at the end of a tightrope to do his worst. I managed to blow his head off from a distance only to be met by a gladiator as well. What fun. Did I mention that I HATE tightrope walking by the way? Well I do. There's some quite tight swimming to be accomplished in various passages off an underwater mirror room and lots of lovely lava to avoid. I missed a secret in this section so I didn't get the goodies. Ah well. Three more shaft keys and a waterskin later and you can return to: Sanctuary of Eden: Enter a beautiful cathedral to the strains of lovely music. I enjoyed the reprise of the candles in the ahmet cages/waterskin puzzle. You get to use three of your shaft keys here but now you need to find a couple of portal guardians. It never ends does it? Was it my imagination or were those crumbly crusaders really growling 'where are you' all the time? I missed out on the goodies in this part too. Bum. Caves of Eden: This starts with a flyby of a rather stunning albeit deadly area. Spikes pendulums collapsing tiles eerie music. Delightful. There's one of those really confusing mazes to negotiate where blocks rise and fall so you can't always retrace your steps and finding all the crowbar switches hidden in there takes quite some doing. Eventually you make your way to the final scenario to grab the artefact you came for - a 'magic stone' that looks like an apple - and make your escape to the waiting helicopter. Really good fluent gameplay in impressive settings. Fans of the Eden series will certainly not be disappointed." - Jay (01-Sep-2004)
"While this is a fun affair, I enjoyed through the hours it lasted, already my ratings suggest that I have different thoughts on this one. Though I most certainly don't think this is a bad level, in my humble opinion it's quite far from the 'close-to-perfect' ratings and glowing reviews others have given. Garden of Eden - the garden itself actually is a small spot if I remember correctly as most of the time you spend indoors. You start off with an area that is extremely familiar to a similar one at the start of Inchdix' Hidden Garden, and get through the Rome's catacomb alike level while doing some very well made timed runs - with the ones including the rope swinging being my favourites - and other tasks, such as one difficult 'japanese' jump on your quest for the Sun Goddess which you need to enter the next level. Though there are copied areas and puzzles as in the other levels of the author's in this series, of what I'm not particularly keen (I mean - if I'd want to replay the Lost Library, or Hidden Garden, I'd do so by loading up those levels or the corresponding game. Don't know myself, but as it seems others don't mind - and if you don't either, then one reason more to download this level set), they're not the essence/majority of this level, and thus I liked it much better than most of the authors previous offerings. Sanctuary of Eden 1 - Though there are still some copied rooms (from Walhalla and Temple of Horus this time). It's not as bad as I thought from the name of the level and it even has a distinctive feel that is not overshadowed by the un-original areas. The first bit is not overly long, you just have to free your way to the next level, but there still are some problems - like the jump switch above spikes, which with a medipack and the knight (whose sounds seemed to have gone terribly wrong, surely something could've been done about this?) can be used without going through all the hassle to get rid of the spikes. You don't miss terribly much but be sure to look around for something to shoot to avoid this rather masochistic way, hehe ;). Tomb of Ancient - as the title indicates the main area of the level will be (a copy of) the big hall from AoD - but it's not all that bad here, and this actually is my favourite level from the series, as there are some great puzzles involving movables, a nice timed runs here and there of which some are for the secrets and lots of some (rather stubborn in my case) lion head shooting. As said - the best this series has to offer, you just have to be observant to not miss some levers that blend into the walls or doors, which look like gratings and such. Sanctuary of Eden 2 - actually the same level as the one before the tomb of ancient, but due to the newly acquired objects you can take a new leap into areas that were inaccessible before - the key unlocks a nicely made church, which then leads to some waterskin puzzles, which are practically identical to the ones in Temple of Horus, only the way you're hinted on the amount of water needed is different. The next area involves 2 knights and the worst possible task you could make Lara do with them in nearby - pushing blocks, lol. It's half so bad if you trick them by getting as far away from yourself as possible and then sprinting to where you have some business to do - the real bother in here was the unmarked climbable sector of a newly made pillar, but even that can be found fast enough, as there's not that much to do in the particular rooms. The texturing is more or less well done, though inconsistent with a rather wide mix of themes, which at times gives the uncertain 'where-the-heck-am-I' feeling, which I love, as you feel like exploring 'uncharted' territory so to say, and at times it feels like the level's lacking an overall theme, but that's seldom. Overall the tasks here, as in the rest of the levels, are quite fun, but nothing new or never seen before. Caves of Eden - the final of the series, well and what a final it is! Haven't I seen this before? Yes, I have - and it gives the word 'reunion' a completely new meaning, lol. This specific level is practically a remake of the final of TR3 Gold, involving also the raising block maze from TR4. If there was anything original here then it was the initial timed run, which I liked very much, actually and the maze had a little twist too, and was not as bad as I had it in my memory from the original game. There were also two problems like the door that didn't allow you to leave the maze (well, you can with a trick Kristina described in the forum, but this is fixed by now anyway, so you most likely won't experience it) and you can leave the series without getting the apple which was your main goal in here, by simply activating the two levers on fire and then dropping into the pool they unlocked. Maybe not as much a 'bad ending' as a 'desperate ending' in case you miss either the receptacle for the last shaft key you have by now or the crowbar switch which revels it. Well this all might sound negative and you might wonder if I actually had fun playing this? Well, yes I did, but I also did all the times I played this level before originally... no further comment required. As said - this all might sound pretty negative - and true, I don't like remakes/copied areas very much (there are exceptions - for example if you want to give the illusion that Lara has returned to a place she's been before - it doesn't hurt then), and wonder why they get rated higher, or praised more than the one or other original level, where the author took the time and creativity to make something never seen before, but I'm not saying that this is a bad level set either. It has some great timed runs, and generally is very enjoyable with a minimum of frustrating moments, and I certainly recommend it to all who want varied environments, a series that takes more than one day to get through with a rather low difficulty level, and don't mind visiting some places you've been to before. I won't a agree that this is a 'close-to-perfect' level, but it is a good one, one of the best Sascha has had to offer to date, actually - you won't be disappointed if you liked the previous parts of the series, as this follows the same path." - eTux (29-Aug-2004)
"Garden of Eden: Classic textures, the 'Roman' kind, very well applied, straightforward enough level (but you may say not just the same, since Lara has to get back to places she's been to before several times), the secrets are golden roses. Some points in the level are quite a challenge. Namely, a lava room with four levers, two on each side, inaccessible unless you raise a block below each of them, three ropes and a gate at the end. Everything is timed, the blocks, the gate, and you may only access the levers by using the ropes, the swinging ropes, and their swinging makes getting any place in time even harder. The second big challenge, albeit less creative, is in yet another lava room which you'll eventually flood, where you have to do an almost impossible jump from an opening to another to your right - I guarantee Lara will bump against the wall and fall into the lava at least a thousand times before you finally do it right. There are also two torches, one of which is part of a timed puzzle with raising wooden platforms while another is used to burn the floor, plus a third one in a serpents room (as in The Last Revelation) for which I couldn't find the use, in case there was any. There are also some ray-shooting birds and some demigods of which you can dispose easily. Solid. Unfortunately, I missed one secret at the end of the level. Sanctuary of Eden: As I believe you already know, you come here twice, before and after Tomb of Ancient. The first time you're here for a short while, solving a puzzle in a room with an undead knight which includes a torch (look for the torch!), fighting a giant spider (easy, with the grenade gun), probably finding a secret and mainly looking around a little bit unsure as to what to do next until you find the way into the next level. The second time around, you get the main dish... The spider reappears and you shoot it down (*yawn*, with your grenade gun) and then you're finally entitled to some action around here. A large part of it consists of scale/monster/water puzzles as in The Last Revelation (which is interesting - and do read the plaque in the first scale room before you do anything wrong), which come after entering a cathedral, a most beautiful cathedral with wonderful images. Then, there's a nice room with a simple push/pull blocks/use levers puzzle that two more undead knights make just a tiny bit more difficult, some more pushing and pulling, nice Atlantean textures (the metal ones, not the hellish fire and brimstone ones all in black and red), some tight-rope walking and you finally enter the caves of Eden. Unfortunately - once more! - I missed another secret at the end of the level, which was behind a gate or all to see. It seems you have to shoot three sets of bones. Very nice level, if you ask me. Simultaneously challenging and doable, which is very good. Tomb of Ancient: Don't look for similarities with AoD's Tomb of the Ancients, except for the main room, which is actually a free recreation of the main room there. This must be the most complicated level in the bunch, at least I got stuck several times here. No terrible jumps but sometimes some little lever, a little something that you can't see right in front of your eyes and it looks like it's the end. Gladiators, skeletons, lava, some more tight-rope walking, fires, lava turning into water, a very good underwater mirror room with four (note, four, or you'll get stuck there as I did) entrances. You're looking for shaft keys (stars) that you'll use in the next levels, the mystery keys which you'll need when you get back to the Sanctuary and a waterskin which you'll also need for the scales puzzles. You're at the bottom of the main room now. Ready to go back and, after your passage through the Sanctuary, head for the final level. Caves of Eden: The game ends in the best possible way. Right from the beginning, it reminds you of The Lost Artifact, with its toxic waste and its creepy floating bodies. Above you, there's a starry sky, but it looks quite artificial as in a theme park. Then, there's a small corridor involving toxic waste, spikes, collapsible tiles and swinging blades and you'll be ready for one more reminiscence, this time of the labyrinth in The Last Revelation. Search for pushable blocks and use the crowbar as a lever in order to open a gate to the way out... That remains closed!... Because the game wasn't properly beta-tested and the gate opens in the wrong direction. What a shame! You find yourself trapped between a wall and the gate, you can't proceed and you can't go back. Fortunately, there are two ways in which you may proceed: a) by jumping against the left side of the gate until you somehow manage to pass to the other side; b) by downloading the corrected version of the level, since the author was quick in fixing it after finding out about the mistake. :) The last room is quite a bit like the final room in The Lost Artifact, only there's no Sophia there. Instead, there are loads of 'hole in the chest' mutants/zombies plus a ray shooting ghost (was it taken from The Legacy?) of the never dying kind. Your main mission here is to get the magical Eden Stone (in the shape of an apple ;) ) and manage to use some levers while under attack so that you can get down to the beach where a helicopter (not a balloon) is awaiting you. If the ghost sets you on fire (as it did to me) and you've already pushed both levers, don't worry. Remember, you do have medipacks and there's water below. All in all, a great game, truly a golden key to close the Eden series, creative, with solid textures and many interesting reminiscences of oficial Tomb Raider games, wonderful in spite of the discouraging difficulties of the first level and of the wrongly closing door which I suppose will be fixed if you download the game now. One that you shouldn't miss, especially if you played the first two. (August, 18 2004)" - Jorge22 (20-Aug-2004)
"I have enjoyed this final part of the series very much. It's absolutely wonderful and fun with a very intriguing gameplay at least for me it was. I loved the puzzles the setting and the great atmosphere. Many areas though reminded of other levels the first one with the gate that leads to an underground lava area reminded me of 'Hidden garden' the 'Tomb of Ancients' reminded me of a level from AOD and the last one was a copy of the 'Lost Artifact' if I am not mistaken without Sophia. I am not complaining all these levels are great and I was thrilled to guide Lara through them but it left me wonder of the reason the author copied those areas maybe he is very fond of them. A few problems I encountered during playing like the trees that didn't have a back texture or the axes not moving in one level weren't enough to spoil the atmosphere. I have to say that the replica of the maze with lowering and raising blocks from TR4 wasn't very pleasant for me but I survived. The enemies are skeletons a boss skeleton in the last level and enemies from TR3 that were trying to make Lara's work harder. At one point I got stuck because I jumped over a fire and didn't use the monkey swing so I missed the torch well don't do that. All I have to say is that I am sad the series is over but I hope the author will keep building and give us more hours of fun. I won't say anything about the puzzles so to not spoil this last part but I will say that I loved the secrets I found all nine. They aren't impossible to get or frustrating but although you see them most of them anyway you need to find a way to get them. That is my idea of a good secret it's the same pattern Rene Brooymans uses and I enjoy it so much. Great set of levels and as you might have guessed by now highly recommended." - Kristina (09-Aug-2004)
"Although I haven't played the other two parts of Sascha's saga the final part of the highly famed 'Mystery of Eden' series has now been finished since the third and last part came out. The environments differ in every level as we are presented with good tasks and puzzles that will surely satisfy anyone's desire for a good series of levels. Garden of Eden - A very good level in my opinion. The texturing in here was something like the Rescue series meeting the Sanctuary of Water meeting Rome from TRC. There are many interesting tasks in here such as the timed trapdoor runs and some good pushing puzzles too. We also use the torch here and we also come to a familiar puzzle to those who remember 'The Lost Library' from TR4. There are some timed runs here too. The main goal of this level is to find the two pieces of the Sun Talisman to open the way into the Sanctuary of Eden. I found two secrets on this level and a pair of broken glasses. The enemies here were some wraiths demigods and harpies. Sanctuary of Eden - This level is visited twice. The first time here we need to find a shaft key as we face a giant spider and a knight. We also have a rather tricky timed run here too. After coming back here from the second level we visit a rather nice cathedral. Here we face a rather familiar puzzle from Piega's famous Sanctuaries which is releasing an ahmet and killing it to see how many candles light up in its lair which indicates how many liters of water are needed to balance the scales. There is also a difficult pushing puzzle that has you running away from two knights. The main goal of the level is to collect two portal guardians which are scattered around an area textured like Tomb of Qualopec from TR1. We also had the tightrope from TRC too. The enemies in here were Knights and Giant Spiders. Tomb of Ancient - We later move on to a more Angel of Darkness type of environment. This level in the series was my favorite too. There are interesting tasks here such as moving two chess pieces using a switch to raise tiles that allow you to move the pieces to their designated places. We also have a good mirror room too. The tightrope is present once again. We have a nice pool room that is very spacious. Another interesting task was a timed run to get a torch and light it before the tile that lets you reach the torch lowers and also activating a fountain to turn lava into water. There is also a replica of a room in TR4's Citadel. The quest in here was to find the three remaining shaft keys the Mystical keys and the Large Waterskin that you need in your second trip to the Sanctuary of Eden. The enemies in here were gladiators and skeletons. Caves of Eden - The finale reminded me a lot of the last level from The Lost Artifact. There is a clever timed run involving collapsible tiles spikes and swinging pendulums. The task that was frustrating for me was a maze that involves lowering tiles. I got past that part thanks to the position editor. After the maze we return to the main room of the last level from Lost Artifact where the fight with Sophia took place but she's not here. There are also a few changes here such as some cleverly hidden switches. When we acquire the Magical Stone of Eden (which looks like an apple lol) all hell breaks loose as an angry spirit attacks. The final room is exactly like the last room in TLA's last level which is the shore outside of a French city where a helicopter awaits to take Lara home. The enemies here were some stick men and an angry spirit. Bottomline - A very good series of levels that should be recommended to everyone." - Relic Hunter (05-Aug-2004)