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Mission Level B! - Raem's Temple by Seifer Zero

Elsa 7 7 7 6
eRIC 6 8 7 5
Gerty 7 6 7 7
Jay 7 6 7 6
Jose 5 5 5 5
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 6 7 5
mugs 7 7 6 6
Orbit Dream 5 6 7 5
Phil 6 7 6 8
Ryan 6 6 7 6
Sash 6 6 7 6
Scottie 6 5 7 6
Treeble 6 6 6 6
release date: 21-Sep-2004
# of downloads: 105

average rating: 6.30
review count: 14
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file size: 25.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Pretty much a run of the mill level, which, despite being released in 2004 feels a lot like it might have been made much earlier than that. Huge rooms, bipolar lighting (either non existant or too dark, for which cases I ended up running out of flares), the door bug, and generally speaking uninspired texturing all around. The pushblock disguised as a standard gate was a clever trick, but eventually lost its charm as gameplay here boilds down to two things. Shooting ninjas and pushing blocks. Truth be told there were a few nice and very easy slope jump sequences, but hardly anything else worth writing home about. 35 minutes. 05/21" - Treeble (23-May-2021)
"Despite a few good ideas displayed here, this level just didn't prove to be that enjoyable. The actual gameplay isn't bad at all, but I found the surroundings to be so barren, empty and lifeless that the aesthetics front was rather lacking. The dark shadows were also laid on a bit heavily and the fact that no flares could be found didn't really help matters. There were also far too many ninjas around (actually the sole enemy type here) and combat became tiring as a result. That said, the cage puzzle was neatly executed, the slope jumping exercises were brilliant and the music choices were nicely clued (although they did sound like something from a retro Sonic the Hedgehog game). But as a whole, I didn't enjoy my time here." - Ryan (13-Mar-2019)
"This is a level a bit better than the previous from this author, but still some defects in several aspects. There are many dark rooms, but I couldn't find flares to light them; again, the same bad applied textures, the empty rooms and no puzzles except the big area with all those moveable cages. Not enough ammo for the extra weapons and I had to reload in the waterfal room 'cause I couldn't go back up when missing the ladder in the very dark ramp. There are a couple of heavy songs, and the outfit and new enemies are well made, but still not enough to release an entertaining level." - Jose (22-Jun-2017)
"This is one of the earlier levels from a builder who later went on to give us far bigger and better productions. This one just isn't that much of a fun play. There are some good ideas here, but everything is presented in drab and listless surroundings that don't do much to inspire a sense of aesthetics. Jose has provided in his walkthrough both a map and a step-by-step solution to that huge room with many closed doors and pushables. It was sorely needed, as there are a number of trial and error decisions that must be made, allowing you to progress or die depending on your selection. Ninjas abound throughout, and I finally got so tired of them I manufactured a weapon with explosive ammo so I could quickly remove them as a distraction. You get about 45 minutes of gameplay, so it's a full-fledged level, but not one I'm likely to replay any time soon." - Phil (06-Jan-2017)
"Whoever this Raem was, he must has had quite a lot of money, because his temple, or what is left of it, is already damn big. And now the prize question: How has one come in this ruin from down to top, when the most stairs are nonexistenti? Right, there are a few ladders. And she must jump over many slopes. And she must push in a riddle several grid cages, so that the suitable grid door opems. After she is on the top, it goes a big dam wall down into wateri. Then she must still dive a little, open a few grid doors and is after just 1-hour playing time at the level end. Opponents were Baddies. . The only what has really been absent were Flares. From those there were very much a few. Or to be more exact, none. The grid boxing riddle was irritating a little bit and protracted. Because most grid boxing were in small next rooms, one could hold them easily for grid doors. And Lara burned, if one pushed a grid box on a wrong ground field. Unfortunately, there were no tips, here, hence, everything ran after the principle Try and Error. Moreover, there was at least one bug. If one pushed a grid box too early on a field, a Raisingblock went upwards. And if one had not pushed before another grid box on this Raisingblock, it did not go on any more. Here and there one saw stretched textures. And the Baddies appeared sometimes in Laras back, and sometimes they appeared in herds. Result: All together quite a well-arranged level with too many baddies and to very few flares." - Scottie (29-Apr-2009)
"A level that clocks under the hour , with a fast and fluent straightforward flow, except for a big room with moving cages to place in the right order and a few booby traps which are never too funny. The looks are quite average with stretched textures and a lighting which is not always pleasant or worked on. Many ninjas to kill , and a few skeletons. The higher big room with all the series of jumps was quite fun , and the ending is quite an achievement with Lara 's running away in a sort of cut scene. A few new music tracks to enhance some of the battles. Good fun in general." - eRIC (02-Nov-2008)
"Newton's third law of motion states that for every action,there is an equal and opposite reaction.Indeed,it can also be summarised thus: " A force is a push or a pull upon an object which results from its interaction with another object." How uncanny!The pulling or pushing of an object is exactly what lets this particular level down.Everything was going smoothly (and rather enjoyably) until Lara's arrival in a large room with many pushable obects. It was at this point that the whole thing fell apart.Push an object onto a correct looking tile,and she got burnt. Push an object onto the correct tile but out of the correct sequence,and you would be unable to continue. Reference to the Walkthrough is an absolute necessity here. Navigate yourself through this particular gameplay minefield,however,and you will be rewarded with a splendid final 10 minutes of sliding,jumping,swimming and shooting (I loved the Waterfall Slide). As for the rest of the level,it's perfectly fine;although the stretched textures are rather painful to the eye. Henceforward I shall apply Orbit Dream's 'First Law of Gameplay' whenever I encounter it:For every good idea there are as many equally poor ones." - Orbit Dream (23-Nov-2006)
"Lots of ninjas; you'll be in heaven if you like a battle. Nothing hard about this level but there are some good touches; I did like the door that wasn't a door but was actually a moveable cage - nicely sneaky. You'll be interacting with quite a few of these pushable cages in a large room with various pressure tiles, some of which are correct and others that will result in Lara being set on fire. It's quite a nice puzzle, but unfortunately it's a big buggy and if you do things in the wrong order you'll get stuck and have to start it all over again. Apart from that, there's some fun jumping over slopes and, oh yes, more ninjas." - Jay (16-Nov-2006)
"This is a fast moving action level with ninjas jumping in front of you and sneaking up behind you. The main room is a large open area perfect for Lara to tumble freely in the opening battle with a group of ninjas, too bad Lara can't use ninjitsu on them. Lara has to climb to the top of this room and make her way across the floating slide blocks. There is one push block puzzle room, I found a shotgun and uzies to help take care of the ninjas and one lonely skeleton. I liked Lara's creative ninja outfit with her face partially covered, and the long waterfall slide. The floor textures are good but the walls were very large and plain looking which made the large room seem like a box. The game took just under a hour to complete, it was a fun level and game play flowed well." - Elsa (09-Oct-2006)
"It starts out with a bit of a shock due to Lara's odd outfit and during the 50 minutes you spend here in a rather linear run through you get to fight two dozen ninjas (boring - despite the cool music added) and get to push a few boxes (cages) around (rather tedious and with unmarked traps). Also I found no flares and there are several dark corners to be investigated. On the other end it is quick and easy entertainment, the waterfall and sandy area near the end are rather nicely done, the slide/jump sequence is great fun and the actual cut scene at the end features an impressive Lara animation. So give it a try." - Michael (13-Jun-2005)
"Seifer Zero's Raem's Temple seems to want to test the limits of how vast a venue can be. One of the dangers of this is the loss of interest in detail. I must confess that doing battle with ninjas is one of my least favorite things about TombRaider games...they can be so drawn out, with little consequence..and there are scores of them in this game. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the block puzzle and the slope jumps, leading you ever higher. The ending of this game is quite bizarre...a newly fashioned Lara running off into a black hole...with the ever-present ninja hot on her heels. Seifer's games have come a long way since this one was produced, but if you need to hone your ninja-fighting or slope-jumping skills, this one is for you!" - Mugs (07-Jun-2005)
"This is the third level and you can see he is getting better and better at building. Although I have to admit, this was a nightmare for me, jumping those blocks in that huge room. Lara died many, many times there. I played this over a long, long time as I had to close the game quite frequently as my heart was in my throat more times than I cared for. The block puzzle as such was rather fun apart from that you can get stuck as I did, being to early raising blocks. Thanks for Jose Boo to provide a map. The rooms are huge and quite bare and the only enemies are ninja's but very well placed IMO. 21-03-2005" - Gerty (01-Apr-2005)
"There are a few things I didn't like about this level such as the barrenness of the sandy temple environment but then I really loved some things also in particular the well made movable mesh block puzzle and the long sloped floating blocks jump way up high. The ninja battles were also quite fun as you usually met up with a bunch at a time but then to counterbalance this there are no secrets. So I'd have to say in wrapping up that the pluses outweigh the minuses and this level will give you an hour of entertainment just watch out for the raising block in the block puzzle as you will have to go back on a save if you indeed raise it too early." - Sash (04-Jan-2005)
"Forty five minutes in this level I was playing with Lara dressed in a nice outfit trying to solve a puzzle with moving blocks and finding triggers that open doors. The areas in general are mostly empty there is no decor and the puzzles aren't very challenging if at all. At the area with the moving blocks be sure to save in a different slot because if you make them mistake and raise a block too early you can't reset the puzzle which was something I didn't like. The end is more impressive than the level itself Lara finds herself in a new area with a different outfit running towards the darkness. It was an abrupt ending no doubt but mysterious in some way." - Kristina (10-Dec-2004)