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The Secret of Forests 1 - Acquacheta Waterfall by Greywolf

Bene 7 7 6 5
Duncan 5 5 6 6
eRIC 2 5 6 5
Gerty 4 4 5 5
Gill 7 7 7 6
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jerry 2 4 3 2
Jose 2 3 4 4
Kristina 3 3 4 3
manarch2 2 3 5 4
MichaelP 5 5 7 7
Orbit Dream 4 5 7 7
Ryan 5 6 5 5
Sash 3 5 6 6
Scottie 7 6 7 6
Treeble 3 3 3 3
release date: 24-Nov-2004
# of downloads: 115

average rating: 4.89
review count: 16
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file size: 61.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I am not sure what's going on here. This seems to be an attempt at an "organic" waterfall/river but the geometry is all bonkers. The game fails to render it properly most of the time, and I noticed some of the uneven surfaces were even water rooms which I have no idea how this was even achieved in the first place. The choice for background audio wasn't the best either, as it's rather loud and has this strong water current vibe to it but unfortunately none of the textures are animated, so the whole desired effect is lost. There's also a rather lenghty underwater maze in which you can't save your game without causing the game to crash. Besides the maze, the game was pretty much a collect-a-thon with so many ammo pickups I even stopped bothering with them about halfway through... 20 minutes, 3 secrets. 02/21" - Treeble (07-Feb-2021)
"I usually like Greywolf's levels, but we have to recognize that this was not a good debut. Angulous architecture, moving floors, unmarked ladders to get the crowbar, the crashes in the underwater tunnels, only a couple of wild pigs to shoot (I avoided the skeleton near the end), very simple architecture, excessive pickups, poor atmosphere... I hope the next level in this series is better than this." - Jose (30-Jun-2017)
"A d├ębut level from a since accomplished builder and from what I see, the first part of a series. It's not as visually attractive as his later efforts and the gameplay basically involves hunting down a load of ammo and medipacks, shooting a few wild boars, negotiating an underwater maze, finding a crowbar and Golden Star and then it ends. At least the game never crashed for me, even after re-entering the fatal tunnel a couple of times." - Ryan (25-Apr-2017)
"I became a fan of the builder's unorthodox levels, thus decided to try out his first levels. Honestly, I didn't really enjoy this level. The gameplay is not much fun, consisting of exploring a super-large valley searching for a couple of small and easy to miss items and hundreds of non-important pickups, a horrible underwater maze and at the end dodging a few boulders, of which the latter was the only interesting task for me. The textures were rather eclectically placed especially in the outside areas; the waterfalls are not animated and in combination with the odd choice of textures the level had a very sterile look, not totally unappealing though as some parts had a sense of atmosphere. For a debut level, this is not bad at all. 10 minutes." - manarch2 (29-Jun-2013)
"Today we will have a feast. Today there will be enough wild boars for everybody. And today even the hunger of Obelix is satisfied, because Lara has gone among the wild boar's hunters.
She is here in a wood. More or less. If we say it differently. She is here on a river which has formed a small canyon. It must be in the middle of the summer, because, nevertheless, the water level has strongly dropped. In any case, Lara runs once from the front to the back, slaughters, no, shoots a few wild boars (hopefully this gives no annoyance with the forester), collects all possible ammunition, finds a key, marches the way back again, decimates besides once more the wild boar's continuance, climbs a waterfall wall (unfortunately without animated water, but one cannot have also everything) upwards, still finds weapons and the crowbar, swims through an underwater cave and finds a room with a star and also immediately the level end.
So if one overlooks sometimes the stretched textures at the "waterfall", is this actually a quite tolerable level. The remaining textures are ok. The level is quite well playable, merely the underwater labyrinth irritates a little bit. The sound of the waterfall fits here well purely. There are two nice places where Lara must flee from Rollingballs. So, all in all, quite substantially made." - Scottie (24-Feb-2010)
"My first impression when I started this level: Very angular shaped, unnaturally looking environment, dark corners, no animated waterfalls and non fitting, badly applied and sometimes missing textures. When diving into an underwater cave the game crashed. The second time it finally worked, maybe because of the key I had found by now. After a huge and completely senseless underwater maze without any airhole I finally found my way to a door, leading to some boulder and spike traps and eventually to a skeleton, a golden star and a crowbar door. I did not find any crowbar on my way and to tell the truth I did not really feel like searching for it, so the level ended here for me." - Jerry (01-Jul-2009)
"A valley with "waterfalls" to explore , textured in a coastal way with a bit of jungle , this could have been a good little level , unfortunately there is an important bug here that makes this level hardly playable. I started the level four times and had a crash. The last time I did not saved my game anywhere before swimming in the underwater passage and it was ok. So after the exploration in the valley to find essential items (a key and the crowbar) , you have an underwater maze followed by a few traps with boulders and spikes, nothing challenging, until you reach the end after 10 minutes of net gaming time. This level was indeed very short for me at my 4th attempt for I did not bothered shooting the half dozen wild boars and picking up all the pickups you don't really need except the explosive arrows. About the looks , the author has tried to modify some textures , but some are blurred and others are missing, and the cascades with no animated textures don't help to increase the atmposhere. The climbable wall not textured as being climbable does not help me to give a good rating either." - eRIC (10-Aug-2007)
"A short 20 minute level in a jungle setting with waterfalls (that unfortunately do not animate) and I did actually enjoy running around there collecting plenty of pickups and three secrets. Enemies are a handful of warthogs. The underwater maze is rather tedious and pointless though, but after that you get a few quick thrills with boulders and spikes. Make sure you get the crowbar high up on the waterfalls before you proceed deeper into the level and near the end you are rewarded with your first Star." - Michael (18-Jun-2005)
"There are a few things I enjoyed about this 20 minute level, the main being the nice jungle like environment where you start and collect loads of pick ups, but what spoiled this short level for me was that the level crashed when I tried to enter the underwater maze and could only get in if I swam to one side, this wouldn't have been such a bad thing but then on top of that I somehow attracted the save bug and the game crashed then when trying to load a previous save so I had to restart the level three times in total. What an annoyance. If though you are lucky not to encounter at least the second of these bugs then this is a cute prelude to what looks like being a series. I found all three secrets and met only a handful of warthogs and one skeleton." - Sash (26-May-2005)
"A pity that the water animation wasn't working and the textures used looked like real wallpaper as the outdoor area could have been quite stunning. A plethora of pick ups and if you play this level together with part 2 and 3 you can take everything with you. As already stated by some other reviewers, my game crashed too while Lara tried to swim into a crawlspace. As a first not a bad level at all. Found two secrets. 20-05-2005" - Gerty (26-May-2005)
"Considering the waterfalls don't actually move they certainly make a deafening noise. I'd say the builder has really tried to make a different looking jungle style area and, whilst some of the textures don't work very well, overall it looks rather good. Make sure you have a very thorough look around the initial area before venturing into the (aaaargh) water maze, as there are a lot of pick ups, one of which is absolutely vital to your progression. After the maze comes a lively spike and boulder run and you get to prise a star off the wall before exiting the level. Short, but enjoyable and the first of a series. I'm off to play part two." - Jay (01-Apr-2005)
"Levels with large outdoor areas are always a challenge to build, as the LE was basically designed to be a 'room and corridor' generator; everything else is a bit fiddly. Only more reason to applaud this builder then, as (for what is presumably his first effort) he has set out to construct a large and fully explorable outdoor area. Aside from draw-distance and missing texture problems, the first few minutes are generally enjoyable, with a wealth of pick-ups to be discovered. After that, however, it's clear that building fatigue sets in. A long and complex underwater maze (with a buggy start) succeeds only in being exasperating and the remaining few minutes (although fun) seem a little perfunctory. Indeed, the whole thing just ends at an arbitrary point and leaves you feeling frustrated. A good try though; and it whiles away 25 minutes pleasantly enough." - Orbit Dream (17-Mar-2005)
"The usual tip off for an author's first level is sometimes an abundance of pick ups, as is the case here. But for me, that's always sure to put a smile on my face. Trying for the second secret, I started from the wrong direction so that when I finally got it, the satisfaction was greater. Nicely done. There are problems here: lack of animation for the many waterfalls; climbable walls that are difficult to see; crashing of the level if the underwater maze is entered from the right side and not the left. Also, not having the crowbar when needed can be a game stopper but I thought its placement was clever and had no difficulty finding it. Based on a real location (I think), this is an interesting beginning level by an author with potential." - Bene (11-Mar-2005)
"This level has many problems starting from the outside area. It looks like the author wanted to create some greenery with many waterfalls around but everything looks so fake and the textures do not animate so there's no atmosphere really. There are wild boars and many pick ups. Working your way through the underwater maze, after you manage to find a spot to enter it where the game doesn't crash, you end up in a very dark place with some skeletons and one single trap. Make sure you find the crowbar, I was lucky, before entering the maze and end up in front of the closed gate. The unmarked climbable walls are often in this level but usually the walls are textured green. I didn't like this one and found two secrets." - Kristina (08-Mar-2005)
"A jungle-like setting that is just loaded with pick-ups. Alas, that is always a sign of a first level. This is an attempt to create a wild a rugged natural environment with the angular and non-organic TR engine. And there is success at this. The gameplay is short and simple - but do climb the waterfall before taking the swim. The swim itself can be buggy - so keep a savegame. A laudable first effort, and I hope we see a long career from this builder." - Duncan (08-Mar-2005)
"This is a nice little level to play, but I have to be honest, some of the textures were not to my liking, but nether-the-less I enjoyed it all the same. You start at this huge jungle type area, with some waterfalls and mountains surrounding you, and your aim here is in search of the gate keys, crowbar, shot-gun and a star. Along your way there are plenty of pick-ups, you will be climbing up high onto to some ledges, to reach these important items that are required at the end of the game to finish this level. Your only enemies are warthogs and a skeleton, you will be swimming through a water maze, dodging boulders, spike traps and poison darts. With all this accomplished you will finish this little adventure. In general, this is not a bad little game to play, I spent most of my time looking for the crowbar, as I missed it right at the beginning, and needed to re-load a save-game. There is also a little bug, as you enter the water maze, but by swimming to left of the entrance, and keeping low, you should get in there without having any problems. I only found 2 secrets, am not sure if there were any more. This being the author's first level, I was very impressed with the whole concept of it all, there was just a few minor things that needed fixing or being added to make this adventure a bit more interesting, like the lighting could have been better, as in some areas it was rather dark and maybe adding a few puzzles for us to solve. Nice level Greywolf, and thank you for giving us raiders another Lara adventure to play, and keep up the good work." Gill (05-Mar-2005)