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London's Armageddon by Naphal

Andzia9 8 7 8 8
CC 7 8 9 9
Gerty 6 7 7 7
Jay 7 7 9 8
Jerry 8 8 8 7
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 8 7 6 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
LadyCroft 7 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 8 8 8
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sakusha 7 8 8 7
Samu 8 7 7 7
Scottie 9 8 7 7
Treeble 6 6 6 6
Whistle 6 7 8 8
release date: 03-Aug-2006
# of downloads: 92

average rating: 7.63
review count: 17
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file size: 15.42 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Ok, after that thrilling experience I had on the weekend I have to say it's a bit weird to go back to bare basics we get here. It tried for something different with what was available at the time I guess, but ultimately the end result is just a lot of pointlessly running around back and forth (and back again, as there's a lot of retracing steps to be done) in search of either buttons or four keycards and later six gems. No scripting other than the level title so all items come up as "Load" in the inventory, and there's a distinct lack of audio tracks; plus the standard revolver with the space sounds was more comical than anything else. One of the secrets didn't register. Pretty average all things said and done, and it does drag on for longer than what it should. Lara's outfit is unique and very avant-garde though, props for that. 70 minutes, 1 secret. 10/23" - Treeble (22-Oct-2023)
"Well, this alien level dates back to 2006, 17 years ago, and I should keep that in mind. I found it enjoyable, even though there's nothing really outstanding about it, actually just finding things in a quite regular atmosphere and settings and facing many challenges on the way, together with a few battles against aliens, including those small-ish flying saucers that come out of nowhere. The challenges are generally interesting, but not really intuitive, as the author seems to have forgotten to leave clues as to what's happening when you use this or that, even when it's about timed runs (and there are a couple of cool timed runs along the way). There are probably too many ducts too. Not memorable as per today's standards, but quite playable." - Jorge22 (26-May-2023)
"There aren't many sci-fi themed levels out there, so this made a pleasant change from other more "classic" levels. The sweeping opening cutscene promises something epic, and you sort of get it. I spent over an hour and a half in this eerie environment shooting aliens, UFOs and a demigod with the help of Lara's allies, while finding necessary keycards and solving a few fun puzzles. I felt that the ventilation ducts were somewhat overused, but I enjoyed it otherwise and thought some of the camera angles were nicely done and not a hindrance, for once." - Ryan (15-Sep-2017)
"I undoubtedly passed this level up when it was first released because of its less than stellar scores, but I see now that I made a mistake. It's a fine effort in the style of Planet of the Ancients, and it took me a solid two hours to complete. Harry Laudie has provided his typically compact walkthrough, but everything is covered in fine detail. The gameplay gets a bit complicated near the end, so I'm glad I had his help. The revolver has a neat sound that resembles the sidearms from Star Wars, and at times you're beset by small but poisonous flying saucers. The only part that gave me trouble was trying to navigate five ropes strung out over a deadly canal. Since I'm rope-challenged under the best of circumstances, and since I couldn't even make the jump from the first rope to the second, I simply flew past this obstacle. Otherwise everything was done by the book. Certainly worth a look some seven years after the fact. Recommended." - Phil (04-Dec-2013)
"This level had several interesting points. First of all, the author successfully retextured enemies so that they could look like aliens. It seems that the aliens really scared off the people of London because I only saw Lara (her outfit was pretty original) and her allies. The gameplay had a series of switches to activate, gems to pick up, enemies to defeat, underwater areas to navigate and hazardous lasers to avoid. There was also a sense of exploration where one needed to think about what to do next in a fairly vast area. However, there was one switch puzzle where the pattern needed to avoid getting spiked (in order to get one of the gems) didn't seem have a specific logic to it aside from trial and error. Nonetheless, the gameplay was pleasant overall. I liked the puzzle where Lara had to deactivate fires in order to reach certain switches and a gem. The textures looked a little bland at times, but there were also times where the textures really caught my attention (like the blue transparent blocks at the end). The lighting was pretty dark, but it suited the atmosphere (given the showdown between Lara and the aliens to save London)." - Sakusha (10-Sep-2010)
"I'ts a good level. We are visiting nice, but sometimes dark rooms, and nice streets. Few enemies, but blood driping from small Ufo's was strange and no logical." - Andzia9 (09-Nov-2009)
"It was a very good decision of Picasso to publish this level. He has really felt well already in his present state. How would it have it been if Picasso had mended all described mistakes? And above all what would have expected us if the whole project had seen, nevertheless, the light of the world? If I see this level in such a way, I can well imagine that this would have been a cracker. The, as Picasso writes, small mistake have not struck me in the play so properly, what is also due certainly which one explores here fascinatedly metre for metre. I found it really well that Lara gets support. Furthermore I have liked the small attacking UFO's really well. Generally the opponents were formed very imaginatively. The Medipacks have completely been sufficient, a little bit scarcely were the Flares, because the level was partly too dark. To sum up, one can say only the following: Well, that the level was published. It is a real pity, that we cannot play the whole project." - Scottie (07-Jun-2009)
"This level means searching for key cards, gems and switches in the first place, but some climbing and later on some rope swinging above fire water too. Besides there is a fairly timed run past lasers (and another laser run later, which is not timed, but much harder to do). You meet some friendly guards who help you get rid of enemies which are not so many. There were only few camera hints and a little too many and long crawlspaces for my taste and in the second half I found the level too dark. But in the end I liked it because of its fair gameplay." - Jerry (29-Jan-2009)
"I enjoyed this level although it was a bit dark at places. There are a lot of crawlspaces and ladders which made the game boring at some point but the rest of the time it's really fun. Be prepared for an hour and a half of searching for gems, cards and jump switches in dark corners. The guards with white will help Lara with her enemies so do not shoot them, they have nothing to give you anyway. Lara is wearing a strange suit but interesting and has one eye covered. It didn't seem like it would be a big level but it was long enough. I found two secrets and recommend it." - Kristina (09-Apr-2007)
"I found this level very frustrating, you pull a switch and hear, or see nothing happen. Only later do you stumble across doors or traps that have opened. What the level has to do with the title I don't know, London-not recognisable and as far as Armageddon is concerned I have seen harder playground skirmishes. Enemies are spiders, Ufo's and fancy demigod. You have though helpers who do much of the splatting if you let them. The story line takes you back and forth and into what seem impossible situations. I did like the glass corridor towards the end and the burner puzzle, other puzzles also can be found in the level. Graphics a bit shaky at times with paper thin walls and that nasty step back to search a shelf was evident. The textures were not too bad and the lighting at times a bit dark considering that the flares (being so small) were difficult to find, so you could easily run out of them. Why do writers often insist in giving you loads of ammo for guns etc that you can never obtain, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on a crossbow, considering the full range of ammo I had picked up. If you fell in for a bit of frustration then definitely the level for you." - Whistle (01-Feb-2007)
"An interesting level with some new features. The level was very very long for me and contains many tasks and switches to pull. Only something I didn't like: in the tunnel with the poison water and the ropes, they are very separate and is difficult to swim and grab the next; the worst is that you have to go back again using them whit a bored work. There are very few enemies along the level, and friends who can help you. I found ammo for the shotgun and the crossbow but I couldn't find those weapons. There are many dark areas, but I found only a pack of flares. I couldn't find secrets too. Sometimes there are not cameras when you do an action and is difficult to find the way. There are new sounds and textures, but musics don't exist. The level is good, but there are some aspects which can get better. At the end it seems that Lara will ascend to the big UFO." - Jose (20-Sep-2006)
"The nighttime setting is dark and dreary indeed, as the cut scene reveals a Mothership above in the moonlit sky. As fog lingers in deserted city streets, what strange creatures seek solace in the depth of darkness? But wait... did Lara equip her new attire with the glowing red eyepiece, or... has she been assimilated and become one of them? Intriguing questions remain as this strange new place beckons to be explored. Personally, I love this kind of futuristic level as it offers a welcomed break from the plethora of jungle and Egypt themes. There are some creative camera angles, new objects and enemies, and the level is very dark in places which I normally detest but actually enjoyed in this case because it suited the atmosphere perfectly. Overall, a very enjoyable level and look forward to more from this author." - LadyCroft (04-Sep-2006)
"Amazing what seems to sit idle on builder's harddisks. Apparently this was an unfinished project by the builder that he now decided to release despite having lost the original Project files. And apart from the rather sudden and non-spectacular ending, it really doesn't show that this was not quite ready for release back then. Lara's outfit is a bit odd, but you get used to it, I guess. The level is really a bit dark in places with not enough flares and there are a few too many crawl, climb and shimmy passages. But that aside you get rather a lot of gameplay (about 90 minutes) with some creative puzzles, timed runs, a nice little laser maze, push puzzles and when you think you are near the end you need to find a total of six gems, sometimes quite cleverly hidden. Maybe the five ropes in a row that you need to traverse twice is a bit unnecessary and the two secrets I found seemed a little obvious, but overall this is a rather complex and extensive level that provides some decent raiding fun." - MichaelP (30-Aug-2006)
"Science fiction, there aren't that many out there and although most of them are mediocre this one is a just tiny bit better. Surprisingly there aren't that many enemies in this level and although there are a few guards around they are of the friendly kind. Well friendly is a big word; they are just standing there. This is a very dark level and you better pay attention where you see doors that might open or slots you need to use. The pickups aren't a great help as they all are called"load" so and no nice cut scenes to help you on your way. Watch out for jump levers in dark corners. There are also some fixed camera's, some of them as an indication that there is something afoot and some of them a plain nuisance. There is some nice figuring out to do in the sewers with the ropes about how to get out of there but that is also the only part. There are laser traps and frankly I had my fill of that, but hey Lara need some excitement." - Gerty (24-Aug-2006)
"The opening scene looked rather promising, with a spacecraft hovering over London. I found the reality to be slightly less exciting, but it's still an interesting and very playable level. There's a lot of exploring to do, sometimes in rather empty rooms, but once you get outside into the nighttime city the atmosphere is very good. There are a lot of swipe cards to find and switches to locate - not much in the way of enemies but the aliens look good. There are also some fascinating new audio files and I liked the futuristic sound of the revolver so much I even found myself using it on spiders. There are six blue gems to collect in a variety of locations, including the London Underground, and it's all quite fun, although I could have done with a bit less crawling through tunnels." - Jay (21-Aug-2006)
"What have we got here? The opening flyby shows us this city has been invaded by aliens. We can see their ships hovering in the sky above the city. And then the camera zooms in on Lara, kitted out for combat, of the alien sort, supported by her army of white clothed guards as she searches the deserted buildings, train station and streets. Having played Picasso's last level 'Stone of Immortality' I knew I would be playing an excellently textured, lighted, and designed level with good atmosphere. It's really quite perfect, with only the ocassional texture glitch and wrong animation at wall units. I really liked this level, not only because of the new way of looking at old familiar stuff, but also the idea behind the level, new objects, the sound of the weapons, and even the sound of searching through the inventory. It's basically a seek and find level, and fairly straight forward. Just remember all the doors you passed that needed a card, or whatever. Enemies are a few spiders and flying saucers (harpys). And of course the aliens themselves. These take the form of ghostly demigods, and surprising Johnny ScissorsHands lookalikes (or whatever that character is called!). Some white clothed guards have died in the struggle, but searching their bodies yields useful items to help us. The city is fairly dark, as it's nighttime, but not annoyingly so. Good flybys, sounds and camera angles. Lots of grid shooting, interesting crawlspaces, cool cupboards to rummage in, and objects to push around. There's a good timed run over lasers, a series of ropes to swing to over toxic water, water sink to turn off so we can retrieve a card, good runs, jumps, climbs and all the usual stuff to be done in a city level. I enjoyed every minute of this level, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what this author will create in the future." - CC (10-Aug-2006)
"This was quite nice city level and playing it takes about an hour or maybe more. Level designing is pretty nice. Most of the areas are different kind of indoor areas but there are also few quite big outdoor areas and they really are designed quite well. The only thing which spoils a little bit the good look of the areas is too dark and little careless lighting. In this level you have to solve few pushable block puzzles and complete two timed runs and there are also nice lazer traps to avoid in this level. However, most of your time you spend on exploring, searching some items and switches, climbing and jumping. There are so many same kind of tasks in this level that I got a bit bored after I had played it a while. A big plus is a good use of cameras. I must admit that this level is created pretty well but it just isn't to my taste as much as some other kind of levels. Despite this level belongs to city category there are many things that makes this very alien kind of level and alien levels aren't my favorite levels. One of things which makes this alien kind of level is that you have to fight against flying ufos and other alien enemies. Laras outfit is also quite weird and when you shoot with your revolver that sounds like you would shoot with lazer gun. If you like alien and city levels then you will like this." - Samu (10-Aug-2006)