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Tomb Raider Unfinished Business - Remake by ggctuk

awsumpossum 10 8 8 9
BHM Productions 9 7 10 5
DJ Full 7 9 8 6
dmdibl 9 9 9 8
EssGee 8 7 9 7
GeoHarr 7 8 10 8
Gerbil 7 8 7 5
Gerty 7 7 7 6
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jorge22 8 8 9 9
Jose 7 7 7 6
Kristina 7 7 7 8
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
Moonpooka 8 7 8 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ravenwen 8 8 8 9
Ryan 8 7 8 7
Spike 7 8 8 7
TombRaiderTim 10 10 10 10
Torry 9 9 10 10
Treeble 8 8 8 8
Vaughnage 10 10 10 9
release date: 10-Apr-2007
# of downloads: 184

average rating: 7.99
review count: 22
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file size: 148.82 MB
file type: TR4
class: Remake

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Puzzles were fun and a good level of challenging but didn't utilise Lara's full skill set (e.g. ropeswing, tightrope, monkey swing) but that in a way added to the nostalgic value. Also a small note about story, for me, Lara's voice was too quiet to understand relative to other sounds. Pickups were very plentiful so you could play pretty liberally in terms of damage intake and weapon choice which felt good. Enemies were diverse, and spawned in a way that created the horror genre the original game, intentionally or not, fell into. Only issue is that sometimes the enemies got stuck or didn't move unless you stood right by them (e.g. the golden cats). Atmosphere was eerie throughout with great music choices when entering new areas. Most if not all levers showed which door they opened which was useful too. Lighting and textures were generally great throughout which meant lack of flares wasn't a problem. The odd mislaid texture, 2D walls and textures too bright/similar but only in exception (e.g. the hot sands room). Thanks so much for recreating these bonus levels I never got to play as I had the PlayStation version of the game originally. Solid work!" - GeoHarr (28-Aug-2019)
"From my memories of the original Unfinished Business (it's been a long, long time since I played it), the final level (Temple of the Cat) seems to have undergone the most substantial revisions, the others being largely unchanged. For some reason, the transfer from the Mansion to Atlantean Stronghold doesn't work correctly in this game as the pistols don't function. I would advise you skip it anyway because there's nothing really different here from other levels of the same format, and in any case you'll only miss a couple of flares and medipacks which are scattered profusely around anyways. I found the enemies very tedious to dispose of due to the fact that they either stood stock still while you pounded bullets into them, they got stuck in walls, or they poisoned Lara in no time with no prior warning. Textures are faithful to the original game, although a bit crude in places, but secrets are neatly placed. It doesn't quite match up to Daoine Sidhe's TR1 homage, but it's not a bad game if you want a trip down memory lane." - Ryan (25-Mar-2019)
"Unfinished Business remake and I found it a wonderful excursion into nostalgia and let's face it, the original TR1 levels including these four stand out as the best of the series. I thought this was fantastic, true to the original in all but a few places which could have been left out in my opinion. Textures were grand, game play true to the original with the fight scenes being more intense if anything. You get a crap load of weapons and ammo along the way so this does not become an issue and I feel that perhaps a lesser inventory of kill sticks would have been more appropriate. The golden cats took forever to kill but as they never animated (in my game at least) there was really no point in including them. I did not commence with Lara's Home and did not realise this was a part of the level set but it made no difference except for missing out on some initial pick ups which are plentiful throughout the level set in any event. Then you hit the Atlantean levels first (in reverse to the official TRUB) and the Egypt levels second. I loved it thanks." - Torry (25-Apr-2018)
"If you have no time to read it's TRUB minus good lighting plus better combat and few new rooms of varied quality. Now let's relate the original Gold to original non-Gold: the plot of Tomb Raider was to prevent a psycho goddess misusing the most powerful artifact in the world, the plot of Unfinished Business was to kill 131 mutants who would die in the womb anyway since the Scion was destroyed. While TR1 gave constant immersion, TRUB was so hard you overlook the beauty, dying too often despite of all skills learnt in 15 levels of the main game. Here, the combat got easier but unfortunately it's the only global fix eclipes with global mistakes - the now greater opportunity to get immersed is just missed because of almost entirely absent lighting. Then we waited years for missing music but the author swapped it to Anniversary tracks, not only unfitting but also overlapping both Jenni's lines and local audio. Finally, the camera bug is here, excused with a convinced "there's no fix for that" while in fact there is one, and nothing annoys me more than this because it reminds me of my own period when I felt alone with bugs and assumed unfixability instead of getting basic help. SUMMARY: Another game both fixed and damaged in favor of the original, especially now with the all-inclusive Windows patch onboard." - DJ Full (04-Mar-2017)
"I've been lucky enough to have played both the original Tomb Raider and its expansion "Unfinished Business" long ago on my PC. This "remake", or more precisely, "re- release with minor enhancements", was actually pretty well-done. The levels were almost completely copied from the original (except for some changes/new rooms here and there), which worked for the better because the original UB is a great game, and the original texturing and environment designs were just as fun this time around. What this remake did well in terms of enhancement was definitely sound; the music additions were incredible and very well-executed. Also, this is probably the only TRLE level I've ever played that actually did a GOOD job of replacing/modifying the original sound effects. It all worked and flowed. Also, Lara's model looked great, and her new voice actress was perfect. I loved the new title flyby and Lara's Mansion was as fun as ever. My biggest issues are with the newly added rooms, which had shockingly mediocre designs and texturing and seemed extremely out of place. Also, the creators had the benefit of adding loads of new and improved lighting to the levels, but did not do so, which is a real shame as it would've seriously enhanced the overall effect. Lastly, enemy A.I. was baffling and tough to deal with at times, but still never a huge issue. Overall, despite the few gripes, I feel like I've stumbled upon something really special with this remake, and I commend the creator for giving this to us. I had a blast replaying these levels with the TR4 engine." - BHM Productions (10-May-2016)
"OK, remake.. hmm. Not really though. It starts with an Atlantean level and that has never been one of my favorites. I got really bored at a certain time at shooting enemies. OK.. I grand you that, that the"normal" ones are maybe too easy to dispose off, but this is ridiculous. The next couple of levels offer even more exploring. There are some traps you'll encounter, no puzzles as such. Textures, wow, this could use some seriously checking, as many are squashed, stretched and even some missing ones. There are a few bugs and some illegal slopes, trapdoors opening the wrong way so that Lara had to climb through them. Saw some areas that were waving like the water surface and some water surface one couldn't see that there was water. Very funny was to see those four boulders stuck in the sky, like they were planets? LOL. Lighting, well from very bright (when one is inside) to just sort of moderate. Spotted also some paperthin walls. Some camera shots were just a split second and I couldn't see what one had to do. A pity though, as all together it just didn't pan out." - Gerty (15-Nov-2010)
"I've had the priveledge of playing the original levels (thanks to Glidos), and went into this with high expectations. This gameplay is some of the most satisfying stuff you could play. The author really has captured the feeling that I wanted from a remake of this stature. I didn't like Lara's Mansion with such a quiet voice-over and the fact that it seemed to be based on a version different than what we had in TR1. Some of enemy A.I. was a bit... well, dumb (I'm not sure if it's engine errors, or what was going on there). Some of it was spot-on. I didn't have much of a problem with this, but I wasn't particularly afraid of dying, for the most part. It's a plus for me, but might be negative to some others. The new additions played out just fine, and I like the questionable flyby (that sort of spoils some traps) added to the first level, while others may not. I felt like the atmosphere was mostly good, because of the good usage of sound-effects, music and so forth, but I had a really hard time with seeing such a nice-looking Lara model, and a nice flyby title, going into such a low-resolution environment. I would have rather *everything* be kept in low-resolution for consistency, but I'm sure that's mostly my OCD acting up, so I won't dock very many points for this qualm. Cameras are just as fine as any other Tomb Raider game. The lighting left a little to be desired, the texture work looked just fine. Overall, this game was a fine piece of work. I only wish that the engine hadn't been changed as much, Lara's mansion would be the same as the first, and *everything* had stayed in the same resolution. Other than that, this game is gold." - awsumpossum (31-Jan-2009)
"I've played the revised version, but even so trying to play from Lara's Mansion into the first level doesn't seem to work. It will load, but the guns won't work. I also experienced a black screen upon every reload, but changing to window mode and back to full screen seemed to fix that. I thought it was a nice addition to have the enemy hit points appear on screen. Lara's Mansion (15 minutes): it seems to be a hybrid of the TR2 and TR3 manors, with a different gym on the inside. I though the roof was too low for some of the jumps in there, too. Lara's voice is barely hearable and I couldn't make out most of what she said because of the background audio. Atlantean Stronghold (45 minutes, 2 secrets): plays and looks exactly like the original, with the exception of the added audio and camera flyby. The atlantean crawlers prove to be a problem since most of the time you can't jump over them and more often than not they poison you, so some of the old strategies have to be revised. The Hive (35 minutes, 1 secret): up until the final rooms, it's pretty much the same as in the original. A few rooms have been added to make the exit from inside the pyramid to the coast where a boat awaits, and while the concept is great, the first few final rooms were a bit too big (took me a while to find the hole in the floor) and looked like not much effort was put into them, but it got better after the tunnel. I wonder if all the explosive weaponry had to be given in such a tray in these rooms though? Surely could have been scattered through the level, as many nooks had no pickups whatsoever. Return to Egypt (70 minutes, 3 secrets): there were a few changes throughout the level, but all of them were minor so gameplay was pretty much the same until the end, where a number of new rooms feature with a quick sidequest for an eye of horus which takes you back to your regular route, but I'm not exactly sure whether you have to take it or not. Jumping over the fences is a lot easier so getting to the "forbidden" area in the end is piece of cake and it was nice to see the pickups were still there (some of them, at least). Temple of the Cat (60 minutes, 4 secrets): this is the level that has undergone most changes in all of the package. The new rooms are rather confusing and I felt they were out of place, but maybe that's just my nostalgia speaking louder. Getting to the fourth secret was a rather long travel and in the end, it didn't even register (confirmed by the walkthrough). Generally I leave this remake rather pleased, but I did miss the cat visions from the original Return to Egypt, and I also am not sure whether I like all the new weaponry or not. Total time 03:30 hours, 10 secrets. 03/08" - Treeble (29-Mar-2008)
"what a fantastic remake and am i glad i played it too because i never got to play the origional before and my friend had TRLE and unfinished business on CD with TR1 both for pc and when i showed him this remake of it he said have the Cd and i was happy! many thanks ggctuk and keep up the fab work, maybe you might remake TR2 gold aswell? That would be a surprise!!!" - TombRaiderTim (19-Jan-2008)
"I know ggtcuk on Tomb Raider forums, and i have played his beta levels, they are amazingly impressive! This level is no different, it offers much better gameplay than Tomb Raider unfinished buisness, that is really why i love it, i can't lie, i love remakes a whole lot! The textures are really nice, and i knew all about the bad reviews, but they were all wrong! I would have been a complete fool not to download this level. The rearangment of the levels was actually quit nice, and really impressive. I really liked Croft Manor, it was really good! The surroundings were almost real, i loved all of the new sounds, and it was a real joy to play this remake of a faithful Tomb Raider game, and I respect this guy for making such an amazing level editor game, thank you, happy raiding!" - Vaughnage (09-Dec-2007)
"I, for one, was particularly happy when this was released, as my PC just refuses to play either TR1 or UB even with Glidos. I was also impressed with the architecture and texturing, and it was nice to see updated outfits and weapons. Once I had started the level inside Atlantis, it was not long before I confronted my first enemy. Obviously, I shot at it...and shot...and at least a minute later I was still shooting. This is one major problem that I found with this levelset-the enemies are unbelievably tough to kill. After dying several times, I tried to camp on higher ledges and shoot them to pieces, which actually worked, but was no fun whatsoever. I am sure I would have given 'gameplay and puzzles' a 9 had this problem been sorted out. Apart from the combat, however, the rest of the features were mostly great. Smooth adventuring and some nice traps to dodge led me to be generally cheerful once I had reached the end of the last level. I strongly suggest that you download this levelset, but make sure that you are the patient type for when you first meet those dreaded enemies." - Spike (02-Jul-2007)
"I was prepared to give this remake low marks while playing the Atlantean levels, which I found strangely boring. Maybe the sameness of the surroundings was responsible for this feeling. But my mood softened as I started through the Egyptian levels. I replayed the original TR1 (including the bonus levels) several times before I became hooked on this site, but it seems to me that the Egyptian levels in the remake are for the most part entirely new. The entire series gave me a little more than five hours of net playing time, and Jenni's walkthrough helped me a great deal through the rough spots. The lighting is good throughout and the enemies aren't that hard to deal with. I found that if you stood beneath one of those flying mutants, it would simply hover while flapping its wings, causing you no harm while you calmly pumped bullets into it. The other enemies would often run up to a block on which Lara was standing, as if attempting to hide, and would stay there meekly while being riddled with gunfire. I don't think this release is in the same league with the earlier TR1 remake, but it's a fun raid. Recommended." - Phil (07-Jun-2007)
"I almost didn't play this remake, because of its bad reviews and low rating. That would have been a real loss for me, because Unfinished Business is quite good, much better than its rating would lead one to expect. The author has put some real effort into this, and produced highly enjoyable levels, and I thank him for it. I have played all of the official Tomb Raider games at least five times, so I know Tomb Raider I and Unfinished Business, every nook and cranny, where the secrets are, where every single pickup is. So I wanted an exact remake: when I slid down the long ramp into the pool with the central structure in the Hive, I expect a bunch of pickups on the bottom of the pool, not just a crummy small medikit or two. Since I wanted things the same, I expected to play with the shotgun, but instead the author provides the HK MP5, and that baffled me. However, when I played through these levels the second time I had gotten used to it, and somewhat adjusted to a few different pickups. The enemy AI has drawn criticism, but the enemy behavior doesn't bother me. In the first Tomb Raider enemies couldn't climb, so all Lara had to do was find a small pillar to stand on, and then shoot them at her leisure. The Atlanteans would jump around like crazy, but were never any threat to Lara if she were standing on a pillar. The author has tried to duplicate that: Atlanteans make vicious, powerful attacks if Lara is on the ground, but as soon as she climbs a ledge they become totally befuddled. Well, in essence, isn't that the way it was in the original game? (For a species bent on world domination, the Atlanteans had some weak points.) Another criticism is that the Atlanteans are too tough. A fair point; I opened up the author's tomb4.exe and changed the byte at AB8E8 from 03 to 05, which increases the damage inflicted by the MP5. I thought that this setting duplicated the original Unfinished Business almost exactly. (And I like going for 100% kills.) If you want easier, change the byte at AB8E8 to 06. If you like tough, leave it alone. But remember the history of Unfinished Business. The original Tomb Raider had few pickups, and almost all of those were in secrets. One hardly got to use the shotgun, since a smart player saved two dozen shotgun shells for the giant mutant at the end (much easier than using the uzis). So the Atlantean levels were designed to remedy the emphasis on pistol play in the original Tomb Raider; they were supposed to be played with shotgun and uzi. One should never use pistols in these levels; always use the MP5 or greater. Right at the beginning of the game ammo is scarce, so avoid a few of the enemies, and soon you will find a surplus of ammo and medikits. Some people have pointed out texturing flaws, and it is a shame the author seemed to lose energy in the Egypt levels and let obvious sloppiness pass; I wish he had used beta testers who could have urged him on to clean up a few details. With a little encouragement and advice, the author would have seen much higher ratings for these levels. I do have to say that some of the "bugs" people have commented on actually function much as they did in the original game, so I don't see them as bugs. And forget the Lara's Home level. Most of us have now played a variant of Lara's Home about fifty-six times. Here the best thing is to cut it short, very short: climb the chimney and get the flares from the attic; run to Lara's bedroom closet and get the medikits; then out the front door and to the main gate and exit to the Atlantean Stronghold and enjoy the real Unfinished Business." - dmdibl (02-Jun-2007)
"What regards! There was a lot of years I've played this set of levels and I am happy to play them again. You have to think that those are TR1 levels and there were not all the features of the next TR games but even so they are still a good set of levels to play and take a good time. Construction is not very good, elongated textures, wafer thin walls, ilegal slopes, and another small defects, but the game is playable. Enemies are hard but silly; many times you can jump over a high ledge to kill them with tranquility; there are a lot of ammo and weapons too to help you. In the last level there are some new rooms and enemies, but don't you expect too much. The author could use the new features of the editor to made some interesting tasks and innovative puzzles, but it couldn't be so. An enjoyable work anyway." - Jose (23-May-2007)
"As I have never played the original UB levels, I cannot comment on the authenticity of this remake, but I was indeed surprised about how much raiding this little mini series has to offer. Lara's Mansion (4/6/8/8, 10 min): Ah well, it is Lara's Home and as always I hate it because I have seen it too many times. You can leave quickly if you choose to or explore quite a bit, including the hedge maze and the training course. The new treasure room was a nice addition, as were the voice overs. Atlantean Stronghold (7/8/8/8, 45 min, 2 secrets): Nice atmosphere here in the caves with lava, boulders and a couple of nice flybys. As my fellow reviewers have commented, these mutant inhabitants are a pain to kill and in general gameplay is only about running, more running and shooting and more shooting. The timed run/swim for the Magnum was a nice challenge though. The Hive (7/6/8/8, 40 min, 1 secret): More boulders, more lava and a few timed doors in this part, but otherwise really more of the same until you get back outside. Return to Egypt (7/7/8/8, 30 min, 3 secrets): It was refreshing to have this change of setting from Atlantean to Egypt and thus I enjoyed this part quite a lot. You get plenty of levers, trapdoors and pushblocks you can stand on (!). Enemies are plenty of crocs and panthers and I liked the desert-in-the-night type outside setting. Temple of the Cat (7/8/9/8, 75 min, 4 secrets): After the shorter initial levels I had not expected the last part to be that long and maybe it ended up being a bit too long to still be fun. Essentially you continue with plenty of running, flipping switches and killing a myriad of mummies, panthers, crocodiles, demigods and skeletons. You need to pick up a series of keys, but they are in plain sight, so no hard work required. The only real puzzle was with a few push blocks near the end for a secret that did not register as such. All in all, a solidly put together series and certainly much better than Gareth' initial remake levels, but I still think he should put his energy into something new for us to play and not yet another copy of something from the past." - MichaelP (19-May-2007)
"I find this set of levels rather controversial. On the one hand, I was surprised (positively) by the objects Lara came across during her adventure - weapons, medipacks, etc. - all of them, especially guns, were made in a realistic way and their look is mostly pleasing. On the other hand, it was a great shame that the author didn't work more on texturing walls (in fact, he only copied the already existing texture placements from the original Unfinished Business). However, what is more, and as many noted before me, the demons in the first two levels (Atlantean Stronghold, The Hive) ARE SO F***ING PERSISTENT and BULLETPROOF that I really grabbed the heaviest and smallest object available - bo shuriken in my case - and put it on the action button every time I had to face an enemy (their AI is quite poor and they usually get stuck somewhere, being unable to move...). The result? A complete and total annoyance; and a breath-taking number of more than 3000 shots in the Statistics screen! I've never achieved such a huge score within a SINGLE level during my years of playing TR. Well, that's it. I admit the author did a bloody GOOD job and as such, I praise him. This remake of Unfinished Business is one of a fine quality, but still I cannot give it more points... I guess the reasons why are clear enough." - Gerbil (04-May-2007)
"An excellent attempt to recreate some of my favourite levels of all time; The Unfinished Business add on levels from TR1, consisting of a short Mansion training level, Atlantean Stronghold, The Hive, Return to Egypt and Temple of The Cat. Now it has to be said that a little testing wouldn't have gone amiss here, there were missing and stretched textures, paper thin walls and enemies didn't behave themselves; I mean Lara wants a challenge, not a bunch of baddies who freeze when she whips out her guns, so they kind of sat there doing nothing most of the time making themselves easy pickings for Lara. The initial areas of the levels were really hard, the enemies are tough to bring down and it takes many shots to kill them, but as stated above, if you use the enemy bug to your advantage you can escape virtually unscathed. Littered throughout the levels you will find a massive supply of ammo and health, and you're going to need it in the latter parts of the levels because skeletons and large cats will attack and there's no enemy bug to reply on, so conserve health and have fun. On a personal note, I loved every minute of this remake and I am exceptionally grateful to the builder for taking the time to recreate this game with better graphics, a great looking Lara and a few extra areas; which offered players of the original game something new to look at. For others who have not played the original UB levels (because it's near on impossible to do so with XP and it's also quite hard to get hold of now) I am sure they will also enjoy this game." - Moonpooka (01-May-2007)
"TRUB is the TR game that I have played less than any other of the series, so playing this remake was a must for me. The builder has made a very decent effort in recreating the atmosphere and feel of the original, and has achieved it to a certain degree, as he has managed to reconstruct the environments faithfully and in such impressive detail, and at the same time introducing several new elements (mostly objects and enemies). The use of the original's textures help a lot, and there are sections that are impressively remade. In the last section, there's a great deal of improvisation, including puzzles and enemies that weren't existent in the original. There are a few weird cameras that are supposed to show you what you did by throwing a switch, however last for less than a fraction of a fraction of a second; I don't know if they were meant to be this way, but it would be better if they weren't placed there at all since they weren't much effective. However you don't have to search a lot for things, as everything is usually nearby; and if you know the original, you won't have problems. Apart from the four levels, there is also Lara's Mansion at the beginning, where you will find several elements from all the versions of Lara's houses (ie, the attic puzzle from TR3 or the maze/timed basement door puzzle from TR2). As a sidenote, I didn't find particularly challenging the extremely-hard-to-die Atlanteans in the first two sections; although killing them wasn't a problem as you could always find safe places to shoot them from with your pistols and also several times they would get stuck posing no real threat, wasting so much time to get rid of them kept helding the action back, making you slow down too much in what should be (and actually is in general) a fast-paced adventure. However, the overall effort is really impressive and the builder has done a very good work with this levelset." - Ravenwen (25-Apr-2007)
"It is admittedly a long time since I played the official version, but I certainly don't remember the Atlanteans being so tough - they take forever to bump off. The Atlantis levels really are shooters and the Hive section is especially well named - you hardly get time to breathe before another hideous creature jumps on you. It's all down to positioning as to how well you survive. If you can get yourself into just the right spot you can take most of them out with your pistols and sustain almost no damage, but I must say I was really glad to get to Egypt (and you probably haven't heard me say that very often). Actually, I do really like the TR1 style Egypt settings and the crocs and cats are a LOT easier to deal with (although there are Atlanteans hanging around too) and, incidentally, by this time you should have found copious amounts of weapons and medipacks. It certainly is pleasant to see the old levels in a nice, 'cleaned up' format so if you're feeling nostalgic this could be just what you fancy, but bear in mind that the gameplay is of necessity somewhat less sophisticated than we've become used to." - Jay (23-Apr-2007)
"Is this a remake? Yes. And it's clearly so for everyone who starts playing it. I hear some things are new but I've never had the chance to play it before, never with acceptable graphics, especially not on XP and therefore my gratefulness goes to the author for all the work and dedication put into the project. This is, of course, primitive, easy tomb raiding, but I see no problem in that. I quite enjoyed these well done (as far as I can tell) levels and I do reccomend Unfinished Business Remake to everyone else who, just like me, would never get the chance to experience it without Garett's help. Thank you." - Jorge22 (16-Apr-2007)
"I found this level set quite difficult to review. On one hand it was great fun to re-live the TR-UB experience with the benefit of the TR4 engine. but on the other hand there were some things that really bugged me. I am sure there are many fans who have trouble playing TR1 on their PC, who will benefit from this offering. The levels are well packaged with a good set of end credits. The original levels are faithfully preserved, from what I remember of TR-UB. And you get some additional areas, as well as a different level running order, which, in the author's words makes the storyline make more sense. I had great fun playing these levels, except for the enemies. Now it is one thing to use TRep to boost an enemy's power, and put the player in a challenging situation, but the author has gone completely overboard with this feature, thus spoiling what is an otherwise great adventure. The enemies were were not hard to kill, some just took a millenium to die, and all you had to do was lob on a raised platform until the enemy froze up or got stuck in a wall. Then I just placed a heavy object on the Action button and went off and made a coffee. Where's the challenge in that? If the enemies had been made just a bit harder to kill than the originals then that would have been fun for the player to engage them in battle, but the way these were set became incredibly boring and provided little challenge. The gold cats were a nice addition though. I guess for authenticity, I would also like to have seen the original TR1 crocodiles and panther enemies rather than the substitutes that were used. The other issue I had, was with texturing. The original TR1/UB is littered with misaligned, squashed and stretched textures (funny to look back at what we accepted as quality control in the those pioneering days). I would really like to have seen a good portion of these corrected in this remake. Sadly that wasn't to be. There were several camera clues that went missing as a momentary flash, but the important ones are there to lead you on the right path. There are other silly mistakes like a rolling ball that is left to roll in perpetual motion out in the sandy rock region of one of the Egypt levels. Luckily I had a save and was able to bypass this annoying rumbling, which would have otherwise continued ad-finitum. The addition of the TR music was an excellent addition, adding plenty to the feel of the game. So my overall feeling is that the author has done a very good job with this original game conversion and added a good feel to it with changed running order, music and gameplay, but could have made this so much better with some thorough testing and feedback from experienced players. Still, it is and admirable effort and playable by all." - EssGee (16-Apr-2007)
"I don't like remakes because I find them boring with the old textures and the enemies, puzzles we have already seen many times. This one is just one of those games with some differences maybe but still the same. There is the Atlantean level, the Tomb of the Cat and so on, to name a few. The enemies although hard to kill most of the time they freeze when Lara jumps onto a block or stays at some corner so I you are patient you can kill them from a distance with almost no health lose. Play it if you are a fan of the older TR games and want to play the same things all over again." - Kristina (12-Apr-2007)