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Guardians of Tomb by Lima

EgyptRaider 10 8 9 10
eRIC 7 7 7 6
EssGee 8 7 9 8
eTux 9 9 8 8
Gerty 8 8 8 9
Jay 8 8 8 9
JesseG 8 9 9 8
Jose 8 8 8 9
Kitkat 8 8 8 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
MichaelP 9 8 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Relic Hunter 8 8 9 10
Ryan 8 8 9 9
Samu 9 7 8 8
Scottie 10 8 9 9
Treeble 9 9 8 9
release date: 27-Apr-2007
# of downloads: 132

average rating: 8.37
review count: 17
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file size: 40.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

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Reviewer's comments
"A pretty solid and engaging raid, and a very good looking one too. The first half felt a bit drab honestly, with a more modern mine and exacavation setting and lots of sentry guns to disarm, some of which felt a bit luck based as the setups weren't quite conventional, but the second room with the massive underground tomb was a marvel to look at. There was a burning pool room with a light fog which created a very convincing haze effect. On the flip side, there were a lot of missing sound effects, especially from enemies, and combined with scarce medipacks I thought it was rather unfair that you end up sustaining a lot of enemy fire before realizing you're being shot at. 70 minutes. 07/23" - Treeble (02-Jul-2023)
"Seeing as I have played this builder's two Hall of Fame entries, I figured that I might as well try out his debut adventure and I was pleasantly surprised as this is quite enjoyable. The enemy action can be a bit overwhelming due to the lack of medipacks in the Mine level, although I made it through successfully. Lara will encounter ninjas, guards, bats, skeletons and a demigod throughout the two level game. The surroundings are attractive, even more so in the huge hub room of the second level which has Lara solving varied tasks to retrieve many artefacts, although the firstly level serves as a worthy beginning. Overall, an entertaining game that's worth a go." - Ryan (28-Oct-2017)
"This was a first from the author , and an original one I may say , the author has tried to come up with a different type of gameplay and setting than the norm , at least what you can expect from a first release. The settings , not simple ones, look rather real and even atmospheric sometimes. The texturing and lighting are not"top notch" though , the sun bulb is often missing, and in the 2nd level , some textures do not fit as Egyptian, while in many other places the choice of textures is quite good. In the first Mine level, you eventually do not achieve a lot of things , you spend most of the time running , the goal is to find a few objects and neutralize sentry guns. Maybe it is the sake of realism pushed to the extreme that made the author place ladders leading nowhere in a couple of places, but that can be quite confusing. The lack of medipacks make the player anxious to come to the end alive eventually. The gameplay in the second level is more varied, and with some big areas that must be raided. Difficulty is rather high at times , for example the part where you have to survive the big rolling blades while climbing a ladder. The game is enjoyable at times , and at other times irritating. Anyway quite a unique game to discover and master if you dare." - eRIC (06-Aug-2012)
"This time searches Lara in in forgotten caves for an Ankh. Lara starts beyond the mines. The outside arrangements in the start area were rather average.
Completely the contrast to the outside arrangement was the mine inside. A mine car full gold, artefacts, box piles. This looked already in such a way, as if one could meet any time on workers. However, the lighting did not fit so completely. It was a little bit too light for a mine. However, with the opponents the weapon noises were absent partly. Otherwise the rooms were formed fantastically and the degree of difficulty with all shooting-furious dudes and the Sentry Guns were not quite small. But nevertheless this first level has really made fun, above all the room with the hot water looked really first-class. Because in the first part the Medipacks are rare a little bit and the dearly loved weapons are found only late, here one should let a little care prevail. After Lara has found both parts of the Eye Piece, it goes down into the next level.
And here these forgotten and now rediscovered caves with the Egyptian constructions look just first-class. As well as the first part was rather something for the shooting friends among us, this part is directed to all jump acrobats and riddle crackers. Lara must find here cartouches and pyramid plugs to come to the aim. Opponents are bats, a few crocodiles, skeletons and mummies. Because one has now, however, enough explosive ammunition, the opponents were no problem further more. Only a few minds are a little bit devoted short time.
Result: Apart from a few little things an absolutely great level which one should miss by no means" - Scottie (03-Jun-2010)
"Phew, this is not a levelset to be taken lightly. Look out for medpacks, because you'll be glad to have them. Between the armed enemies, the turrets, wraiths, and a rolling blade that is impossible to avoid damage from, you'll be chewing those first aid kits like popcorn. I feel the author may have gone overboard in this respect, though it will at least guarantee an interesting raiding experience. This is a two-level set, the first being a mine where you must dispatch several turrets to gain access to the next level, the tomb. The second level has 4 areas that you unlock with Ra Cartouche pieces, in which you get the next piece when you are able to leave. However only two of these areas need to be completed to get the guardian keys that lead to the exit, making the other two areas a waste of space if you choose to stumble into them. The author should have planned this better if the intention was to make the player explore all four areas. Some camera cues and flybys are used, but some doors could have really used cameras to avoid confusion. Also, there is no indication that one particular skull will "absorb" the 5 wraiths that attack you, and if you miss a certain item you may have a painful backtrack ahead of you. Still, the levels were enjoyable to play, had creative moments (such as making sand leak down, or the vase puzzle) and will require a good eye from the player to get through. The areas looks nice too, though in particular the staircases lead to misaligned or stretched textures. If the author would look through the eyes of the player and foresee certain frustrations (or shortcuts), Lima will be bound to be a great builder." - SSJ6Wolf (07-Mar-2009)
"This two level adventure is set in mines and egyptian tomb. What I liked most was the inventive gameplay which contains many varied puzzles and jumping tasks. The colored tile puzzle in end of second level was especially well created and I liked also the way you have to destroy the sentryguns so that you stay out of their sight. A Thing which I didn't like was the lack of medipacks and completing this game is definitely not guaranteed without cheating. Areas didn't look outstanding but they were anyway well planned, textured and lit. This was surely a good level which I can recommend to everybody." - Samu (08-Aug-2008)
"I'm actually returning to this duo level after being overwhelmed by the tour de force that was the same author's "Iron Wolf & Golden Eagle" and while I obviously didn't expect the debut to be up there with it's follow up, my expectations were pretty much met, and I was very pleased when I hit the finish trigger after 1 hour and 20 minutes of total net gaming time.
Mine - You'd think it'll start out harmlessly enough, but upon your arrival to the mine you're met by an entourage of ninjas and SAS guards that have occupied it armed to the teeth and marked their territory with sentry turrets. I assume Lima is a very good player, as given the scarcity of medipacks here, I had to pull out every trick for fighting the numerous opponents I met, and while that is not the most common type of gameplay from my experience, I actually enjoyed the challenge, though I assume it stops being fun if you don't want to think about every millimeter of your health bar. Other than that, the main tasks here consist of opening up the entrance to the tomb, and doing that will mostly involve finding switches and various items, and of course outsmarting the turrets, which is always fun. The looks as such are not all that spectacular, but I loved the little touches like wagons and boxes filled with gold coins, some ladders and doorways not necessarily going anywhere and just being there for the show, the armory, and the little treasure storage rooms scattered all over and housing anything from the much needed revolver and eye piece to vases and statues, which all give the setting more authenticity.
Guardians of Tomb It seems the previous level was merely a prelude showing the shape of things to come, as this is where the most intriguing part of the adventure is. Consisting of a series of huge rooms, this Tomb doesn't bombard you with enemies as much as the first part, but involves more puzzling and you'll pretty much encounter it all in your quest for the many cartouches (I actually think I've never played a level where there were so many!), 2 guardian keys, some other items and ultimately the Amulet of Horus, whether it be building ways for you to cross chasms, timing your actions to out-maneuver traps, solving board enigmas or once again sparing every bit of health you have to get through here alive (I finished the level with having used up all my means of healing Lara, and her health bar blinking). While the enemies aren't as many as in the first part, when they do appear, they play their role well - whether in form of wraiths (nicely initiated from the remains of previous adventurers!), 2 bulls, a demigod, harpy or some skeletons on high ledges! That said - both levels seemed to have some sound issues which ruined the desire for a more polished feel for the game, but didn't affect the gameplay anyhow, so I did not mind as much. I found the looks to be ok - sometimes they are not that spectacular and just fill out the space for the author's gameplay ideas, but at other times, there are some wonderfully crafted areas where you could just spend most of the time gawking at them and admiring their beauty, and the author accented them well with fly-by's. I'm not sure if there were any - but at least I found no secrets.
Bottomline - This is quite an excellent debut, the author's unique approach can already be easily set apart from any other level builder out there, and while it's a bit on the hard side due to the lack of medipacks, it's still an excellent game to play, providing numerous memorable moments!" - eTux (06-Jul-2008)
"Guardian of Tombs consists of two levels - a modern Mine level which leads to the Tomb level where you'll seek out your much sought after artefact. Lima has created some really good puzzles and challenges set in interesting environments, particularly in the Egyptian tomb. The atmosphere is generally very good, although the lighting is a little under done in some areas. Textures used help to create a convincing environment. Objects were less convincing. Although well used to add variety to the level there seemed to be many mismatches of cultures, which spoils the illusion somewhat. Plenty of heavy duty weaponry and ammo is provided to deal with the variety of standard tr4 enemies that challenge Lara, but health packs were sadly a rare commodity through the levels. I was able to make it through to the level jump on my last breath of life, but ran out of luck when confronted with 5 energy sapping wraiths, with only a half medipac left in Lara's backpack. At this point I had to use DOZY to add medipacs, as I really wanted to complete the game. I'm not sure if the author intentionally rationed the medipacs to make the game more challenging, but to me, it seemed very unfair to the player, and the gaming experience suffered for it. I didn't find it enjoyable to have to play through a game where I have to conserve every ounce of health along the way, to make it to the end. Flybys, music and cameras were well used to introduce the player to new areas. Gameplay is at times quite challenging, as the interesting architecture and some well hidden alcoves, at times makes for slow progress as you really do have to have your searching cap on to find some areas to progress. I consulted the walkthrough on several occasions to ease the frustration. The levels do have some technical problems - missing sounds, invisible door blocks, missing water death animations for Lara, but the diverse gameplay in part makes up for this. A very good debut release, but requires some patience to play and you may struggle if you are not extremely cautious with your health and medipacs." - EssGee (15-Dec-2007)
"This was quite an adventure and the first level brought me already in a foul mood as there aren't that many medipacks around so I had to add some. I really hate that. Don't get me wrong as there is oodles to do but being clever so save your health is not on my priority lists. Apart from the guards, there are also sentry guns. Now I love to sneak around and find a way to destroy them but I couldn't get to them all. The next level is all about finding Cartouches. I seek them here and I seek them there (remember that old song?) and that was not enough, as I needed much more Cartouches. Finally getting my hand on the Guardian key I could leave this Tomb. This is not an easy level, I grand you that, but if you persevere you can make it (especially that jump with the ladder and the rotating blade is a"killer" if I ever saw one)." - Gerty (17-Aug-2007)
"This is a great two-part adventure. The mine is suitably dark and unusually very well guarded! I have to admit I hate sentry guns and to find them right at the start nearly put me off! But once I got past them I found myself enjoying the raid. There are lots of ninjas to kill and I loved all the running and climbing. The blade traps I didn't love so much. When you enter the"tomb" you meet its real guardians - and they are much more supernatural than ninjas. The tomb rooms are very impressive and atmospheric. I look forward very much to Lima's next level." - Kitkat (02-Jul-2007)
"It was a great level and i enjoyed it. te sounds dissapoint me a little, or it was a own mistake but most of the time i heard church bells. and in a Egyptian Tomb i dont think there's any church. the enemies were good but when you look ad the amout of medipacks you have to less medipacks and. but i enjoyed the level. itwas really hard for me. and the puzzles are sometimes a little hard to see. so the walktrouhg i had needed much. but short saying. it was a great level. i will look ad more levels of you. and if i all played them out i would like to see new work of you. :)" - EgyptRaider (30-Jun-2007)
"Mine (8/7/8/8, 30 min): Quite an authentic setting this mine, with some ladders leading nowhere, lots of pickups, lava, a hand and Eye of Horus to find and then of course plenty of ninjas and guards to kill. Highlight is the rather smart placement of the sentry guns. It has been a while since I had seen those used in a level in a way that you actually can and need to get rid of them.
Guardians of Tomb (9/8/9/8, 45 min): If the Mine was the authors debut and practice level, then she/he has evolved quickly. This is a very impressive tomb to raid with several huge rooms, good use of objects, spikes, cobwebs and you get plenty to do in your search for eight cartouches, timless sands, two guardian keys and eventually the Amulet of Horus. Enemies are quite varied here and not too many, the flybys are nicely done and always in a suitable moment and it features a few cool flipmap as sand breaks into the tomb. If found the lader at the rotating blade to be quite tough to master, but apart from that it is a fairly easy but never boring adventure. Try it!" - MichaelP (10-Jun-2007)
"I liked this a great deal. It's raiding in the grand tradition, and you don't often see levels like this any more. I think they're great for a change of pace. The first level (Mines) is a short appetizer that takes 20 minutes or so. Be sure you pick up the laser sight from the dead Ninja, as you'll need it in the next level. The second level (Guardians of Tomb) is a fun-filled romp that occupied me for well over an hour. There's a hub room of sorts where you insert cartouche artifacts to open various doors downstairs, making for some tedious and repetitious backtracking, but it's not overly aggravating. There are some challenging obstacles along the way, including a room with two bulls that you have to confine in a small space before you can contend with trigger tiles that turn into death tiles on the way back. I can't think of any reason why you won't like this one. Highly recommended." - Phil (08-Jun-2007)
"A good set of two levels. In the first, the Mine, you have to deal with a lot of machine guns difficult to explode, and a lot of ninjas too. Good architecture and dark ambience, not difficult tasks but it will take you some time 'cause the sentry guns, hard to pass, it makes the gameplay more slow and hard. Second level is a bit better and quite long, but lineal, with a tricky climb for a ladder with a moving-rotating blade behind, but not too difficult in general. I couldn't find secrets, and the worst for me was the lonely pack of flares for the two entire dark levels, it was insuficiente for me. Still so the levels are enjoyable." - Jose (01-Jun-2007)
"This starts off in a mine, full of ninjas. Ninjas in a mine? Weeeeeeeell, OK then. It's an interesting mine too - it appears to yield treasure. Right then, nitpicking aside I found this level really enjoyable, especially the sneaking around sentry guns and blowing them to bits part - loved that. Initially, enemies are frequent and pickups few and far between so take it easy. A decent bit of firepower is eventually provided and with care you shouldn't have too much trouble making it through. This is a debut level and the builder has done an excellent job with it; the second part in particular looks wonderful, some of the textures having been used to great effect. The gameplay is good too - imaginative, but achievable. This is certainly a builder to watch out for in the future." - Jay (24-May-2007)
"The Mine - (7, 7, 8, 9) - Things start out quite rough with many Arab soldiers to shoot that depleted my health rather quickly, and there's also a plethora of SAS and sentry guns to deal with. While the author does supply satisfying weaponry to get rid of these foes, there are barely any medipacks around to be able to sustain that damage. The objective of this level is to find the two pieces of the Eye of Horus and use them to get to the next level. Getting the first of the pieces was rather easy, having to slide into a really cool tomb-type room, then performing a simple jump with the assistance of a pole to get to the eyepiece. The second part was a completely different story though. To get it, there's droves of soldiers to fight and some sentry guns to take care of. The sentry guns were kind of annoying in that it's a bit hard to position them so you can sneak up behind them to shoot the canister in the back to blow them up, but the feeling of satisfaction you get afterwards is really nice. I was quite glad to find the weaponry room later on, but by then most of the level's opposition has already been taken care of. The mine's atmosphere is done nicely using good fog effects and lighting was also done well. This level serves kind of as a warm-up to what's about to come next. Guardians of Tomb - (9, 9, 10, 10) - Now here comes the main course. After exploring a foreboding spike pit to open the first door, the adventure picks up in a nicely designed tomb that flows together nicely and it's rather hard to get stuck. You are mostly sure where to go with the use of cameras to help. The main goal here is to discover two guardian keys to recover the Amulet of Horus, though to do that there's four cartouches that need to be discovered beforehand. The cartouches open up doors to different side rooms in an impressive hub room where there are more cartouches to collect while searching for the guardian keys. After the first cartouche is discovered, you start exploring those side rooms. The first side room has you going through a rather simple puzzle, with having to trigger an earthquake to get across a crevice of lava to get the second cartouche. The next room is quite visually stunning - a huge hall with a pool of lava, many ledges and platforms to climb, and large, spinning spikes in the far end of the hall that pose a challenge. That part was a little frustrating, since you have to climb a ladder that the spinning spikes cross in their path, and they hurt quite a lot too, so you have to be very quick to climb up. I had to reload several times there until I got things right. Other agendas of entertainment included a wraith chase, and I also liked the idea of the vase room, with all but one that would kill you if you shattered them. In that one special vase in the room, you find the first of two guardian keys. The third room offers simple target practice where you get to shoot some bones to exit the room after finding the cartouche in there. The final side room shared the same scope as the second one, though it's not exactly set in a huge hall, but a set of interconnected rooms that give this and the second side room similar sizes. The task to get the last key was to get through some knife traps, then you had to wake up two bulls and trap them to be able to do the next puzzle in peace. Trapping the bulls was difficult though, since the room where you have to lure them is small, and one of the bulls kept getting out of its prison as I attempted to close it. After that, you have a fun tile jumping sequence to get the last guardian key. When that's done and you place the keys, you find the amulet and then proceed to the exit. This was quite an atmospheric level - the fog was used very nicely and the room construction was great. Lights and textures were done very well in this part. Overall, it's a great double-level debut, and hopefully the author continues to build since this is a fabulous first effort." - Relic Hunter (06-May-2007)
"I don't particularly like tomb levels but this one wasn't the classic tomb level. It's a nice and fun game with two levels but I liked the second one more. You start outside and make your way in areas with ninjas and sentry guns. The goal is to get the two pieces of the Eye of Horus to open the way for the second level. It is well done with rooms that require tricky moves in order to lure the guns in a position that will allow you to destroy them. Moving on to the second game you see a very large area with higher levels that are not easy to access. There is one cleverly hidden lever and a lot of cartouche pieces to find plus two guardian keys in both levels. The enemies here are harpies, skeletons and a demigod. It's worth playing this game and I hope we'll see more levels like this one from the builder." - Kristina (01-May-2007)