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TR Prophecy PC by Slayer

awsumpossum 5 4 3 3
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 3 4 4 3
EssGee 4 3 3 3
Gerty 2 1 1 2
Jay 0 0 1 2
JesseG 3 3 4 4
Jose 1 2 2 1
Kristina 0 1 1 1
Leeth 1 4 2 3
MichaelP 2 3 2 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 1 2
Ryan 1 1 2 2
Samu 2 3 3 3
Treeble 1 1 1 1
Zhyttya 2 1 1 1
release date: 17-May-2007
# of downloads: 129

average rating: 1.98
review count: 16
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file size: 45.70 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I got the feeling that the concept was too ambitious for the overall actual result. The idea of porting the Gameboy Advance title to PC was good, but the execution was rather scrappy. Oversized rooms, repetitive texturing, lots of running around and invisible walls. It could have been better." - Ryan (09-Apr-2017)
"I really liked the idea honestly...but it was terribly executed. The author didn't seem to have in consideration the scale reduction of the port for the PC. Incredibly high walls, big big areas, big platforms...The concept is good but it's hard to execute it properly. It failed completely to amuse me as the game boy version did. In the last level i assume i finished it up. The author did said there was no ending but i closed the game clueless if i had done everything or not. Overall not recommended at all." - Zhyttya (04-Sep-2015)
"If the objective was to port the game from GB to PC on a literally way well then great success but.. It simply doesn't work.. I loved the detail with Gameboys as secrets and the model from was great also! But that's all.. Its way to boxy, way to "easy" and just walking around.. The level should be "re-imagined" and not directly ported.. And that was the failure.. Still.. Great idea but bad executed" - Leeth (04-Sep-2015)
"The author shows knowledge about the basics of bulding yet the whole thing is three times as big as it normally would be. So even though the level count may suggest a quite ambitious project but most likely the author just ran out of rooms in rapid tempo so the bulk had to be split up. But the level has so simple filling that if it was sized to ordinary, it wouldn't have been anything special - while the giant corridors add that something. It all resembles one of these old classic shooters like Doom, made in times when computers only allowed boxy corridors infested with enemies - but in this case we don't fight many opponents. We just sprint a lot and pull many switches to open nearby doors. There's a part when two levers located in different parts of the map are required to open a door placed yet elsewhere - but this is the only attempt to create a puzzle which isn't just about pulling something closest possible and progress. Yet I noticed something positively weird in this game - occasional areas covering few square inches where texturing is unexpectedly varied. These places seem to indicate something inside the author suddenly ignited, and he couldn't help caring about the project. If only that attitude took over... SUMMARY: Mostly nothing special, but... but..." - DJ Full (30-Apr-2015)
"For all intents and purposes, this has got to rank among some of the absolute worst remakes of a game that I've ever had the displeasure of playing thus far, with literally none of the redeeming qualities of the original Gameboy Advance title remaining intact during the transfer from 2D to 3D. Environments are lifeless and unnecessarily boxy, gameplay is incredibly boring and simplistic, texturing is inconsistent and repetitive at the same time, lighting and overall atmosphere is completely non-existent... the amount of issues present here just go on and on, and the inexperience shows throughout. And to unintentionally rub even more salt into the wound, there isn't even an actual finish trigger in the final level, therefore rendering all the time you spent playing through this poorly-designed mess completely pointless. So, don't even bother downloading and wasting your time on this utter travesty of a game and spend it on something with a lot more polish and love put into it, like say most of the other releases available on this site. Not recommended whatsoever." - Ceamonks890 (29-Nov-2014)
"The most incredible thing is probably that despite the conversion from the GBA to the PC, these levels are just about a perfect one-to-one match with the originals, even with the flyby sequences. However when it comes to actually playing the levels, that is more of a downfall than anything else - the conversion leaves the level with long, plain cracks to shimmy along, large square rooms with large square platforms, and a few switches to open doors or disable flames. No finish trigger is given at the end of the last level. Textures are often stretched in these tall rooms, with quite a few squished textures to compliment them. Creative touches are few and far in between, including a few added flame torches or restructuring levels to make somewhat decent use of the 3 dimensions. The secrets give passcodes that corrospond to the GBA levels - quite a neat idea. In the future the builder should work with smaller sized rooms with the objective of complex structuring and appropriately sized textures on the walls. Also the doors need to be placed on portals between rooms to avoid invisible walls. It is great to see this gba game brought into the lime light, but unfortunately this resurrection is under 30 minutes of monotonous game time." - SSJ6Wolf (02-Mar-2009)
"I really loved the idea of this levelset. It was obviously (as the readme says) one that was made at the beginning of learning the editor, and is expected to be played as such. However, I loved the attention that was payed to making it a 3D version of the GBA title. It was smart, but basic. And that's okay! Granted, it didn't translate as well into 3D as it might have otherwise... more difficult traps and more enemies would have helped, as would music, better lighting and a better atmosphere. The cameras were good, on the whole, and most of the textures were wall-papered. However, it was a fun idea, and a nice little levelset for those of us who've played the gba game." - awsumpossum (30-Jan-2009)
"I'm so underwhelmed. I should have it coming, after all the reviews weren't too favourable, but I still had a dim hope because I really did enjoy the original Tomb Raider: The Prophecy on Gameboy Advance. If you look really hard here you can see some slight resemblances to the original, but what the author has tried to do would never have worked out. You see, the original game wasn't a fully explorable 3D environment like this one is, so you'd have to take a good creativity license to bring it over to the TRLE engine without making it such a boring experience. What you get here is three very short levels, oversized rooms with simple platforming and levers to proceed. The first two levels are filled with flying butts and the switches are very poorly set up (after activating it, jump behind it to make it work). Then, at the end of the second level you get a crash to the desktop. You can then select the final level from the menu and it seems as things would get better, as the butts are gone and you actually have a little action with some wolves every now and then, but alas no such luck. After running back and forth through equally oversized rooms to open three doors you reach an invisible wall which is where a finish trigger would have gone. The idea might have been good, but the execution was very poor. Sorry. 25 minutes. 11/08" - Treeble (01-Nov-2008)
"Sorry but I think that this kind of "levels" sould never be released. Only a lot of big square rooms interconnected don't do a decent level. A lot of bugs and unreal scenes with no puzzles and bored playing are not an option for the players. I can only say to this author please dedicating oneself to another jobs. I'm sorry very much but it's what I think." - Jose (12-Jun-2007)
"Anyone whose played the gameboy TR Prophecy should immediately recognise the gameplay from those early levels. Anuraq has made an admirable attempt to reconstruct the platforming gameplay of the console game. Because of this the gameplay is necessarily simple and involves a fair amount of climbing and shimmying. Paths leading to levers, fire traps and gates were exactly as I remember them in the console game, and wolves even attacked Lara exactly where they did in the original, so on these points he has done well. Whether the platforming style of the gameboy translates well into the 3D environment of the TR4 engine is debatable, but I think its a brave attempt to try this unusual interpretation. Unfortunately what lets these three shortish levels down is the vast wallpaper textured surfaces, texture combinations that are gaudy and uncomplementary and a complete absence of ambient lighting. I really got the feeling that much effort had been put in to recreating the gameboy gameplay, but little had been spent on creating an inviting atmosphere. It's a pity, as I think this could have amounted to much more than it appears superficially. Applause from the gallery for experimentation and trying such an unconventional approach." - EssGee (10-Jun-2007)
"Prelude (5 min., 1 secret): Alright, kind of a cool horizon, but the rooms are huge, square and the texturing is sloppy at best. Plenty of ladders to climb and some shimmy to do for a medi. The gameboy object as a secret was fun. Level One (10 min., 1 secret): Thin walls and invisible door blocks actually don't interfere much with the fact that all you do here is run around in huge empty rooms, shooting a stray dog every now and then and pulling half a dozen levers to open doors. The Demon Smalls moment was a nice reference though. Level Two (10 min., 1 secret): Much the same as Level One. More dogs and more levers and two longer flybys to be found. All in all, this is an old (and rather unfinished) piece of work that Anurag according to the readme found on a DVD of his and even though I like the trle listing to be very complete - this level probably should have stayed on that DVD or heavily been reworked. Sorry..." - MichaelP (07-Jun-2007)
"This is a simple game which includes three short levels. Gameplay is rather uncomplicated because everything you have to do is to perform some jumps and open couple of doors by activating switches. Areas look very boxy containing many stretched textures and there's no proper lighting in this game. Author could also have used more objects because there are some rooms in this game that don't include objects at all. Adding finish trigger would have been a good idea too. To make better levels author needs to study the manual more properly and pay more attention on level designing. I'm sure it's possible for everybody who have enough patience." - Samu (04-Jun-2007)
"Sorry to rain on your parade Kris and Ian but if you have"butts" in your level, you haven't converted them properly (see the readme) as you have to rename the city WAD twice. Once into a Karnak WAD and once into a Coastal WAD. Many stretched textures, invisible doors, lightning is too bright, a brave attempt at the LE but that is all. There is more into building than putting some rooms together. Lara wanders around in three levels and there are long stretches to go into long and empty rooms. There are enemies, dogs, and some climbing and shimmying to do. Best were the secrets and I found two of them." - Gerty (03-Jun-2007)
"After randomly browsing the reviews in the Level Index, I noticed that Gerty had given me something of a reprimand for not having installed this level-set correctly back in the day. Downloading this and playing again, the 'butt version' that I had experienced back in 2007 had been remedied - so I played it through a second time. Actually, it may as well have been the first time, for all that I remembered it. Three levels, and if you find the first to be tedious and futile - wait until you experience the other two! Masses of running around huge boxy environments; pulling levers; running around again to see what the levers opened; running around more huge boxy environments, pulling even more levers - and so on, until you eventually can go no further because the builder neglected to include a Finish Trigger. The texturing and lighting is as basic and minimalistic as it gets; but the background panorama is quite nice, and the final secret is rather cunningly placed. To be honest, I preferred the 'butts' version; which was at least shorter and less dull." - Orbit Dream (31-May-2007)
"Oh dear, this really wasn't ready for release. Anurag did say in his readme that it was very much a first time attempt, but what you really need to know is that it isn't even possible to finish as there is just no way to get through to the third part. It really is extremely buggy and would need a great deal of work to fix. I honestly can't recommend downloading this one unless it first undergoes a complete overhaul." - Jay (31-May-2007)
"After Gerty's input I reconverted the levels but I haven't changed my mind on this. The butts might have disappeared but I don't consider as gameplay running around using switches and killing dogs. The first level is three minutes long and has ladders to climb in an icy setting. Nothing else to do and the door opened by itself to enter the next level. I am sorry to say this but the level shouldn't have been released warning or no warning. The stretched textures everywhere and vast areas with nothing to see but walls in three levels is uninteresting and boring. It needs some serious fixing otherwise it's a waste of time downloading it. " - Kristina (29-May-2007)