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The Break In by Cain

alan 2 2 2 3
Bedazzled 1 1 1 1
bERT 2 2 1 4
CC 2 3 2 2
Ceamonks890 1 1 1 1
DJ Full 4 3 2 4
eTux 1 1 1 2
Gerty 1 2 1 1
Jay 2 3 1 2
John 3 4 2 3
Jose 1 1 1 2
Kitkat 2 5 3 3
Kristina 1 2 2 2
Larson 1988 3 3 0 2
MichaelP 2 5 3 3
Mulf 2 1 0 1
Orbit Dream 2 3 2 2
Ryan 2 2 1 2
Scottie 2 4 2 3
Sethian 4 3 0 1
Spike 2 3 1 2
Treeble 1 2 3 3
release date: 24-Aug-2007
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 2.05
review count: 22
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file size: 13.06 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Today was just another of the longest days in my life (in a streak that's been going for well over a year), and I'm afraid that playing this miniature version of Lara's home infested by giant eels which I could just mindlessly blow to pieces wasn't much of a distraction. Why did this builder make giant eels 'his thing' anyway? 10 minutes. 05/23" - Treeble (04-Jun-2023)
"This one had me in stitches even before I started the game. The accompanying file 'start' says that Lara hears some disturbing noises at the door thinking the girls for the yearly selling of cookies might be bothering her so she gets her...grenade launcher! Is that what they do in the USA towards innocent scouts girls? OMG, what is wrong with you people? All kidding aside, I guess this is the kind of level you make when you are a kid. A mansion level with tons of grenades, a kazillion gigantic eels and a lot of key...searching I would have said but the keys are just there lying around. The builder had me tricked thinking I could escape with the vehicle. If you are into mindless blasting of eels then this is your thing I guess." - bERT (27-Dec-2022)
"Mulf is right in his review because my name is john and i do like home levels! and i did like this one because it freaked me out and made me jump! its a good thing it doesnt have sounds actually because i would of been off the sofa haha because in this small home level every time you seem to pull a lever or find a key to progress you are attacked by several giant eel's it was enough to get my heart racing and my adrenaline flowing i can tell you. but apart from some spikes to avoid, an optional pushable block and quad bike to ride if you wanted theres nothing else to do in this level after killing the t-rex or running past him to the open passage, all over in 10 mins again which was a blessing in some ways because that constant ticking noise was starting to get seriously irritating" - John (09-Aug-2021)
"If you play only one Cain level this year, dare I suggest you make it this one. It has several advantages over other offerings by this builder, namely that 1) it’s short; and 2) there’s no maze. I realise that’s only two rather than several, but if your name is John, you may count its setting as another advantage, as it takes place in a (vaguely) familiar environment: a scaled-down variant of The Mansion. The intruders are Cain’s trademark eels, which you get to dispose of by means of grenades. There’s also an end-of-level boss, whom you can either run past or sort-of-kill in a reasonably novel (at the time) manner; and you just have to love the subtle clues strewn all about the mansion which hint at his identity. (Before you play, get rid of 106.wav, though. The level will play out in complete silence, but that’s vastly preferable.)" - Mulf (16-Jun-2021)
"Honestly, we have to give Cain some credit here. For a second level, this isn’t even as bad as some of his later releases. It’s a mansion level, sure… but the idea is quite brilliant: Where most mansion levels seem to be centered around Lara gathering Christmas presents, putting on pretty outfits, or doing an endlessly useless repetition of the assault course, in Cain’s unique take here, her mansion undergoes a home-invasion of giant eels (the author’s iconic trademark). Think TR2’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ meets H. R. Giger’s Alien. A buggy mess that’s over fairly quickly, but still ‘fun’ objectively speaking." - Sethian (08-Dec-2020)
"Lara looks rather pretty with a nice little flower in her hair, but she's in for the shock of her life when she finds that her humble abode has been invaded by giant eels! Thankfully the grenade launcher is sitting right next to her, so short work is made of them. It's a typical Cain production, this (I am aware of what to expect, having played his first effort and read the reviews of his other levels): shedloads of enemies, clumsy construction and no real gameplay to speak of. A few absent sounds here, too. Find a few keys, defeat the invaders and end the level. Not much else to say, really. Just for "fun", I tried driving the quad bike through the T-Rex. It didn't kill him, but seemed to stun him instead, making him dangerous no longer." - Ryan (26-Mar-2019)
"So Lara's house was invaded by swarms of big black monster thingies and the only way to deal with them is with grenades. Her house is full of T-Rexes heads placed on random spots. There is also a T-Rex to battle but it never dies. I guess it stops attacking once it's supposedly dead and it just stays standing there, growling. There are many sounds missing. The bike wasn't so unnecessary, as it was helpful to kill some of the monster thingies, but nothing else. It's a level that, after playing it, will leave you like 'What the hell did I just play?'." - alan (15-Jan-2019)
"Another incredibly mindless and completely unpolished shooter-themed release from Cain that takes place in a Croft Manor-esque location, with flat lighting, lazy texturing, shallow gameplay, an extreme lack of music/sound effects and nonsensical object/enemy placement(which includes some of the worst 'LOL SO RANDOM' humor I've ever seen inserted into a game), being practically the epitome of what you shouldn't do when designing a game. And with the lack of a proper atmosphere to at least compensate for the deficiencies in other areas, generally leads to an ultimately forgettable experience overall. Would not recommend, unless you're a fan of Cain's particular 'style' of building." - Ceamonks890 (04-Dec-2014)
"Have I mentioned at some point that I am a fan of Cain and his Levels? Certainly I have mentioned this at some point. Maybe also several times. You asks yourselves now certainly, why on earth I am a fan of his Levels. Well, his levels are well built as a rule, but otherwise completely exaggerated and absolutely mindless. But exactly this is so entertaining. One can switch off his brain and have simply a few minutes of fun. Exactly this happens here. One must massacre only everything what runs to one through the way. And after about 7 minutes of happy massacre one is already at the level end. Unfortunately, I had some sound problems, so that was hardly anything to hear. But with such a short playing time one can take it." - Scottie (25-Apr-2011)
"Gameplay - hm... It's very difficult to rate. The length of the game corresponds with this kind of gameplay very well. But if the game was longer, constant killing and searching for the keys would became boring. So let it be 2 points. # Puzzles - average, 2 points as well. # Enemies - too much eels in one place this time, and... only two kind of baddies?! In CAIN'S LEVEL? What, the... I give 1, as the author has broken the lead assumption of his style. # Objects - density of them is much greater than in most of Cain's productions. And I'm not talking about eel density. The walls are full of T-Rex heads - probably these unlucky dinos Lara has killed in other Cain's shooters. It gives a fine feeling of connecting this level with the others, what makes an illusion of partially continuous plot. But, it's only PARTIALLY, and as long as nothing really inventive appeared, it's 2 points for objects only. # 0 Secrets - 0 pts. # Atmosphere is fine, but not great - so I give 2 pts. # Sound is AWFUL - the worst I ever heard in a custom. 0 pts and I'm not sorry. # Cameras - 0 pts, as there are none again. # Lighting is average - it's another level where it doesn't disturb, so I can give 1 point, but it isn't creative at all, and affects eels outside the house, so I just can't give any more points. # Textures look better than usually applied by Cain, and sometimes it is a pleasure to look at them. After seeing all the stretched worlds made by Cain, I'm very satisfied now I can look at something pretty different. It means, different & pretty... I give 3 points, then. ## SUMMARY: I have nothing against this short, remarkable, relaxing, cute level full of T-Rex' heads on the walls... as long as it's short. Searching for the keys is exchanged with fighting eel hordes and we never run out of ammo... and some fun. It's nearly impossible to die here, so play this level while waiting for your newly-made cup of tea to achieve its optimal temperature." - DJ Full (03-Aug-2010)
"Well, this is another soundless level made by Cain, the only sounds are coming from her pistols and ther are quite useless in this level as you need the grenade launcher mostly, The puzzles were quite good actually. Cain did a good job on making key puzzles, hiding keys etc. But there was not any variety of enemies, only hordes of eels. :( And that got pretty boring when they popped up in packs when you leat expected them. I liked the T-rex though." - Larson 1988 (26-Jan-2008)
"Yes,I see;it's a Cain level.How on earth am I supposed to rate such a thing? In this case (as with all others by this builder),simply choose a bunch of numbers on the low side and leave it at that.Anyway,it's completely mad and hilarious in equal measure so I'm not criticizing really." - Orbit Dream (17-Jan-2008)
"The stuff of nightmares! Not only are we in a much reduced and extremely weird mansion... make that a shed, compared to her usual home, but this place has been invaded BIG TIME. I wondered what the grenade gun was doing in such a modest environment! I soon found out. Just when you think the coast is clear, another attack happens, and not just down the corridor, or in the creepy rooms. They come from on high to land on your head, they emerge from the greenery, and every corner. They attack at almost every pickkup or switch, and they attack in gangs. What are they? I think I'll leave that to those whose curiosity is greater than their bravery. Lara's outfit is nice though, and credit must certainly go to the creator of the new enemies." - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"This one also does not have any serious gameplay and again we meet a lot of enemies, I wish I knew what those creatures were. There are a few keys to find, kill many enemies (did I mention that there are a lot of enemies?) and escape with a T-Rex chasing Lara but not for long. There is a dead end slope and that's it. I think the builder must stop releasing such levels and concentrate on creating a good and solid one with bearable, at least, gameplay and setting. The mansion you see here isn't even complete and the outside area is full of T-Rex heads. No wonder the one outside was so upset, it's not a pretty picture seeing relatives hanged on walls all over the place." - Kristina (21-Sep-2007)
"I have come to realise by now that Cain's levels are far from 'normal', and this level was no exception. After picking up a grenade gun and managing to leave her room, we begin a small trek around her house collecting keys and blowing up enough giant eels to feed a small country. Shortly after that, we get to ride around a bit on a quad bike, then escape though a small hole in the wall. We then slide down a small slope with a dead-end at the bottom, at which point I assumed she would probably end up stuck there for the whole of eternity. Thankfully, there was actually a finish trigger this time around, which allowed me to happily escape from this strange mess." - Spike (16-Sep-2007)
"A small and bored level where you'll only have to kill a lot of big black snakes with your grenade launcher. Lara's home is very small and has dozens of dinosaur heads in the walls inside and outside. You'll open some doors with keys and at the end there is a T-Rex and a quad. No more. At least there's a finish trigger." - Jose (11-Sep-2007)
"I have to say the readme made me chuckle. Lara's wearing a delightfully frivolous flower in her hair and she probably needs all the cheer she can get, because she's having a bad day. You may initially wonder why a grenade gun is your first weapon pickup, but not for long. The mansion is infested with big, ugly eel-like monsters who are very tough indeed, although probably slightly less weird than the loo in the main hall, the trees in the storage rooms or the T-Rex heads on the outside walls of the mansion. There are missing sound files (but regrettably not the one that provided a constant ticking noise) and the entire thing only lasts a few minutes, which is possibly a mercy." - Jay (29-Aug-2007)
"Yeah, I found a new enemy I can use in my level. Yeah, blast them to Kingdom come, yeah. Doesn't matter if the rest is rubbish as long as I can cram as much of them in here yeah..." - Gerty (27-Aug-2007)
" "The Break In By Cain or Lara Croft's Zero Tolerance Approach To Girl Guides!" The level starts with Lara looking all demure in a rather fetching outfit but quickly degenerates into a blow-up-a-thon, with Lara on one side with giant eels and a T-Rex on the other. Not much else to do in this level apart from picking up a few keys and using one switch. I'm not entirely sure why Lara so many TV's scattered about her home or a toilet in her entrance hall, but she has got them. She also has some misaligned textures. And quite a lot of missing sounds, which is a shame as it did affect the atmosphere. I have to admit I do find Cain's sense of humour funny and I did enjoy blasting the hell out of those eels! Where they came from and why they were there still remains a mystery. But I do understand why the T-Rex attacked Lara, its entire family seemed to be adorning her walls, so I guess it wanted revenge..." - Kitkat (25-Aug-2007)
"This level should be in the joke class. It's nothing but a joke,and not worth the time it takes to download and install." - Bedazzled (25-Aug-2007)
"A less than 10 minute oddity of a level that you should not play if you are allergic to oversized eels crawling around your home. But if you enjoy to blast away those creatures with a grenade gun that is exactly what you get here. Check it out for a quick smile." - MichaelP (24-Aug-2007)
"DEAR GOD, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! Even after finishing this, I'm not quite sure I comprehend! There's so much wrong with the picture here, I frankly don't know where to start! I suppose I'll just start somewhere and see how it develops further on. First - Lara's home seems to be somehow jinxed to attract the weirdest kind of attention ever since "Home, Sweet Home" in TR2, so for once I actually wouldn't have minded to abandon the fort (because that's what Lara's home was reduced to in here - some sort of a rectangular shape) and look for better place to live, letting the giant killer leeches and their T-Rex king have it for whatever twisted purposes they wanted to in the first place! Not to mention that Lara's taste and interior (or exterior for that matter) design skills have degraded over the years, as how else can you explain the choice to use rolled up carpets as smoke vents for fireplaces, her countless (!) T-Rex head trophies as decorations in every room of the house (well, maybe except the WC on the second floor) and also its whole exterior, a flat-screen TV attached to the staircases railings, with the inclusion of a toilet bowl as a decoration in the foyer to top it all! And she sure doesn't make it easy for herself in these situations with scattering the keys (all named 'load') around her house randomly! As you can guess - there's not much in the way of things around here - after getting the grenade gun - it's all blowing up the leeches, picking up keys, running over the T-Rex with a quad bike and then sliding down towards a wall into an uncertain end, which according to the author resolves with Lara going back home to watch some more telly. Technically - even with the author's supplied sounds, there were still a handful missing, thus making this more or less a silent adventure (also not sure what the purpose of the audio tracks was - all I heard were some 'clicks'?) and while the outfit is lovely, I'm not sure if that's enough for you to start this adventure up - if you like blowing stuff up, this might be right up your alley though! On a different note - having tried to sell door to door myself, it broke my heart that Lara apparently got the grenade gun to blow up the girl scouts first before discovering her house was invaded by giant killer leeches. Boo!" - eTux (24-Aug-2007)