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Lara's Home in Africa by Gabriel Oliveira

bERT 0 1 1 0
CC 0 1 1 1
Ceamonks890 0 1 0 1
Cory 1 1 0 1
DJ Full 1 1 1 3
eTux 0 2 0 1
Gerty 0 1 1 1
Jay 0 1 1 1
John 0 1 0 1
Jose 0 1 0 1
Kitkat 2 1 1 1
Kristina 1 1 1 1
Leeth 1 0 0 2
lokky99101 0 1 0 1
manarch2 0 1 0 1
MichaelP 0 1 1 1
Orbit Dream 0 1 0 1
Ryan 1 0 1 1
Scottie 1 0 1 0
Spike 1 1 1 1
Treeble 1 1 0 1
Zhyttya 0 0 0 1
release date: 06-Sep-2007
# of downloads: 119

average rating: 0.72
review count: 22
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file size: 12.46 MB
file type: TR4
class: Home

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"She's such a scatterbrain our Lara. Forgot to pack Winston and a fourth wheel for her quad now she apparently moved to her African mansion. But fear not, the fourth wheel just happened to appear out off thin air once you start the quad. Winston, alas, is nowhere to be found. I looked in the walk in freezer just in case I had to free him. A very basic attempt to create a mansion with a garden with a lot of hedges. Funny thing with the quad happening as our site keeper already mentioned and in the garden a 'ceiling' tile that was green at first turned into blue as if the builder played his own level and noticed, while backtracking, it should have been a blue/sky tile right from the start. Had a bit of fun driving the quad to the start of the level but, alas again, Lara must have misplaced the key to the entrance of her mansion as I could not get out nor found a finish trigger (neither a Danish or Norwegian one)." - bERT (29-May-2024)
"oh dear. more of a test level here if you can even call it that. 2 switches, lots of items to pick up and a faulty quad bike in these very large rooms with stretched home style textures applied to them, theres literally nothing to do or see here of any vague interest, give it a miss" - John (09-Aug-2021)
"The second of four debut levels released by Gabriel Croft on the same day, only its set in Croft Manor this time round. Doesn't make it any more worthwhile to play though." - Ceamonks890 (19-Mar-2018)
"A rather tedious five minutes of galloping through a huge mansion, collecting pointless supplies and riding a malfunctioning and rather hilarious quad bike. Again, no finish trigger." - Ryan (11-Dec-2016)
"Lara's Mansion only 10x bigger. It's pointless to play this, you roam around in the house just to see how awfully big it is...and those are blue textures to simulate the sky?! Not recommended at all, you can't even have fun with it." - Zhyttya (14-Mar-2016)
"Hummm... Well at least she has a big room to keep all the elephants and T-Rex warm in the winter. And that freezer could save a lot of pinguins in the world! So much space.. Lara really is trying to save the world here people! On a serious note: Not recommened level but you will giggle a bit in the end" - Leeth (14-Mar-2016)
"This leve set can get quite boring very easily as there's not much to do at all except pick up some weapons and drive around on the qaudbike all day and get very bored the house is quite big with a massive freezer for some reason. Not reccomended at all nothing to do" - lokky99101 (07-Mar-2016)
"Oh come on, Gabriel, why are you releasing such levels? This one is nothing but crude. Texturing was bad, there was nothing to do. Not recommended at all." - manarch2 (11-Jun-2011)
"Africa is much warmer than England so Lara probably thinks she needs much larger freezer in her African home than in its English version. However, just like it is in the UK, there's still nothing to find in there except some meat. And no frozen Winston. I still wonder how the author has created the animation I saw riding a quad. For the pickups: we collect all 17 of them in one room. For the rest of the objects: quite good. The author set different lighting in some places, so I think it deserves one point, and average texturing gets two. SUMMARY: Not recommended, as there is nothing to do in this level." - DJ Full (05-Oct-2010)
"This shanty should stand in Africa? I have nothing seen what could point to Africa. We could be as well in Taka-Tuka-Land. Or in Never-Never Land. Or on Tatooine. But all the same where we are now, it comes close to the play hell already very much. Lara looks quite nicely well in her smart dressing-gown, but this is also the only nice thing in this level. The rooms are big and almost empty, there are paper-thin walls, stretched textures and an absolutely superfluous armory. Only the Quadbike is interesting. There something has gone wrong with the animation. The rear axis including the rear right wheel turns around Lara and the Quadbike." - Scottie (03-Jun-2009)
"Well, Lara's home in Africa is a big place. Lots and lots of huge almost empty rooms to run around. Unless you'd like to try the disfunctional quadbike to get around faster in this heat. Lara is in her TR2 short blue nightie. This is a look-see level project for winroomedit.prj." - CC (12-Nov-2007)
"Is there an epidemic in bad levels lately? Once more a very short level with bad applied textures, a not successful attempt to build a mansion and a quad bike that has one part going round and round. Choose something else to play." - Kristina (24-Oct-2007)
"Another "level" made with a few big square rooms this time a bit better textured than the previous. Only push a couple of buttons in a huge house without interest. At the end you find a quad but its move is hilarious. Nothing more." - Jose (24-Oct-2007)
"I gave a 1 for gameplay because of some switches and a bike. I gave a 1 for enemies objects and secrets because there was a bike. I gave 0 for atmosphere sound and cameras because there was none. I gave 1 for lighting and textures because they bothered to texture it. It was quite bad, the bike was a joke." - Cory (10-Oct-2007)
"A very long time ago, long before I was exposed to the wonders of the internet - when I got stuck in a Tomb Raider game I worked out my frustration by using up all of Lara's ammo randomly and then swan-diving off a high spot so metaphorically putting the game to a rest before I could find inspiration to attempt playing it again. Now there's nothing that will have you stuck for good here - but as in the author's other releases to date there is no finish trigger, so I recalled the bit of trivia I shared with you above and decided to give this level an end like this one. A depressing end to a depressing level - there's hardly anything to do in the oversized rooms but pick up all the ammo you can't use for anything, since Lara seems to be pretty safe (and lonely) in her Africa mansion. The only source of excitement is a quadbike which I used to quickly get to places - but I'm not sure if I can recommend anything for sight-seeing." - eTux (05-Oct-2007)
"This is ever so slightly better than Eric's other levels;which means it's very poor indeed. Neverthelss,gives this a go in order to see Lara ride her Bike..hilarious!" - Orbit Dream (03-Oct-2007)
"Glad I don't have to live in this house, there is a freezer as big as my apartment and a kitchen you can loose an army in it. The bike was a hoot and I kept driving just for the fun of it." - Gerty (28-Sep-2007)
"A short 'Lara's Home' style level, with very little to do bar run around aimlessly and collect some weapons, as well as ride around on an 'interesting' quad bike. The texturing and lighting was poor, the sky was completely unconvincing, and in general this really isn't essential in any sense of the word." - Spike (25-Sep-2007)
"Africa, eh? Well, you know I could have forgiven a lot if there had been elephants, but there weren't so I can't. Apart from discovering that Lara still keeps a well stocked gun cupboard and could use the services of a really good mechanic for her quad bike (poor thing was missing a wheel), I didn't find anything to do except search once again in vain for a finishing trigger." - Jay (24-Sep-2007)
"Not much of a difference from the author's two previous levels I've just played but hey -- why Africa? The atmosphere here reminds me more of Lara in a Box, and I don't think that one was in Africa. Either way, explore an oversized mansion (check out the size of that freezer), pickup loads of useless weaponry and get to a buggy quadbike short ride then you've seen it all. 05 minutes. 09/07" - Treeble (24-Sep-2007)
"I didn't really see the 'Africa' connection but atleast this level does resemble Lara's mansion. There are mansion textures stretched all over the place. Plus paperthin walls, no finish trigger, etc... Also for some reason tonnes of weapons and ammo but nothing to shoot! The quadbike is always fun {extra point in 'gameplay' for it} even if it wasn't working properly." - Kitkat (24-Sep-2007)
"6 rooms this time and as the title implies a (rather humble) attempt at a Lara's Home recreation with literally nothing to do except find the well equipped weapon room and the hilarious (because not correctly working) Quad Bike." - MichaelP (23-Sep-2007)