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Lara's Nightmares 1 - Egypt by Gabriel Oliveira

Ceamonks890 0 1 0 1
Cory 2 2 1 1
DJ Full 1 1 0 2
eTux 1 2 0 1
Gerty 1 1 1 1
Jay 2 2 1 1
Jose 1 2 1 1
Kitkat 2 2 1 1
Kristina 1 1 1 1
manarch2 1 0 1 1
MichaelP 2 1 1 1
Orbit Dream 1 1 0 0
Ryan 1 1 0 1
Scottie 0 1 0 1
Spike 2 1 1 1
Torry 2 2 3 2
Treeble 1 1 1 1
release date: 06-Sep-2007
# of downloads: 112

average rating: 1.09
review count: 17
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file size: 14.34 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"More huge boxy rooms from this author with a ting bit of platforming and not much else to recommend it. Three minutes and you are done with no finish trigger." - Torry (09-Jan-2020)
"The third debut level of Gabriel's released on the same day and as expected, its lacking in practically every design aspect. It has a bit more structure than the builder's other debut Egyptian level 'Egypt Catacombs' I guess, but that's really stretching it." - Ceamonks890 (19-Mar-2018)
"A few minutes of jumping over some pits, using a few switches, some slope jumping, shimmying and it's all over. I would recommend to try out Gabriel's later efforts, as these are pretty pointless by comparison." - Ryan (11-Dec-2016)
"Having taken a little break from all those fantastic BtB levels, here is a game with very few TR 2 touches as the only positive point, Lara's outfit, the shotgun and the ammo, plus some sounds. Else than that, this level is as bad as the builder's other three first games, but it had a little jump sequence with slopes so I am willing to give a point therefore too." - manarch2 (03-Sep-2011)
"There are few objects only, and one of them is a hi-tech button, not belonging here. As long as this is a nightmare, I can accept this, and this is actually not what kills this level. What does it is the texturing stretched and resembling wallpaper. One good thing is the author tried to change some lighting (with poor effect, anyway - the shadows have no explanation). SUMMARY: Many epic levels including Semerkhet's pupil await you there. I mean, "there". Not "here"." - DJ Full (09-Oct-2010)
"I have a dream. I dream that all men are created equal... Oops, sorry, this dream already had someone else. So once again. I have a dream. I dream that we player get only good level. Level without stretched textures, without missing textures, without pointless succession from a few gigantic rooms and without paper-thin walls. But I fear that this dream will never come true as long as it gives level like these. The only good thing with the levels of Prince Eric is that they are over so fast. The bad one is that they can spoil the whole day. I have a dream..." - Scottie (04-Jun-2009)
"I am repeating myself I know but so does the builder so don't blame me. Let's go then, one more time. We have awfully textured areas, huge with a lonely crocodile, a button to push and a shimmy again with a few slides and jumps in between." - Kristina (24-Oct-2007)
"A real nightmare could be to play always this kind of "levels". At least, this time there are some jumps and moves around the walls, but it's another "level" as the previous from this "author". Few big square rooms, a couple of enemies, some fire trap and a big bull at the end. Nothing more. Please, don't release Part 2." - Jose (24-Oct-2007)
"Some baddies, some good guys, a switch, a door, a slide sequence and a shimmy. That is all that was in this level compiled of 4 rooms. It is pointless." - Cory (15-Oct-2007)
"Well, this certainly was the most substantive level of the 4 from this author I played. So yes - it's still kind of an awkward tut experience with not much more than a jump sequence, pushing a button with a wrong animation, hearing how a soldier takes out the only ninja here to threaten you, and approach or ignore (as I chose to) the bull. While I think recommending a different hobby to the author is a bit harsh - I would certainly recommend him to try going through the manual/tutorial level to get hang of the basics. It can only go uphill from then on, as far as I'm concerned." - eTux (05-Oct-2007)
"Abysmal. I heartily recommend that this builder takes up another hobby,forthwith." - Orbit Dream (03-Oct-2007)
"Oops a friendly person that will help Lara out. The ninja however had weird ammo. At least there is some jumping to do and again a long shimmy to do. Some playing with the bull and that is the end, I think." - Gerty (28-Sep-2007)
"Run around large, badly textured rooms and navigate a small jumping sequence before reaching the end of the level, where you get to play with a bull for as long as you want. It was completely devoid of atmosphere and good gameplay, and it only lasted a few minutes at most. The author has a very basic grasp of the editor, but really needs to learn more about it before releasing levels." - Spike (25-Sep-2007)
"Somewhat encouragingly, there are signs of rudimentary gameplay in the fourth offering from this builder. There's a crocodile, ninja and mummy to deal with and a bit of sliding and jumping to achieve. Oh, and a bull (but I couldn't see anything for him to do) and, yes you guessed it, STILL no finishing trigger." - Jay (24-Sep-2007)
"Well, you can see why it's a nightmare. Not much of a difference from the same author's "Egypt Catacombs" except you're supposed to die in the end here. The button felt so out of place, but it was really minor in comparison to the stretched textures and huge rooms. Enemies popping out of thin air. End of the world at the top, where you face the bull/death/end. 05 minutes. 09/07" - Treeble (24-Sep-2007)
"OK, now we are getting somewhere! This level has some gameplay: enemies to shoot and/or avoid, buttons to press, deadly traps, jumps over slanted blocks, shimmy cracks, pick-ups hidden under pushables, and a novel replacement for a finish trigger. {BTW: for a finish trigger just bring up the"Set Trigger Type" window and click in the box next to"Trigger", select"Finish" and put a number 24 in the box next to it, then apply the pink trigger squares to an area Lara can't miss. That's it!} Sure there are still stretched textures and paperthin walls but with a bit more work I think we will see a good level from Prince Eric soon." - Kitkat (24-Sep-2007)
"Another level built out of 4 rooms and probably the best of the four to date by Gabriel as there is at least a hint of gameplay with a small jump sequence and a push object that hides some pickups. Still no finish trigger though, so you get to dance with a bull as long as your patience allows." - MichaelP (23-Sep-2007)