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Return to the Ice Palace by Master

eRIC 6 6 4 5
eTux 5 6 4 5
Gerty 6 6 4 5
guss18 6 6 6 5
Jay 6 6 6 6
JesseG 7 4 5 4
Jose 7 8 7 7
Kristina 5 5 5 5
MichaelP 7 6 6 6
Orbit Dream 6 6 7 6
Phil 7 6 6 7
Ryan 6 6 5 5
Scottie 6 6 5 5
Treeble 7 6 6 7
release date: 28-Oct-2007
# of downloads: 106

average rating: 5.79
review count: 14
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file size: 14.07 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cold/Snowy

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"While the name might suggest a remake from the TR2 level, this is actually an entirely original design but filled with throwbacks, such as the dark pit with the spikes and the snowball avalanche. As usual with these 2010 and earleir levels, I've booted it up from my personal archives and ended up with a lot of missing sound effects (nearly all of them missing, in fact, except for Lara's pistols - and I think it's been less than a week since I complained about this very specific sound effect lol, talk about karma), but while atmosphere certainly took a hit, this kept me entertained while it lasted. There was a bit of padding with some areas requiring two or so trips, but otherwise it's pretty straight to the point. 35 minutes, 1 secret. 12/21" - Treeble (09-Jan-2022)
"Not bad for a debut, I must say. The setting could use some improvement in texturing, one room is way too dark (unless the builder was aiming to emulate the respective room from the Catacombs of the Talion as well as the Ice Palace) and there are a few sound issues, but the gameplay has some good ideas, including a few slope jumps, block puzzles, an avalanche effect with boulders and a boss battle with Big Bird. No work of art, but fun to go through." - Ryan (09-May-2017)
"This level is a copy of a TR2 level. The copy does not correspond completely to the original, this was probably a little bit too difficultly in the conversion, but one recognises a lot, nevertheless, again. One could see also the snow leopards, Yetis and this gigantic bird. A big problem is, that many actions have no sound. This is a bit pity, because this level was built quite well. The riddles are relatively easy. One knows any time what is to be done, particularly as there are also enough flybys. The textures are well processed. Not so well is the lighting. Mostly it is too bright. However, at some places it is also very dark. But one finds enough Flares. Playing time was about 40 minutes." - Scottie (04-Jun-2009)
"A 30 minute tibet style level. Lara will probably have enjoyed her first trip better, but the return trip holds a few treasures, including some slope and ladder jump sequences, pits of spikes, swinging blades, snow tigers, and yetis. The push block puzzles were a nice touch as well. Unfortunately the looks could use quite a bit of care. Lighting contains 0-0-0 and 128-128-128 ambient settings and barely anything in between, and texture sizing needs work. The outdoor areas almost look chaotic with the arrangement of snow textures. The cages are all made out of door objects, and since they are rarely placed on portals this causes major collision problems. One of the TR2 sounds the wad calls for was missing; I chose to make the missing sample file to prevent further audio problems. Some odd tr4 sounds are used for the custom objects, especially the icicles. Fortunately camera cues are usually given and done well, and the level is structurally sound. With more care towards textures, lighting, sound samples, and placement of door objects, the builder can achieve great things." - SSJ6Wolf (28-Dec-2008)
"For a debut level not bad at all. A few mistakes, missing sound files, invisible blocks, etc. But very much a playable level. Gameplay somewhat simple but straight forward, a tad too much back and fro though. I think this builder shows promise and hope they will stay with it." - guss18 (01-Dec-2007)
"This level will take you back to the Tibet; it'll make you remember those nice icy levels from TR2 with the yetis, the tigers, the snowballs, and more. There's not great puzzles but the gameplay is entertaining and easy to play. Guns and ammo were not enough for me perhaps I only could find a secret and the missed shotgun could be found in the secret I missed. Good work with the cameras to show you the way and correct lightened and textured. Although there are some small defects in the design, it's a very playable level." - Jose (27-Nov-2007)
"Not bad for a first effort. The gameplay is linear and rather simplistic, but it provides enough challenges to occupy a beginning raider for 45 minutes or so. The lighting is sufficient throughout, too, which is more than can be said for many other, more accomplished productions. You're in an arctic setting with abominable snowmen and snow leopards for enemies, with a giant blue chicken boss thrown in at the end for good measure. This won't win any awards, but it's a pleasant enough raid." - Phil (20-Nov-2007)
"This is a debut level so don't expect too much, although, having said that, as debut levels go this isn't at all bad. There are missing sound files, which is a bit frustrating, but otherwise nothing too off-putting turns up in the way of newbie errors. This is more of a homage to the original TR level than a slavish copy and it's quite effectively built, if a little empty in places. The gameplay is easy, but quite lively and well paced and the yetis and snow leopards will keep you on your toes. At less than an hour's duration this makes quite a pleasant little filler level for when you fancy something not too taxing. A most promising beginning from this builder." - Jay (12-Nov-2007)
"For a debut this is actually not a bad level at all. A tip, experience a bit more with the lights, there is also a whole row of invisible blocks in a yeti cage and some sounds didn't work. Bit too much back and fro that only prologues the gameplay and I never found the key for the cage with two yetis so they have to starve to death. Found one secret, the Uzi." - Gerty (08-Nov-2007)
"The setting will give you the impression that this is a TR2 level. There is plenty of snow, quite a few yetis and I believe leopards. There isn't much to do here, just find a few masks, a couple of keys and after you meet with the big bird place a gem next to a door so you can slide to another area. Then slide somewhere else and so on until you reach the finishing trigger. It didn't leave such a good impression. I found one secret." - Kristina (08-Nov-2007)
"There's still a way to go for the builder, but as far as debuts go, this is actually a pretty good start. Inspired by the TR2 level, you raid in thematically familiar settings taking you through temple and outside areas, and while at first it seems pretty quiet, it turns out to be quite a shooter experience, as you meet yeti's, soldiers, white tigers and eventually the Talion guardian. Thankfully that's not all the level consists of, as there are some neat jumping, climbing and trap sequences to make the stay worth your while, and as said by other reviewers the avalanche is probably the most memorable moment. I didn't enjoy every aspect here however. While the texturing could be less chaotic, the biggest fault here was the bland lighting. Outside rooms look almost untouched, and some inside rooms are extremely dark making it hard to figure out what hit you. The uninspired looks take a lot away from the atmosphere's potential as well. You can also take a shortcut with a jump, completely avoiding one task, but since the task requires a lot of tedious climbing, it may actually work out benevolently for the level in this case. What irked me additionally to all this was that the level was pretty much silent. Some sound bugs made Lara's footsteps and gunshots the only sound effects audible, and while it isn't that big of a deal generally - your encounters with the yeti's or the big bird monster at the end are half as effective as they would be if the issues would've been resolved. It seems that some additional tracks were not added to the download package too, as sometimes the level went completely silent where they were supposed to be triggered. That all said - the level as such is not bad, and definitely a well achieved debut, but it won't stay in your memory for anything in particular in the long run." - eTux (05-Nov-2007)
"A level that recalls somehow the reminiscence of the TR2 level , given the texturing and some bare rooms. The flow of the level is quite fluent for 40 minutes. The puzzles are simple, the enemies cost a few medipacks , objects are called 'load' in the inventory, the texturing is repetitive and the lighting is often non existent. I had a lot of missing sounds for the enemies and objects while playing , as there was no TR2 sound 208-0 in the package. A like the idea of the avalanche and the flipmap, too bad we find the shotgun only for the final boss, which was not more difficult to kill than the yetis. For a first release from the author, it is a pleasant level to play , the kind of level that you should not be stuck once." - eRIC (01-Nov-2007)
"Refreshing to get a debut level that demonstrates some quality after rather many not so commendable efforts lately. This one brings you into a rather bare Arctic environment with fairly simplistic room geometry and room for improvement in texturing and lighting, but the gameplay flows rather nicely, has you manage a few jumps and climb sequences, push blocks around a bit, brings you back to places, has you fight (maybe a few too many) yetis, tigers and guards and supports the progression with solid camera work. I found one secret only (the Uzi) and really liked the idea with the avalanche. Worth a quick and relaxed play of 45 minutes." - MichaelP (29-Oct-2007)
"A highly competant debut level,which nonetheless exhibits a few of the traits which indicate an early effort,viz. stretched textures in several obvious places,straightforward squarish rooms and a simplistic use of lighting. However,the atmosphere is immersive all the same and the Gameplay flows well from one 'key finding' moment to the next,interspersed with rather too many predictable yeti attacks (although the Boss creature was a nice touch) and a well-developed storyline which ended a moment too soon (I would loved to have had the Snowmobile Finale that seemed to be in the offing). It kept me happily involved for 45 minutes and that's good enough for me." - Orbit Dream (29-Oct-2007)