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The Copacahuana Idol by Raymond

DJ Full 10 9 9 9
EssGee 10 9 9 9
eTux 10 9 9 9
Gerty 8 9 9 9
God Horus 10 9 10 10
Jay 10 9 9 9
Jose 7 8 9 10
Lady C 10 10 9 10
Lizard Queen 10 9 8 9
manarch2 10 9 9 9
MichaelP 9 9 9 9
MigMarado 8 9 7 10
Mytly 10 9 10 9
Neltharion 7 9 7 8
Petaludas 10 10 10 8
Ryan 10 9 9 10
TC14 9 9 10 10
Treeble 7 9 7 9
Vaughnage 9 10 7 9
release date: 16-Feb-2008
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 9.05
review count: 19
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file size: 97.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

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Reviewer's comments
"After my previous attempt with a level from this builder went so poorly I immediately opted for the normal version when prompted with the choice, and I'm glad I did. It took me roughly 4 hours of Easter Sunday to get through this, not in a single sitting as I had to take several short breaks along the way, but even so, kudos to whoever chose the Expert version and made it to the end. The "easier" version is quite challenging as is and it's not something I could see myself getting far along without G&D's thorough walkthrough. Even then, there are so many things that challenge the usual conventions of tombraiding that I'm not entirely sure what to think about them. I love the Peru aesthetics and this being a BtB-Peru level should have hit all the right spots for me, and visually it is very pretty but the main gimmick the level is entirely built around sort of gets in the way, when you have walls and columns of water all over the place. The constant flooding/draining room was quite unique and no other setup would allow for such a thing, so from a gaming point of view it makes sense to sacrifice atmosphere for the sake of challenging the player. Tricky sequences from start to finish prevent this from being fully enjoyable though, but when the finish trigger finally comes up you feel good. Then you realize it's almost Monday again and that small endorphins rush goes right down the drain. 95 minutes, 6 secrets. 03/24" - Treeble (01-Apr-2024)
"Well, didnt dare to touch Raymond levels so long , so this is my first attempt after several exp. This guy know how to build levels and knows how to put you into difficult gameplay. Here u wont find chaotic level, just gameplay , pure expertise gameplay, innovative with much imagination and difficult jumps , just difficult and unique puzzles.And great secrets. Try if u only prob with the riddles were that didnt know what was my goal, need to try and search. (tip with no spoil:in the room with the water canals , there are 3 pushable cages , the colour that they are first upon is the colour tile u must push and navigate them + one secret route-passage in the same room u should find for lara, not the cages)" - Petaludas (22-Aug-2022)
"I have heavily mixed feelings about this extremely difficult level. Firstable we have a big quantity of highly enjoyable challenging platforming areas and creative puzzles involving water and flipmaps, I specially enjoyed the water block puzzle. But on the other hand we have some very unfair and senseless parts such as a small gap with a blade that is not even moving and a key item you need to grab, but for some reason the blade can either damage you a lot or kill you straight up, keep in mind its not even moving. Another part I found to be senseless is the switch that makes a skeleton and a raptor disappear out of nowhere by triggering a rock, I'll never understand that part. Cameras are annoying aswell, especially when they are on an area where you need to shoot something. It's a shame, because considering the quality of the author's previous level I think this one is a step back in terms on gameplay. While the looks are functional, they still need work especially because of the constant darkness in indoors areas, still, texturing and lighting are better than in the Ordeal. My last thoughts on this level is... if this on the hall of fame, why levels like Cil, or even The Ordeal aren't on it? Levels that are very close in difficulty terms to this one, just some random thoughts I had when finishing this level. Definitely one of the challenges enjoyers, but it might be too frustrating for others." - Neltharion (18-Aug-2022)
"The potential is enormous, but the follow-through just wasn't there. Too many missing hints, missing cameras, and confusing, frustrating and back-tracking reliant gameplay.

The story plays out great, but the level becomes inscrutable every five minutes after finding out the last bit to do. There is only one moment of sheer pay-off: the end! You'll either rely on the walkthrough or suffer through hell like I did, but if you like huge, hard puzzles, you'll like this level.

Thank you, Raymond! You gave us a memorable, yet difficult level!" - MigMarado (16-Oct-2021)
"Of course I chose the hard mode and regretted, but I don't regret. Of course this is as clever as it goes, so of course you should try it - but of course on the right day, because on the bad day you gonna suffer. Of course all effort is in gameplay so immersion suffers. Of course, the pushblock is AAAARRRGHHH no matter what else I wrote. Recommended, of course." - DJ Full (23-Jul-2019)
"Fortunately I choose the normal version, 'cause I played the previous Raymond's level and it was very hard for me. Even so, this version is challenging enough for an experienced player like me. The tasks in the room with all that vertical water pillars were not easy, and the gameplay was confusing and obscure in this first part. The second part in the nice outside areas with the mill wheel and adjacent place with the lake over the top of the pyramid was more entertaining and funny to play, and the timed runs there were not very hard. Anyway you'll find here a lot of innovative ideas and a complex, but playable level that will not leave you indifferent. I only missed some more enemies here and there and some hints to help with the gameplay. Extraordinary work." - Jose (28-Jul-2017)
"This is an amazingly complex, at times frustrating yet ingenious adventure From this and his previous level that I played Raymond clearly has some novel ideas for gameplay. Some parts were incredibly challenging, but I admired the thought put into each one, including the water room with movable blocks, timed trapdoor puzzle with torch, avoiding devious traps and generally exploring beautiful surroundings. I should note I played the normal version, which was challenging enough, but I'm sure you experts out there will try relish the expert challenge." - Ryan (05-Feb-2017)
"This level has some of the most creative gameplay I have ever seen. The innovative water-based gameplay is really in the 'you've got to see it to believe it' category. There's jumping from water column to water column; pushing a pushblock through water columns; lighting a torch and taking it through a room that gets flooded and drained continuously; jumping on slopes submerged in water; jumping into and out of water above you; and a lot more that I'm sure I've forgotten. There's plenty of relatively more conventional gameplay as well, such as the trapdoor puzzle/timed-run in the valley, and the numerous complex jumps and traps. It's often unclear how to do some of the more difficult tasks, so I needed several glances at the walkthrough. But in case of levels like this, in which the challenge is not figuring out where to go or what to do, but rather actually doing it, having to rely on the walkthrough is not really a problem.
The secret quests turn the difficulty up to eleven. While getting some of the secrets is indeed a pleasant challenge, a couple are a little over the top. For example, for one secret, you need to perform a bug move, i.e. embed into a wall, in order to let a boulder pass you by in a narrow corridor. Another secret requires you to jump along a series of submerged slopes with a lit torch in hand. It's extremely difficult and took me days to do it successfully. But after achieving it, I found that the secret in question could be obtained 'illegally' without using the torch, i.e. by simply registering the secret chime, but not picking up the secret item. If this was the intended method, I find it a little underhanded.
The first half of the level takes place inside caves and underground rooms, so the looks are not all that great (though not bad at all). There is some impressive architecture, such as the huge cavern with the lake above (!) it, but on the whole, the architecture is functional rather than pretty. Only once you get out into the valley is there much in the way of eye candy. The valley itself looks very good, and the adjoining lake area is very nice too.
This level comes in two versions (both included in this package): a normal version and an experts' version. I played the experts' version - and it certainly lives up to its name, as many of the tasks are extraordinarily hard. But it's very much worth the effort. Even if you think you can't handle the expert's version, make sure you at least try out the normal version, as this level is a must-play.
Overall: Brilliant level, especially in terms of gameplay. Highly recommended to all players who enjoy a good challenge, and to everyone else who wants to experience something unique." - Mytly (02-Dec-2013)
"First of all, I have to not I played the hard version. If you aren't up for some very hard moments but still want your challenge, I recommend the easy version for you.
So, now to the level: This is one of the few levels that let me have fun from start to finish and thus well deserve the top rating. The concept and the storyline of the level perfectly fit together, and the different actions that had to be done with the water pillars were simply superb. I especially loved the "pillar jumping" and the tall room with the changing water, but of course everything else in this level was just as fun. There were plenty of very tricky jumps, e.g. in the water room with slopes you even had to overcome with a torch, and in an area with tight timed runs with trapdoors near the end. The "calm" moments in this level still were quirky and innovative: The village with multiple puzzles and the cage puzzle. One little thing I have to mention - maybe the builder could have made the level a tad more linear, it was easy to get lost in this huge map and getting stuck at the other end of the map because of a missing was quite easy. The brilliant innovative tasks in this level and the usage of a good walkthrough however covered up this little fault. To get some of the secrets, the builder used all his innovation, as getting pushed out of a pool by a boulder. Whilst speaking about secrets - this level is one of the relatively few levels whose secrets really can be called secrets. They are mostly a complete seperate task, also might differ a little from the "normal" gameplay as you have to absolve traps differently, i.e. in a more hard way, than you could without getting the secret. However, one of these is presumably impossible to get without a little bug.
The looks of this level are highly professional - texturing was clean throughout the whole level; however I found that some of the orange buildings inside didn't suit that well to the setting, I rather preferred a little more variety in the textures, as some parts felt a bit unicolored. Also lighting - as often - could be improved in my opinion, as it could be more dramatic. The architecture had a great complexity, as needed for the different water puzzles, and the whole place seemed very real to me, even if the physical laws were disturbed (but that's OK, due to the storyline). The used sound fitted well, camera work in was brilliant, but yes, there were too few camera hints at times. This is undoubtedly the builder's fault, but this doesn't disturb the players when using the walkthrough. So please, come on, ten reviews after nearly four years isn't really much. This level is a masterpiece!" - manarch2 (21-Dec-2011)
"Raymond stays true to his style here...which makes this again an adventure that is not easy to actually score. And what an adventure indeed! There are few single levels out there that will not only offer a net gaming time of more than 2 hours, but will indeed keep you busy for many, many more hours due to their challenging complexity. Granted - I did venture into the expert version here, but even though I did keep the walkthrough not too far out of my reach, I ended up spending the better part of a weekend before reaching the finish line with 8 of the 9 secrets retrieved...I simply did not manage to find a way to run ahead of that boulder AND avoid the fire at the same time, so had to miss out on that one. Now, why is this hard to score? Because there is no category for the amazing technical originality that Raymond demonstrates here yet again with the never-before-seen use of water in several variations (including push puzzles and torch jumps), which leads to a number of moves that Lara needs to do that seem new and fresh and different. And at the same time, I can totally understand when people would score Gameplay lower, because there is this tendency in Raymond's levels that it is just not fun, but feels a like a whole lot of 'work' to master the challenges he so creatively invents for us. As said, I had a lot of fun in general and felt this one was (slightly) more easy going than his previous 'Ordeal', but that was also very much due to the use of the walkthrough at crucial points, where frustration was about to take the upper hand, because I was clueless about what could possibly be my next action step. So, it does play in a league of its own and maybe the easier version of this is indeed so player friendly that all my ramblings above do not make a lot of sense, but wanted to mention my point of view anyway. Don't get me wrong though - I will always LOVE to check out a Raymond level, I just need to make sure I plan enough time for it..." - MichaelP (22-Apr-2009)
"I found this to be a very enjoyable level, a very energenic level. The gameplay is fun, the puzzles are very difficult, and some very simple. The enemies were the star point of the game, as the objects were a close second, looking very good. Secrets were very difficult to find, but still very fun. The atmosphere was okay, the sound very primative, but the cameras kept the grade up. The textures and all of that were great, so I had to give it a good grade." - Vaughnage (13-Oct-2008)
"I had such a blast playing this level even though there's no doubt it was a challenging one. (I did play the expert version). But this is what you must expect when you take on one of Raymond's levels. Not only is he a skilled and inventive builder, he's one of the most technically skilled players I know. So if you're into levels that challenge your skills as a player with tricky jumps, clever puzzle solving and you have some patience, then you'll love this one. The use of water is so clever and SO much fun, I spent some time playing around in the water rooms, just for the sheer enjoyment and novelty of it. And the trap door sequence in the outdoor lake area was tricky at first, but absolutely mind blowing once you "get it". It's like you're running on sheer adrenaline and instinct because there's no time to think... you just have to "do it". And to me, gameplay is the most important aspect in a level, otherwise I tend to get bored and never return to it. I need to be "hooked" and this one had me hooked the whole time. I don't like many enemies, so that also works well for me too, but the lack of cameras is a bit frustrating. I like to see what each lever does, even if it's really obvious and close by... just my personal preference. It was a bit dark in the caves area and I understand why, but it makes it difficult to see when you're playing during the daytime. So I would have preferred a bit more light in these areas. But the ultimate gauge of a good level for me is that I get "hooked" on the gameplay and find I can't wait to get back to it. And I must say, this one did it for me. Thanks, Raymond... I can't wait for your next creation. :) (lq 04/21/08)" - Lizard Queen (22-Apr-2008)
"First of all, what stays in my mind is the inventiveness throughout the level, with many original ideas based around water. When I first started the level, I was really hooked by the atmosphere in the caves (though some people may find it dark) with all this magic water. Then, I won't describe all the things making me say "wow", I'll just name a few : the water cyclic-flipmap room, the swim in the "water tower" to get the torch up, and the clever jungle-like structure on top of the pyramid. Now let us explain the marks in detail : I was torn between such genious gameplay ideas and their density making the level frustrating (I must say the inventive pushing blocks in water drove me mad), but finally the great ideas stayed in my mind. Nothing particular, either misplaced things or really creative passages about the ennemies, objects and secrets. Then, about atmosphere, sounds and textures, I think it's faultless, and I repeat myself, especially the jungle on top of the pyramid with the impressive suspended water. So, in conclusion, a very good level that not everybody can play (even the easy version), but that I would still recommend to play patiently, taking your time (for example, a few hours every week between easier levels). And I still think a smaller version would have figured well in BtB 08 competition!" - TC14 (17-Mar-2008)
"In hindsight this is for sure a good if not great level but that is also the problem. I don't mind to play a level again and as a beta tester I sometimes play a level over and over again if needed. But I couldn't even finish this level while beta testing as I couldn't get my head around it, or crawl into Raymond's head so to speak. Having played other levels by this builder I was ready for some nasty jumping but the easiest version is not difficult at all in that respect. The difficulty is in how to proceed to the next task. The different water tunnels and walls confused me big time first time around. I have to say that Raymond made optimal use of every nook and cranny here and getting all but 1 secret, was reward on itself. I will for sure try the difficult version but that might take a bit. I can see that TREP was use, as I don't like the health-bar, it isn't as clear as the"normal one" also when reloading at my end it was hard to see on which save I was, as the colour difference is minute." - Gerty (05-Mar-2008)
"This is an innovative and clever level. Raymond clearly has a good brain for puzzling and a penchant for high-skill raiding. In the normal skill version of this level Raymond has crossed over from the dark side and given us - the mere mortal raiders a most playable level. There's still the technical detail but this is a great raid. Anyone that might have been intimidated by his first hi-difficulty release should be re-assured that this one is well within the capabilities of most players. Of course for the hard-core fans there is a hard version. The Copacahauna Idol level is built around some water ways with unusual properties that persist in a massive cavern. The water properties provide a great vehicle for some very different raiding. There a some very well constructed areas such as the water-surrrounded Temple room, and what Raymond does best is put a really different spin on conventional puzzle strategies using pushblocks, rolling balls and flipmaps. The level is well textured and has an inherently dark and spooky atmosphere. An intelligent raid, and a recommended play." - EssGee (28-Feb-2008)
"At first I was in two minds which version to choose. I decided to go for the Experts because I basically like challenges. Well I was right - this game was definitely a challenge and not only in one way, certainly a very pleasant one, full of various surprises never seen before. When you drop in the cave, the first impression might be - oh well, just some sliding with nothing much to do here, this is just another cave. Not exactly. So linger just a little longer up there because there is no turning back (or coming back) after you've crawled through that space at the bottom. And then it begins. You're hanging there, absolutely unaware of what is to come. And it is the first flavour of what you might expect while sliding yet again, desperately trying to avoid the deadly water columns combined with lightning bolts. Definitely something new for me. Throughout the game you have to deal with wraiths (3 at a time!) bats, wolves, natives and a few more I think. Just enough for my taste as I am not a fan of fighting and having too much trouble disposing of the enemies. However they are necessary in every game - well nobody expects an easy raiding anyway. What was really refreshing were a few new manouvers one needs to learn. Swimming in the chute (or a water column), mastering moving from one chute to another without being kicked off it in a particular room - and being aware that the only chance to grab a jumpswitch lies just in that chute. Seems difficult at first but it is manageable. However this isn't the only news! The torch room was fun too. At first, you are surprised by the fact that water comes and goes. Some speed is required though to find out what is there to do and where to go - in both dry and wet moments. At first you may think - how on earth am I going to race against water while holding a torch? That is exactly what makes the game more interesting! Once you've reached the upper level after the torch room, you realise you need that same torch up there as well. The question is how to get it there - in my opinion that is one of the most ingenius moments of the game. And yes, Lara can push blocks underwater too! I would particularly like to mention the three rolling boulders at one point - one may be experiencing desperation while standing there helplessly, looking at them happily going to and fro, plus two more fire-emmiters becoming aware of the deadly water on the left too, as well as managing those slopes in the water (have never experienced anything like this before) while holding the torch, and let's not forget the timed runs for the platforms - well the timed run up there is not as difficult as I thought but I spent an afternoon or two thinking of the way how to get from one point to another. All in all, this is a wonderfully designed game, I am quite happy with lightning and textures - a typical Peruvian atmosphere there, absolutely logical and once you've practiced a little you can play it smoothly. However, I still don't know how I managed to open the gate with the third cog! :)) The only thing that bothers me in general with the games is the lack of the flyby after pulling a lever in some places. Therefore the only 9 from me. Innovative is the key-word here." - Lady C (27-Feb-2008)
"Don't select the expert version of this level unless you really are feeling up to it, because it definitely is very challenging. There were times when I thought I'd picked the wrong version, but I struggled through. It's a fascinating and absorbing level, full of ingenious tasks to achieve, the hardest of which I found was some really pixel perfect jumping about/timed runs with a torch. You really need to take that torch to some places you'd swear a torch was never meant to go. There aren't many enemies to deal with, the emphasis being firmly on the agility tests and puzzles, which are very clever (and occasionally extremely frustrating, especially the ones to obtain secrets). I must mention in particular the amazing block puzzle that takes place partly under water. It surely must rank as one of the most inventive set pieces I've ever seen in a level. Amazingly good and a great idea of Raymond's to provide two versions." - Jay (25-Feb-2008)
"Here's one that undoubtedly would've scored highly in the Back to Basics competition if it could've been a part of it. Not that the experience being separated from the other competition levels detracts from your enjoyment here, as some of the competitions restricting factors can be bypassed. In here it's in the form of 2 slightly different versions of the level depending on your skill level. I already had beta-tested the normal version, so I went for the expert's version here and it still took me a little below 2 hours to reach the end (with 6 of the 9 secrets, though). But this by no means makes it one of those games where the author has endlessly dragged the experience out either due to their gameplay preferences or deliberate attempts to stretch the time you spend here - quite the contrary! It's filled with varied, creative tasks you most likely won't have seen in many other levels before, as they'll require you to know many quirks of the game engine - thus having you complete tasks that at first will seem impossible, and make no mistake - at least as far as the expert's version of the level goes - the difficulty is sky-high for several reasons. As you arrive here the area to explore at your disposal is quite expansive, thus it might seem a bit tricky to get started - but the flow of the game is actually fairly linear and majority of the challenges will actually be at specific tasks, making you think of all the possible approaches that could get you beyond them. The looks are excellent as well with the areas being well sculpted, well textured and well lit, thus creating many memorable areas, but the thing that truly stands out is the creative use of water, that while defies the laws of physics, shapes an interesting setting as well as some inventive gameplay elements. On the downside - as challenging as some of the gameplay elements are, depending on what your strengths and weaknesses in raiding are - they will test your patience and frustrate you a whole lot, and there is a particularly annoying bug in the movable block section - but the author warns about it as well as about the possible damage control, and if you keep a number of savegames it should hardly be an issue. On the whole though - it's an excellent, well-rounded and challenging self-contained game based on the 2008 Back to Basics competition object set, that includes some great use of water, boulders, torches and pretty much every Tomb Raiding element you can think of. Yet what made this such a fantastic experience for me wasn't necessarily the high difficulty level, but the creativity and unorthodox approach to the traditional gameplay elements. Highly recommended!" - eTux (20-Feb-2008)
"Wow... This game was amazing. The gameplay is so much fun and so interesting, I loved the enemies (lol some of them are funny) The camera angles, flyby's were all excellent. I loved this game. The texturing was perfect. Download this game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - God Horus (16-Feb-2008)