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La Guardia del Monstruo 2 by Cory Smith

Bene 8 8 6 9
Blue43 8 7 7 7
eRIC 8 7 6 7
Gerty 7 7 7 7
guss18 8 8 7 8
Jay 7 7 7 7
Jose 7 6 6 6
MichaelP 7 7 7 8
Orbit Dream 8 7 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 7 7 8
Scottie 7 6 7 7
Selene 8 7 7 8
Treeble 7 7 7 8
release date: 05-Sep-2008
# of downloads: 122

average rating: 7.27
review count: 14
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file size: 29.40 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"You know that when a T-Rex charges headlong at you from a narrow doorway, that you'll be in for an invigorating raid. I found this level to have a unique style throughout, in that the texturing and some room layouts were unique and that there weren't many enemies throughout, despite the large amount of shotgun ammo placed in the level. Aside from the aforementioned T- Rex, you get some breakaway tiles, boulders and some spike wall traps to avoid. If you're feeling up to a challenge, try this one out. Some sound issues that need working on, but it's otherwise not bad." - Ryan (28-May-2017)
"When I downloaded this level you cannot play directly from the download, you first have to copy/paste the uklogo and the Title TR4 into the DATA folder and then it works. Apart from that, I remembered the T-rex, but this time this bad boy must have been without food for a long time as he was waiting for Lara at the door. Glad I knew where to run to LOL. Then the exploring can begin. It isn't an easy breeze to get through as it will require some jumping skills and of course look everywhere. Textures could use some fine-tuning and there are some sound issues. The enemies were place very well, so if you are in for some fun, have a go at this one." - Gerty (10-Feb-2012)
"This level with the colorful Peru textures from the BTB2008 series was fun to play and definitely not without a few challenges. It starts pretty stressful with a serious T-Rex attack: The poor un-armed Lara has to run and dodge the beast while searching for the shotgun to defend herself. After this adrenalin heavy start follows a period of fluent and fairly easy game play with a bit of back and forth, doing a bit of platform jumping, long ladder climbing, finding a few levers and trying to avoid blades, boulders and several spike traps. Toward the end Lara finds herself in a large lava area with collapsing platforms and some nasty boulder traps. All tasks in here are manageable after a while, but it is definitely one of those areas where one does have to save often (and reload just as often after Lara dies). The level didn't have a lot of enemies, but the few that showed up were well placed and approached surprisingly when least expected, exactly how it should be. The atmosphere was nice and the author added plenty of camera hints and some serious flybys. There were a few missing sounds but that wasn't so bad since the important ones all worked just fine. The layout of the area was very good from an architectural standpoint and the texturing looked well applied. I thought the lighting was a little too bright in some areas, while other areas were lit perfectly. If the whole level would have been a little darker it might have looked more convincing, but that's just my personal taste. Overall, this was a solid level with good entertainment value - definitely recommended! (50 minutes, 1 of 2 secrets found)" - Blue43 (27-May-2011)
"This starts quite well! Hardly is Lara on the ground of the facts and a few steps go, there the door of the small beginning space opens and Lara faces to a big dino eye in eye. And this without weapons. Actually, the dino only wants to play, but Lara does not feel like it and thus she must take in hand first the legs and give heel money. But no worry, the way scuffle on the wall is found quick and there lies luckily Laras favourite weapon, the shotgun. A shot and the dino is over. Now Lara can look around without hectic rush, gather ammunition and Medipacks and open a flap. Here as well as in the other course one can ascertain that the levelbuilder a well-arranged level has built. The textures are obstructed cleanly, there are hardly opponents and the riddle inserts are no problem. The main attention lies here quite unambiguously on Laras jump arts. A drop of bitterness is also to be deplored of course: The sound was absent by some actions and the Music showed mistakes more than once. A recommendation is this level, however, anyway" - Scottie (15-Apr-2009)
"How can you not like a level that begins with a frenzied attack by a T-Rex? This opening area is all about running and searching,and that basically sums up the adventure as a whole. It's consistantly entertaining and generally well built,especially the large and challenging Lava room near the end. There are indeed some sound issues,but none that interfere with the overall enjoyment;and I duly recommend this as a fun and satisfying little adventure." - Orbit Dream (04-Apr-2009)
"As I am currently catching up playing some levels built with the famous BtB08 Wad/texture set, I finally got around to make my way through this one and was very positively suprised by it. It is good, clean and fast paced fun for the 40+ minutes it lasts and has some great moments, especially around the lava room with the break tiles and the boulders. They stil mix with a bit of too much running through connecting hallways at times and there are also a few sound issues throughout, but all in all you get good diversity of tasks, many traps and very few enemies - the big T-Rex right at the very start and later on a native and an occasional raptor. Great job here, Cory and your learning curve with the editor continues to go uphill quickly it seems. Looking forward to your next one!" - MichaelP (04-Mar-2009)
"One rather curious aspect of this level is it always seems to fold out, so after every corner you find out there's even more tasks to be done. It's pretty straightforward and linear, although the normally oversized rooms might give you a different impression. Aside from the adrenaline rush you get right at the beginning (a T-Rex about to bite your head just as you find yourself defenseless), you'll be mostly traversing the rooms looking for the pieces to proceed. There's an unique texturing style that's a little beyond your average Peruvian trip, but it still works. I've had several issues with the audio though -- some of the tracks didn't play properly and some sound effects were missing. 45 minutes, 1 secret. 10/08" - Treeble (20-Oct-2008)
"Whoa a T-Rex trying to gobble me up right from the start..I sure didn't see that coming and I will admit I panicked for a moment. But once you get your wits back and find the shotgun and ammo all is well again. Gameplay was fast paced and not overly complex. Some people dislike the collapsible tiles but I love them and when they are over lava that makes it even better. That coupled with the boulders made for a very enjoyable raid. Maybe a few missing sounds but that certainly did not take away from this offering. I can only hope that will see more from this young builder. Recommended." - guss18 (20-Oct-2008)
"Entertaining this level with a BtB08 style. It's rare that you have to deal with a boss in the very beginning. I got the pistols, the shotgun al hundreds of shotgun shells, but there are only four or five enemies in all the level (?). The level is easy to play, with no difficult tasks, correct textured and dangerous situations. I missed some more cameras and sounds, but it's a playable level to kill the time." - Jose (08-Oct-2008)
"This was really a fun and fast-paced little level and I really had a great time for the hour or so it lasted. Already at the very beginning of the level a thrilling battle provides you with a genuine adrenaline rush. After that you don't really encounter all that many enemies, something which makes the generous amounts of ammo seem a little redundant. On a few occasions I found that the sounds had gone missing, but this never felt like an atmosphere-killer. There were also moments with well-placed and atmospheric bits and pieces of music and sounds. I could actually sense a bit of the builder's infamous father in the numerous traps found throughout the level- and don't I just love him for that(seriously- I do enjoy working my way through loads of challenging traps). The lava room with the collapsing platforms, the boulders dropping from the ceiling and the jump sequences was to me the absolute highlight of the level. The atmosphere in overall is very good, textures are nicely applied and the lighting is dynamic and skilfully created. The only secret was a bit too much out in the open though and I would have loved for it to be a bit more hidden. But all in all this was a very enjoyable afternoon raid and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone." - Selene (04-Oct-2008)
"This time you see "del monstruo" right from the get-go. No sooner have you opened the first door when you're face to face with a T-rex. There's a bit of panic before you find a way up onto a wall, where you're not only safe but where you find a shotgun and plenty of ammunition to dispatch your enemy. I spent just less than an hour here and enjoyed what I found to be a fairly low-pressure but engaging raid. There are some missing sounds, notably when you kill an enemy and activate a jumpswitch, but I wasn't overly annoyed by these glitches. This young builder is coming along quite nicely, and there's even a touch of "like father like son" with those boulders that drop down on you when you jump to an innocent-looking ledge. Recommended." - Phil (29-Sep-2008)
"It's not often one gets a T-Rex in the face right at the start of a level - it certainly woke me up and prepared me for a fun raid. This is a well balanced and enjoyable level - not one that will have you rushing to the stuck threads, but challenging enough, especially in the lava room sequence. Nice use of boulders too. Another very decent offering from this young builder." - Jay (22-Sep-2008)
"I was eating a bit of pastry at the start of this when the TRex came roaring through the door. Need I say the pastry went flying and Cory had me hooked? I liked the lighting, colors and the architectural elements from the beginning and thus the 9 rating. Interesting, complex but not complicated gameplay(there is a difference) shows most in the long room filled with a multitude of tasks to accomplish and I loved the raised tiles room where at a mere glance the pattern was seen. Sound needs improvement but all in all, a fun Raid that gives evidence to the builder's growing talents." - Bene (22-Sep-2008)
"The sequel of Guardia del Monstruo is quite different in terms of gameplay/puzzles than its predecessor and let me think that the author evolves from his former trademarks. There is less of the following succession of puzzles and traps. In fact, except for the encounter with the T-Rex at the beginning which was a kind of hilarious thrill , the level is a bit long to really start, but when the main areas are reached, where you have to find several artefacts needed for progression it becomes quite interesting and very pleasant. The fun culminates with a really enjoyable big room to raid with some good challenge with collapsible tiles , monkey swinging , jumps to and fro along sloped walls , and a jumping course on ledges while avoiding boulders. This kind of gameplay is right up my alley and I enjoyed myself a lot in these areas. Then a good puzzle with pattern tiles before finishing. A pleasant level to play, quite satisfying , the kind where you don't need any walkthrough to get you unstuck. It is a pity that there are missing sounds." - eRIC (21-Sep-2008)