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Desert by Jirka008

Bene 6 7 5 4
eRIC 5 6 4 5
Gerty 4 5 3 3
guss18 5 5 5 5
High Priestess 5 5 5 2
Jay 5 5 5 5
Jose 5 5 4 5
MichaelP 7 6 5 5
Orbit Dream 4 2 2 3
Ryan 5 5 5 4
Scottie 5 5 4 5
Treeble 5 5 5 5
release date: 22-Sep-2008
# of downloads: 125

average rating: 4.69
review count: 12
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file size: 13.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Desert

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This isn't a bad level at all, with some good gameplay ideas present, like the multiple torch usage and the fairly enjoyable jumping exercises, but it also had its fair share of tedious parts throughout the 45 minutes total duration, like the long shimmying exercises and the backtracking and the fact that the scenery was unattractive kept disappearing in the final area, didn't endear it all that much to me. I liked the way the secrets were hidden though." - Ryan (18-Aug-2017)
"I've scored this as fairly average as in what I believe constitutes a half-way decent Tomb Raider game but in spite of arguably low scores on technical merit, it was a refreshing level to play - refreshingly straightforward, in fact. I often get tired of having to stop around every corner or after every three paces along a given route because of a jump sequence, an ambush, a flame emitter, a blade trap or a spear pit. So in that regard it was enjoyable to be able to kick back and return to a little basic Raiding. I like the fact that for the most part, Lara doesn't have multiple choice routes to take and there's very little back-tracking either. There's plenty of weaponry and more than sufficient ammo - all of it very easy to find. My only critiscism would be the end segment where the textures disappear sporadically, making it hard to hop around in the dark whilst killing off three Ninjas who ambush our heroine. But if you just want a relaxing hour or so playing a basic but good practice game to hone your basic skills (shimmying, reverse jumps et cetera), then it's worth a visit. Ideal level for beginners." - High Priestess (24-Jul-2009)
"I am not so quite logical to me what I should hold from this level. A few quite nice ideas are present absolutely. But, unfortunately, these scattered good ideas cannot make up for the impression bad all together. You run through undeveloped outskirt areas which hardly give variety, unimaginative, because constantly recurring, textures show, with high vertical walls and a faulty, because black sky. It looks to the interiors now and again already better, but also here monotonous textures and bald rooms predominate. But as said, there are a few nice ideas present: A small torch riddle, a few nicely illuminated rooms. To the history: Lara walks around in the area, always in search of a few keys, a crowbar, three diamonds and the hand of Sirius. If you have found this and placed, the level end is almost already reached. In the whole course you must climb a little bit and jumping a lot. Opponents are these shooting-furious journeymen in red and blue and skeletons. Because there is richly ammunition, it's not really a problem. Result: More change with the textures and the undeveloped outskirt areas, as well as better lighting would have been good this level anyway" - Scottie (15-Apr-2009)
"An egyptian level with a fast gameplay and easy tasks. Simple architecture with no much furniture, few enemies, easy secrets and small defects in the design like bad placed doors. Almost all the rooms lightened the same way, sometimes without background music, and textures not very worked. Your work here is doing some jumps, pull some switches, light some baskets, shimmy, duck and few more. Although the level is not bad at all, I missed some interesting puzzles." - Jose (04-Nov-2008)
"A fairly classic and standard raid that passes 45 minutes rather quickly as it is fast paced and will almost never have you wonder what to do in the next moment. You get a lot of platform jumping, some torch action, battles with skeletons and ninjas and three gems and three secrets to find. The setting is overall rather plain and boxy and lighting not very well done except for the occasional coloured corner, but it is still fun to raid through while it lasts." - MichaelP (24-Oct-2008)
"Bland comes to mind, lack of good lighting, choice of texture is part of it and also the wallpaper effect when they were applied. Apart from a thunder I didn't notice any music. The level on itself is not bad at all, a bit repetitive maybe, namely jumping from ledge to ledge and some levers you have to push. The Torch part was well done. Glad I always throw that thing in a place I can retrieve it. The hunt is on for gems and a Hand. The secrets were fun as they gave you additional ammo to shoot the enemies you encounter in here. You can play it directly from the download, so no problems there." - Gerty (21-Oct-2008)
"This is quite a linear and straightforward level. While it's not the most enjoyable out there, it's not boring to play. There are quite a few problems with it though: there's no horizon or skyline, most of the textures have an wallpaper effect, lighting is nearly non-existant for the most of the level, the door bug, at least one unmarked climbable wall (inside a secret area, but still), some of the remeshed floors have weird collision settings, and in the last rooms you can reach the end of the world and the entire setting disappears as the camera rotates. I also had to replay a relatively large chunk of the level because of the blue crystal #2 (I had already set fire on the puddles, furthermore you can't go back once you drop into the area where you need the three crystals). There's also a distinctive lack of background audio. 45 minutes, 3 secrets. 10/08" - Treeble (17-Oct-2008)
"Another level without an English Read Me which makes me ever grateful for the ones that do provide it. And another(!) level that when Lara dies it's back to the beginning flyby. Happened enough times that I was tempted to put this aside. There are sometimes no sounds and then you have the opening sound of a desert. The fire animations seemed out of control and then there's the skellie/fire basket room where the objects looked wavy - as if under water. All that may seem as if I did not enjoy it but that would not be true. It's a mix of shooter and exploration and I really liked the waterfall - not sure what color it was supposed to be, if any. The mission is to find keys leading to blue crystals and the Hand of Sirius. Some nice touches, such as the use of the torch to light some pools; too bad it was not more evident. A brown stripe does not signify, to me, in any way to be an ignition device. There's a disconcerting lack of textures at the ending sequence. As if the builder could not be bothered with the level anymore. And once again, another level that needed beta testing. There's too many areas to get stuck with no way out....and one would be too many. All that aside, I enjoyed many parts of this but more effort had to be expended to make this what it could have been - a very good beginning level." - Bene (16-Oct-2008)
"Not bad for a debut level. Rather bland at the start but does get better. I did manage to get stuck when I missed the gem in the pool and had to reload and replay from a save. It was not necessary to raise the block to reach the lever or use the lever to lower the block before using the torch. Fairly basic gameplay, jumping, searching for keys." - guss18 (15-Oct-2008)
"This is not in any way a bad debut level. It's just that it's so terribly bland - both in appearance and gameplay. You run/jump/shimmy from one large unlit and wallpaper'd box-like room to another;on and on for well over an hour until the blessed thing ends. The progression is generally well-worked out but my interest was never really piqued,as the texturing was bland and lifeless. A couple of points added for the ingenious 'trail of fire' Finale,which does something to lift the level at the last moment;but it's a shame that there couldn't have been more ideas as good as this throughout the previous 75 minutes or so." - Orbit Dream (13-Oct-2008)
"Having an auto installation set up, I was expecting rather more from this level than I actually got. It's a touch bland in both looks and gameplay, although it does perk up a bit as it goes along. Basically it involves a few easy jumps, picking up keys, shooting ninjas and lighting braziers whilst being hacked to death by skeletons. As debut levels go, it's not bad, but don't expect much in the way of sophistication." - Jay (30-Sep-2008)
"A one hour level where you go from one outside area to the next with some inside raid in between. At the beginning I noticed the high walls surrounding the first outside area , then water without any colour, and I thought that it won't be much of an atmospheric course. But the setting improves further. Still it is far from being atmospheric due to the lack of appropriate lighting (no sun bulbs) and missing audio tracks for the background music, there was only the sound of the thunder in the outside places. I add the usual audio tracks to the ones provided in the zip and it made no difference ! The course in itself is entertaining enough, with rather easy platforming gameplay with some puzzles traps and enemies thrown in. I quite like the fact that you revisit the torch room from another angle when you need it again for the 2nd torch puzzle , and the couple of secrets i found were rewarding. I am afraid though there is the possibility to get stuck for good in a couple of places, as for me I did not noticed the gem in the oil and therefore had to reload a savegame for I put the oil on fire and could not retrieve the gem without burning." - eRIC (28-Sep-2008)