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Royal Bengal Tigers by Dark Death

Bene 9 9 10 9
DJ Full 8 10 10 9
dmdibl 9 9 9 9
Dutchy 7 9 10 9
eRIC 7 10 10 9
EssGee 8 10 9 8
Jack& 5 9 8 7
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 10 9
Jose 5 10 10 8
MichaelP 8 10 10 9
Moonpooka 9 9 9 8
Phil 9 9 10 9
Roli 6 8 8 7
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Shady Croft 9 9 9 9
TimJ 9 10 9 8
TombRaiderTim 10 8 10 10
TrueRaider 8 9 10 8
release date: 03-Nov-2008
# of downloads: 205

average rating: 8.82
review count: 19
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file size: 88.77 MB
file type: TR4
class: Jungle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A couple of levels full of innovative and new features, fantastic cutscenes, new movements, extra TR3 vehicles and more. The best for me were the new objects and the atmosphere, but I can remember now why I didn't play this levels before: there are a lot of serious bugs in both levels and it's easy you can get totally stucked and forced to reload an old savegame. Near the start I found a metal grate covering a switch, but Lara had not guns so I did what the walkthrough pointed and even so the monkey never released the shotgun; the only solution for me was to use a savegame editor to add the shotgun to the inventory. The first kayak is hard to ride, and it can happens you hit with a ledge, the kayak sinks and Lara stands on the ledge with the paddles (reload). The banana jump and all that tricky jumps in the area with 5 wall switches was not very funny too. In the dangerous path Lara must cross sprinting, I was not able to cross it the legal way 'cause Lara always refused to curve to the right when sprinting, so I discovered another way: releasing the up arrow key but don't release the sprint key, Lara stops, but she doesn't die; keeping pressing the sprint key I was able to turn around and take jumps back till the end of the path. I spent a lot of time decrypting messages, and sometimes the meaning is very obscure, like the use of fire to get one of the keys in first level (what should happen if the player is out of flares?) and the place you must use it. Why don't add the useful binoculars for all that dark rooms and black areas? In the second level, if Lara starts the first cutscene with the guy with shotgun in hand, once the cutscene finishes she is not able to use the gun anymore. The use of the machine gun or the rocket launcher is very problematic; if things don't happen as the author thought, you'll be stucked forever and have to reload and reload many times. This also happens with the difficult jump with the quad when you return to the start of the level; I was not able to stop the quad after the jump and I was forced to do a very tricky manoeuvre by using the brakes while curving and jumping the next hole. I can't remember more, but I think it's enough to make the author think about fixing some things before the releasing." - Jose (14-Aug-2017)
"Ingenious, innovative, enjoyable, yet also annoying, buggy and rather obscure. There's no denying that a whole lot of effort went into this three hour long production and it paid off for the most part it paid off, with the great custom objects (particularly the kayak, glitches aside and the custom weaponry), the brilliant and often hilarious cutscene (shotgun monkey thief, anyone), the convincing jungle atmosphere and the addition of a second AÃ-N- Ticket version. I can't ignore the bugs though. The kayak was difficult to manoeuvre, things may not happen in the correct order, and (probably unique to my experience) a monkey dropped a secret dragon underneath a (dismembered?) hand sculpture. But, altogether I would say: play it, but have the walkthrough nearby." - Ryan (25-Mar-2017)
"Thank you Bojrkraider for pointing me to a reference meshtree from this game. Since then it was litt... - ehm - occupying my drive so I played it asap. I like jungle levels instead, so I'm a little less biased than towards Venice, but why not to be. Especially here. Wow moments since the title screen (yeah tigers and giraffes don't live together). After the load, life and humidity get instantly in touch with baboons roaming in the rain that evaporates in tropical heat. Few steps and more drops mix with these, sparked from a gorge stream overflowing majestic ruins, somehow lasting the trial of time, not taken by the rapid waters, for Lara to fix that on her own. This devotion lasts until the end of the game, spiced up both with 1) neat minor details like animal fights, off-center pickups and simple puzzles only used once, 2) unique elements of every aspect: brilliant riddles, enemies and cutscene/dialogue storytelling. Here goes my definition of tough love: the game has so many bugs, glitches and potential stuck points that I lost my count. Once aware, I saved often so didn't lose much time. Still, I was absolutely unable to tell the legitimate path so I spent more than half of runtime trying to guess it - why do I keep trying, I would enjoy more if I didn't care. I also feel ambiguous about the "ticket" secrets - is cheating for full content a proper way to see everything? Finally, I never knew if doing something out of order won't skip something important. A combo result of all misapproach, I ended up replaying almost whole levels, certain passages three or four times, but never doing it all in one go, what felt like visiting a set of parallel universes. This way it's hard not to let go of the plot, which I'm afraid many players won't feel how smooth and unpredictable it is. Still, the game is so gripping and surprising with a load of extra content in the end I didn't even regret this much reloading and I just accepted it as it is. SUMMARY: I must withdraw a point for bugs, confusion and texturing respectively, but other than that I had a great time. This is definitely a must-play, just mind the necessity of frequent, full-range saving and you'll be fine enough to get amazed." - DJ Full (29-Nov-2016)
"I was amazed about this level, even from the start I knew by the environment and sounds and the landscape, it was going to be a great adventure, this as far as I know is the first TRLE using TREP which has implanted some of the TR2/TR3 features into the game, such as the Kayak, Crumbling Ground and the Spring Platforms, which was an extremly great thing to see in a TR4 style custom levelset. (Perhap's you could send the Patch for TREP? =D) Moving on to the game, I loved how carefully and detailed the environment was set out, as soon as you started it already had a TR3 feel to the game and with the long Gorge straight in front of you, it was a wonderful sight to see, the monkey with the shotgun, a little criminal which you had to lure into a boulder to claim your weapon was the first serious puzzle of many in this game, most if not all puzzles were set out and thought of carefully, making sure you would have to use your brain a lot more than usual to get past the trials such as the rust run, if you stop our dear Lara would rust on the spot, much like her when she turned into gold on TR1. The atmosphere in this game was beyond perfect, it made you feel like you were in the rainforest yourself, the rain and the careful lighting made it seem quite realistic and added to the thrill of this adventure, around most corners there are huge and stunning room's which makes you want to explore every inch as with limited ammo, you do need to search every spot to gain anything you can find along the track. The secrets were definatly a challenge to obtain but worth the effort, they are all in the shape of the TR2 dragon pickups, overall the gamplay involved was a great deal and I definatly recodmend playing this adventure as you will miss out if you don't. Looking foward to the future level's this builder will make, great work." - TombRaiderTim (24-Feb-2011)
"This is one of the most immersive levels I've played in many a moon. The surroundings have been crafted with such care that you feel that you're actually there on location as you make your way through the exotic landscape. Since Val's typically thorough walkthrough was available, I decided to play every accessible area, although at the end I was unable to duplicate the necessary gyrations to pick up the Aurora Ticket. However, that seemed to make no difference, as I was able to perform every move documented in the walkthrough. My only complaint would be what I considered excessive darkness in many areas, but I enjoyed myself here as much as did in any other level of recent memory. My total playing time was about three hours, and I felt that every minute was worthwhile. High recommendations." - Phil (14-Jul-2010)
"Tanibo Punkt Ruinen (9/10/10/9, 100 min, 3 secrets): With Dark Death you tend to expect technical novelty bit not necessarily overly engaging and complex gameplay - but this particular level is quite the amazing adventure indeed. Right from the start the jungle atmosphere draws you in and while there are the highly original technical achievements such as the cheeky monkey with the shotgun, the kajak passage, the jump pads and the absolutely stunning FMV sequence, this part mainly blew me away with its very intricate gameplay that just does not let you go and takes you further and deeper into the jungle only to bring you back out later and never gets boring for a minute along the way - well, except maybe when you have a little too much decoding of the symbols to do, but that is a very minor gripe.
Wildpfad (6/10/10/9, 40 min, 3 secrets): More technical achievements here with the wonderful giraffes and elephants roaming the place and the whole use of the rocket launcher and the storyline built around it and carried along with the use of the clever and funny cutscenes. I am a bit in two minds about the animal massacre that you are forced to commit, but that's just me. What I am not in two minds about though is that gameplay here becomes a little too obscure and without actually using the walkthrough for help you will in all likelihood go the wrong way in a few places and get irreversably stuck. It is easy for example to run past the gunfire and even jump on the quad for a ride, entirely missing the conversationo with the guy and the subsequent events. If that happens to you, read the walkthrough and follow the right steps. Despite these issues, the adventure remains right on track with its great storyline and keeps you glued to the screen as you want to finish and complete it. A wonderful piece of an adventure indeed!
Äon-Ticket Version (8/10/10/9, 70 min): Now, admittedly I was a bit sceptical about going back again, seemingly having to reply the entire level with this Äon-ticket thing, but Dark Death pulls this off very, very nicely. Yo actually only get to replay a few areas of the original level and instead he guides you through shortcuts and a series of new rooms with new tasks, which really makes it a whole new and a bit shorter level series to play. The rocket launcher that allows you to open up the walls for the shortcuts is way cool, although the very deadly centaurs that get added here are rather annoying. The conversion of the kajak from green to yellow is funny and bizarre and the grande finale with the introduction of the truck, the cutscene and the sniper shooting of the approaching cars serves a great ending of this highly recommended adventure. Don't miss out on this - just make sure you keep the walkthrough nearby to safely maneuvre around possible glitches." - MichaelP (10-Mar-2009)
"Woaw! That's all I can say after playing two times this level! One time in the normal way and the second time with the AEON Ticket. As others said, if you like TRII or TRIII, this one is for you. There are plenty of inventive traps or puzzles, and the overall game is not too difficult. The main problem is, in my opinion, the bugs. Especially in the second level. I was forced to follow the walkthrough in order to finish it, because I wouldn't have been able to finish it. I found the gold secret and then I wasn't able to take the rocket launcher anymore.
But other than that, the levels were very enjoyable. The settings were just impressive, especially the big statue room (I'm always impressed by builders who are able to build statues) and all the second level which seems to be a huge jungle with huge temples. I think that there are too many things in this levelset that I could describe. The secrets weren't too difficult but cleverly hidden. Concerning the new objects, animations etc., I was just impressed. I didn't know it was possible to do that. I think this level has to be played only to see what the builder was able to do. The atmosphere is just perfect, we're really immersed in the game. The different flyby cams and cutscene are very well done and we could think they are directly taken from TRIII. But some fixed cams were sometimes annoying. About sounds, they were almost perfect but some were buggy, above all the 'secret' sound that makes a big 'crack' at the end. By the way, I really loved the radio in the camp in the AEON version. :-D Now for the worst part (or rather the less good part) : lighting and textures. The level was a bit too dark sometimes. Well, darkness is truly a part of the game (why would we have flares otherwise?) but not too much, please. Ok, I'm not well placed to give such critics as my levels are often criticized for that but if I can be bothered by darkness even on my super-bright screen, it's surely because it's really too dark. Concerning textures, they were often well applied but I detected a lot of stretched ones and in the second level I found that the foliage of the trees was really too wallpaper-like.
Other than that, the AEON version of the level was really a good idea. I allowed to have another vision of the levels and discover new unexepected things. I loved it especially in the second level were we can visit another temple in the heights. And the bonus level was really great and hilarious (I'm still wondering how the author made the cars), I really loved it! I'm really looking forward to the next levels of this builder as they will surely be incredible! Thanks a lot for providing this masterpiece, in spite of the bugs. Recommended for everyone." - TimJ (22-Feb-2009)
"The author has certainly tried to break ground with this level and has certainly succeed in part. There are many impressive moments here , be it in the gameplay or in the animations. But maybe it would have been good to cut down some of the new things in order for the players to have a less frustrating time. The first level was okay for me , I did not encountered any problem although I noticed that one could be stuck if getting one movable objects puzzle the wrong way. I also saw a weird visual bug after the explosion and the great flipmap : when Lara was placed in a certain position she could see plenty of missing textures. Well this first level was fun anyway ,with the use of the kayak , the code puzzles were great (maybe too many of them though) , and the Midas challenge awesome. The second level was more easy in general but in some way more frustrating with especially the use of the machine gun. I did not enjoyed this 2nd level despite great innovations too. Setting is impressive and atmosphere pretty good in both levels." - eRIC (04-Jan-2009)
"Once again, DarkDeath brings us a level with original gameplay and challenges. If you like the TR3 India levels (and a little of the South pacific ones), then this game is definitely for you. Gameplay is non-linear with original puzzles and challenges and ideas such as the kayak ride, machine gun part, the Interactive-cutscene like part, the quadbike ride, the stampede and the presence of different kinds of friends and foes. A few nice cutscenes and an FMV are present. Lightning and texturing are top notch, and the atmosphere is there, with the rain, fog and the appropriate background loop and different music pieces kicking in at appropriate moments. Despite the few bugs it has, the game should not be missed. Save and save a lot at different slots for safety measures. Highly recommended ! Well done, Alex!" - Shady Croft (15-Dec-2008)
"Bengal Royal Tigers consists of two levels that you simply have to play just for the WOW factor. Some of the things that Dark Death has achieved in these levels are simply fantastic. Fabulous new enemies, creative new versions of weapons traps and other objects rarely seen since TR2 and TR3. Springboard jumps, kayak, rocket launching big guns and machine guns to name a few. Throw in a brilliantly done FMV squence, dramatic cutscenes and other novel actions and you have the makings of a great game. But beware, this is definitely not an easy levelset, so some patience is required. It took me most of a weekend to complete the two levels with regular reference to the stuck threads. The game difficulty is hindered by several buggy moments during the gameplay, which resulted in needing to reload from earlier saves at a couple of points. However the awesome things that you get to see and do during the game far outweigh these setbacks. It just strikes me as having been a bit rushed in release, and perhaps under-tested and I wonder if some of the more obvious flaws could have been easily ironed out with more rigorous testing. The pedantic in me did struggle with the geography of the level. Being called 'Bengal' and using TR3 Indian textures implied that the levels were set in India. And as much as I loved to see the debut of the ever-so-cute giraffes, I did feel they were out of place from their African homeland. All the settings have an excellent atmosphere with the gorge, giant statue temple and lush valley being standout areas. Texturing was good but at times stretchy, lighting created good atmosphere, but the levels in general were too dark. Some interesting fresh sound samples were used on objects, albeit a few objects were missing sounds. I got 5/6 secrets and these were not overly hard to obtain. Clearly the author has endeavoured to deliver a TR2/3 style gameplay in the TR4 engine and he has succeeded in this quest. If you can forgive the buggy elements of the game then this is a challenging and joyous levelset to play." - EssGee (15-Dec-2008)
"What a great level I thought at first, really sat down to go enjoy it. Till I got into a kayak, getting in wasn't really the problem although the kayak left without Lara and she just sat there on the water. Getting out of the thing was something completely different, trail and error and downloading savegames. Nothing in the read-me about it. Then came a nice part again involving code puzzles (great setup), the search for 2 keys (great FMV). But yet again a nasty kayak ride, couldn't get out... Was on the point of dumping the level till I out later it was just the Ctrl key when moving straight to the ledge. (could have been mentioned in the read-me.) Then there was level 2 where you have to shoot a guy with a big gun, well everything went crazy from there, tried everything I saw in the forums, but Lara got killed or the guy froze and didn't want to die and he had to because he carried an item you need. Then I read the forums again and saw savegame after savegame posted to help out players because of non working platforms and stuff, at that time İ binned the game. Pity, hadn't it been so buggy it would have been a great level" - Dutchy (22-Nov-2008)
"I found this two set jungle level to have an excellent atmosphere that brings back the old Tomb Raider III feeling that one doesn't get from the original anymore. It is also quite innovative in its TREP use, with several very original puzzles, perhaps the best rain I've seen in a custom level, a monkey that carries the shotgun near the start and Lara must get it somehow,a kayak and a quad that Lara can ride on the water and that is original and an achievement. Moreover, it features a few wild animal recreations in the second chapter, including giraffes, elephants and, quite naturally, tigers, plenty of them. You even get to use a machine gun as in the dinossaur part of TR3 to shoot a stampede of all sorts of animals. On the not so good part, the level is somewhat buggy and could have been better beta tested, even though I understand that that comes from the fact that some things are really new, so not tested before. It is also quite confusing at times, perhaps more in the first part than in the second but the second part has its fair share of rather confusing moments too, such as that you have to kill the bad guy a second time to get a grenade gun key that you're not expecting, that then you must shoot the walls in a certain direction and how are you to know that exactly, that you can get the quad up a waterfall where you're not really supposed to go, that when Lara os standing atop a building and the third bad guy (a bit like Raspoutine) destroys the walls she must jump in a certain way before a sequence ends until she eventually lands on a ledge and more. Speaking of which, this game contains several really great FMVs as well, a toast to that. All in all, this is quite deserving and the only reason why I must downrate it a bit is because of the buggy and confusing moments that I'm sure will be avoided in future games. Play it because it really is worth your time." - Jorge22 (19-Nov-2008)
"Unlike it seems most other players, I didn't really encounter many bugs. I did encounter some, such as the kayak deciding to drown Lara by its own accord but I had no problems with the monkey and the shotgun, I guess I was just lucky. What I enjoyed most about this was the atmosphere, pretty much perfect for a jungle level. Great background audio which is just the noise of rain. Maybe this could have changed now and then when you went indoors but it wasn't a major problem for me. I enjoyed these couple of levels a lot but not as much as I would have liked. I found searching around for where to jump quite clever, but also annoying sometimes because after finishing something quite difficult I like to have a bit of simple gameplay. It is very linear so you have no idea when it's going to end. I also liked the fact that the objects were never in the centre of a square and the decoding puzzles (although maybe one too many of them). My general conclusion is much the same as everyone else, this level is ambitious and often to great effect but comes at a price. Be prepared to get frustrated, I would only really try this if you have patience." - TrueRaider (12-Nov-2008)
"fully agree with Roli ...... big potential game but full off buggs ... nice ideas and puzzles on it but very bad builded ....... unpolished i mean ...... i hope the continuation will be better .......cheers" - Jack& (11-Nov-2008)
"This is game is frustrating. If I didn't road this forum, I stuck on the fist level. Pick up the shotgun = horrible... I tryed 10 times (or more) beacuse the monkey or the shotgun dissapered... now this is fail Neutral And the kenu is bad too, very buggy Sad The 2nd level is horrible, beacuse the rocket bugs give a horrible "action". But the cutscenes are great Smile And the slow motion Idea Ok, there is a lot of great idea, but impossible to make it to first... soooo Im Confused. The textures from the TR3's India level, and some objects too. We will meet with elephants (!), Zebras, and monkeys, and a bad Tony LOL. New puzzles, new sounds, etc, and one FMV, very nice! Try it if you want, but you will find 1000+1 bugs :(" - Roli (10-Nov-2008)
"At the start of these levels the player is wowed by the scenery and the design work. Lara stands above a white-water gorge and can look upstream and downstream, and the view is lovely. Then Lara attempts to wrestle a shotgun away from a monkey, and the animation as Lara ends up on the ground is superb. But in my game I encountered a problem: the monkey scampered off with the shotgun, yet Lara needs that shotgun to continue the game. After fruitlessly searching in a dark interior and wandering around for half an hour (no shotgun monkey to be found), I had to start over from the beginning. Unfortunately this is a pattern that is repeated throughout the game: one is at first amazed at the inventiveness and vision of the author, but then something goes wrong. Many good elements have been taken from either TR2 (such as spring-loaded jump plates) or from TR3 (the kayak, among other things). I love having Lara use the kayak again--she can roll the kayak upside down to travel underneath overhanging spikes--but then it took me the remainder of a day to get her to exit that kayak. When a game screeches to a halt it is hard to remember how wonderful everything seemed at first. Later there is a huge statue and much climbing in a gigantic room that is well done. It would be nice if the player knew where to place the ground-floor pillars, instead of having to do the climb and then ("oops, placed the pillars in the wrong spot") repeat everything again. Then there is a good FMV of what happens when Lara pulls a block from underneath a pillar, and once again it seems that everything is topnotch design. In the second level there are elephants and giraffes amid tall grasses, truly impressing us with the author's creative talent. Though it isn't as much fun when we have to massacre a family of elephants. Once again there are problems that break the illusion of this world. Lara was blocked from approaching the quad bike by invisible barriers, some kind of bug. This caused me to waste two hours before getting her on the bike. The bike ride took me to places that actually belonged to a later level. I read on the forum that the same thing can happen in the first level after shooting walls, that a player can enter rooms and play a horseman sequence that belongs to a separate level. At last I learned that all Lara has to do to finish is get the tiger mask and exit by helicopter. I really hope the author does some further work to resolve these issues, such as why Lara couldn't get near the quad bike. In sum, this is all very difficult to rate, given the excellent design work, the novel elements such as the kayak, the jump plates, and the wildlife, combined with a complete lack of beta testing." - dmdibl (07-Nov-2008)
"The sound of the falling rain and the beautiful environment let you know from the beginning that you are in for a treat. You'll soon be watching Lara wrestling with a monkey for possession of a shotgun. Be sure to save as the monkey can sometimes disappear. There's a number of bugs that interfere with gameplay and there is some game crashing but the crashes seem to be in the beginning only. Some puzzle solutions seem more complex but when understood are stunningly simple. There is a lot to admire: the Giant Statue room with its gameplay; the use of springboards; the kayaks(when not buggy), the standing Grenade Launchers and then there's the psychedelic boulder jumps. The jungle in the second level is one of the most realistic I have ever seen in a game - replete with elephants, giraffes and of course, Bengal tigers....and then there is the stampede. I had to re-do this entire section as the crazed man with the Launcher Key never appeared first time around. The blast didn't do a complete job (or it was a planned part of gameplay) as I has to use the shotgun on a wall section to reach the top of the canyon. I would have rated this an all around 10 without the buggy gameplay and I am looking forward to the next installment. This is a must download in that it is unique, imaginative and one-of-a-kind." - Bene (06-Nov-2008)
"You really need to play this level, if for no better reason than the wonderful cutscene of Lara entirely failing to wrest a shotgun away from a monkey - hilarious. I haven't played a jungle level for some time so I was really in the mood for this one and most enjoyable it turned out to be too. You may have to repeat gameplay in one or two instances in order to trigger correct animations to gain essential pickups, so do make sure you keep plenty of savegames. Also, I had problems loading savegames when opening up the level, but once 'inside' I was able to access them all. So, yes it is undeniably a big 'buggy' in places, which can be the price for pushing back the boundaries, and this really is an extremely innovative and fascinating level, so persevere with it. It will take you through beautiful jungle areas, some of them inhabited by creatures we don't normally see, such as giraffes and elephants and you get to slaughter a horde of them with a great big gun at one point (there goes my World Wildlife Fund membership). The gameplay is addictive and exceptionally well thought out, with highly original puzzles and brilliant animations/ cutscenes and an exciting ending, involving quite the quirkiest looking 'god' statue I've ever seen. I loved it and would have given it a 10 for gameplay if the bugs hadn't cropped up." - Jay (05-Nov-2008)
"Well this is going to be slightly difficult to rate because the game itself looked stunning, had some fabulous extras and fun game play. It was however, also littered with bugs, odd textures and illegal ways to go; which resulted in getting very stuck, very confused and having to re-play the second level from scratch. But as I enjoyed it so much, I am going to rate it for it's fun factor rather than nit pick about a few technical issues. There are two levels; the first deals with a Madubu Gorge type environment in which Lara has to find a key which will lead her to the kayak. She must first however get the shot gun from a naughty monkey, and the way to do this was not only quite sneaky, but also very well thought out (I won't give too much away tho). There were a lot of issues with the use of the kayak. Firstly it seemed to crash heads up in the river when it thought fit, and then later on there was a struggle to get Lara out of it. I did enjoy the kayak usage, but the animations and control was a little on the tricky side and I fear a lot of folk will be stuck here. eRIC has kindly provided a save game in the stuck threads for any poor soul struggling. Later on, Lara needs to find two keys to proceed, and after tackling a rather strange code puzzle, she will then face a nifty run over a trapped floor. Then on to a two way journey for two keys. The first will take Lara high up in a statue room, and this was very well created. There's a puzzle to sort out with some movable pillars, and then a high climb up the room. Read the code to find the solution for the key. The other key will involve making your way back outside, and using that kayak again, but it didn't seem too much of an effort this time around. The zip line will also be used and there are also some spring boards. Enemies are tigers, a few monkeys, (but they don't seem to bother Lara) snakes, sharks, komodo dragons and eagles. The architecture is beautiful and the textures are well applied, but the odd wafer thin wall and misplaced texture spoilt the realism of this level. In to the second level and Lara finds herself in a deep valley surrounded by animals. Now, these are not just your run of the mill animals, these are huge realistic elephants and giraffes and they were really well done. The giraffes were harmless enough, unless you disturbed them, then they would freak out and stomp about. The elephants are best kept at a safe distance as they will run wild. Later on there is a stampede and I absolutely hated killing them. Other enemies were tigers, eagles, Komodo dragons and a rather grumpy thug who will leave you a couple of keys. This is where I got very confused!!! The thug actually leaves you two keys, but I failed to notice the second key. You then take a buggy ride, but I did this not only too soon, but I also took the buggy to places I shouldn't have been able to reach; in fact I arrived in an area that isn't even useful until the next instalment of this game is released at the end of the month. Ok, so re played the level, got my keys, used the waiting rocket launcher, and then headed on to the temple. You will eventually have to kill the thug once and for all, but as odd as it seemed he left me a key, which showed up as a book when I picked the key up. A buggy ride later, Lara will pick up the Tiger God Mask and then have to make a hasty retreat from this place to the helicopter that is waiting outside. There are also 6 dragon secrets to find, and all are nicely placed. Again this was a very beautiful level, well set out and very creative; it was just a shame about the bugs and illegal routes, which could have easily been avoided had this level been properly tested. Not sure if it was but there was no mention of testers in the read-me file, and with a level as spectacular as this, it certainly deserved to be tested to the full. Late November we will be getting another instalment of this adventure and I can't wait." - Moonpooka (04-Nov-2008)