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Destroy City by Slaska

Blue43 1 2 1 3
Ceamonks890 1 1 0 1
Cory 1 1 0 1
DJ Full 1 2 3 2
eRIC 0 2 1 3
Gerty 0 1 0 1
herothing 3 4 5 5
Jay 1 2 3 2
Jerry 1 2 3 3
JesseG 1 1 2 2
Jose 1 2 2 5
MichaelP 1 3 3 3
Mulf 2 2 0 2
Orbit Dream 0 1 0 1
Ryan 1 1 2 2
Scottie 2 3 3 4
Torry 0 1 0 1
release date: 14-Aug-2009
# of downloads: 108

average rating: 1.72
review count: 17
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file size: 17.10 MB
file type: TR4
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"You know things get desperate when the walkthrough spends time explaining how well the rhythm of the gunfire matches Behind These Hazel Eyes. Yes, in this subway Lara is blaring Kelly Clarkson from her Walkman as she guns down a few goons, collects mine detectors, dodges a turret and unmarked death tiles, and explores long crawlspaces with missing textures before she reaches a dead-end. 5 minutes." - JesseG (09-Apr-2021)
"Pointless level. No purpose, no direction, no enjoyment and no end trigger." - Torry (13-Oct-2019)
"eRIC: a sampled guitar at the beginning does not a rock song make. The piece is producer pop, as generic as it comes. In fact, I find it not a little worrying that at least one reviewer could even identify the singer. The piece, presented here in .WAV format but sounding like a 32 kbps .MP3, deals with a not-so-uncommon subject (her boyfriend has left her! oh my!) and loops throughout the short duration of this unfinished level which is supposedly about the destruction of a city, doing its atmosphere a great disservice. To be fair though, eRIC has also alerted us (in the - Stuck' thread for this level) to the fact that said destruction has to be imagined by the player, as the imagination of the builder didn't reach beyond making the player shoot of a handful of SAS and, in the immortal words of Marksdad (in the same thread), - combining a load with a load in order to obtain a load'." - Mulf (11-Feb-2018)
"You roam around a (supposed) Aldwych Tube Station, shooting guards in a dark room, avoiding a sentry gun and acquiring useless detonator items. The atmosphere was jazzed (or should that be popped?) up by the song acting as background audio, but that's about all it has going for it." - Ryan (04-Apr-2017)
"Do I have to say it? OK, fine. This is just another pointless test level that should have never seen the light of day, and while the various aspects of general game design have been tweaked slightly(and by slightly, I do actually mean it), this is nowhere close to justifiable for a download in this day and age. So much like the builder's other work, avoid like the plague and play something else more worthwhile." - Ceamonks890 (18-Jul-2015)
"There is a tiny bit of game play, which contains a seemingly endless crawl for a useless pickup to be combined with another useless pickup and the rest is shooting a ball, a couple of guys and evading a sentry gun. The level has no finish trigger, which in my opinion u is something that should really not be mussing in ANY level. The textures and lighting were not too bad in some areas, but the atmosphere was awful with a completely out of place soundtrack. As a matter of fact, I deleted that wav file and replaced it with the original to make the 7 minutes I spent here bearable...." - Blue43 (02-Oct-2011)
"If you draw the pistols and hold the fire key for constant shooting, you get the beat with its tempo PERFECTLY fitting the background song. So adjust the SFX volume, hold the Fire key and make some extra percussion by shooting constantly. One thing disturbs my mind: if Slaska intended this to happen. If she did, it fully explains why she used Kelly Clarkson's song instead of ambient soundtrack. And makes me give her 2 points for the sound. Atmosphere is quite average, gameplay is poor and there is only one puzzle, but we can't find any use for it (the detonators are probably to be used for destroying the city, but nothing like this happens). Number of objects is quite adequate to the playing time, and there are some SASes to kill. This results in total 2 points for "Enemies, Objects & Secrets" category. Lighting is bad and we need to fire pistols to see anything in the last location. Texturing average (2 pts). SUMMARY: A game recommended for all composers and for those who like to experiment with music in any possible way. The rest should play something else." - DJ Full (06-Oct-2010)
"Ummm...Just Dont Bother" - Cory (21-Aug-2009)
"Using the original script at least the pick ups weren't called"load" but still I had no use for them. Nasty sentry gun and a couple of guards and loads of Uzi ammo, that is all what you get. There is no finishing trigger and I have been looking." - Gerty (20-Aug-2009)
"After playing few minutes I got stucked, and I open the site to read the comments, but it seems that there's not finish trigger. Some soldiers to shoot, a machine gun to avoid, an unnecessary very long crawlspace and some pickups. I found nothing more. Cameras don't exist, but lights and textures are not bad, but I couldn't find enjoyabe this level." - Jose (16-Aug-2009)
"Even if I try hard to see anything positive in this work I fail. Besides avoiding a sentry gun, shooting some guards and picking up the crowbar, the uzi and a 'load', I didn't find anything else to do here - except for turning down the volume for the over and over looping background audio." - Jerry (16-Aug-2009)
"I havent a lot to say about this, it is an improvement slightly over Slaska's other games but some things still need to be worked on such as the lighting and textures, they were good but not good at the same time as they seemed to fit into the scene but were overused, although the lighting was too dark most of the time. The gameplay was also ok, i didn't like that strange crawl-space puzzle thing, it took to long and was quite boring. I think to improve for the next level, the builder needs to add puzzles which make people think 'hmm, how do i do this' rather than 'how long is this going to take me now'. Thats all i have to say. Grade = D+" - herothing (15-Aug-2009)
"Although of superior quality than the author's previous releases , this is a level with no real purpose and no finish trigger. So all what you will do here is pointless. You shoot a few SAS, endure a sentry gun, find objects you can't use anywhere and that's it. So no destruction of city there. Texturing is not that bad , except for the few missing textures. The background audio loop is a rock song [5 minutes]" - eRIC (15-Aug-2009)
"Arguably an improvement to the author's previous work, but that does not say much and while this does not start out all that badly, it quickly turns out that it does not actually go anywhere. Despite best attempts to find one, there is apparently no place to use the 'load' item that you got from combining a 'load' item and another 'load' item (or in other words - the detonator) and therefore the actual destruction is not happening. As there is no finish trigger either, there is also no end to this adventure, so be careful that you do not end up running in circles in the dark room forever... there is really nothing more to do after you killed the few guards who roam the place." - MichaelP (15-Aug-2009)
"Oh dear. It's not quite as bad as Slaska's previous levels, but it's far from good. There's not much to do apart from shoot a few guards and pick up an item or two. In fact, I ran past the guards in my hurry to explore the extremely dark room and when I returned for a bit of mindless mayhem they had all disappeared so I managed to miss out on most of the gameplay. I did enjoy the song that was playing through the level, although if it had been a longer game the looping would probably have become annoying, as it usually does. Can't really recommend it, sorry." - Jay (15-Aug-2009)
"This level is as completely pointless as the boring pop song which loops continuously throughout.Missing and stretched textures;items which can't be used anywhere;rooms which exist for no purpose.The most exciting thing going for it is it's (innacurate) Title." - Orbit Dream (15-Aug-2009)
"This is one of these moments where one sits before an empty sheet of paper and has absolutely no notion what one should write. The only thing what to me occurs, is the question whether Cain and Slaska are siblings. Indeed, Slaska has not this small shot of absurd ingenuity. However, a certain progress compared with her former works is absolutely recognizable. There are, at least, no gigantic rooms with wallpaper textures. Indeed, there is no finish trigger. And one can nowhere use both detonators. Though the piece of music is quite nice, but, nevertheless, in long-term loop it irritates quite immensely. The lighting is so far ok, merely the last room is partly a little bit too dark. At few places the textures are absent and at the beginning of the crawlspace the textures disappear for a short time completely. As said, progresses are absolutely recognizable. Though it slowly advances, but, at least, it advances. And with the next level of Slaska I hopefully do not sit again before an empty sheet of paper and do not know what I should write." - Scottie (15-Aug-2009)