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Psychedelic Caverns by staticon

alan 5 5 5 6
bERT 5 6 5 6
Chris LP 3 3 0 1
Cuqui 7 6 7 7
Dimpfelmoser 5 4 5 6
Gerty 6 4 7 8
Jay 5 5 6 8
Jose 5 4 6 6
Kristina 7 5 7 7
Magnus 4 3 3 3
Mehrbod 7 6 7 8
MichaelP 6 4 5 7
Momster 7 6 8 8
Orbit Dream 3 5 5 8
Phil 6 6 7 7
QRS 5 5 6 5
RaiderGirl 6 7 6 8
Ruediger 5 4 5 6
Ryan 5 5 6 7
Sakusha 6 7 5 5
Sash 5 6 5 7
Scottie 7 6 7 8
Torry 8 7 8 9
Treeble 6 4 4 4
release date: 20-Jan-2001
# of downloads: 118

average rating: 5.70
review count: 24
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file size: 13.04 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This seems to be Staticon's start in level building. Contrary to most starting builders' stuff Staticon did do more than his best to actually make something out of it for the casual player. He managed to put a lot of Lara's techniques in it (shimmy, swimming, long jump, rope swinging and such). Here and there stretched textures but that's a minor gripe. Nothing too difficult, just linear raiding and smooth progressing, nothing more, nothing less. And wow, what a business man as well as Staticon even got C&A and Bill Gates to sponsor him, lol!" - bERT (15-Dec-2022)
"In my opinion, this debut in comparison with previous games, consisted of tons of new ideas, hence I enjoyed playing it! All of the elements were more than average to be honest, but on the bright side, I pretty much liked the lighting! It was done perfectly fine, which stimulated the player to play the adventure to the end eventually! A problem which annoyed me a lot was the overuse of baddies! With each movement or action, you saw a baddy appearing from nowhere, but not a big deal at all! Thank you!" - Mehrbod (10-Feb-2019)
"I quite liked the funky textures in this level, they certainly did spice the environments up a bit and must have stuck out among the plain old Egyptian levels of that era. The gameplay isn't much to get your teeth into though, and mainly involves throwing a lot of levers, shooting rather too many ninjas and scorpions, negotiating a fairly long- winded maze and doing a bit of an assault course near the end. Still, it's pleasant enough (if not extraordinary) and might be a good choice for newer raiders." - Ryan (04-Nov-2018)
"Colorful level with custom textures (which look nice), many ninjas and scorpions to kill, mummies to avoid and levers to pull. Rooms are quite empty. Neither good nor bad. I see the author has more interesting levels and I'm looking forward to play them in the future." - alan (30-Aug-2017)
"Psychedelic? Perhaps, 'cause the new textures, but Caverns? No 'cause I only saw connected boxes; not any effort in the architecture. The game is a constant pull a lever, open door, shoot a ninja; pull another lever, open another door, shoot some ninjas. There is a nasty maze near the end and a monkeyswing, shimmy, rope swing in the final room. Textures are often bad applied (elongated) and monotonous; and the rooms are empty, except some columns here and there. No fun for me but you can play to see the new textures." - Jose (20-Apr-2015)
"You know, I thought I'd played all Kevin's levels, but obviously I missed this, his first offering. His trademark quirky textures are already firmly in place (and seeing the C&A logo was a real blast from the past as they disappeared from the UK high street more than a decade ago). The gameplay is simple, involving shooting ninjas, mummies and scorpions, throwing levers and finding a couple of artefacts, plus a small amount of platforming at the end of the level. It was just rather nice to see the debut level of one of our more 'unusual' builders." - Jay (19-Mar-2015)
"Everything so nicely colorful here. Now I know, why there are black-and-white films! The level builder has pinched the colors and inserted them in his level. And one does not see a lava ceiling every day. It puts the question to itself generally where Lara actually is. One runs here half an hour from room to room, the colours become more and more coloured and the textures stranger and stranger. The only what remains steady are the Baddies and the mummies. Above all the Baddies can sometimes become quite tiresome, because they have now and again the silly habit to go off in the herd to Lara. But it gives enough weapons, ammunition and Medipacks. Actually one must find only the eye of the Horus, a cartouche and two times the hand of the Sirius. And one could not do any more at all, because one runs with open mouth through these very coloured and, unfortunately, also to very empty rooms. But it was very interesting anyway." - Scottie (16-Jun-2009)
"Although this is the builder's initial release, and although it bears many of the tell-tale signs of a maiden voyage, it's not a bad little level by any means. It's well lit and colorful, the action is fast-paced and fluid, and you're always quite aware of where to go and what to do next. There are a bit too many switches that open doors with more switches that open doors, but you get close to a half hour of worry-free raiding where it's virtually impossible to become stuck. Recommended for new raiders." - Phil (14-Nov-2008)
"At attempt from the early TRLE days to have a totally different look - by using Windows wallpaper designs. Lara runs through large empty rooms, where the attacks of ninjas become repetitive, inserts the eye of Horus for more colourful areas, walks through a dark red maze with scorpions and finally slides down into the end. One narrow area with many switches and doors is purely ironic. Some good camera fly-bys, strong colours you expected from the title, but what's definitely missing is music." - Ruediger (29-Mar-2008)
"Hmm what to say? A really cool debut level with weird textures all over the place. Not to mention the lighting hehe. I really understand the choice of name for this level. It made me dizzy after a while hehe. The gameplay is not so good but it is still a challenge due to all the many enemies that appears. I guess the atmosphere is good if you like weird stuff, if not you will not fancy this! Overall a cool level but not much more. As this is the last of Kevin's old levels I play, I must say it is the weakest. It is after all a debut level. Don't take me wrong might enjoy it..if your head doesn't spin and you are forced to turn off your PC ;)" - QRS (15-Apr-2006)
"This level can be seen as a place where people can worship Bill Gates because there are Windows textures everywhere and a maze that resembles the Windows screensaver where there is a maze that has no end in sight (however the one in this level has an exit. So don't worry). Unfortunately some of them are stretched (please stack rooms next time) and there is a paper-thin wall that could've been fixed. I gave a 5 for textures because I hate Windows (XP that is) but at the same time I appreciate the effort they have made to make Windows 98 (it may be old but it is in excellent condition compared to Windows XP).The lava room and the hidden ladders were interesting. Concerning the gameplay the objective is to open doors with various objects such as the Eye of Horus the Hands of Orion and Sirius and a Cartouche finding levers and pulling switches avoiding a boulder (somehow it lands in a very strange area but then again the author wanted his level to be odd) and killing 25 baddies 10 scorpions and 5 mummies (luckily you will have a sufficient amount of medipacks and ammunition in order to survive). Do the enemies symbolize Windows' aversion towards competition? We will never know. By the way I also found one secret in this level." - Sakusha (12-Jun-2004)
"Here is a curious level with different colours textures and good lighting. There are a lot of ninjas scorpions and a few mummies. The gameplay is quite easy but entertaining. The red maze is very well done. A level suitable for to while away the time." - Cuqui (22-Dec-2002)
"Not as bad as the title says. At first I thought I would see weird things and textures in it but nothing of the sort. The textures are a little monotonous and one tile sometimes is spread throughout the room but in general they are quite interesting. I got really upset though with the many ninjas at first as I didn't have any weapons at the time also I saw a few mummies and scorpions. Basically it's about pushing levers and opening doors with two hands and the Eye of Horus in between to keep you busy. The maze was well designed not to difficult. I didn't understand why 'The End' was written where you have to put the cartouche as there was at least ten minutes more gameplay. Anyway it's an interesting level twenty five minutes all together." - Kristina (10-Dec-2002)
"I cannot believe it but it's the worst thing I ever played and a traumatizing experiment (I overstate just a little bit but it's not so far from the reality). Staticon has built a level with use of the horrible wallpapers of the desktop that Windows proposes in each version (for me these are the first things that I have deleted from the harddisk). The author has also with a particular taste placed the most ugly lighting and colors in his rooms. Congratulations for the big red maze which certainly has caused to the player some brain and vision troubles. This has reminded me of the nightmare that we have when sick and feverish and we try to have a slumber. I don't know how I have done it but I have finished this level more because it's (fortunately) not so difficult than to satisfy my curiosity. The game is that we can name a shooter level. More than thirty baddies to shoot appearing in each corner of the level red scorpions and a lot of pickups to keep and levers pushing. It's not so fun I mean the game contains all elements to be bored after one minute of playing. What more can I say. If you want to have a good brain fever so do try it...for my part I return in dark dank tombs poetic catacombs and beautiful coastal setting wash my brain of this uncomfortable view...2002-9-9." - Chris LP (09-Sep-2002)
"This level is exactly what its name says textured entirely with the computer background wallpaper such as 'bubbles' and 'carved stone' it's look was very different unfortunately most of the level was set in large blocky rooms that apart from the bizarre texturing were a little lifeless as were the bodies of the many enemies I left behind in them luckily near the end it picked up with a very well done maze and a final large room that seemed to encompass nearly every move that Lara is able to make." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a level you should look at indeed look not necessarily play as it has a set of pretty funky textures applied (including the Windows and a C&A logo) and the lighting effects are fun too. The 30 minutes of gameplay are unfortunately mainly running through boxy rooms killing (far too many) ninjas collecting lots of puzzle pieces and then a little maze and a huge final room for some training on a few of Lara's moves." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This is level 1 in a seven level series by the author. They run Psychedelic Caverns - The Sewer - Doom Temples - Scottish Ruin - S.S.McGreer Cathedral of the Fallen & City of Broken Dreams and the author has taken the time to join them in the script.dat file which allows for continuity. These levels are not brilliant but fun nevertheless. Gameplay is not too difficult but it is exactly for that reason that they are enjoyable. You are not tearing your hair out wondering where to go next. Textures were very good and this level reminded me of my youth. Only thing that was missing was the bong!" - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"Well different from Sash and Michael I disliked the use of those textures. They say that sometimes textures looks like wallpaper... here it IS wallpaper! Most all of the level is textured with Windows wallpaper. At least the lighting is good. The level is repetitive and I didn't have fun with it. There is a maze that fortunately I got out quickly and well I really would like to know why the level is called caverns!" - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"One of the things I can always count on in staticon's levels are the great textures and this level is no exception. The ninjas in this level had no problems sneaking up on me as most of my attention was diverted soaking up the way cool environment. This was fun to play even though it was pretty much running from room to room picking up items ammo and weapons which were needed for the many enemies spread throughout the area. The best room was saved for the end just remember to press down firmly on the look button when you're planning your next move!" - Raider Girl (21-Jun-2002)
"You will notice immediately the strange textures in this level. The game itself is rather straight forwards. More than enough ammo and medipacks and loads of ninjas to kill with here and there a lost mummy and some pesky scorpions. For me I rather liked what Kevin did with texturing this level." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"A very easy short and boring level. The only challenging thing in it was the countless attack of ninjas (which got very boring already after the first attack). The texturing is very bad and the lighting is not very good. There's a labyrinth in the end and there are tons of Medipacks in it even though you won't meet any challenging enemies when you're in the labyrinth or after. This is overall a very boring level which I don't think it is worth wasting 20-25 minutes with." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"Clearly this designers first level building attempt but his use of custom Windows textures keeps the scenery looking fresh. In fact the whole thing's quite daffy but it does at least solve the problem of stretched textures. Gameplay is very straightforward but fun and I loved the 'C&A' Logo!" - Orbit Dream (21-Jun-2002)
"First I thought that this must be the worst custom level I played in a long while. Too many levers pick ups enemies all placed without a concept non sensical product placement stretched textures that really don't show very well on the Computer screen and a far too easy gameplay. But then I reached the red maze and I really liked that especially the scorpions that camouflaged well in this surrounding. Although the setting seems primitive and amateurish it is kind of special. However this is pretty much a beginners thing and won't satisfy the experienced raider. But it certainly passes the time when you are stuck in one of those monster levels and are waiting for help in the forum." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
"I found out from a "mate" that this was 1 of 5 levels by Staticon that were linked together while playing another one of them so I re-loaded them all and started playing from the beginning to my enjoyment for a day and I'm going to put this bit in at the beginning of all 5 of them. Psychedelic Caverns was my 2nd favorite of the 5. Interesting scenery innovative and not unpleasant and enough bad guys to keep me busy and no lack of pick-ups while finding my way through. All and all enjoyable start to my adventure." - Momster (21-Jun-2002)