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Tomb of the Fuehrer by technochaosx

Blue43 2 2 1 2
Diz 2 3 2 3
DJ Full 2 3 3 4
Gerty 2 3 3 2
Jay 2 3 3 3
Jose 2 3 2 3
manarch2 2 2 2 2
MichaelP 2 4 3 3
Orbit Dream 2 4 3 5
rtrger 3 3 4 3
Ryan 2 2 2 2
Scottie 2 3 3 2
TheStig 2 2 2 2
Treeble 1 1 1 1
release date: 14-Mar-2010
# of downloads: 144

average rating: 2.45
review count: 14
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file size: 13.33 MB
file type: TR4
class: Castle

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not much of a level here to be honest. Back in 2010 the main motif behind this might have been and odd choice, but as time goes on and the world finds itself deeper and deeper into alt-right territory (they just don't like the label nazi is all), it does feel a bit weird. Not sure what the edited executable brings to the game other than the impossibility to save, but all you do is a handful of jumps as you blow up a number of skeletons and crocodiles and boars to bits. No danger in here, as opposed to what that belief incites in the real world. 10 minutes. 07/22" - Treeble (10-Jul-2022)
"You can't save in this level as if you do, the game will freeze and you'll likely have to restart your system. Not that you'll need to save such is the simplicity of this level and it can be done in about 5 minutes if you know where to go. There's nothing really memorable here, aside from the questionable Nazi textures and the extraordinary amount of skeletons you'll encounter. Not really worth playing." - Ryan (26-Mar-2018)
"I haven't played the original Wolfinstein so I'm not sure if I can really understand the nostalgia factor here. Texturing is pretty repetitive and lighting is pretty much non-existant. Not much gameplay here either, completed in 4 minutes. For some reason I couldn't save either. Positives are an original sound-track, wide-screen support and custom title screen. The limited gameplay and saving issues leave me unable to recommend. Stiggy" - TheStig (21-Sep-2010)
"Wolfenstein. I wasn't thinking I'll be the only person who noticed it. But Wolfenstein is much, much, much better. And it INCLUDES collecting treasures, unlike this level. I liked the sound, but this is all. No Hitler fighting in the end. SUMMARY: Very short, very disappointing. Recommended for Wolfenstein fanatics only." - DJ Full (10-Aug-2010)
"You don't need to shoot anything. Just jump and fall to the end. Enemies are too easy to avoid. Despite of some flags it didn't feel like Hitler's tomb." - manarch2 (26-Jul-2010)
"This one is clearly reminded me Wolfenstein because of the background music and the texturing. Otherwise, the tomb is very empty and swarms of skeletons. So that little pointless level was like a time-travel for me. A time-travel to the era of the old-style shooters." - rtrger (27-Mar-2010)
"Be aware to make a savegame at your own risk. On the other hand you can easily play it without saving once. There is enough firepower to be found at the start to shoot all the skeletons to whatever place they need to go. Felt a bit sorry for the boar and even the crocs. Textures could use some attention and there are no traps or puzzles in this level." - Gerty (24-Mar-2010)
"A short level (couple of minutes, tops), loads of weaponry, couple of pigs, some crocs and more skeletons than you can shake a bone at. It was very strange playing a level without saving at all, my finger kept straying to the F5 key. But, that aside, if you like blowing up skeletons then this is the level for you. If you like some gameplay, any gameplay, then this isn't. On the plus side, it was solidly built, no missing textures or paper walls but there wasn't enough of it for layout to be a problem. I recommend you play it just to see if you've got the self-control not to hit the F5 button! Go on, I dare you!" - Diz (24-Mar-2010)
"Another very short level for a debut. The goal here is to pick up some weapons and ammo to shoot some skeletons, crocs and wild pigs in a few and empty rooms, avoiding to fall in the hole "traps" where you can't climb. No more." - Jose (22-Mar-2010)
"What a little oddity this debut level is, not least for its storyline. If you do feel like spending a few minutes blowing up skeletons (and hands up who doesn't enjoy that) then you might find this therapeutic. I was aware from the readme that save games would make the screen freeze, but out of sheer habit I saved anyway and had to use task manager to close down. On firing up the game again, I found that the save had actually worked and I could load it up, so if you are really desperate to play this and want to save at any point, it can be done, it's just very laborious, but I wouldn't rush to download it, if I were you." - Jay (21-Mar-2010)
"I downloaded and played this level right when it was posted, but held off with the review as I wanted to see other opinions first. Well, this level was quite a disappointment. The textures are bad and you basically run around blasting skeletons and try not to fall into the holes in the floor. The worst part was this annoying game music that just wouldn't stop. Textures, color and music made me feel like I was playing an old Amiga game. Not worth the download." - Blue43 (20-Mar-2010)
"Good grief! So much nonsense on a heap must hurt. The textures look bad and are stretched partly. The background sound irritates. I can't do anything If I want to save, because the screen has frozen and I must push reset. There are no riddles or some duties. One must simply gather everything and shoot everyone. The only positive one is which one is after less than 10 minutes at the level end. There is also the fact that the builder uses a forbidden symbol. Do yourselves a favor and makes a very big curve around this level." - Scottie (17-Mar-2010)
"Less than 10 minutes if you take your time and less than 1 minute when you know where to go and your only aim is to hit the finish trigger quickly. And that is a bit of a waste really, because with a bit more patience this could have turned into an interesting little debut level. Don't worry about the Nazi linkage, as this really does not play a role save for the handful of flag textures. It is a quick romp through a few simple square rooms, blasting enemies with the grenade gun. Not more, not less." - MichaelP (16-Mar-2010)
"You know me;I'm never one to discourage a first-time builder,and am absolutely generous to a fault with my praise - but I have two pieces of advice for this particular builder.1) Choose a somewhat less contentious subject as a theme,as the sight of swastika's all over the place may be a little offensive to some;and 2) make sure that the resultant level last a little longer than 6 minutes! It could have been more of a challenge if only you weren't presented with such a bounteous arsenal of heavy weaponry at the very start;as the skeletons,crocs and boars become mere cannon fodder...and then you reach the Finish Trigger. I also had audio problems,and experienced a 'level crashing' bug when attempting to save - nonetheless,there are many worse debut levels out there and I look forward to more from this author;if only to see what subject matter he chooses as a theme next time!" - Orbit Dream (14-Mar-2010)