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Code Zero (Demo) by tombraider1703

Bene 8 7 7 8
Blue43 5 6 6 7
Diz 6 8 7 7
DJ Full 7 8 8 9
eRIC 4 7 4 7
eTux 4 6 8 8
Gerty 4 5 8 8
Jay 4 7 8 8
Jose 5 6 7 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 5 5 9 10
manarch2 4 5 6 6
Matie 7 7 9 8
MichaelP 5 7 8 8
Miriam 6 7 8 10
Orbit Dream 5 4 8 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
rtrger 7 8 9 9
Ryan 5 6 8 8
Scottie 7 7 7 8
TheStig 4 7 7 7
Treeble 5 6 8 7
release date: 21-Mar-2010
# of downloads: 123

average rating: 6.85
review count: 21
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file size: 24.15 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"One of the shortest but also a convincing demo. Has some errors which would take a couple of minutes to fix, so they will hopefully be if the full version ever appears. For now, it's a nice showcase of music- and AI-driven suspense. Optional." - DJ Full (27-Apr-2024)
"The opening seems inspired by the beginning of TR3's High Security compound, only Lara's left her crowbar lying around in apparent plain view of the guards. Reality niggles aside, this is an incredibly brief but tantalising seven minute demo in a pleasing setting, with a bit of enemy evasion, climbing and trap avoidance. My only real gripe was with the continuous alarm sound which got irritating after a while. Still, based on what I've seen here, the full version could have provided a real treat to the community." - Ryan (22-Dec-2017)
"g&p: Well, I must admit that for a small level as it is that was hard to reach the end, I thought that we were able to go through the laser in the big corridors, so I did activate a lot of guards and then get killed after about 1 minute. The point is that the gameplay is not that clear and not that fair (one medipack in the whole level, enemies shooting at you: you can't heal yourself and you can't fight back...) But the point is that I didn't take the time to spot the lever to go to the next cell, because I was running from the guard... But I did read the walkthrough and then I realized that I was not in the good way... But when I did load my previous save, lara's health was too short to finish the level.... (Because of the steam emitter that you can't avoid at the beginning of the level...) So I did start the game over again, and then I had enough life to finish it...So the gameplay was not very entertaining in my case... E,O,S: Enemies that you can't fight, were from TR5 (VCI guards, and Dogs from Rome) they were not original and very well adjusted (enemy can shoot you when you are in his back and the gunflash is not well placed...) Objects, no real decoration objects, this is quite emty and not that beautiful, but ok that kind of level doesn't need 3 hundred of plants or anything, just some nice touches to create a good atmosphere... No secrets found for me... A,S,C: Atmosphere was nice, well we understand well that were are in a kind of base, or even prison, I some cold place... I was surprised to read in the 'readme' text, that Dean Kopri was used for a trle level (Now we all know him for his sounds for Tomb Raider II Next generation remake) and his music is pretty cool and fit well in the level. But the ambiance sound overlapped with Kopri's music, it was weird... Cameras: not that much cameras but enough to help you. L&T: nothing to say about it, texture were nice, same for lighting." - Lara_Fox_Croft (18-Nov-2017)
"Unfortunately this builder never completed this project. Even when the demo is very short, you can notice here a well worked lights, correct texturization, good atmosphere and an interesting gameplay situation with Lara escaping from the guards with variety of tasks forcing to move herself fast. Perhaps the continuous sound of the alarm was a bit annoying, but I liked the style from this author, and I hope in the future can resume this promising work." - Jose (30-Aug-2017)
"Yoav's one-paragraph walkthrough tells you that you're in for a short (but frenetic, as it turns out) raid. You're in prison escape mode, and you need to do this without the benefit of any weaponry. You get an early crowbar to open some avenues along the way, staying one step ahead of the pursuing guards and dogs. Then you get a grappling gun to lower a rope, and it's all over about 8 minutes after it starts. This builder has given us some highly-rated releases over the years, and it's too bad that he hasn't fleshed out this nicely-conceived scenario to give us a more complete adventure to enjoy. I'm sure it would have been a good one, based on the tantalizing taste we're provided here." - Phil (09-Aug-2016)
"This is just a really short demo where Lara has to escape a cell, avoid a few lasers and open a several crowbar doors. Unfortunately there are no weapons so all Lara can do is try to dodge the armed guards and finally end up in a room with the grapple gun in order to rope swing across a gap where the level already ends. Nice looks and texturing, but the music, background loop and the constant alarm siren were rather annoying. Play it if you need something really short for in between. Too bad a full version was never released as the demo showed lots of potential. (10 min or less)" - Blue43 (14-Oct-2011)
"Indeed a nice little demo although it had me reloading quite a bit because Lara has no guns and no medipacks. One thing I don't like is reloading as Lara's health is depleted. Sloppy guards because Lara has the crowbar in her own cell so escape is necessary and thus made pretty easy. There are some laser traps and then the avoiding of the guards but it all ends pretty quickly." - Gerty (28-Jul-2011)
"This level is kinda difficult to review due to the fact that is too short, so there aren't platforms enough to rate the gameplay, no puzzles, no animations, ect. Then I'll review it as little part of a game. At the begining we don't have neither weapons nor medpacks, and we'll have to run aray from security men. There are some pushables and laser and gas trapes. In a whole, it looks fine but I think it was too short to rate this game with higher grade." - Miriam (28-Jul-2011)
"Nice short and sweet demo here. Good lighting and I liked the initial music selections (though the alarm going off did start to drive me a little mad towards then end). You start off with no guns, and then pick up a grappling gun. This seemed like a really neat inclusions for me and I look forward to seeing more extensive use of this in the finished game. For all its positives this is pretty short (I clocked 7 minutes of gameplay in total). Fine if you want a quick diversion, otherwise I'd recommend you wait for the author to release the full level (which based on this generally solid foundation should be excellent). Stiggy" - TheStig (21-Sep-2010)
"This 7-minute demo creates adrenalin because you don't have much medikits, there are many enemies you can't shoot with no weapons, and because of the brilliant cameras giving you hints here. Textures and atmosphere, although the level is very short, are very well done. My only wish is a full version of this, as it'll probably be great because this gives you a nice foretaste." - manarch2 (11-Sep-2010)
"A demo that is technically well done and augurs well of the game to come. The short escape of Lara is a dynamic one. Enemies and pickups are adequate. Looks are good. The sound for the alarm is a bit weird and irritating though [ 8 minutes ]" - eRIC (20-Jun-2010)
"Though mercilessly short, this still is an excellent showcase of not only how much gameplay you can pack into a brief level as such - but also a base level, which usually have a bad rep in this department. The enemies are put to use excellently, making up one of the most suspenseful escapes I've experienced in a TR game so far. Besides the small glitches of crowbar and grappling gun animations not showing up, the looks are spotless, and I'm already excited to see what more will be done within the full game. If I had any gripes - then the alarm sound here really was like nails scratching on a blackboard for me, and I have to agree with OrbitDream that the crowbar hidden in plain view of the guards steals some of the believability from the escape concept. How about the good old file in a cake, or a screwdriver in the teddy bear? No? Either case - players can give themselves the pleasure of playing this, and I hope this is one of the rare demos where the author will actually give us the pleasure of experiencing the entire game. Looking forward to it already." - eTux (17-Jun-2010)
"While this only lasts a few minutes, it does give the player a tease of what's to (hopefully) come. This short demo sees Lara escaping her cell and then outrunning a few guards and dogs without any weapon at her disposal. Gameplay is quite simplistic and linear - a few buttons to push, doors to pry open and even the always underrated grappling gun features. Texturing is efficient and the lighting is good enough to set the mood. All in all, worth checking out even if only for the adaptation of the Snow Light outfit, let's see what the full levelset will have in store for us. 10 minutes. 03/10" - Treeble (30-Mar-2010)
"Just like in Tomb Raider III, we start in a cell, guards are patrolling, no guns. After sneaking out, pushing some switches, avoiding guards, getting and using the grappling gun (I love the idea, it was nicely done), then swinging to the other side the level suddenly ends. The textures look good everywhere, I haven't seen any stretched one. The atmosphere and lighting is great and the cameras are used very well. I wish it was longer, I'm looking forward to the full version." - Matie (28-Mar-2010)
"This one will keep you busy, for 10 minutes at least. I admit I enjoyed playing that one. Nice ideas for the gameplay, some tricky and catchy ways to get away from our dear guards. And finally, not those old TR3 textures. I'm expecting very much from the final version, because that's great. Nice one!" - rtrger (26-Mar-2010)
"Just under nine minutes of net gameplay. Just the length a demo should be, a taster of things to come. And, if the full length version is as good as the demo, 'things to come' will be good indeed. A 'cell escape' level, no guns, guards everywhere and a siren in the background, just to hurry you up. Great stuff! One disappointment was finding the Armoury and only getting the grapple gun. I was really looking forward to a bit of guard-hunting and revenge! (I'm probably not a very nice person). Looking forward to the full version." - Diz (25-Mar-2010)
"First time through I did everything wrong. Second time through was a breeze - No Guards or rather, not too many and the key was quickly found. Once the jump from the rope is completed, it ends. If there were a rating for Promise and Potential, that category would rate high but as there isn't, the ratings have to be on the short side as it definitely is a very short demo. Maybe 5 minutes in the second run-through. Atmosphere is the usual cell with vents and laser traps and in this case, nicely done but the blaring of the alarm goes on far too long. Cameras are evident and placed well. I'm hoping there is more to come because although much is not shown, the basis is there for a great level and I'm looking forward to it's full release." - Bene (24-Mar-2010)
"The problem with the 'escape from a prison cell' concept is that something very obvious needs to have been overlooked by the Prison Guards,otherwise (with no opportunity to escape) the level would end up being little more than Lara in a Box.In this instance,a handy crowbar has been left lying on the floor of Lara's cell - just the thing with which to affect an escape! Get around this unlikelihood and you find a very gripping 10 minute demo,where everything has been devised and constructed with care.Laser traps;troops of unkillable guards;steam vents and a nice use of the Grappling Gun are all well presented.Coupled with some good use of sound and music and you have a neat and effective little Demo.Now lets see what the larger offering can deliver!" - Orbit Dream (23-Mar-2010)
"As this is only a demo, it cannot score very highly, but it is certainly a great promise of more to come. What you get here is about 10 minutes of 'escape from the prison cell' gameplay in a convincing setting with guards to avoid and the usual vents and laser traps. If this quick glimpse is anything to go by, the entire project should be a real winner." - MichaelP (22-Mar-2010)
"Code Zero (Demo) - Tombraider1703 4/7/8/8 Just about the first thing I noticed when I fired up this demo was a cute little teddy bear sitting on Lara's prison cell bunk. What a lovely touch. I would in fact very much like to see this worked up into a full level as, for the short time it lasts, it's very entertaining. Avoid the guards, dogs, laser traps and steam vents as best you can, pick up a couple of medipacks, make your way into the armoury for a grappling gun and that's about it. A toothsome morsel of a taster. More please." - Jay (22-Mar-2010)
"First once I must say that the demo unfortunately a little bit short is. I would like to have seen more. But let's get down to the subject. What one could see and play, was already really good. Indeed, there are a few things which have disturbed me something. The alarm tone is actually a good idea, but it is a little bit annoying if he is to be heard constantly. It would be in my opinion enough if the alarm jumps on, would one or two minutes to be heard and then was turned off. because than everybody knows that Lara has broken out. It would be nice if one could hear the guards. There were because no sounds for the steps and for the guns. Moreover, the guards say nothing. Both steam emitters at the rope are a little bit unfair. The level builder could leave out that. It would maybe better if Lara also finds her pistols beside the Grappling Gun. Then she could kill the guards and could pocket maybe a few more Goodies. But otherwise this was a really tasty appetizer. If the level builder can repair the small sound problems, than we become certainly a really good level." - Scottie (22-Mar-2010)