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I heard something by Franco Bula

Bene 5 4 4 5
bERT 6 7 7 7
Ceamonks890 4 6 5 5
Christian 3 3 4 4
Diz 4 5 4 5
DJ Full 5 6 4 6
dmdibl 5 6 5 5
eTux 3 3 4 4
Gerty 3 4 4 3
Jay 4 5 5 5
John 3 4 4 5
Jose 5 6 4 7
lokky99101 4 4 5 5
LuxQSD 4 6 3 3
manarch2 4 6 5 5
MichaelP 3 5 4 3
misho98 4 3 5 5
Nuri 5 9 6 7
Orbit Dream 2 3 4 4
Ryan 4 4 5 5
Scottie 5 6 5 7
Steven Svorticher 4 6 4 5
TheStig 3 4 4 5
Torry 6 7 7 4
Treeble 4 6 6 6
Wolf7 3 6 5 6
Xela 4 5 6 6
release date: 25-Jan-2011
# of downloads: 138

average rating: 4.75
review count: 27
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file size: 9.41 MB
file type: TR2
class: Home

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Reviewer's comments
"Nice mansion type level. I like the build up as you mainly push buttons and then look for open doors for the main part of it to collect heaps of ammo without having the shotgun. It puts tension on you not to meet too fast any enemies. Not too sure about the choice the builder made how to open that one door for you being able to reach the shotgun. But then again, it's a mansion so the level is not that big and so you may stumble upon the solution (I didn't and had to check the walky). All in all what I call an in-betweenie, a level to take a break in between humongously longer levels." - bERT (06-Jun-2024)
"A short romp through a custom Lara's Mansion type level. When I started playing I found it quite enjoyable and was slightly surprised by the low ratings, but the more you play the more you realize what's wrong with it. Your task is to explore rooms and pick up all the shotgun shells that Lara's hidden around her mansion. After you're sorted, you need to clear out three areas with goons and press buttons that unlock a trapdoor above Lara's bed. The attic contains the boss goon so I suppose that's what she heard. I didn't think to check the bedroom again after exploring the mansion so I had to use the walkthrough there. It's very easy to get lost in the mansion and there's quite a few paper thin walls and texture clipping issues. Texturing and lighting isn't much to write home about either.'s a very mild and average yet somewhat boring level, fit for people who enjoy shooters, I suppose." - LuxQSD (22-Jul-2022)
"A TR2 style home level we have here, and its very similar to tr2 home sweet home in which apart from using a pushable block and finding switches to open doors its mainly about finding ammo and killing baddies until (if your lucky to have enough ammo left) kill the double gun boss which ends the level, its very short and simple but yet tedious and boring as well, its nice to check out if you like shooter levels or wanna check out an original layout home level here" - John (05-Aug-2021)
"I actually played this level a billion years ago, but I had stopped reviewing the levels back then. Replaying it today, I remembered one moment that I had back then, which occurred again today: That shocking moment, when the first enemies appear and attack! We start in a peaceful-seeming mansion (which actually has a suitable size, compared with all the Lara's mansion-levels) as Lara sneaks around after hearing a sound it seems. Very similar to the "Home sweet Home" level from TR2. I like the level design and the idea behind this. Well done!" - Nuri (15-Jan-2020)
"I didn't mind this 20 minute romp although I did waste some time trying to find my way due to that disguised movable block and even when I had completed 98% of the house clearing I could hear those goons stomping around upstairs but wasted more time finding out how to get up there. Thankfully the manor was not as large as the one Lara normally inhabits. Paper thin walls and texture fade outs are in evidence as with many of these Tomb Raider 2 custom levels." - Torry (01-Dec-2019)
"I remember myself being pretty surprised by its low rating at the time I played it, back in 2015, but now that I replay it I can quite see what's wrong with it. The gameplay is shooter driven and its quite ok, but everything else is not that INCREDIBLE. The combat, as I said above, it's quite good and I remember I had one or twice to redo sections because of the mediocre shooting abilities I have! Atmosphere is not that great yet texturing itself wasn't that bad. Very short, yet I still enjoy myself playing it!! Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (19-Feb-2019)
"As far as Lara's Home designs go, this might be the most exotique I've seen this far. It's far from realistic, but it's stylish and I can go with that. It's somewhat small, but that turns out to be a good thing when you start running back and forth trying to find out which doors open as you find a series of buttons along the way. There is a notable lack of ammo though, I managed to kill the last guy with the very last shotgun shell I had, so I'm gonna say I was lucky -- I do think some of the enemies are optional, however, if I hadn't shot the windows to the gardens and killed the two or three bad guys there I might have had ammo to spare (don't think there was anything important, ie a button, out there). It's a fun little level, though it doesn't have a whole lot going for it. I do give MichaelP's review for this level a "10/10 Would Read Again", though, so there's that. 15 minutes, 1 secret. 05/17" - Treeble (28-May-2017)
"This level Was nice and if you enjoyed home sweet home in tomb raider 2 then you'll like this even more nice to have the eneimies from tr2 make a return and of course the boss at the end of opera house and also home sweet home the level starts off with Lara being weapon less but eventually of you explore the place a bit more you will find the shotgun and quite a lot of enemies and shotgun shells and thats basically it." - lokky99101 (08-Jul-2016)
"Starting without weapons so the search begins to find at least something that can use the ammo you find on the way. So this starts out non-violent but the ending is for sure a shooter. I barely made it with my health bar blinking. That'll tell you to watch your health and perhaps also keep an eye out for the ammo in general. This is a little romp that can be over pretty quick if you keep your wits." - Gerty (25-May-2016)
"We start with Lara in her bedroom, weaponless and anticipating bad guys coming in and raiding her home. This level was somewhat rudimentary and unfulfilling and is mainly only for shooter fans. Nice to see those old enemies again though." - Ryan (22-May-2016)
"Despite having almost no gameplay other than blasting intruders with the shotgun there aren't any cameras showing you which door you opened so you have to guess and run around the rooms. The visuals are average, I like that the house is not a copy paste from the original Tomb Raider. I got stuck in some objects while trying to kill the boss. More enemies and ammo would've raised the fun factor but other than that not a bad way to waste 10 minutes of your spare time if you're a fan of the shooting class." - misho98 (29-Dec-2015)
"Often I am reminded that home invasion levels are among the tropes that level builders seem to clutch to. There really is nothing wrong with the idea in premise; presumably we'd all like to fend off baddies on our own terrain in a somewhat brutal manner. Lara with a shotgun seems to encompass these power fantasies. Unfortunately, the immersion is endangered, and the fantasy broken, when it feels like the enemies are popping randomly out of the walls, or that one is completely defenseless because there is not enough available ammo. Both of these problems seem to detract from the experience for me. The house itself is constructed in an interesting way, but maintains a rather confusing path to the end, with no camera clues. Honestly, lighting an textures are mostly fine, save for a few messy areas. But, there just isn't much fun. I guess it could be a minor challenge for the "every shot counts" crowd." - Xela (28-Jan-2015)
"Much like Igor's 'Night Home Attack', this is basically a retread of the 'Home Sweet Home' level from TR2, only its nowhere near as fun as the former(if that is even possible). While the lighting, texturing and general atmosphere has certainly gotten better since Franco's last release(alongside enemy and object choices that feel more appropriate for the type of environment offered), it generally doesn't serve much of a purpose as an actual level and feels more like a proof-of-concept demo, if nothing else. Only worth recommending towards players who are fans of shooter-type levels or have the desire to complete every level available on this website. Otherwise, don't even bother downloading." - Ceamonks890 (09-Sep-2014)
"I hate automatic doors - finding the shotgun took me 20+ minutes just because I didn't think the lockup might open itself on approach. Not enough cameras, and just enough ammo, but all except that will do fine and even better for a TR2-sfx maniac like me." - DJ Full (08-Oct-2012)
"This feels more like a technical exercise than a complete level. I Heard Something is a quick 20 minute shoot-em-up based in a scaled down version of Lara's mansion. You have to collect enough ammo to dispatch the bad-guys culminating in a messy battle at the end in Lara's loft. To be honest I was hoping for more evolution with Franco's levels now. The last Venice level I reviewed from Franco was very enjoyable but I'd say this particular adventure is probably for completists only. After this many releases it's a shame to still see things like wafer-thin walls too. If you enjoy ammo scavenging you may enjoy this, but for me I think the author can do better. Stiggy" - TheStig (13-Jan-2012)
"A very short TR2 level which has the same setting of Home Sweet Home of TR2. There is no history within the game, but I guess it's the same one of Tomb Raider 2 (in fact Lara has the dagger of Xian with her), with some changes in the structure of Lara's home. The gameplay is quite simple and obvious, but while in Home Sweet Home at the very beginning we find the shotgun and several ammo, in this level we find a great number of ammo, small medikit and flares, while we need to take some actions before getting the shotgun. Inside the house there are some rooms here and there with a few buttons to press and there is no flyby to see what happened. No time trials, real puzzles are also completely absent, but there's a hidden block to pull to reveal a corridor, but at first sight you do not notice much difference between the block and the rest of the wall. There is one secret that I'd not call in this way, considering it isn't a hidden object, but an item you can obtain after killing all the gangsters in the same room. Speaking about the enemies, perhaps it's the only sufficient thing: gangster with baseball bats, the ones with guns, dogs, and finally the boss like the one in TR2. In conclusion, a mini-level, very easy and obvious, in which a few things were developed. I realize that a place as the home of Lara can't offer so many resources, but for example the opportunity to use the training area outside the house wasn't even used (there is only one part where you can go out outside but just to kill the enemies and stop) or even a gym. So many things are missing, but for all who liked Home Sweet Home of TR2, this level is suitable for you if you want to try an alternative version." - Steven Svorticher (05-Jul-2011)
"This is a TR2 'shooter. Sigh! I'm still not sure why builders do this. Why build using a clunky old engine when there's newer and better available? There's my gripe out of the way, on with the review. Lara's mansion. Invaded by bad guys. No pistols. Find the shotgun. Find enough ammo to kill bad guys. Find switches to find switches to open rooms to find switches. Kill bad guys. All in all not bad but you'd need to be a true TR2 fan to get the most out of this level. Only for the enthusiast." - Diz (04-Mar-2011)
"Lara's house has been invaded so many times, I find it increasingly harder to feign any sense of surprise or, indeed, interest as to why it's happening in the first place. Conveniently enough the level's title is the only explanation you get as to what's going on, so you might as well arm yourself Home, Sweet, Home style and investigate whatever it is Lara heard. As you do - you'll explore the new, more compact layout of the house, operate a bunch of buttons till you stumble upon the shotgun and then deal with all the nasties that decided to invade Lara's privacy. The level admittedly doesn't look all that bad, the new layout is interesting, and there are some unintentionally tense moments here when I ran into some of the enemies before finding the elusive shotgun, or when I heard footsteps close by near Lara's bed at the end and for a while had no clue where they came from. While the game is not that complicated, the lack of camerawork makes this a bit more confusing than it ought to be. If you've seen one initially unarmed Lara vs. home intruders type of game, this one won't expand upon your impressions of the concept by a lot, but if you want a brief mindless shooter of this sort, it's not the worst pick." - eTux (28-Feb-2011)
"So slowly Franco is getting better. The lighting conditions in the rooms are meanwhile at a satisfactory level. If I think of his former levels where it was just dark, so it is here already an essential progress. He must pay attention with his next level, however, absolutely to the paper-thin walls. There he is still too unstable. Sometimes he puts rooms rationally side by side and sometimes he bets them so side by side as one should make it not really. Moreover, it would have been better if he had inserted a camera hint to the shootable window. And there were no camera hints which doors open the few switches. And some more ammunition would have been as quite helpful. But otherwise this was a nice level." - Scottie (15-Feb-2011)
"If I move Lara around and ask myself, why I'm playing this one, it is always a bad sign. My advice to those hosw want to play this level: Collect every bullet you can find and don't waste a single one, you will need it in the end. Storyline: Start in the bedroom, clean your house from bad guys, end up in the bedroom. Gameplay: Open a few doors, search ammo and use it. There are these wafer-thin walls again. The nightmare-like atmosphere to be haunted in your own rooms doesn't really convince. I can't see any remarkable improvement to the last release from this author." - Christian (05-Feb-2011)
"You know, sometimes I have these strange dreams. I wake up at night in my home, feel this urge to search the whole place for my shotgun, some flares and plenty of ammo and then suddenly after pushing a few buttons, doors begin to open and bad guys appear which I shoot down - and then I always wake up in sweat because I run out of ammo before I can kill the final boss guy and it starts all over. I am just glad this is not reality... or is it...?" - MichaelP (02-Feb-2011)
"This is a builder who is currently exhibiting a declining learning curve;that is,he actually seems to forget essential rules of level construction with each new endeavour.In this latest example,we are presented with a "button pushing and baddy shooting" exercise which contains the major gameplay fault of the hapless player easily doing things in an order unenvisaged by the builder,leading to a complete impasse some way down the line. Playing the level for the second time with the aid of the Walkthrough I was finally able to access the final area,and had the deuce of a time destroying the Boss and thus reaching the Finish Trigger - but destroy him I did,and was thus able to exit this exercise in aggravation. It's probably a step up from Franco's previous level;but only by default (it can be completed in under 15 minutes;so the agony is less prolongued);but,judging by the wafer thin walls and buggy gameplay,little has been learned since his very first level. If Franco intends to continue to build in his particular fashion,that's absolutely fine with me (individuality should be welcomed in all walks of life); but I won't feel the pressing need to partake in his future efforts." - Orbit Dream (02-Feb-2011)
"Lara certainly does hear something and it would be better for her if she had someone or something more than a shotgun on her side. There's just enough ammo and health to get through the final confrontation if some of the gameplay is bypassed as some of it avails her nothing but loss of ammo and health. Unfortunately, that isn't clear until the end and sections may have to be replayed.. Even though ammo or health packs are conveniently dropped here and there what Lara needs are her trusty pistols for some of the action and those are nowhere to be found at least by me. A nice touch are all the windows through which can be seen the vans that brought all the bad guys.
If you enjoy short shooters with a lot of running around and the puzzle of no cameras/where to go? and don't mind the invisible collisions...this one is for you." - Bene (01-Feb-2011)
"I must have taken three times longer to play this than other reviewers. At the start, Lara is ready for bed, the level inspired by the home invasion epilogue of TR2, where Lara quickly picks up shotgun and ammo to face one Venice enemy after another. So players expect trouble for Lara at any moment. What players get is a run through a new small house level to pick up ammo here and there, and finally get the shotgun. Then three Venice enemies show up. That appears to be it. There are still two closed doors, one in the kitchen, and one in the pool room. There is a closed trapdoor in the bedroom, obvious as one sees shotgun ammo through the ceiling. Nothing happens while Lara wanders through the ground floor of the house. Aha! Windows are shootable. Three more enemies dispatched. At long last Lara spots a push block, and opens those two doors. The author always puts three enemies in each room or area. A final button and Lara gets back to the bedroom and runs out of ammo when confronting the double-shotgun boss. Probably Lara wasted a few shotgun shells in earlier confrontations. But Lara was very thorough in picking up all ammo, and killing all enemies, and it would have been better if she hadn't gone outside through the broken window, as little was gained by killing opponents there. And it would have been better just to run from goons with clubs. It would be easy to replay this, and keep sufficient ammo, but I just used TRSEDIT for extra shotgun shells. Lara dispatched the boss, got the golden dragon, and hit the finish trigger. There are no camera shots for what buttons do. There are paper thin walls. From this author we now expect more." - dmdibl (31-Jan-2011)
"It's by night and Lara heard something. Soon she realize that there are some vans outside. Then she takes a ride around the rooms of the house to pick up medipacks, ammo and the shotgun. Enemies appear and she take care of them. Nothing more. I don't know how an experienced builder can let paper walls in the level; also some objects like the piano or the chairs have an invisible collision around. Where are the cameras? And the puzzles? Only push buttons and shoot enemies is not a good gameplay. At least the level is well textured." - Jose (30-Jan-2011)
"Lara certainly did hear something - several somethings in fact, as her home has been invaded by a load of baddies. This is a short and somewhat bullet-ridden TR2 mansion level. Lara has no pistols, but luckily the good old shotgun is available so dealing with the enemies is really not much of a problem. Apart from that it's mainly a button pushing exercise. It's competently built and if TR2 levels and shooters are your thing then you might want to give this a try." - Jay (27-Jan-2011)
"Considering the length of the builder's other levels, this was a rather quick raid with around 15-20 minutes gameplay. The mansion was well built, with many TR 2 objects. The outside areas looked also good, but you don't spend much time there. I really liked the light switches, making one room brighter and one, as enemies arrive, darker and a bit spookier. But I didn't like the fact you simply could avoid a quarter of the game by simply only pushing the necessary buttons. There were no camera hints, which made the game unnecessarily hard and to a to-and-fro run. The last trapdoor to the roof that has to be opened is absolutely not obvious, I already had quit the game before thinking that the finish trigger will be in Lara's bed, as she killed all intruders... a mistake that led me inevitably to the final room. Nice kind of finish trigger, running with an item to the pedestal, of course you can't place it in TR 2, but still a good idea. Recommended (I already said that to Night Home Attack, I think) if you like the "Home Sweet Home"- level from TR2." - manarch2 (26-Jan-2011)