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Peruvian Adventures by Daffy

afzalmiah 10 9 10 9
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Blue43 9 9 9 9
Bradley 9 10 7 10
Christian 8 9 9 9
Diz 9 10 9 9
DJ Full 7 9 10 9
dmdibl 9 9 9 9
eRIC 7 7 6 7
High Priestess 9 9 10 8
Jack& 8 8 9 9
Jay 9 9 10 9
JesseG 8 10 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 10 9
Jose 8 9 9 10
Josey 10 10 10 10
Kara 10 9 10 9
Kiva 8 7 6 8
manarch2 8 9 9 9
MegaGamer 8 7 6 8
MichaelP 8 9 9 9
Mman 9 8 8 7
Nina Croft 10 9 9 9
Orbit Dream 8 8 8 8
Phil 9 9 10 10
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Scottie 9 9 9 10
Shandroid 10 9 10 9
TheStig 8 9 9 9
release date: 27-Jan-2011
# of downloads: 230

average rating: 8.85
review count: 29
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file size: 103.74 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

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Reviewer's comments
"Idk. Seems the first part is the most creative, as it feels like even the puzzle itself has a plot - and then the amount of good ideas was dropping till too often interactions feel like chains of tasks rather than unfolding the meaning. After the first minilevel I hoped the scope will be similar in next ones, but these small worlds have unexpectedly much to do, so I started to get tired and look forward to the end. Puzzles get better in the final level, especially the cameras which show you the beginning of chain instead of the end so they prod you in the right direction but don't reveal everything, leaving space for the "aha" moment. Still, in the end there was no final goal, no mystery to solve, no hidden meaning, not even an artifact to take. I pushed a lot of switches, I got many pickups, I killed a ton of enemies, and... why? I don't think it's really "adventures", while even a smaller level like "The Chamber" proves you can get this mood regardless from size. Recommended for the soundtrack which could be a South American playlist on its own." - DJ Full (22-Apr-2024)
"This is a very attractive and somehow very flowing and creative level set divided into four distinct sections. Granted, none of the gameplay and individual puzzles are really head-scratching or difficult to figure out, but they are fun to figure out and some of them are nicely clued via the use of textures or trigger tiles (I loved the trapdoor puzzle clued by different shapes). Traps also make an appearance in the form of flames, spikes and spike barrels, but even they are not too difficult to bypass. A nice combination of pleasant and entertaining gameplay and attractive surroundings make this a pleasant raid, suited for everyone." - Ryan (24-Nov-2017)
"A nice little "puzzle" Level in 4 Levels. 1 hour 49 minutes Playtime" - Kiva (29-Aug-2016)
"Fun, challenging, and an entertaining level. My only serious complaint is the atmosphere, as it was a bit dull, but still looks a bit nice. I felt like there was a bit too much enemies in this game, so taking away some enemies could make this a fairly challenging game. Everything else I enjoyed. Try giving this level a shot." - MegaGamer (08-Apr-2014)
"Like Daffy's releases before this one the visuals here are quite abstract. Some of the abstract and colourful parts gave me a Louis Martins flavour, but, while parts are more ambitious and cohesive than anything in City of Dahaffy (especially the town at the end), I think it suffers more from an incoherent theme than that level; the castle theme of City of Dahaffy helped justify the weirdness, whereas here the Peru theme makes the simplicity of parts stick out more. So in the end I think it balances out to about the same as the City of Dahaffy, with higher highs and lower lows. The gameplay is improved though while keeping the same pleasant sense of flow; this is longer (although each of the four levels is only around 20-25 minutes each) and there's more tasks to accomplish, the levels are more open without it harming the flow at all. The last level also shows some branching into more open and exploration focused design, that is also well executed. While the visual improvements are mixed, this is a solid improvement on the last level gameplay-wise, and shows Daffy's gameplay style maturing." - Mman (12-Mar-2014)
"This level was very well done, i liked that it was split into different parts, with a different door to open after each mini level. My interest was kept throughout and the detail of the scenery was superb. Recommend." - Kara (13-Jan-2014)
"This is a cosy level set,divided into four parts linked by a small hub room.Everything about the 2 plus hours raiding experience is pleasent,and yet it can rarely be described as anything more than that as it never rises to particularly spectacular heights either in gameplay nor actual construction.Each of the four levels consists of a puzzle sequence,a trap gauntlet and a shooting arena;while the actual peruvian environments serve their purpose but never exhibit much spectacularity as they basically consist of large courtyards surrounded by small rooms.The final level,particularly,seemed a little unfair at times;what with an invisible ceiling (added in order to force the player to perform a shimmy)and an inexplicable ropeswing.The audio choices,although showcasing appropriately indigenous music,became rather irritating at times and often seemed at odds with the somewhat violent gameplay.Nonetheless,the level-set was filled with good things:the use of transporter beams;some nifty rolling ball sequences;decent jumps;and forward progression which is rarely hard to follow,aided by many amusing texture hints (although a few more camera clues in the final level would not have gone amiss).A slick and rather accomplished set of levels,then;which provide plenty of relatively undemanding gameplay." - Orbit Dream (29-Jul-2013)
"This time it's in Peru we discovered our adventurer. The level start in a slope and the goal is to open a door near the beginning of the level. So it's through 4 beautiful levels we follow Lara to discovered artifact and relic to open the many doors of the adventure. The gameplay is not really hard and there are few various task to complete to finish each levels. There are a very good use of the enemies and objects of btb 2008 peru and the secret are also very well done (and I really like these small dragons). As I say, the geamplay is not really hard, certainly because the few cameras sequences are perfect. Wonderful flyby to show the road with great new sounds to assist them. The level is not really dark and the game is very well textured with a very good choise of textures. Great job Daffy. Highly recommended. Indeed, the level is playbable by everyone even by the beginners. Thanks a lot for this game." - BigFoot (17-Apr-2013)
"The author is certainly competent , but apparently is not so sure about the players skills. In the midst of the well-known Peruvian textures , several custom textures have been used as hints for the players. In one case or two , this was a very good idea ( the room with the many water holes with an underwater lever which you may not remember after a while if you have already pulled it or not) , but generally these hints were not necessary and look like naive oddities. We don't really need the first hint to throw the torch as there is no way to carry it farther , or the hints to place the 4 movables as there is only one square where you can move them. Plus these textures do not add to create a real atmosphere, neither is the Peruvian music used sometimes as background loops becoming quite annoying rather soon. The immerging factor is absent in this adventure without much purpose, mind you there is no storyline, the course is only a succession of rather small areas. On the other end, objects and enemies fit well the location. Some other details that are a bit odd : the many wild life trapped in corridors sometimes without even a roof over them (how did they managed to get trapped there , or is it a zoo that the natives are ruling ?) or the fact that you can't reach the top of a wall because of the low"sky" and have to shimmy around , when you can stand on the top of a block of the same height located just besides. The texturing itself is quite neat , with architecture not very complicated, this makes us remember that the TR engine is primarily based on blocks. The game is easy without much surprise bad or good , with some good decent puzzles , often with movables and raising blocks , and a few 'linking' parts not really inspired gameplay wise, like the place where you push 4 buttons to open 4 corridors , then for one minute you kill all the wildlife that come out from them for the slaughter , then you pull 4 switches at the end of these corridors , to finally open a door in a courtyard with easy traps of many kinds. Were these traps necessary ? and why is there countless doors , buttons and switches in the levels ? Well , as the saying goes , nobody can please everybody , although the author really tried hard (too much) to achieve just that , and made a good and proper job in general." - eRIC (06-Aug-2012)
"I remember saying in my last review of one of Daffy's levels that this was an builder to watch out for in the future, and this release really does show they are on track :) Set in a Peru environment you'll find yourself passing through a series of small puzzle levels each unlocking the key to the next part. The immediate 'Daffy' stamp on this release is the soundtrack. Its quite upbeat and relaxing making it quite pleasurable to play to. There's nothing here too tricky in terms of complexity either so it's suitable for raiders of pretty much all abilities. I think my favorite of the sections is the last one however, where the player is guided across the map by various torches on the wall which guide you along the way. It was a nice innovative touch which I haven't seen before. The rest of the puzzles focus mainly around pushing blocks and finding levers though there's also a few spike traps to be weary of. Architecturally most of this is fine too, but getting right to the very edge of the map in a few of the outdoor spaces does spoil believability a bit. I'd suggest the other considers building a little more environment around the outer walls to add a little realism. Texturing is also of a good standard as is the lighting. All in all I netted 2 hours gameplay from Peruvian Adventures. It's a very well balanced adventure which should appeal both to experienced raiders and new-comers alike. Highly recommended! Stiggy" - TheStig (17-Jan-2012)
"I had given up on this initially along with a few other downloads but decided to have another go recently and found that I almost dipped out on yet another great level. The textures were at times a little bland for my taste save for the fire rooms and I'd have liked a little more colour and vibrancy. The enemies were satisfyingly moderate - crows, a few natives and some dinosaurs and not too difficult to tackle although the T-Rex needs a fair few shotgun rounds to defeat but plenty are provided for this. I felt I may get lost along the way but surprisingly, it is quite linear and difficult to lose your bearings. Although some of the jump sequences looked difficult, amazingly I managed them all with few reloads. I am almost always put off when I see slopes, swinging spiked hammers and lava pools but if I can make it to the end, anyone can! Very enjoyable and kept me entertained for a good three evenings!" - High Priestess (26-Jul-2011)
"Daffy is really talented at coming up with unique puzzles and great gameplay. This level is no different. Each room is chock full of stuff to do. I loved how you do a bunch of stuff which leads to a key that leads to another key that allows you to enter into a new area. I have no idea how Daffy was able to keep everything straight when he made this! Somehow, even though it appears complicated, you easily find your way. Daffy is also so kind when to let you know to drop the torch or timed run on the way. I was blown away by the South American sounding music which was just perfect. I am more fond of smaller rooms than an enormous room since to me, that feels more adventurous. Now if we can get Daffy to make a stunning Greek or modern city level, I will be overjoyed! Hint hint!! Don't listen to me, Daffy...well, maybe a little! Nice job, very great level!" - Shandroid (28-May-2011)
"I downloaded this level a few months ago but I thought it was going to be boring so I stopped playing it but when I played his previous (and the one after this) levels I thought I must try this out again. I loved this mini game so much as well as all daffy's other levels! The gameplay in his levels for me are brilliant because you don't need a lot of help and it's not too easy. Wonderful! This little adventure is in peru where you need a sun disk to exit. There are four levels and each level has very different gameplay but they looked the same a bit but I love peru levels and this could be one of my favourites. The first level was really fun. In this level you do a lot of pushing switches, doing pushblock puzzles and a puzzle with boulders. Enemies were rapters, baby dinos and I think there were natives. The second level was more fun for me because the challenges were more fun and so was the gameplay. The third level was mostly doing puzzles and using switches. The enemies in this level were a bit different but it was really fun. The last level was another really fun level. The whole level was in one big area with a lot of places you can go inside. It can get pretty hard to know where to go here but thankfully the auther made a little torch guide thing where there were torches all around the area and if you need to go to a certain place then the torch next to the area lights up. Very original! The whole adventure was so fun and I found nine secrets but I missed one. Each level had so many good parts and there were not any super hard parts so anyone could enjoy it." - afzalmiah (06-May-2011)
"I personnaly loved this exelent level for many reasons : I love peru levels, this is an enjoyable level and I love dinosaurs. This level is not completed in 5 minutes and it's not a full game so it's just the right lenth. The puzzles were very enjoyable (it didn't take me 5 houres or 5 seconds). If I had to discribe this level in 1 word, it would be : BRILLIANT!!!" - Bradley (03-May-2011)
"Playing this levelset was a great pleasure for me, because Daffy can definitely build an excellent and very exciting adventure, and also achieve a balance, which is IMO very important in level building. We usually have complex, hard and long levels with a lot of action, backtracking, brain crushing puzzles and pixel precise jumps, but not here. Here, everything is balanced, the game is not too hard, nor easy, action, climbing, jumping, puzzles, everything is just perfect, never excessive, but also, never boring. No backtracking, no huge maps, but still, a lot of places to explore. This minigame is perfect for all players, beginners or skilled, because it is not mercilessly hard as usually custom TR levels get. You will probably finish the whole game without any walkthrough reference, although the game is not easy at all. There are a few very interesting pushblock puzzles, hidden levers and ropes, inventive traps, but everything is possible to solve, with common sense and tips given in the game. So, this is one very interesting and fluent adventure, highly recommendable for everybody. However, there are some downsides I hope Daffy will improve in his next games. For example, the architecture of the level is rather simple, no grand vista, only blocky buildings and passages, and even outdoor areas are simple and a bit dull. Also, ceilings in outdoor areas are too low, and if Lara gets on a high ledge, she can see the end of the world, and even the area under the horizon. I hope Daffy will continue to make levels with such excellent gameplay (he is a master of it), but also, that he will improve his building skills when it comes to architecture. Great game, great ideas, and great expectations, this author really has extraordinary talent!" - Nina Croft (27-Apr-2011)
"It was so pleasant to play a level that wasn't 'Throw a switch to find a switch'. A Peruvian setting, always a pleasure, with a central hub and four areas off it. Beautifully made with lighting that enhanced the areas. The gameplay was straight forward with nothing too difficult for the average player. This is certainly not a criticism as there must be games for all player skill levels and the variety of challenged should keep everyone's interest. This was enjoyable to play because it is well made and, above all, fun!" - Diz (11-Mar-2011)
"It is amazing the progress Daffy is making. An hour and a half adventure through 4 modest levels. The environments are nice and lavish in most areas. However the gameplay felt a bit stale at times. That is, most puzzles don't require much thought to them (though they unique at times, such as following the flame). On the other hand the secrets were simple and creative, and I felt accomplished whenever I found one. The outer walls confused me as you can grab them, but not pull onto them as it would appear. This is not convincing to me. Overall though, it was a nice adventure. If Daffy can create some creative gameplay ideas to accompany his levels, they will sure to be a hit." - SSJ6Wolf (04-Mar-2011)
"This is a pleasant two-hour raiding experience with the eye-catching visual effects made possible by the latest tools. The Peru motif is used in four bite-sized (about a half hour each) levels that are varied and challenging in places, but they're all quite suitable for beginning and experienced players. The fourth level stands out particularly in my mind, where we see the device of using a sequence of lighted torches that act as a clue for directing the player where to go next. This new builder has demonstrated an ability to provide thoroughly entertaining raids, and hopefully he'll have a long and prolific career. Highly recommended." - Phil (03-Mar-2011)
"Every once in a while there comes a level that lets me enjoy otherwise boring things such as Egypt or Peru (now, if you read this literally it may sound like I've been both to Egypt and Peru hundreds of times, lol). Well, this is one such level. The gameplay is fun and suitable for everyone, the music that goes with it is very nicely chosen, there is a good balance between puzzles and action (even though that could be more properly called discovery), the secrets are easy to find which is not such a bad thing for those of us who aren't really treasure hunters and prefer to move on, the settings look perfectly Peruvian from where I stand, the lighting is ok and the game is cleverly divided in several parts by using teleporters, keys and sun disks. Not bad at all. Rather good, in fact." - Jorge22 (02-Mar-2011)
"Actually, I am always a little bit distrustful when level builder build in such a short time a level. Then I think it always makes it virtually impossible to build within a few weeks a good level and to get tested it in detail. I am meanwhile a tester and know that the level builder must sometimes have to make bigger rebuilding work. And then with 5 or more rounds this can itself protract. The greater is the surprise that this level is really good. Obviously, Daffy has huge talent. I remember that I had found in Lukes Mystica only little texture error. But unlike Luke, who had built a long time and probably more slowly, Daffy has quite obviously build very fast, but is still working very accurate. I still know that I had found in Mystica hardly texture mistakes. But in contrast to Luke who had built very long and probably rather slowly, Daffy has worked quite obviously very quickly, but, nevertheless, very accurately. Allowedly, the level of Daffy does not have the class like the level of Luke, but Daffy is on a very good way. For example, one can call the lighting conditions nearly optimum. There are no dark corners and everything is well illuminated. The textures are excellent anyhow. There one sees no spoilt, squeezed or inappropriate textures. Now and again the background music maybe irritates a little bit, but on the whole it was better than some background blubbering like in other Levels. The most important thing is that Daffy thinks up for his next level a good Story. In this level it was a matter, in principle, only of finding some keys and artefacts with which one could open many doors and all opponents to kill who appear sometime somewhere. This was generally no problem, because all objects were easy to be found. Moreover, Daffy had inserted many camera hints. And with the shotgun it was easy to defeat the opponents. All in all, it has given a lot of fun to play this level. There I am looking forward to his next work." - Scottie (01-Mar-2011)
"Another good work from this author. An entertaining levels nice to play where you'll always know what to do or where you must go. Easy tasks, easy secrets, easy puzzles; a level everybody can play. It was surprising to see how the animals left medipacks and another items. The only defect I found was in the lava room in one of the levels; there were two horizontal fire emitters behind transparent textures and eventually one of them disappeared; then I went there and Lara could trespass the texture, going inside the niche, but from inside you can't go back outside so Lara stays trapped forever and you have to reload. Apart from this small detail, I've enjoyed a lot the levels. Looking forward for the next." - Jose (06-Feb-2011)
"Since BtB2008, I have always been a great fan of the Peru setting and Daffy has crafted it into a wonderfully pleasant and relaxing adventure of four sequential levels connected by a hub room to take you from one to the next. Relaxing, as in: You will almost never be puzzled about your next step. Even for the most obvious of tasks there are sometimes hints added via textures on the walls or floor and yet - the tasks are so varied that it never gets boring and the swift movement through the adventure gives a nice sense of accomplishment all the time. Yes, if you were hoping for a tough and complex adventure that heavily tests your brain and/or agility skills, this may not be for you, but a level can never please everybody. Each of the levels is about 20-30 minutes long and has a mix of timed runs, jumping rooms, torch puzzles, traps, a bit of pushing objects around and a total of 10 secrets that are not too hard to find. The variety of pan flute ambience audio works quite well and only on occasion got on my nerves a little. Enemies are not too many and not too hard to battle as well. I found the use of 'transporters' in part 2 a bit odd and at times in level 2 and 4 the author uses an invisible ceiling which always kills any hint of reality in a game, but those s'mall gripes are minor in the greater scheme of things. I really liked the guiding light idea in part 4 a lot and hope that this gets used more in the future in other levels. All in all, a wonderful package that players of all ages and skill levels will enjoy!" - MichaelP (05-Feb-2011)
"This builder learns fast. There is a lot of improvement to see the autor has made since his last release (City of Dahaffy) only a few months ago. There are four very similar levels to play, in each one you'll find the key to the next level. Concerning gameplay there is even improvement to be seen between the levels; the last one shows more complexity then the levels before, the search for the three masks shows more variety and creativity. I hope this development is a guideline for future levels. Up to there gameplay is fluent and linear, puzzles may be a bit too easy. There is no lack of enemies, traps and rolling-balls, but the challenges are never too hard.It should be playable for everyone. I liked the peruvian sound, but less sometimes can be more; there are too much repetitions of the same songs well known from every pedestrian zone.... Everything fits quite well together. Very well done!" - Christian (04-Feb-2011)
"O wonder! O beauty! The perfect game: very intelligent and creative, requiring a lot of attention; not too difficult or easy; challenging, but not excessively so; never tiring or boring; the puzzles, creative and varied; sceneries of lava, water, deathly traps, requiring game skill; no infinite runs through areas big enough for three games, or time sequences too tight; lovely Peruvian music, good illumination, the right amount of enemies... what more could we want? It's pure pleasure to play it! Thanks and congratulations to the author!" - Josey (03-Feb-2011)
"Peruvian Adventures 1: This level did not only contain the hub level, from which you get to all four adventures, but also the first of the four. The idea of a place-changing trigger was very nice here. This level is, as all levels, great textured and has good lightning and atmosphere. It mainly is about getting three boulders down to the starting area, therefore you had to place several items to open the next gate for the already waiting boulders. A clever task here, only troubled with the boulders arriving at the top roof at the end? Strange bug. There were clever push puzzles also in it, also some nice created swinging blades.
Peruvian Adventures 2 begins with a nice block puzzle and you had to get them on the top of a room. The T-Rex fight (I'm not sure if it was in PA2) was good, when you got the Shotgun (a bit hard to not get it). The fights with the velociraptors and the fire traps were really difficult and fun to solve. The room with the four cages with different enemies in it was very good.
Peruvian Adventures 3 is set in a cave around a room, where you find a raising block in the middle at the end, to cleverly carry a torch to the second floor. There were many and great puzzles included. The underwater switch puzzle seems interesting, however, I found a missing texture here. Not that bad, but this was not necessary.
Peruvian Adventures 4 was rather set in a castle, with longer gameplay (30 minutes) compared to the other three 20 minute levels. Exploration was the first task here, combined with a nice run over breakable tiles and curved jumps. Few tasks made this very bright level fun too, but this was still the one I least liked, just because there weren't that much puzzles and things to do like in the previous levels.
After finishing you again get back to level 1 and get to a nice ending, not a cutscene, but a graffiti that tells you this is the end, just like in "The Wall". A nice ending, there were also two nice cutscenes in the two levels, and this levelpack was all in all more than solid, a real fun adventure, with many new and great worked out textures, key items and objects, but near to the Back to Basics Peru ones. I have to note that there are only two types of items, used more than once in every level, which I didn't find that well. But I still liked this one with all the traps and puzzles and clear gameplay in it." - manarch2 (01-Feb-2011)
"I started this one with great expectations after a very pleasant experience with Daffy's"City of Dahaffy" only two month ago and I have to say that there were absolutely no disappointments. This game, consisting of four shorter sub levels has a very interesting architectural layout where the builder managed to get a ton of game play into several relatively small and compacts areas. It plays very fluent and there are quite a wide variety of tasks to perform. I loved the layout of the three dimensional puzzles and the clever use of boulders as they opened gates and trapdoors for the player. There were also several really nice jumping and climbing sequences, a couple of torch runs, spike and blade avoidance and basically all the other good stuff one expects from a well rounded level. The only thing I disliked were the invisible walls in the higher areas of the last level, which were quite confusing until I realized that I could shimmy around them. The game contained 10 secrets but I only managed to find six of them. The enemies were also well chosen and mostly well placed. I encountered raptors, compies, tribesman, wolves, bats and several nasty birds, which took forever to die. The big T-Rex on the other hand, fell after one single well-placed shot from the shotgun, a fact that was hinted in form of a small wall image just before the area of the encounter. In general, I noticed the game was very player friendly and full of tips and hints to tell the player where to go and what to do next. The atmosphere was another strong side of the level and to fit the name of the level, there was Peruvian flute music playing in the background for most of the time. I found it a bit unusual at first, but started liking it more and more the longer I played. The texturing and lighting looked beautiful and the high-resolution tiles gave the level a very modern and professional look and there was plenty of plant life and decoration to break up the environment and make the rooms more interesting. The lighting was just right most of the time. I only needed a few flares when looking for things and probably should have used more to look for all the secrets. This was one of the nicest levels I have played in the last couple of month and I would highly recommend it. It is wonderful to look at, has great atmosphere and easy, relaxing game play with logical puzzles and well places hints for the player. (1h 55min)" - Blue43 (31-Jan-2011)
"There has been rapid improvement by this author to give us a solid set of Peru levels that are well designed and generally well lit throughout. (This uses the BtB Peru package, so it is attractive, but has far better lighting than some of the contest levels.) Playing time is about two hours with good jumping routines and a couple torch puzzles. There is fresh design in the layout of a three-boulder puzzle, and teleports are used to create a lot of play in a compact area. Throughout there are little conveniences for players: helpful camera shots, a timed run marked by an hourglass, or a series of pulled switches that are identified with markers which correspond to the markers on diving holes. The last level has a "guided by the light" feature, with lit torches helping to steer Lara in the right direction (the torches turn off after serving their purpose). So a lit torch shows Lara where to climb up, then a lit torch on the far side of an area helps Lara to spot a needed mask. It bothered me that Lara couldn't climb on top a wall here--even though it looks as if she should be able to pull up. If the author had put barbed wire on top the wall it would have felt more realistic that Lara could shimmy around it, but not pull up. The appearance and texturing are always well done, but there are several points like this at the tops of rooms that break the illusion, and made me think about the level editor rather than stay absorbed in the game. In the last level a raptor surprised Lara, so she jumped into a shallow pond--and the raptor came right in after her. For some reason I had thought raptors avoided water. Lara found all ten secrets, mostly by staying alert, only having to hunt out the last secret in the last level. A pleasant and satisfying adventure, and recommended for all." - dmdibl (31-Jan-2011)
"I liked the Andean flute music so much in this level that I went and dug out my decades old vinyl album 'La Flute Indienne', which is full of similar haunting sounds. This is split into four sections, but basically they all have the same elements - clever use of boulders, push puzzles, spikes and flames to avoid and raptors, compys, natives, dogs and bats etc to shoot. This level has been released very quickly on the heels of Daffy's last one, but there's nothing 'rushed' about it at all - it looks extremely good and has great playability. It is in fact one of those levels where I find myself thinking 'I really should go and do something else now, but perhaps I'll just play for another ten minutes' and suddenly the whole afternoon has gone by. I think that probably says it all actually. Go and play it." - Jay (30-Jan-2011)
"OK i have the pleasure to review first this game .....u might be surprised but is not that long game that u might expect from its size in MB ..this is a sort off game wich i think fits for everybody cause its not hardcore one in fact is very relaxing one ..... the story is simple ... u get a key from beggining .. and after that u get in a small room wich have 4 routes numbered from 1 to 4 .... off course each path is a mini game -a mini level ... u cannot choose from wich to start at wich to go. cause u can go from 1 at 4 in the row ..... u start sublevel 1 u get the key for the second and so untill u get in the 4th level ..... levels are moustly indoor ones with different tasks to acomplish . at one u need to solve a block puzzle at other a torcs puzzle and so . realy nothing too difficult . off course the levels are filled with some traps .... not difficult through .... personaly i was find the last level (4th) a bit longer and more interesting ....from each level the aim is to get a mask wich u will use to open the door for exit wich is located in the same room from wich u take the 4 levels one bye one .... off course we cannot talk about a Hall off Fame game here ...... but i was enjoy it and hope u too cheers ..." - Jack& (30-Jan-2011)