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Mini Adventures - Egypt by Tombraider95

afzalmiah 8 8 9 9
alan 7 7 7 7
Blue43 8 7 8 8
Christian 7 6 6 7
Cory 5 6 7 6
Dempsey 9 7 8 6
Diz 7 8 7 8
DJ Full 7 6 8 8
dmdibl 7 7 8 8
eRIC 4 6 8 8
eTux 5 6 8 8
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jay 7 7 8 8
John 6 7 6 7
Jose 8 8 8 9
manarch2 6 7 8 7
Matie 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 7 8 8
misho98 9 8 9 8
MpGrill 7 6 7 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Scottie 7 7 8 8
SeniorBlitz 7 8 8 8
TheStig 7 7 9 8
Torry 8 7 7 7
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 17-Apr-2011
# of downloads: 163

average rating: 7.40
review count: 28
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file size: 48.19 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Set mostly outside around rock structures in daytime Egypt, visuals and lighting are both good and varied with some nice detail included. In terms of gameplay, well short, sweet and certainly not simple are words I would describe my experience here. When I say not simple I’m referring to the challenging but fun timed run involving running and jumping across a pit to 2 ledges before climbing and jumping to a rapidly descending pillar, once you’ve eventually nailed the quick precision and angled jumps to find that jump switch you soon realise you have to do it all again for a now raised platform leading to a ball haha evil ! The other 2 balls you need are much more simple to obtain but not exactly easy peasey as precise platforming is needed as you climb and jump on sloped ledges and lowering blocks, swing around on poles and ropes and with one missed footing you plummet to make yourself potential crocodile food, a deathly fall or worse still…. having to repeat all your steps if you haven’t saved enough times. Unfortunately there isn’t any real puzzles or traps here but with enemies also consisting of ninjas, scorpions, mummies, harpy’s and even 2 Egyptian gods at the end you’ll certainly be kept on your toes before you make your way across to the prize and finish the level in about 20 minutes" - John (15-Jun-2023)
"A short but sweet raid. The area itself may not be expansive but there's quite a fair share of platforming to be done and a couple of timed runs along the way. I quite liked the skybox, thought it fit perfectly with the ambient setting and lighting. The only downside really is down length as it's over too soon, but that's what the author had set out to do in the first place and I appreciate that, especially when it seems like everything needs to be an epic scale adventure. 15 minutes. 12/22" - Treeble (04-Dec-2022)
"Well crafted level with clean texturing , not too varied lighting but i won't complain as it is quite pleasant like it is and with excellent fog , i generally don't like fog in levels as they are often strange and too thick , but here it is realistic and increases atmopshere. The gameplay is quite varied , i don't miss more puzzles , but i was quite surprised to be stuck for good as it was easy to not go for the timed switch first (which was hard to see without a proper texture or static object) but went to the shortcut to the jump switch for the trapdoor and the trapdoor never rose up. Anyway aside from this annoyance , a level that plays well." - eRIC (21-Feb-2022)
"Nice short level consisting in finding some balls in a small egyptian environment. Puzzles are simple but fun, with some jumping sequences and a final battle at the end." - alan (04-Sep-2020)
"Short level of around 20 minutes that will keep you on your toes. Right from the outset there is a tight timed run to a rising - falling block that takes a few tries to get right but after that it is a relatively easy raid. I did like the animations for Lara on the pole swings. You need to gather three golden balls to open the final gate for a fight against no less than two demigods. Once defeated, you go to pick up the final orb and the level ends." - Torry (02-Jul-2018)
"This was a nice well done little level that manages to pack quite a bit of gameplay into its short duration. The timed runs and acrobatic sequences ramp up the challenge considerably, and the enemy placements are precarious yet well executed. Collecting three Golden Balls is the initial objective, before you eventually get to defeat the Demigods and claim the Skull. Environments are very pleasingly done and attractive and fog is used nicely to give the level a hazy atmosphere. Overall, recommended." - Ryan (24-May-2018)
"I agree with Sr.Daniel Ponces, that this should have a 8 rating, it’s a really short and quite entertaining adventure, the texture work is really well done, the author managed to create a very authentic Egypt-like feel, the gameplay while simple (with the exception of a trick timed run and the bosses at the end) manages to use the limited layout to its advantage, you fight some red ninjas, scorpions and crocodiles, and there’s also a somewhat challenging boss at the end. If you’re looking for something short but well done and entertaining, this level is for ya’." - SeniorBlitz (10-Nov-2017)
"This is a grand little romp through a relic temple area in Egypt. It's a short one (25 minutes), hence the title, but it has a number of engaging tasks, including a timed run that I felt was impossible until I quit trying the obvious counterclockwise route and tried jumping from the other direction. Even at that I had only a split second to spare. There are also some precision slope jumps along with an assortment of scorpions, jackals, harpies and assassins before you encounter a pair of demigods at the end. Oh, there's another timed run where you're bothered by a couple of mummies, so I manufactured some explosive weaponry to get them out of the picture in order to concentrate on the task at hand in a more relaxed setting. There's plenty of light here, too, which is another reason to recommend the level." - Phil (12-May-2014)
"A great 22 minute Egyptian level here from Tombraider95 inspired by the one room contest from 2011. This level again serves as proof that you don't need a high resolution texture/wad set to make a great looking level (with pretty much everything here bar the swing-poles being a standard TR4 object). Lighting and level structure are excellent and the gameplay flows well and shouldn't cause anyone any issues, but be good on your jumping as there are a few timed blocks to contend with. Nice use of volumetric effects in the central square too to create a little bit of sandy fog :) Progressing through a series of chambers you'll finally end up with the final battle against two demi-god which (provided you've been good with your medi-packs) isnt difficult. Recommended, Stiggy." - TheStig (17-Mar-2012)
"For me this level is underrated. It deserves at least an 8, but I guess it's normal, since people have different opinions. Okay the's good, I love levels where you can do your quests in different orders. Everything looked fresh. Even if the builder is using the original Karnak wad, the Lara-model makes everything to look newer. I loved this level and love to replay it from time to time. Recommended!" - misho98 (01-Dec-2011)
"Nice small adventure where your goal is to get the three golden balls. One cannot do much with the restrictions the builder made for this level, so kudos for trying and succeeding." - Gerty (07-Oct-2011)
"I love bite-sized levels precisely for that reason - bar any brain-teaser's you can get through them in one sitting and if it's as polished as here, what's to complain about? Maybe it would have to be truly exceptional to ever be Top 100 material within the given duration, but I'm certainly not saying it can't be. The looks are crisp and clean here - and the nice, effective use of fog is the closest thus far I have had my wish as a player fulfilled to have a desert level take place during a sandstorm. The tasks also fill out the level nicely with a few timed runs, a simple pushable object puzzle, jump and shimmy sequence and some swing-pole and rope action. It's fairly involved for a 15 minute level, but I have to admit my scores would've been higher if there had been more of it - more time for the level to grow on me, maybe something a bit more creative and awe-inspiring in both tasks and looks... Because as it is, it's extremely competently done and gets my highest recommendation for a brief, but quality raid from anyone asking for it, but you won't finding anything new here, and it doesn't really flesh out any larger idea than building a room within the TRLE standard 18x18 square sized area, so feels like it's a piece of a larger adventure and not fully self-contained and self-sufficient. If the builder does keep on building these mini adventures - then I would recommend keeping that 18x18 rule more as a guideline, and do build a bit outside of it, if it feels like the level could still be a bit expanded for it to feel whole." - eTux (02-Oct-2011)
"We find ourselves in a slightly foggy hall of ruined, Egyptian temple. At first glance, it resembles Chosen. Only if we progress a bit, we can see object set is different, although harpies, demigods, crocs and dogs remain. Some baddies can be tiring - honestly, I can see no reason to put two red ninjas in the same place, one when You enter, another one when You exit. These guys cover themselves from bullets if one does not switch to manual targeting, so they take too much time to kill. I wouldn't mind if they were placed better. But the temple is built in hub way, allowing us to take several routes from it, so I didn't know when exactly I am supposed to descend for a shotgun. That made me kill those ninjas with pistols only. And I don't know whose fault it was: mine, not willing to take the shotgun at once, or the builder's, not prompting me to do so. I hate such dilemmas, as I don't know what I should write. One of those ways - jumping over a certain slope (one of those right after the rope swing into the alcove) - is so badly designed we can assume it's an intended way: after jumping over this slope, we land on a platform facing a not raised trapdoor. On our right, there is a jumpswitch, so we pull it and drop back on the shotgun pit ledge. Now, we can discover a lever switch on the nearby wall, triggering a timed run allowing us to go back on the platform... very confusing, we can't say if it is a shortcut, or a longcut. If we don't take this path, we'll need to do the timed run twice (btw, why a flyby cam? one can't skip it and therefore loses many precious seconds). But if we DO take this path, we'll have to repeat the rope swing. So avoiding repeating one thing causes repeating another one. Despite of this constructional fail, the place looks really good, so we can admire it for a while and don't get really frustrated, what keeps us going on. All elements of a classic raid are maintained: we can do some platforming, exploring and finding things to unlock the final artifact, obligatorily guarded by two hostile demigods. If we don't know the ledge trick allowing us to kill a demigod without scratch, the last medikit and bunch of shells is provided to give enough help. All happens in three stacked 18x18-sized rooms, and it really feels like a much bigger space. Aha - and when You find the ball, a proper sound rewards You, as well as in case of the final artifact (I can see Matie's influence in case of the latter one, heheh: defending the boss(es) triggers a spiral surrounding the item, and picking up the thing brings up the stats screen, just like it happens in Protected by the Dead). SUMMARY: Size does not matter as long as the level is nice. I like to see my ORC fella continues work on such projects and I would like to see the full version. As I remember stunning impression of a flooded ship in Return to Maria Doria, I'm especially curious about the Venice part - I want to know how this platforming design will do if made of channels, awnings and bridges, all filled with gondolas. OK, maybe don't place a gondola on the awning... The level is recommended as a nice, 20-minute break." - DJ Full (24-May-2011)
"I really liked this short level. Everything was well done and without any big mistakes. Gameplay and puzzles are ok. But what I didnt liked is the fact that this level is a karnak/cleopatra copy. No new textures, enemies and objects. I would like something new in the next level. We all played 1000 of levels like this ! Im not saying this is a bad game, just that it was kinda ˝deja vu˝ effect. Lightning and textures were also very good ! The author should make more levels like this, short and enjoyable !" - MpGrill (01-May-2011)
"Having short levels to play is fine in principle but are we going to have a deluge of these as happened a while back when every level seemed to go on forever? A mix would, I think, be best, but that's just me. On to the review, this is a solid, polished level with a bit of everything, well placed enemies, agility tests, puzzle solving (albeit quite straight forward) and so forth. The textures are well used and the lighting is excellent. I enjoyed playing this (the whole point of the exercise) and was sorry that it wasn't longer - some 20 minutes. Well worth the playing." - Diz (21-Apr-2011)
"Here we have a short and sweet mini level with entertaining game play. Objective is to find three key items and battle the bosses. There are two nice timed run/jumping combinations and some other good jumping sequences with ropes and swing poles added. I think the builder packed pretty much the maximum amount of game play possible into an area of that size. The enemies are crocs, harpies, mummies and demigods. I enjoyed the atmosphere and I also found the architecture, textures and lighting to be very well done. All in all this was a pleasure to play through and I would definitely recommend it and hope the builder will release a lot more and differently themed minis, as they are a lot of fun for in between. (About 20 minutes, 0 secrets)" - Blue43 (19-Apr-2011)
"Small is beautiful - and this classic Egypt/Karnak 20 minute long adventure almost brings us back to the early days of level building where the games were typically fairly short and crisp. Only they did not look quite as polished as this one. The author manages to entertain for the short while this lasts, with a bit of block pushing, two timed raising blocks, a few fun jumps and quite a mix of enemy encounters, as you pick up those three balls. Do we want more of these? Certainly, why not. They make for a nice quick diversion and allow for a variety of settings to be explored quickly, so if this is fun to build for the level designer, why would we players complain... ;)" - MichaelP (19-Apr-2011)
"Before I write something to this level, I must something say beforehand: The One Room Challenge idea was really good and has brought some excellent level out. However, I hope imploringly that now not come dozens of would-be level builders, patch up a single room with a few textures and a few objects and sell the whole then as a continuation of the One Room Challenge. Please dear level builder, don't makes this! This would be a torture for every player. And we do not really want this now.
Now to this level. First a remark: I have played this level before the update (if then the level builder provides an update) and has found with it a Dead-End. One could jump because from the rope in a niche. However, the trapdoor thereby clapped again down and I could not have played further, because the Jumpswitch which raised the trapdoor was not to be used any more. However, this was not so bad, because I had addressed this problem immediately in the stuck forum and me was helped immediately. Moreover, this level is so short that one can run thru once more. However, there are still two Shortcuts. By these Shortcuts I not needed to open one of the doors with the help of the Pushblock and to the other I did not need to press the lever to open the door and to leave the room again. This is a beginner mistake which can absolutely happen. However, it is also a mistake of the testers which must point to such a thing. However, it has given fun to play this level. The riddles were easy to solve and though the time runs were scarce, but to make good with one or two attempts. The opponents were no problem, because Lara had at disposal the shotgun. Textures and lighting also were good. All together a good level which would have landed in the One Room Challenge absolutely far in front.
One request I have yet to the level builder: Please, please, no more mini-levels. Building better a big level than a couple of mini-levels." - Scottie (19-Apr-2011)
"Much better than the author's entry in the One Room Contest. The lighting in this Karnak setting is a lot better, and here Lara enjoys acrobatics with pole swings and timed runs to raised blocks that are neither too easy nor too hard. Once again I had problems figuring out the author's intended game play. It was fun doing a rope swing to an alcove, making a curved jump, and reaching a high jump switch to raise a platform. Yet when Lara retraced this route to make a running jump to that raised platform it had already collapsed, and as the jump switch was now down the game had hit a complete impasse. The author actually intended for Lara to reach the high platform by doing a timed run to a raising block. The author's short adventures are fun, and this sort of misplay takes only a few minutes for players to redo. The total game still took less than 30 minutes. If the author is working on a longer level, I do hope he arranges for beta testing to catch such snags. Some nice design work in a welcome short break." - dmdibl (19-Apr-2011)
"I really like the idea of mini adventures using only one room and this mini adventure was very entertaining. The main goal is to find three golden balls to open the door and kill three demigods and retrieve the srtifact. Very good gameplay and not very hard ecxept for an annoying timed run. The harpies annoyed me as well! The textures and lighting was very nice which makes the atmosphere very nice. I would like the auther to make a home type level because I love home levels! I know I would really enjoy his future levels and he is a talented builder." - afzalmiah (18-Apr-2011)
"Following on from his very decent 'One room challenge' Ship level,this builder now presents us with an even better 'mini-adventure';which builds upon the lessons learnt from the earlier challenge: viz. fill the available space with as many interesting things to do as possible,and ensure it all looks suitably polished.In this case,the texturing and lighting is slick;atmosphere is appropriately egyptian;cameras are used well;enemies are effectively placed;and the gameplay features plenty of challenge and variety,including a couple of fun timed runs. I enjoyed this greatly,the builder is showing lots of potential,and I look forward to his next mini-adventure eagerly! (Can I suggest either an Oriental BtoB06-style level; or a City..?)" - Orbit Dream (18-Apr-2011)
"A well known Karnak-setting - not used to create something new. Two timed runs spiced up gameplay in rather well built environment. Some entertainment for a rainy evening" - Christian (18-Apr-2011)
"Nice level, good gameplay for such a short level. I like it that it's going to be a mini serie. I'll play it for sure. Perhaps the author should consider a snowy-type level. As for this one. I'd say that the author didn't put enough medipacks in the level, with those guards on the end. Also, some timed runs were just right to make the jump. Overall it was a good level. A nice, 20 minute level." - Dempsey (17-Apr-2011)
"A really good idea to enhance the contest with a more or less single room level in Egypt, I really would like to have seen one in the ORC. This level is basically about finding three balls to get in the highly dangerous final room and grab the skull. You can find a very nasty timed run in this level, but actually one just can use the rope in the central room and swing/jump to the ledge after the run. The object placement was mostly good, The dusty atmosphere was nice, at some places like the final room there could have been more lighting, but overall this was good. Liked the idea of making the second guard awake when the first is dead, but the harpy that served as a "normal" bird was strange. All in all a good level, maybe there could be a bit more puzzles, but the pole/rope sequences were quite fun, even if the player can reach places on not intended ways. Surely want more of this little levels, as I don't like the fact that nowadays, only very few (but very good) levels are released." - manarch2 (17-Apr-2011)
"It is a nice and atmospheric level. It starts with Lara sliding, facing a great-looking building with three closed doors. You can go on multiple paths, the main goal is to get three Gold Balls to gain access to the boss room. The gameplay is quite challenging at times, especially the timed run with the ledges and a pit below, but luckily there are two ways to do it. You have to do different things to get the Golden Balls, the gameplay of getting them includes jumping on slopes, swinging on poles, avoiding mummies, rope swinging, timed runs. There is a wide variety of enemies: scorpions, ninjas, harpies, crocodiles, mummies, dogs and demigods. There are enough pickups placed to be able to deal with them. If you like challenges, you can even get a large medipack and shotgun shells as extras in the final room to make it easier to defeat the bosses. The objects and textures are mainly from TR4 and are used and placed well. Though I didn't like the fact that I had to shoot one of the harpies from a pretty unsafe place, it feels 'restricted', as the player can easily fall down, the placement of the other enemies was good. I liked the atmosphere very much, the fog added a lot to it and the lighting was well done, too. I like the idea of creating mini-levels (as I prefer playing shorter levels at times). This one was quite entertaining. I'd love to see a level like this set in Rome." - Matie (17-Apr-2011)
"I must admit I really like the idea of a series of mini adventures (or coffee break raiding as I think of it). Sometimes a shorter level is just what the doctor ordered and this one fits the bill very nicely. It takes place in a very good looking Egypt environment and the basic requirement to find three golden balls involves some pole swinging, sliding bouncing and climbing, killing some ninjas, harpies, jackals, crocociles and demigods, plus a couple of short but highly enjoyable and not too tight timed runs. The builder's readme includes a 'request' section, so I'd like a mini adventure in Rome please. Having said which, any location would be just fine if it's made as entertaining as this particular outing." - Jay (17-Apr-2011)
"I like the idea of a series of mini adventures, but the builder will have to realise that within the constraint of an 18X18 grid, he is not going to get that many marks, no matter how fun the level is, due to the inevitable short play time. Therefore I do not want the author to get saddened by my relatively low marks, as if it had been a longer level, with just as creative gameplay, and nice texturing, I'm sure I would have rated it much higher. Okay, now onto the level itself: the gameplay here is quite fun, but very straightforward, as it consists of placing blocks, acrobatics, and pulling levers to open doors and raise blocks. There are no real puzzles, so this may be something the builder should work on in their next adventure, as jumping and pulling levers only gets you so far. Enemies are placed nicely, in just the right amount, so that you never really struggle with keeping your health bar up, and of course, the good ol' demigod trick was a big help in the boss fight. Objects were placed well, however, as there is no real object limit now the level has been split, I was expecting to see a few more, which could also have increased the atmosphere. However, the objects that were there were placed well. Atmosphere was good, however, Egypt is not the most difficult of wads in terms of making a good atmosphere, so maybe we will see the builder's true talents in their next level. Sounds were used effectively, and helped to build the atmosphere and change the mood of the level. There was the occasional camera, but a flyby showing off the level and what the author can do is always appreciated by me. Texturing was underwhelming, but I can understand this, as it is hard to create great looking landscapes using the Egypt textures. Finally, lighting was decent, but nothing special, a few more (realistic) shadows would have been appreciated in the corners of the buildings and such. All in all, a nice little raid, that wont really challenge players, but enjoyable nonetheless. If the builder is still reading my review, I would personally like to see a church/cathedral level in this series of levels. Recommended if you are looking for a gentle raid." - Cory (17-Apr-2011)
"Another nice work from this author. I'm waiting for the final release of "The Crystal Skulls", a very good adventure (fortunately, I'm one of the beta testers). Good gameplay with no many problems, except the timed run to get one of the skulls. Well balanced enemies, enough ammo for the shotgun and a correct ending with two demigods. Well texturization, good implemented cameras and sounds, good environment... sure that this author will offer us many hours of great fun in the future. Excellent!" - Jose (17-Apr-2011)