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Laras Run by sonnyd83

Blue43 5 7 5 5
Diz 5 7 6 6
DJ Full 7 7 8 5
dmdibl 5 7 6 5
Eelkemama 5 7 6 6
Gerty 5 7 5 5
Jay 6 7 6 7
Jose 6 7 6 6
manarch2 4 7 5 5
MichaelP 7 6 5 5
Orbit Dream 4 5 5 6
Ryan 5 6 6 6
Scottie 5 6 6 5
TheStig 5 5 5 5
Treeble 3 3 3 3
release date: 11-Aug-2011
# of downloads: 150

average rating: 5.57
review count: 15
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file size: 24.03 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Weird but fun. Can already tell from the debut Sonny is not a typical builder. This one is breakable both in bad and epic way. I mean I could softlock a bit but also created a non-intended scenario where I witnessed a full-blown street war between cats, prisoners and soldiers, while Winston watched from heavens with indifference - it sufficed to lead the prisoners a bit too far, muahahahah... What I don't get is how long the linker corridors are, just put the rooms a bit closer to each other. Also it made no sense to me to leave the room only to re-enter it to get the final car, that could be designed better." - DJ Full (16-Apr-2024)
"Hm, a debut level and also a young Lara level. One which she rides vehicles. Sounds too familiar. This is a lot more unfair however as there are plenty of enemies and even the environment is out to kill you, all the while you don't get nearly enough medipacks. I was surprised to see a working boat in addition to the jeep. There are some sound effects issues and level design is very out there, it's definitely nothing intuitive with a lot of backtracking to pad things up (keep manarch's compact walkthrough at hand) and there are a lot of general issues such as the claustrophobic tunnels you ride through, illegal slopes, unmarked climbable walls, etc. 30 minutes. 01/24" - Treeble (21-Jan-2024)
"It's good to see that this builder has crafted better and more enjoyable productions as despite a few clever ideas being executed here, I ultimately didn't have enjoy this one very much and it isn't that player-friendly. I personally don't mind Lara being weaponless (and in this case, medipack-less), but at least in other levels there are enough supplies to see her through without running into too much frustration. Here, not so much. The guards do tend to gang up on you and while it isn't so bad initially, it does get overwhelming near the end. I actually had to use the flycheat to pass the final jeep ride, as I had exhausted all my medipacks in the earlier stages, only to find that the end of the level was a couple of seconds after that anyway. On the upside, I did like a couple of the flipmap effects, the friendly soldiers that turned out to be more helpful than usual, the sequence with the cute (but feral) cats and the boat ride. The textures (although blandly applied) gave a nice variation of scenery too, from snow to rainy terrain. As mentioned, there are a few nice ideas here, but this builder's later works are much more enjoyable so give those a go instead." - Ryan (23-Apr-2019)
"This is an extremely strange level,some of it through intent;mostly through carelessness or odd choices of gameplay.No weapons or flares;far too much swimming or running,through excessively huge corridors;several sequences where you find yourself caught in a fusillade of bullets without any means of defence;a disconcertingly varied mish-mash of locations;a jeep ride in a tunnel whose ceiling is actually lower than the roof of the jeep;and a comically befuddled group of helpful soldiers.The entire flow of gameplay is terribly confusing,and without the aid of the Walkthrough I would undoubtedly have packed it all in.Nevertheless,there are a few nuggets of enjoyment to be found within this whole confusing scenario:the malignant little cats;the 'jeep as killing machine' sequences;the aforementioned behaviour of the soldiers;and the schizophrenic use of varied locations,which make no sense within the storyline but which manage to keep things unexpected. It's a telling point that even with the Walkthrough close to hand,I still found this a confusing and generally unlikeable experience.Nonetheless,the builder exhibits a quirky personality and has gone forth to much greater things - so look upon this as a way to experience his learning curve first-hand." - Orbit Dream (18-Nov-2014)
"I think if I could sum Lara's run up with one word it would be 'different'. It's certainly not without it's merits and some of the scenarios created are quite creative and unusual. But overall the world you are placed in feels a little odd and disjointed. There's allot of early builder mistakes here too including stretched walls, variable lighting and allot of sections with illegal slopes that can get you trapped (one of my pet hates!). It was nice to see a boat and a vehicle in the same level however. Music and background are pretty limited. The fact that you can see through the head of your character doesn't inspire confidence either. Towards the end (when you make your way out to a waterfall and court-yard) things get a bit better (particularly in terms of texturing and lighting). I think the other Achilles Heel for me is that I've always had a distaste for weapon-less levels. I don't mind a little duck and cover but here it's just draining and not especially enjoyable. All in all (with help from the walk-through) I netted just over an hour from Lara's run. There's allot of potential here but the application of their ideas here needs more refinement. A curiosity perhaps; but not one I'd recommend. Stiggy." - TheStig (19-Aug-2012)
"Testing his latest level I had to know what the other levels looked like and I have to admit, Dave has a certain something that might appeal to some level players. It even appeals to me but it just doesn't pan out they way it looks in his head, is my guess. This however is his first and you can see it as it has a lot of beginner mistakes. There are a few big NO NO's in it, like having no flares or binoculars (and there are too many dark spots). Didn't mind having no guns as that did fit the story quite well. Medipacks are very hard to come by and that is not fair, at least in my book. For the rest I found it quite confusing and at parts rather boring, long empty corridors to run (or swim) through. But hey the idea was a good one" - Gerty (18-Feb-2012)
"Ok. Lara must run for her life in this level. Run a lot. With no guns, I found rather difficult to survive, and I finished the level with no medipacks and the health bar very small. There are some innovative ideas and gameplay was not bad enlivened with the vehicles. Architecture is not very worked, and there are some narrow corridors and underwater passages very very looooooong. Where are the flares for the dark areas? Interesting but not very funny always escaping and being hurted for the enemies." - Jose (02-Oct-2011)
"This level is actually better than the scores may make you think. It has a bit of a plot to it and some clever ideas to execute against that plot. What lets it down is the rather crude architecture, with even a few missing textures, bad (or no) lighting, incoherent mix of areas which kills the atmosphere and any sense of reality, but the whole premise of Lara with no weapons and no medipacks (and then only very few to find in the level itself) gives this 40 minute adventure a certain edge. You make a train leave, you get to use a jeep and a boat (always a plus) and there are a few clever flipmaps with water. I did feel a little sorry for the cats that were killed near the end by the helpful guys with the knives, but hey they had been biting Lara before, so there... Interesting little gem and worth taking a look at." - MichaelP (03-Sep-2011)
"This level has a good idea. Lara has to escape from prison. She has no weapons, no flares and no binoculars. At begin Lara have to find the right way. I'm go in the wrong direction and the guards kill Lara. A little hint with camera would be helpfull. But that is missing. The name "Run" runs is the right name for this level. Lara has often not enough time to find the right way or not enough time to look. It's sometime to cold (she can die) and the guards shoot her in the same time. This makes the game not very fun. The texturing is not good (squashed or stretched textures) and sometimes without textureset. The climbing areas are not always clear. Also, there are illegal slots (holes, where Lara is stucking). The lighting can be better. Lara has to crawl and swim long distances. Lara has to use the jeep and the boat. But the readme does not know how to get off the boat. For me it worked only with good luck (right or left arrow key + Shift key). Enemies - guards, robots and the cats and Winston. The guards came in big groups. But the other helpers are prisoners. The tasks themselves are not very difficult. The difficulty is not often clear only in the paths. The sound is standard. The switches have scratchy noises." - Eelkemama (20-Aug-2011)
"Well, one can clearly see that this level is a first work. Stretched textures, missing textures, too long ways and some strangely built rooms speak a clear language. To me has also struck that Lara has a hole in the back of the head. There the object builder has worked quite obviously sloppy. This is of course no mistake of the level builder, but he would at least have had to note this mistake, because then he could have taken another Lara. However, on the other hand, this level has also some clever ideas. Lara can not run with her head through the wall, because she has no weapons and at the beginning no health packs. Generally one finds in this level only, if I have properly counted, 2 small and 2 big health packs. Hence, one must at few places where many opponents stay consider carefully what one makes. Now and again Lara will be helped, thus she can wait at a safe place, until the opponents are put out of action. The level builder has of course still a lot of work to do, but a good beginning is made and he has definitely talent." - Scottie (20-Aug-2011)
"This awkward level does have one rather unpleasant main feature, which is that Lara starts without guns and doesn't pick up any weapons during the game at all. So as the title says, Lara is basically running (also driving, boating and lots of crawling) away from heavily armed soldiers while taking lots of health damage and not having lots of Medipacks available either. The areas are confusing and look somewhat thrown together quickly, which causes plenty of running back and fro until the player figures out what to do and where to go. The lighting is fairly flat throughout and the texturing is quite repetitive with many stretched ones and even some missing areas. I did like the attacking kittens and thought they were friendly at first. Another nice surprise was the TR2 inmates from area 51 who helped Lara along the way by killing the bad guys. The feature didn't always work but it was fun to watch the battles from a safe place. In general the level wasn't too bad at all considering it is a debut release, it just has plenty of weird looks and features and the Gameplay is somewhat unsatisfying. (48 minutes, 0 secrets found)" - Blue43 (16-Aug-2011)
"I didn't enjoy playing this level and, as that's the whole point of Tombraiding, I've had to mark it down accordingly. It's a pity because there's a lot of potential there and some good ideas but it seems to go wrong on a number of levels. Firstly, I dislike having to rush through areas without exploring properly, it seems discourteous to the builder and I always wonder what I've missed. But, if there are baddies shooting at you and you've no weaponry, then there's no choice. Secondly, why build corridors so long that you got time to make a cup of tea and a sandwich before you've got to the end? And the long, long, long drag up the slope in the jeep was frankly boring! The lighting was a strange mixture of pretty good and dismal and, as there were no flares, that could certainly do with fixing. The areas were nicely three-dimensional, which I always feel is better than a level played just on the flat, and the use of the goodies (other levels baddies) to get rid of the guards was a nice touch as was the use of the boat. Unfortunately, no agility, no timed runs, no fighting and little in the way of puzzles completed my disappointment." - Diz (15-Aug-2011)
"To start out saying something nice, this level shows technical proficiency, with flip maps, cold rooms, prisoners fighting soldiers, and use of the boat. A waterfall area near the end has pink flowering trees adding a pleasant touch. I liked the part where Lara drives the boat into a deep shaft, and drops downward in a drifting motion. However, I first played this level without a walkthrough, and that was not good. Most rooms are claustrophobic and unattractive, and unarmed Lara takes much damage from a bunch of soldiers. Finally, Lara gets past Sophia. A swimming test took Lara back to a water pump, and a return to the original area where an upper crawlspace was now open, to be explored in confusion. That first attempt was hopeless, and on resorting to a walkthrough, I found much had been misinterpreted, that Lara was supposed to open and use the beginning crawlspace to avoid soldiers. But little of the gameplay has a natural progression. There are long passages for Lara to endlessly drive up a steep slope, or for her to guide reluctant prisoners onward to the next area. Those prisoners are supposed to defend Lara, but instead at first stood around and cheered while soldiers shot Lara. I replayed and hit a glitch where both the exit gate and the gates around the jeep remained shut (the soldiers inexplicably vanished). The prisoners do knife the little cats, which may be unsettling for some players. I have to echo the sentiments of another reviewer, in saying that I was glad when this was over. Frankly, the author seems to be experimenting with all sorts of things--soldiers, an elevator, flip rooms--without creating a coherent design. Texturing can be hit or miss. As he has gotten this experience, one hopes that the next level will be much better." - dmdibl (14-Aug-2011)
"Obviously somewhat inspired by 'Logan's Run' this debut level has some interesting ideas, but ultimately doesn't add up to an enjoyable player experience - at least not for this player. It's competently made, albeit a bit bland, texture-wise, and Lara finds herself with a completely empty backpack - not so much as a single flare to her name. Cue the massed ranks of guards out to get her - and some of them inevitably do. Basically, you will spend your time running away and doing a great deal of crawling through air ducts and swimming through underwater passages. Medipacks are few and far between so you will have to throw yourself on the mercy of some useful 'good guys' to make it through to the end of the level. I did however appreciate the much needed comic relief moment of witnessing Winston trying to serve tea to a load of less than impressed looking moggies. He might at least have provided sardine sandwiches. It's certainly a promising start as debut levels go and I hope to see more from this builder, preferably with a bit more diversity of gameplay." - Jay (13-Aug-2011)
"A very painful and very debut-like game. Starts quite interesting, with Lara having to escape out of a prison, and has to close a door between herself and the soldiers, as she has no and doesn't get any weapons throughout the whole game, which, by the high amount of enemies, is quite unfair for the players. Lighting is strange to absent, sound was from the original games but well chosen, but I missed camera hints for some levers. Some areas were cleverly combined, so that you sometimes get back to earlier settings in this level where a door is yet to be opened. Also, corridors were way too long, textures often very badly streched. Objects were the most interesting thing in this level; the train, the enemies and the house objects looked quite good. There sometimes were missing textures and the areas weren't built well enough so that the atmosphere was rather not convincing. Even the weather was not correct - at one area, it snowed, but the other area was completely snowless, rather bright. But most of all, the having-to-do-something- while-getting-shot-at (Sophia, soldiers at the end and in the snow area, cats) annoyed me. 35 minutes and I really was glad it's over." - manarch2 (12-Aug-2011)