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Lost in NGLE (Demo) by Raider99

afzalmiah 4 5 5 4
Blue43 6 5 4 5
Christian 5 5 5 4
Cory 2 3 2 3
Diz 6 6 5 4
DJ Full 6 6 6 7
dmdibl 5 6 4 4
Eelkemama 6 6 5 5
eTux 4 3 3 3
Gerty 3 3 2 3
JaayStation 6 5 4 4
Jay 5 6 6 4
JesseG 4 5 5 5
Jose 6 5 5 3
manarch2 4 4 5 5
MichaelP 5 5 6 6
Mister-B 5 5 5 4
Mrshina 6 8 8 9
Orbit Dream 3 3 3 4
Ryan 4 4 4 5
sonnyd83 8 7 7 7
Soul 4 4 3 5
Steven Svorticher 4 5 4 5
TheStig 5 5 5 5
release date: 29-Jan-2012
# of downloads: 106

average rating: 4.78
review count: 24
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file size: 42.73 MB
file type: TR4
class: Fantasy/Surreal

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A simple yet fun level showing how it is during a levelbuilding session. The fog gets black with VolFX, the secret trapdoor crashes the level but aside of these I had no issues. I wish textures were better handled - all in all there were not so many to care about. Optional but worth checking I'd say." - DJ Full (09-Dec-2023)
"This seems to be a weird and not entirely wonderful journey through a Level Editor world with colourful texturing, fog and a few nifty Next Generation effects like the pole swings and the lateral movements. Crash issues abound, particularly in the latter half and I finally circumvented the major ones simply by dropping through the closed trapdoor, grabbing the item and leaving as soon as possible. It's not entirely without merit, but a bit gimmicky and buggy in places for my liking." - Ryan (22-Dec-2017)
"This level bares a 'demo' moniker, which usually fills me with dread. While this is an original concept it does seem to have a few rough edges, with texturing issues, geometry & rooms not quite being connected correctly. Also one of the main puzzle pieces crashed for me which was annoying. As an idea I think that if you're going to do something like this it needs to be a little bit more than a level presented in the 'editor building block colours'. It would be nice to see some strange room behaviour, maybe even leaving a room & returning to see the textures slowly growing over the framework as you unlock each part of the puzzle. As things stand this definitely needs more work. Completed in 26 mins, Stiggy." - TheStig (23-Feb-2014)
"This sort of a meta-level making references to the level editor's interface has been done before, if only fragmentary in nature (Loch's "Dreaming for a Revelation" comes to mind immediately, though it was more of a badum tish kind of moment in there), but I don't think that automatically discredits this level or should imply that nothing interesting could be done with the idea. Much can be said for appealing to the taste of the veteran player who's seen everything and maybe dabbled a little with the editor to see what it's about - but the part where Raider99's 20-something minute raid of this kind fails to deliver is that the gimmicks seem to be there only for the sake of having gimmicks - as a result the game lacks an overall theme. It is never explained why Lara is in here (a story of the game 'crashing' and Lara having to fix it herself from within would not have been that far out there to put together), some of the game mechanics are never explained, and some sections a bit buggy. I actually enjoyed the individual tasks quite fine - and for someone who's fallen in the trap of going for the glitzy next generation stuff instead of exploring the basics, the author knows how to deliver a lot of content - whether in form of the swing pole extravaganza, cold water rooms, a boulder trap, a poison air room, and quite some more. But ultimately they feel like they're just strung together with no higher aspirations than to keep the player occupied, making the game somewhat aimless. The backwards ledge jump towards the pole would've been a fun twist, if the player actually knew it could be done (I saw no reference to it in the documentation) and if it wasn't the only place in the level you have to use it. The lack of proper names for items, missing textures and the pervasive fog (that sometimes was pitch black on my end) don't come to the level's aid either. Overall - it's an interesting concept if you've never seen it done before, but would require much more input from the author to be fully engaging, if he/she should ever build a full version." - eTux (26-Mar-2013)
"Another level that uses the word DEMO to get a test round. This is not the way it should be done, but who am I. There are some bugs in this level, some are not too bad but some are bad. Time to go through the manual as it is all in there. The trapdoor Lara could jump through and get out, also in the famoust room whith the pole jumps, did that button lower the pole or did it not? There is also that wall where Lara can step through and then starve to death as she can't get back out. Textures (the few that were there) can use quite some attention and I did even spot that one was missing. Oh.. I forget, crashes gallore." - Gerty (08-Oct-2012)
"I liked this demo to an extent due to its uniqueness. I loved the use of the level editors wall, floor, death etc tiles in an actual game. However saying that, there are many things left to do before the whole level is released. The author clearly needs to work on texturing, corner tiles are stretched and some tiles aren't textured at all. I'm not going to comment on the lighting because I think none was added deliberately and I think it makes the game look better in my opinion. The game-play was good, 30 minutes of raiding in the Matrix (at least that's what it felt like). New animations and sounds can be seen here, however Lara doesn't really fit in with her surroundings. But if you're looking for a little raid this is the thing for you and I hope Raider99 releases the full completed version of this level pretty soon." - JaayStation (23-Feb-2012)
"Many things to fix in this demo. First of all, I don't know if the final version will be with all those "untextured" tiles, and even so, some of the existing textures are bad applied; in the area with the winged women you can climb the trapdoor to the top of the room without use the ladder, or drop through the floor trapdoor without open it previously; once you pull the underwater lever to flip the room there's a problem if you try to access to the hole from certain directions and Lara simply disappears... Gameplay is not so bad, with some innovative ideas like the necessary jump to reach the boat or the soldiers in strategic places, but I missed more ammo for the uzis or another extra weapon. At the very end the fog is too bright and Lara turns white (?). Still a lot of work to release a good level I think." - Jose (16-Feb-2012)
"A brief trip through a world being built in the level editor. Gameplay is mostly a swing bar parade with some items to pick up and a few enemies to shoot. Nothing substantial. For objects, Lara has those annoying earthquake animations (such as when she does a harsh landing) and none of the items you pick up are labeled, but there are some nice custom switches and such used. It seems that the atmosphere is so dirty that Lara's breath comes out yellow sometimes! The camera shots (what little there are) use Lara as a target and are not done very well. Now for textures...I realize that it's supposed to look like an unfinished level but it would be unfair for me to use that as an excuse. As such, the level is very wallpapered with the green walls and light blue floors. There are several missing textures as well, and the death tiles near the end are not indicated well. Overall, well it's literally an unfinished level, in more than one sense. Finished in 16 minutes." - SSJ6Wolf (14-Feb-2012)
"A mini level - demo level with particular aspects concording to the NGLE engine, place where Lara is trapped.. we also find a few textures from Lost city of Tinnos of TR3, but mainly the structure is too flat. The level itself isn't so difficult, exscept for some tricky jump with pole and one of these seemed impossible, while the player had to use a NGLE particular move; some switch to pull, a few objects to find. As enemies we find 2 demoness (horsemen as effective enemies) and some soldiers. No secrets.. Incomplete sounds sometimes.. lighting not always effective. Personally I think it's incomplete in several aspects, not bad but a lot of things shall be improved." - Steven Svorticher (13-Feb-2012)
"I can't say that this look is to my taste. It seems to be a bit 'betwixt and between'. If you're going for the 'Tron' look then go all the way and don't mix and match, it just looks incomplete. Gripe over - on with the review. This level has good solid, if somewhat uninspired, gameplay. There's lots of jumping about, changing water levels, finding switches and a bit of a boat ride (always fun!). About twenty minutes of gameplay and nicely passes the time. As a debut level it shows promise and I look forward to the next level from this builder." - Diz (08-Feb-2012)
"Full credit to the builder for coming up with what must have seemed an original concept.Unfortunately,those of us veterans of custom level reviewing have encountered this particular theme numerous times before,and this debut level simply doesn't take the concept very far;indeed,quite a lot of it rather cops out:the textures are neither one thing nor the other;the gameplay is either very straightforward or very sneaky (the unfair backward jump to a swing pole,for example;the numerous textured squares which sometimes indicate death but are often harmless);a pick-up lying beneath an insubstantial trapdoor.As a Demo it serves its purpose (to garner potentially constructive criticism),and it definitely has moments of challenge and invention;nonetheless,quite a lot of problems with the core concept need to be resolved first,before a truly successful full level can be realised." - Orbit Dream (03-Feb-2012)
"Well I heard about this level on TRF and thought it looked good and when Raider99 released this demo I thought it would be pretty nice. This level definately has it's ups and downs. The good things are that Lara's animations are good and the gameplay was sometimes good. Also every time an enemy girl appears an explosion happens and I loved that. However, there are some bad things like bad and no texturing in some places and Lara can go through some objects. Also I had a crash once as well. A pretty good for a demo but needs some work. Looking forward to the full version though." - afzalmiah (02-Feb-2012)
"Here's my first review in a long time, but I felt I needed to say something to stop this builder from going down the TRNG route before learning how to actually build. TRNG seems to be a wonderful add-on to the level editor, and when people get it right, the effects produced can be great, but when a new builder learns TRNG without having a grasp on the basics, then it is all completely wasted. Now onto the level itself. It is a mish-mash of easy puzzles and fights, with nothing I found challenging, other than the random death tiles and damage water rooms and corridors. This is not a good way to increase a gameplay score. Enemies were placed quite well, and I have no major quarrels with them, other than one which I left alone, as it seemed invincible. I assume the secret was the silver orb under the trapdoor, which I fell through anyway, so no points for that I'm afraid, as it wasn't really a secret. A pet peeve of mine are levels which decide to have Lara within the LE, but I'm probably I minority here, so don't feel disheartened. This is because I think it is a cop-out when it comes to texturing. Even so, it seemed a complete mess with some Tinnos and some NGLE textures, as well as an untextured face. Lighting was fairly non-existent, other than some fog, which I only found pointless and unhelpful. This also affected the atmosphere, due to the NGLE theme, as it is hard to create a realistic atmosphere with this kind of level. Sound was pretty much non-existent, other than some explosions, which played every time I re-loaded. There was one camera in the whole level, which didn't show anything of importance happening. It is very important to have cameras to show the player how where to go, as just because you know what a lever did, doesn't mean the player does. (To builder) I'd be surprised if you haven't stopped reading this review by now, as my comments and scores may be construed as being very harsh, however, don't feel disheartened. You clearly have potential, but I think that it may be best for you to work with the LE or NGLE without TRNG for a while, so that you learn that its not about the special effects, but rather its about the basics, the gameplay, texturing and building while using a player's perspective. Most players (me) aren't going to award extra marks because Lara has a different shimmy animation or because she can ride a boat for 50m, but we will award extra marks for a clever puzzle or considerate placing of cameras. If you follow my advice, I know that I would certainly give much higher marks for the full version. 15 minutes." - Cory (01-Feb-2012)
"Gameplay has a few bugs also i think that you can't go out of the water because there is a sink set on this site(not the wrong toggle opacity), also there is one crash (after killing the second demoness, pushing the button, when you want to go back to the room with the first demoness and fall down on the death squares instead going trought the opened door) the gameplay itself is creative and enjoyable . Lara has new animations and i also like the effect when the demoness spawns(but after second demoness it repeats with every load). I like the idea that environment here looks like NGLE with some of the Tinnos textures so it wasn't suprise that the light green squares on the ground are actualy deadly :)(for those who was suprised the death button in the NGLE is light green). Also textures there are nicely placed to look like NGLE (for those who think that the editor place the textures itself.. the editor buid the room untextured room without any texture it meens its transparent/looks black without horizont or you can see the horizont or trought rooms).... Can't wait to see the full release...also one could be good to include the manual for those who are Lost in NGLE (Non builder players) i mean what buttons are in Ngle and such things :)" - Mrshina (01-Feb-2012)
"This is an interesting and fast paced demo level with unique looks and atmosphere. There are plenty of jump sequences combined with swing poles, some interesting enemies, a bit of climbing, swimming in icy water and even a boat ride. None of it is overly hard or difficult and everything is pretty much straight forward, with the exception of one or two jumps that took a few attempts. I enjoyed this demo a lot. It does have a few bugs and it crashed once or twice, but it gives a good indicator that we are looking at the work of a very talented builder. Recommended!" - Blue43 (01-Feb-2012)
"A lot of work wait for this level builder (LB). I don't like the fog. WorldFarView= 127 in the script will be helpfull, that the fog can go. In the area with the lady (where you open the trapdoor) my game crasht everytime. In this area you have to shoot the lady and there you can take the item for the snake head. But the game crasht too. But you don't need it. You can go up without the ladder. The bubble sound when the men shoot is bad. Some sounds are missing. You can go in the area with the boot in one room, but not return. The swinging poles are to many." - Eelkemama (01-Feb-2012)
"Here we have a very young builder with his initial release to the world and in many aspects it demonstrates a lot of potential already. This 20+ minute adventure is packed with modern NGLE features, almost to an extent that it is a bit too much and seems to solely rely on those to make the level stand out. It is rather fast paced and you can clearly see that the author has put some thought into the level design, but not everything works out properly. There are in fact two game stopping issues that seemingly by coincidence are easily avoided - the crash when you actually push the block to open the trapdoor (avoided by simply falling through the closed trapdoor) and the horizontal bar that based on the camera shot should probably be moving, but actually does not (avoided by using Lara's new move of jumping backwards and up). I thought the fog was used nicely, but again almost a bit too much throughout. There are some decent agility tests and even a short boat ride. And then a few minor issues such as two or three missing textures, the script not being updated properly and some of the guards kind of appearing out of nowhere. Things a good beta tester would find and point out (so the author should make sure to use one next time). All in all, a little rough around the edges, but a promising start and I look forward to seeing more from this builder in the future." - MichaelP (01-Feb-2012)
"It's only a demo. But there can be soon what there will be coming up. (What is the sense of a demo). The idea to let Lara be caught in the editor is nice. But all seems to be built a bit accidentially, the concept doesn't really convince. Gameplay is straight forward, but not quite creative. No real atmosphere is created. This game didn't really convince me." - Christian (31-Jan-2012)
"A short demo of about 30 minutes duration. This level is located within the NGLE Engine without the need for textures and all those things that make NGLE levels stand out from the older Level builder engine. This takes some getting use to. The author has a lot of work to do before this level is ripe for release. Unfortunately there are still may bugs to work out, paper thin walls, gurgling sounds whilst shooting, missing sounds etc. Also this level was so dark that I had to readjust my graphic card to make it playable. A lot of things in the level were irrelevant to play but maybe they will come into play when the level is completed. Hopefully the author can work out the bugs before releasing the end product." - Mister-B (30-Jan-2012)
"This demo is certainly something a little different. Largely showcasing Lara's new moves, the action takes place in what is obviously the level editor with only a few textures having been applied and a general misty quality to the air. There's plenty of pole swinging, monkey swinging, shimmying, sliding bouncing and general leaping about with occasional enemies, deadly cold water and poison air. For a debut, it definitely shows a lot of promise and could probably be a good game when fully reworked. Whether or not you find the look of it appealing will be a matter of personal taste, but I think you should enjoy the action aspect. Give it a try." - Jay (30-Jan-2012)
"This does offer a steady progression in slightly less than 30 minutes of play that includes pole jumps, winged demons, and Lara using new moves. But I can't agree with the decision to release a demo with much of the "texturing" the pale or dark green that the level editor displays for unfinished rooms. (The excuse for this is that Lara is supposed to be lost in the level editor.) Here the lack of texturing deprives players of information. Most rooms are simple box shapes, so if Lara is outside--for all we know there is supposed to be a sky overhead--this needs work. If Lara is inside, then the chambers can't really be judged without their textures. At the start the floor is deadly, but since floor tiles are untextured, players have no clue while Lara blithely uses swing poles. At the end, a lever on a block is protected by an unmarked fire tile. Since Lara climbs up and ends the game, it appears that this lever is never used. The fog throughout this level is overdone, so dense that it becomes annoying having to strain to see, so I really hope the fog is changed in the final release. Game play has good moments. The pole jumps are planned well, with variety, and sometimes require Lara's new moves. With Lara hanging, if she pulls up onto a slope and does a jump/twist, she fails to grab a pole; however, use Down Key with Lara hanging, and she pulls up onto a slope, leaps/twists backward and does grab the pole. At other places the new moves are lost as this is an unfinished demo: for instance, Lara jumps up to a ledge, then with a new move jumps straight up to a ladder, but the ladder doesn't go anywhere. Overall, this is promising, and playable, but I think the level will be much more meaningful in a finished state." - dmdibl (30-Jan-2012)
"I found this level utterly confusing and buggy. Set in a very foggy area with the editor green and blue textures which often hided some nice levels in the past, I only will remind on Meeting Speed Raiding, Dreaming for a Revelation and Special Tutorial level, but this level cannot get in line to them in any respect. The initial actions were quite fun with some pole jumps and shimmying, but after entering the room with the first demoness this level was getting annoying, as I never was able to drop down from the top or the game would crash (and it did actually quite often as I tried to get into a hole because I didn't know there is only a pickup in it). The water passages were annoying as well - there is no need to put poisonous water in a level, really not. At one place a not really obvious new move needs to be done to cover up a missing trigger. Some textures were missing completely and the Tinnos textures thrown in at some places rather felt odd for me. The enemies appeared out of thin air and I rather got the last key by luck through all that fog. 15 minutes till the end, I hope the full version (if the builder plans one) will be much more sophisticated." - manarch2 (30-Jan-2012)
"For a debut level, from a very young level builder, this seems to be me to be very impressive. The level has everything you'd want in a level - agility, traps, timed (water) runs, enemies, etc. The texturing consists of a mix of coloured blocks which I loved, and original textures. There's a small number of squeezed one's but nothing noticable. I enjoyed the new moves Lara has, and having them extended the gameplay. There are a few minor bugs, e.g. the toggle opacity is wrong in the first water room (go under the boat and you can't get out of the water), the sound of the speedboat, also, near the start, there's a climbable wall with a crawlspace which you can't get into. The explosion when the woman with wings appears was a good addition, I enjoyed fighting her. You need to have Lara out of the room when making water disappear as it looks odd. Also, perhaps tiles which set Lara on fire should be indicated. Definately worth playing." - sonnyd83 (29-Jan-2012)
"Here we have a debut from a 12-year-old (!!!) builder and even with its typical beginner mistakes there certainly is potential as there are quite a few nice TRNG-tweaks. Kudos for that! As the title indicates Lara is lost in the level editor world, which means that most of the structures look just like in the LE (made it even easier for me to spot cracks ^^) and only a few blocks where textured with my Tinnos-set to make it less monotonous. This worked quite well imo, even if some of them where heavily squished/strecthed. What did NOT work at all though was the "hotchpotch" of differently themed HQ-objects and brand new animations, as they just didn't fit together very well and looked rather dull. While gameplay is definitely one of the builder's strenghts I couldn't rate it any higher, as for every good aspect (some nice jumping sequences that involved traps and swingpoles) there was at least one of my pet-peeves (unmarked damage/death sectors) and I'm almost sure that this level was not tested. Otherwise the constant thick fog that made progression really hard and also the fact that a rather long path led Lara to a useless switch would have been changed. All in all this level is worth a look and I really hope that the final version will get properly tested." - Soul (29-Jan-2012)