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Return to Rome by levyhgb

Ceamonks890 6 6 6 6
DJ Full 6 6 6 6
dmdibl 6 7 6 6
Gerty 6 7 6 5
Jay 6 6 6 6
Jose 7 7 6 6
LuxQSD 7 7 6 6
manarch2 6 6 6 5
MichaelP 6 7 6 4
Nuri 7 7 7 8
Orbit Dream 5 7 7 7
Phil 6 7 7 7
Ryan 6 7 6 7
sonnyd83 7 8 7 8
TheStig 6 6 6 6
Torry 8 9 9 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 05-Feb-2012
# of downloads: 148

average rating: 6.57
review count: 17
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file size: 13.40 MB
file type: TR1
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A short but unfortunately somewhat forgettable raid through a Greece style level that mostly reminds one of St. Francis Folly. The level is decently textured and it flows quite nicely, but it doesn't do anything extraordinarily well or has a setpiece to make it stand out, like the big pillar room with god rooms from the level this no doubt took inspiration from. A very easy and casual map that kept my interest until the end. It's overall good, but slightly mediocre. There isn't anything bad enough in it to warrant me not recommending it, so give it a try." - LuxQSD (16-Mar-2022)
"This levels feels like a bit of a trip back in time, to a TR1 Greek environment. This is quite a strong little TR1 level in a familiar setting, and gameplay moves steadily along for about 30 minutes. You get a few push blocks to move, a couple of timed runs and a few searches for keys to keep you occupied, despite nothing difficult being displayed to the player. The textures aren't bad for what they are (in an old school sort of style), but it's a shame about the complete absence of any audio files (at least in my download), which considerably let the atmosphere down. Nonetheless, a pleasant raid if you're feeling a bit nostalgic." - Ryan (06-Aug-2018)
"Another fantastic little TR1 level that will take around 35 minutes to complete. Graphics are excellent when using the Glide batch file. This is normal TR1 style raiding and you will see many elements out of that game. One thing that surprised me was the ability of the crocodiles to clamber up onto blocks so the normal method of jumping to a block and shooting them dead did not work as they followed you up there to bite your pretty ass. Nice......." - Torry (04-Apr-2018)
"This is a short but quite entertaining, nostalgic level, including the typical puzzles from St. Francis Folly. A pretty fun 30 minutes run." - Nuri (25-Feb-2018)
"It may seem strange for me to be playing and reviewing a TR1 level during the heat of the BtB competition, but I felt the need for a change of pace and this one was next on my list. I greatly appreciate whoever set up the download files so that the game can be played simply by clicking on the preferred batch file (without having to go through the excruciating installation procedures documented by David Dibble in his walkthrough), but I experienced a flickering horizontal band that was almost as headache-inducing as a perpetual in-game earthquake. The gameplay is nontaxing and fairly straightforward, and you meet up with a host of enemies along the way (mainly lions, crocs and apes). About 30 minutes of nostalgic fun." - Phil (25-Apr-2017)
"With restored ambient track, classic sfx, fair enemies, scraps of nice lighting and rewarding off-center pickup hunt, this little trip to Greece is quite enjoyable, however again lacks tension handling or storyline conclusion. What's with these magnum clips we cannot use, huh?" - DJ Full (06-Feb-2017)
"Bit baffled here, as the door wouldn't open when using the key. I even downloaded this three times and every time I got the same result. Funny enough there is a saved game in the download and using that one, the key works. Tip for those who experience the same, do use the savedgame but go back and get some more goodies in the room behind the electric ball (shotgun and a medipack), then open the door with the key. For the rest it is a nice level to play. Lots of lions, crocs and apes to slaughter and I even met the so called crazy cowboy I just couldn't kill. Best is to avoid the person as he won't follow you." - Gerty (13-Oct-2016)
"What a nice surprise we have here. This is a very linear and straightforward raid, taking clear inspiration from TR1-Greece (including its own take on the St. Francis' Folly challenge rooms, such as the lightning ball - first I've seen in a custom level I think - and the hanging swords). As such, the quest for the necessary keys doesn't become a bore and you find yourself hitting the finish trigger much earlier than you'd anticipated. There was a small amount of backtracking involved, but it's simple enough so you're always onto the next target. 25 minutes, 3 secrets. 12/15" - Treeble (30-Dec-2015)
"Unfortunately, much like what happened when I played 'Four Lost Keys' by Frank Petser for my review of that game, there are no sound files to speak of here either. So I can't really comment on atmosphere or sound effects much, beyond guessing it was just standard fare for TR1 custom level releases at this point in time. Besides that, this is another Greece-based level that was the first new release in the TR1 level category in over four years(at that time.) And as a nice little throwback to the past for nostalgic players, it certainly does the job alright. Gameplay gets the job done as well as you'd expect(with plenty of key-hunting, lever pulling and block pushing to keep you busy, in-between the slaughter of various endangered species from lions to Pierre himself.) Objects used are also pretty by-the-numbers and texturing is done rather well. Overall, despite the lack of sound and a rather abrupt conclusion, this is still one level that is worth at least one playthrough(if you can tolerate having to run it via Dosbox, that is.)" - Ceamonks890 (29-Jun-2014)
"Sometimes playing something based on one of the older engines can be quite refreshing, especially when it's done to a good standard. Despite experiencing some issues playing the level (I couldn't get any sound on my Windows 7 machine), I still found this a fun 30 minute level. It's pretty well constructed and the gameplay flows nicely. Puzzles are straightforward with a few timed levers, keys & push-blocks to deal with. Some of the textures are stretched but overall the feel is very 'authentic' early tomb raider. Definitely worthy of your consideration. Stiggy :)" - TheStig (26-Feb-2014)
"What a memories from my first TR game. By then, I had a 486 with 100 Mhz and I had to play with low resolution, but even so I enjoyed a lot that game. This time some features took me to that age: Larson, the falling swords, the apes, the gray moveable blocks... I missed more ammo for the shotgun and I found ammo for another weapons, but not the guns. Textures are well applied, but the low resolutions gave a bad touch to the environment. The level was entertaining with variety of tasks, no difficult gameplay with few backtracking. I had to rescue my old PC to can play but it's a level worth to play." - Jose (04-Sep-2013)
"You need to put up with two things when playing this TR1 level:ancient graphics,and lack of medi-packs.If you can manage this you'll probably enjoy yourself here,as it's fast moving and pretty straightforward.All the features from St Francis Folly turn up,including that really annoying lightning ball which absolutely saps your strength;but the enemy placement was entertaining and provided a decent challenge.A pity the ending was so abrupt,though." - Orbit Dream (27-Jul-2013)
"The aim of the first part of this level is to open a door which has several bars keeping it closed, whilst doing this, you're challenged by chimps, blades, lightning (this confused me as stepping on certain squares didn't open a door which I thought it may have done), and Pierre. Followed by a watery area with more animals and a timed door. More chimps and falling swords. There's more doors that require keys or switches to open them. The switches are nicely textured. The gameplay is challenging in that you die quite a lot due to lack of medipacks. The architecture consists of a few beams, and the ceilings are curved rather than just square, and the texturing is nicely done as there's a good range of textures and the right one's are used on floor, ceiling etc, the floor ones are the best in my opinion. The lighting is again well done and there's dark and light spots where they're supposed to be. There's the odd camera shot occasionally too. Sound is all present and correct This TR1 level offers it all, good combat, not overly difficult gameplay, pleasant atmosphere, sound" - sonnyd83 (08-May-2012)
"About 30 minutes of pure nostalgia here with a rather decent to play TR1 level. The flow will be fairly obvious but not without its challenges with the many apes, lions, crocodiles and good old Pierre keeping you on your toes. Gameplay generally relies on a few pushblocks and switches but also includes a short timed swim and a bit of backtrack with your acquired keys in hand. 3 secrets to find and how amazing to see that we were all quite ok not so long ago with that dismal screen resolution, as it was the only thing that was available at the time. Let's hope the author uses his considerable talent and applies it to the comparably more modern tools available today to present us with another level of his." - MichaelP (19-Feb-2012)
"This is a brief jaunt down memory lane to TR1 Rome, complete with the requisite apes, lions, crocodiles, Pierre (twice!), push blocks, a small timed swim and quite a lot of keys to collect, plus a version of the Thor and Damocles rooms. It's interesting to be reminded how embryonic everything looked way back then and the somewhat disconcerting way the scenery comes and goes, but I'm uncertain just what relevance it has nowadays. Certainly, if you've never experienced TR1, you could take a look just to see how far we've come, but without the fondness generated by the sheer nostalgia factor you may fail to be overly impressed." - Jay (07-Feb-2012)
"What a nice suprise - the first TR 1 level after nearly seven years. The graphics were and still are very crude in their appearance and it takes a lot of time to install the levels using DOS-Box. But when you're done you get a 25 minute level, decent enough to have a few fun elements in it. This Greecian level reminding St.Francis' Folly is mainly a shooter with many apes, crocs and lions to shoot and two fightouts with Pierre, of which one didn't seem to end so I just ran away. But it also contains some smaller block puzzles, of which some could be a little less long. Two theme rooms of the original level (Damokles and Thor) were included here, but they weren't highly original or demanding. The textures were OK but they had many faults (not correctly placed, streched etc.) and somehow I couldn't hear anything while playing, that might be due to my configuration though. The builder did a good job in putting all the camera hints to guide the player through the level that otherwise would be a highly irritating raid. If the game wasn't so slow on my end I would have enjoyed it even more, but I didn't change my rating because of that because some others probably won't have these issues while playing." - manarch2 (07-Feb-2012)
"The most jarring aspect is Lara herself--most of us have become accustomed to an enhanced NG Lara, so TR1 Lara does look a bit clunky (the difference to TR1 Lara is a lot less glaring when a comparison is made to an original TR4 Lara). The surroundings here are good for TR1, except for a few brazenly stretched textures over or under doorways. There are no problems with a bleed-through transparency that occurred in early unofficial editor TR1 levels. Lara faces crocodiles, apes, and lions that usually inflict more damage than their TR4 counterparts. I muttered at Lara's early gun battle with Pierre, as Lara has no medipacks yet, and has little recourse except to get a high switch thrown in this room, and then to run for safety. We get some of the feel and features of a St. Francis level--the blue and deadly electrical discharge room, falling swords of Damocles, a door with sliding bars--as well as Lara dodging a series of swinging blades. This is a good showcase for the many essential features that were already present in the original Tomb Raider, and I was enjoying it when Lara abruptly hit a finish trigger after half an hour. It seemed like there should have been a few more rooms to play. Maybe could use more atmosphere, but play is logical throughout, and camera shots are helpful. It's good to be reminded of where this all started." - dmdibl (06-Feb-2012)