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Deep in the Caves by misho98

afzalmiah 8 9 8 7
Blue43 8 7 6 7
Christian 7 7 7 7
DJ Full 4 7 7 5
dmdibl 8 8 7 8
Eelkemama 8 8 8 8
Gerty 7 7 7 7
Jay 7 8 8 7
JesseG 8 7 8 7
Jose 8 7 8 7
manarch2 8 7 7 7
Mary 6 6 4 6
MichaelP 7 7 7 7
Mister-B 7 6 5 7
Orbit Dream 6 6 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 8 7 7
Steven Svorticher 7 7 7 7
release date: 01-Mar-2012
# of downloads: 112

average rating: 7.13
review count: 18
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file size: 28.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cave/Cat

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Nope. Two pushblock puzzles which take (over?) half of the level. Things between and after are acceptable but overall Misho's tropical level is much better, play that one instead." - DJ Full (10-Dec-2023)
"This is a pleasant enough romp through some cave areas. There's some nice variety in the gameplay, albeit nothing difficult to figure out. Then again you might want to dust off your math skills for the final waterskin puzzle. There's also a nice mirror room, a couple of pushblock puzzles, a couple of timed fire pillar runs (although shimmying while the fires are still on works just as well) and a bit of action with the torch. The setting is quite atmospheric, albeit functional and not beautiful, enemies are not prevalent but effective enough and the secrets... I suppose they could be useful depending on your point of view. Fun overall for the 35 minutes it lasts." - Ryan (26-Apr-2018)
"A nice level playable in half an hour - 3/4 a hour, based on a fluent gameplay with some not difficult time trial, some trap and enigms. Not so many areas.. we've an outer area designed well , some underwater tunnels where you've to pull some UW switches (very easy because tunnels are short and a few ones).. nice flipmaps like the lave room becoming a water one by pulling a jumpswitch. we find other 3 rooms accessible only after having flooded a room with UW switches (nothing difficult): the first is a mirror lava room where you've to jump on right tiles (some of them are deadly); in the second room there's a time trial where you've to jump on other tiles before fires come back and finally avoiding a spike ball; in the third room an enigm equal to temple of horus one of TR4: the balance and the 2 water bottles to fill in. The proceeding is identic to the original one: fill in with the right sum of water to go on, or a gate will open and a beast's gonna attack you! The right number is written on the ground. There are also 2 good enigms with several boxes: in the first one you've to move them, some of them overlapped in order to accede the high parts where you've to use a torch; in the second area, more difficult, you've to do the same thing with the boxes to reveal a switch but there's much less space and an obstacle.. so everything is harder and some tentatives are needed. I think this last one is the most difficult puzzle in the level, but there's a problem..this enigm is needed to get a gate open, the one where you fill in the bottle waters.. an excellent idea, but in an other part of the level there's a short spot where you can do it.. this means you can avoid the 2nd box puzzle. I think this is a project mistake from the author, or personally I think it is so.. I'll make gameplay-puzzle score lower, I'm sorry. 3 secrets: the first 2 are easy, the third more difficult and untraceable if the player is hasteful to finish the level. Nice presence of enemies: monsters, little ones, water ones, ground ones, a dog with its carcass, an other monster on 2 legs..let's call them zombies :) Nice atmosphere, a little boring music, nice lights-textures. Globally: a nearly good level with good enigms which I feel I shoud lower cause said above, otherwise they would have been quite good; the other things keep nice!" - Steven Svorticher (24-Apr-2012)
"I am of two minds about this level. All in all I found it a nice raid and it would have been even a better one but some rather sloppy work crept in and that did put me off. There is the rope swinging through a solid wall, flare bug rearing its head in some rooms. And last but not least the swim through gate, what was that all about? I rather liked the push puzzles and even had fun jumping the fire pillars, was glad that one could do them with the fire on as I never could get the timed jump lever jumps done in time. One pity though that I never could get into the lonely house that one saw in the beginning." - Gerty (30-Mar-2012)
"This is a pleasant gaming experience that I played primarily for the purpose of writing a walkthrough. While doing so I managed to miss two of the three secrets, so I needed help to complete the job. I lost track of my playing time, but judging from the size of the walkthrough I would guess that this is a relatively short level at thirty minutes or so. I was stumped for a while until I was told that an apparently blocked opening wasn't blocked at all. There are no gamestopping moments that I can recall, and a couple of nice pushblock exercises were fun to figure out. I had to dust off one of the Rescue walkthroughs to get the solution for getting four litres in the large waterskin. It's not as easy as it seems. This is a level that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, and I had a good time here. Recommended." - Phil (19-Mar-2012)
"A short but fun 25 minute romp through some caves, with an intriguing start including some houses to see in the distance. The start was maybe a little slow with using a few underwater levers that open the path to another lever, but the game picks up soon and you find a series of nicely connected puzzles - there is a great variety in gameplay that includes a long pushable exercise and the torch cleverly implemented, several fire pillar runs, a mirror room and finally a scale puzzle (btw., all builders out there, it would be time to enhance this great puzzle a bit as every possible solution is pretty clear up till now). There are a few enemies but they didn't really fit to the scenery - undead, ahmets and hellhounds - and a few objects were strangely placed, such as the jeep that with some fires up in the air or the trapdoor that seemingly hides the way further. The textures didn't always fit together that well but all in all the looks were quite appealing. I noticed some levers didn't have sound at the start, but the custom wall levers at least looked cool. There were three secrets to find to have a password for the secret file that shows some extra pictures, nice idea, however I only found one at first, when I returned back to the level I found another and with the two I ... OK what I did was not intended so rather find all secrets to be able to have this extra information ;). If you search for a not too long level that especially concentrates on gameplay but isn't much worse in the other categories, I can warmly recommend this one." - manarch2 (11-Mar-2012)
"I quite enjoyed this just under 40 minute adventure, mainly due to its nice variety of gameplay. The author throws in a bit of clever block pushing combined with torch action, some timed runs across fire tiles, a mirror room and a water scale puzzle. Nothing too testing for your nerves, but just right to keep you going on. The setting is more functional than beautiful but it kind of works. I missed one of the three secrets, so may have to look for that one another time." - MichaelP (11-Mar-2012)
"This is a level where beta-testing would have really helped. The gameplay has some nice features - some pushblock puzzles to work your brain, a waterskin puzzle, a mirror puzzle, and a few timed runs. Unfortunately a lot of these elements can be easily skipped. For instance you can simply swim around the traps in the mirror room, and you can stand on the corners of fire columns to avoid some of the timed runs. Objects were used fine except for that weird texture on the switched, not very fitting. Secrets were way too easy to find. Camera cues are done using flybys which is kind of weird, but it works. Not many camera cues exist but the level is built pretty intuitively so that doesn't really matter. The texturing is decent. It has some variety, but gets wallpapered in some tunnels, and distorted on triangulated surfaces. A lot of the earlier areas could have used more lighting. Overall the level has good potential but could use improvement in each area - and please beta-test it next time!" - SSJ6Wolf (04-Mar-2012)
"A short game without a real storyline. Gameplay is quite easy, although there are good ideas. There's a timed run, there are two push-block-puzzles, a boulder and a scale-challenge. There is potential that is not worked out. The 2nd push-block-sequence is not necessary, water can be taken from elsewhere. Closed gates we can swim throug, wall-torches still burning when under water are not that realistic. When you hope the real adventure starts the little game ends." - Christian (03-Mar-2012)
"Its a simple level but very well designed unfortunately there were some bugs that made it ugly, for example there were some missing sounds like the underwater swicth, textures were a little bit stretched and bad rotated, and the lava had a very very simple effect, if i remember it didnt even move, and the death zombies (whatever they are called) had the sound of the default baddy (a man), so were they alive or death?, because they look like death, in the first rooms you could also see some fixed cameras that were too obvious for me, lara pulled the switch and then the camera showed you a gate opening right behind you." - Mary (03-Mar-2012)
"I really liked the game play in this level. It was entertaining and had a bit of everything: Timed switches and burners, rope jumps, climbing, diving, boulder traps, a mirror room and a water skin puzzle. There were also two push block puzzles. The first one with the torches was nice and I like the way the boxes were used to climb and reach the upper areas. Unfortunately the second one was a bit of a let down, since there was absolutely no hint what to do and therefore a lot of time was spent moving boxes around in a small room until Lara finally reaches that correct spot with the lever. One the enemy side there were some good choices and I thought they were well placed. I found one secret; at least I triggered the secret chime and it counted in the statistics. I don't know what I missed, as there was a crate or door that I could not open and I am not sure if that was how the builder had planned it. The texturing was not bad and I liked the lighting, but the sound selection was a bit weird. I ended up turning the music way down to get rid of this annoying back ground loop. Overall it was a rather enjoyable level and I am looking forward for more to come from this talented builder. (38min, 1 secret found)" - Blue43 (03-Mar-2012)
"This little game has good areas. Some textures are stretching or tight. I found illegal slopes. I like the first block puzzle, but the second not. Many blocks you have to push, because there is no information, what should be the result. One timerun over fire blocks is good, but three in a short game is boringly. One door is in front from the entrance. But Lara needs and can go. In the room with the mirror, Lara can go in the mirror room. The idea with the rolling balls was very good. Misho98 write in the readme "The secrets are three different numbers. If you find all you can open the secrets.rar file. It's nothing much and maybe doesn't worth it, I just wanted to do something different with the secrets.". But i can't find the secrets.rar file." - Eelkemama (02-Mar-2012)
"In the readme, the author describes his texturing as 'awful'. I think he's selling himself short because it all looked pretty good to me - maybe not flawless, but certainly far from 'awful'. This 50 minute adventure has some enjoyable timed fire tile runs, a bit of swimming, a couple of block puzzles (one with torch work), a boulder trap, a few enemies to shoot along the way and, best of all, the two water skins puzzle, which I haven't seen for some time. It's quite nicely balanced gameplay of a moderate difficulty level that shouldn't cause any problems for players with a bit of experience. I couldn't locate the secrets rar. file mentioned in the readme, but since I only found one of the three secret numbers I guess that's academic." - Jay (02-Mar-2012)
"Not very long this level, but there are some fresh ideas. I liked the moveable blocks puzzles and the timed fires were difficult, but not excessively tight; only stucked when one of the three grates, after opening, remained in front of the UW crawlspace. Textures and lights are not well worked, but appearance is not too bad anyway. I missed some more enemies and some traps too, but an entertaining level like this is always worth to to play." - Jose (02-Mar-2012)
"If I were to replay this level (which is fairly unlikely) I would probably be through it in around 30 minutes,as most of the gameplay-time is taken up with two pushable object puzzles and one mathematical 'scales' puzzle - simple enough if,unlike me,you actually have your brain switched on.It's generally well built,although buggy in places:the rope-swing through walls,if you're a pedantic player;the swim-through gate;the unopened door at the start which I expected to unlock,but was unable to - due to reaching the Finish trigger unexpectedly prematurely.The scales puzzle was fine,but two slow-moving pushable object puzzles within the same (shortish) level is one two many in my view.Otherwise,it's well put together in all respects,and quite atmospheric. Skeletal guards and dogs;those creepy little imps;skeletons hanging from walls - oh,and a neat rolling boulder sequence.If only the whole had been greater than the sum of its parts." - Orbit Dream (02-Mar-2012)
"On the plus side this is technically superior to the author's first released level. All the puzzles work, and players should find this a fun forty-five minutes or less. I did spot a small detail error: the trapdoor at the central column in the water pool could be rotated ninety degrees. In its current position, it falls open and bars appear to block the slot Lara needs to swim into. Actually, Lara can swim right through the bars, but this seems a little gauche. Despite the improvements I didn't find this as engaging as the author's debut level, where players might expect one thing and then find little surprises in play. In this level, the plot for the necessary tasks seems to be telegraphed in advance. That is, Lara sees a lot of push blocks, high unlit torches, a fire, and so forth. It is pretty clear what needs to be done, although it takes work to move all the boxes to reach the goal. Lara can cross a lot of fire pillars without even bothering with jump switches to turn off their flames. The one place that took a few minutes to figure out was the three boulder trap, and that was good. It feels like there should have been more, that Lara was doing introductory work for the level, and just when you expect things to develop the level ends. Too bad there wasn't something to do with that house on the hill, to provide a different environment from the cave, maybe more variety. A solid level, but I hope the author does something else beside a cave next time." - dmdibl (02-Mar-2012)
"I found this level very enjoyable. I think this level is a step up from his debut but it would of been better if it was longer. The level ended when I thought there was more to be honest. Once again the gameplay was really good but once there was a part where there were too many underwater switches but I didn't hate that bit, it was still enjoyable. The level did have a small horror element in it though. For example the skeletons, chains on the walls and enemies. The block puzzle was an enjoyable one because you don't need to take 30 minutes just to know what to do and another 30 minutes do complete it. Nothing was too hard in this level but there was an area where I was stuck on but thanks to the builder who helped me I knew what to do. The lighting was very good but could've been a bit darker but still very good. The texturing was also good but there were some stretched or tight textures in some areas and they were a bit repetitive but for me that's not bad. A great second level from a builder that will definitely have great levels in the future." - afzalmiah (01-Mar-2012)
"This level has everything that it is possible to squeeze into about 40 minutes gaming. There were block puzzles, timed runs, water skin puzzles etc. Unfortunately there were also a couple of sound bugs. Levers were operated without sound and the flare bug also reared its ugly head. All in all this was a fairly doable level with plenty of pickups to make sure that not too hard a time was had of it. The level was accompanied by an annoying sound that never changed. The gameplay was more or less linear with little chance of getting lost." - Mister-B (01-Mar-2012)