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Wacky by Daffy

Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Christian 9 8 9 8
DJ Full 9 9 8 8
EssGee 9 8 7 8
Jay 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 10 9 9
Jose 8 8 9 9
Josey 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 9 7 7
MichaelP 8 9 8 8
Mman 8 8 8 9
Orbit Dream 8 9 8 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 9 8 8 9
SeniorBlitz 9 9 9 9
sonnyd83 9 9 8 9
Topixtor 8 9 9 9
release date: 07-Jun-2013
# of downloads: 121

average rating: 8.72
review count: 17
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file size: 58.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another level made of rooms instead of landscapes and therefore not my cup of tea, but it has great customization and several puzzles which, though quite simple, make you aware you're dealing with a clever builder. I also noticed several precautions taken to make this game more forgiving, which I always appreciate. A small but solid thing." - DJ Full (18-Jul-2019)
"Very simple and fun gameplay, without many complexities too it, that does not mean it is bad, far from it, this a very high quality level, it is challenging without feeling cheap, consequently all of my deaths felt like my fault which is a big plus in my book. The scenery seems to mostly serve the gameplay, but it isn't a obtrusion, since it looks decent and the colorful light effects were pleasing, so the overall atmosphere was good. Recommended if you want a creative, short-ish but still somewhat challenging level." - SeniorBlitz (08-Jul-2018)
"This level just provides pure and simple entertainment, no strings attached. The settings are essentially constructed for the sole purpose of helping the gameplay to function, but they're pleasing to look at nonetheless. The music wasn't personally to my liking, but that's purely a personal niggle. The gameplay, however, is actually pretty enjoyable and varied with a couple of ingenious touches thrown in for good measure. The highlights for me were the very nicely set up boulder/spike/globe/raising block/timed run combination which has to be seen to be believed, the texture hinted globe puzzles and the brilliant finale with two gladiators meeting their maker." - Ryan (08-Jan-2018)
"One of the more unusual levels I have had the fortune to play, one would almost describe it as 'wacky'...;) Anyway, there are very distinctive rooms here which actually fit together rather well, especially since the objects and textures ae much the same throughout, especially those marked for balls to be placed upon for example. The most exciting puzzle in my opinion would be the room with pushable marbles, these have to go into their respective tiles, then timed switches are pulled, which each reveal another switch, which then raise a block, and release another marble which is then pushed onto another tile! Other lesser puzzles include a room with a spike wall where Lara has to get underneath it to carry out the assigned task, and a final boss which can not be shot at, but has to be crushed by what can only be described as a giant corn on a cob! Of course there's plenty of other stuff to do too. There are a few camera hints and the audio is adequate. A real pleasure to play, and an hour it took me to get from start to finish." - sonnyd83 (24-Aug-2015)
"Like Lara's Stroll this is another level set in an abstract industrial setting; I apparently should have played this one first as Lara's Stroll is the more ambitious of the two (which is natural as it's not limited by a contest restriction). This is fun as well, although a couple of tasks just seemed to be there to pad out the length rather than add any real challenge (like having to backtrack to various opening gates near the start). Considering my usual fear of them I'm starting to gain a certain quaint appreciation for the inevitable moment in Daffy's maps where a Giant Spider comes crawling out of a small space. This is an enjoyable contest map, hopefully we get another more ambitious release at some point though." - Mman (13-Mar-2014)
"Wacky by name, wacky by nature. It's indeed a strange conglomerate of what feels like disjointed room design ideas which means that there is a lack of continuity as you transition from one area to the next. I didn't feel like I was in any particular 'place', but merely a procession of smartly dressed rooms. This and some of the accompanying wacky music (well he did warn us with the title) are the only negatives that I'd single out in this level. The positives are that it has immaculately applied texturing and has good lighting, the atmosphere is slightly lacking because of the aforementioned discontinuity. The strength and appeal of the level are the solid and creative gameplay ideas that involve interesting new objects - to mention a few - the moving fire blowing circles, The big metal slamming wall and it's associated gameplay, the cleverly designed multiple rolling ball room with levers and glass boxes is a winner, and the way the demigod area's gameplay pans out is a good setup. The gameplay is well balanced - nothing too hard, but hard enough to give you room to think out the solutions and feel good about it. The two secrets I discovered were not hard to find. I guess with a title like 'Wacky' I was expecting something almost slap-stick funny, but it's more that the level is eclectic wacky with its objects and colours rather than literally funny wacky. I had good fun playing this level and very much enjoyed the interesting gameplay ideas." - EssGee (04-Nov-2013)
"In hindsight it was maybe a mistake to play this one after the more comprehensive Lara's Stroll. This one does not quite match up to that one because it is shorter (around 45 mins for me) and feels less coherent to play, with many of the tasks actually feeling a bit on the tedious side for me as there is often some repetition built in. Having said that, it IS still a fun little adventure with many fun objects to interact with and fairly obvious Progression. Enemies were few and seemed a bit thrown in without much thinking whether they fit, but that did not distract much from the experience. So, my recommendation would be to play this first and then move on to Lara's Stroll right afterwards." - MichaelP (24-Oct-2013)
"As to be expected another good game from daffy - rather short but full of good, creative ideas in a surreal Environment. I liked the boulder puzzles and the fire-wheels: all in all doable Tasks with some shimmying to and fro in the beginning. Recommended!" - Christian (13-Jul-2013)
"Another engaging level from a reliable builder. This one is generally well lighted with plenty of colorful eye candy, and I always find that this combination enhances my gaming pleasure. I started off playing without a walkthrough and made my way through a generous portion of the level, but I found I needed some help during the later going. There's nothing here that demands the skills of an expert, but it's all fresh and entertaining, even those parts where you have to go back and forth over the same areas before moving on. Some nice touches included an extended boulder-timed switch-raising block puzzle to open a gate, a boulder-pushing exercise, and the releasing of a rolling log that exploded (instead of merely crushing) a couple of gladiators. Took me just under an hour, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Recommended." - Phil (02-Jul-2013)
"Another good work from this author. Again with his unmistakable style, the level was not so entertaining than the previous, but very playable and enjoyable though. Very lineal, with a fast gameplay, easy puzzles and a good environment, also perfectly textured. Only a bit dark for my taste, but as usual for this author another well-done job very recommended." - Jose (16-Jun-2013)
"Considering the kind of levels we get sometimes, I didn't find this one particularly wacky. Sometimes surprising, namely with nice objects such as the burning wheels that move along a corridor, challenging but just enough, certainly well built, with a diversity of tasks, it was fun to play. Recommended." - Jorge22 (14-Jun-2013)
"This is aptly named. It's quirky, colourful and, above all, great fun. There's a lot of action packed into this short level and the inventive puzzles and traps will certainly keep you entertained. Lovely custom objects and excellent choice of music are the icing on the cake. Enemies are mainly of the non interactive kind, i.e. piranha and swimming rats. Timed switches are conveniently indicated by an hour glass icon and nothing is too hard to achieve, which means most raiders should be able to enjoy this extremely pleasant level. There are hippo secrets to find (OK I know they're supposed to be dragons, but I think they look like hippos, which is rather cute) and a nice message from Daffy at the end of the game. Lovely." - Jay (13-Jun-2013)
"I'm fairly sorry for "punishing" Daffy with even more 7's but if anything the overall looks did work even less well in this level for me, being it the basic and squaric architecture or the lighting that ranges somewhere between "colourful" and "pychedelic", which is not a bad thing in general but it felt a little random for me, even if it fits to the title. But yet again, since original gameplay is the most important thing in my opinion, this level was highly enjoyable with another fun gauntlet of novel objects and fun tasks. I maybe found this level to be a little less entertaining than Laras Stroll since some tasks are indeed a bit repetitive (Topixtor's example is exactly fitting and not bad at all), but also the maze with several lattices was a little boring. On the other side, the usage of back-and-forth moving objects is yet again brilliant, e.g. the moving spike wall one has to avoid, many timed runs that were fun to master, and last but not least I loved both the usage of boulders as well as the way to get rid of the gladiators in the finale. The three secrets were placed a bit as an afterthought and were hidden all exactly the same, but I think that's better than having no secrets at all. Spent 30 minutes in this little game." - manarch2 (12-Jun-2013)
"I remember when this little game was release before on a french forum, it was very creative and just build in a 30 30 30 rooms but it was a fabulous game. Now, after some changes, it was gorgeous. There are no particulary story but we gess it's in a imaginary country (like few others games of the author)but in this game, we found a great gameplay with various and originals tasks. The gameplay is also not really hard so playable by everybody even by the begginers. One a the big point of this level is the amazing news objects and the very well use of these. Sometimes it's just decorative and sometimes it's traps. The news audios give a perfect wacky and funny atmosphere to the game and the good use of the textures and lighting (not really dark)too. So, to conclude, another masterpiece by a great french author to keep on our computer. Thanks a lot Phil. Very recommended." - BigFoot (12-Jun-2013)
"This level is pure fun.It doesn't really try to offer anything especially appealing to look at;nor gameplay which is particularly challenging;but it works extremely well.You essentially have five different areas to work your way through,each one slightly trickier than the next;and the entertainment quotient is sustained very well throughout.I loved the use of rolling boulders;and the gladiators were entertainingly eliminated at the Finale.Perhaps the corridor with the raising bars was a little protracted,but otherwise it was great fun from beginning to end.Cameras are helpful,as are the texture hints;music is effective (good to hear that the French are still enjoying Jean-Michel Jarre);while lighting and atmosphere is sufficiently surreal. This level is clearly not intended to be a masterpiece;but what it does,it does really well." - Orbit Dream (12-Jun-2013)
"The best thing in this level is how original and surreal it is. So many new objects, textures, and also some good gameplay ideas. I somewhat loved this game, even if sometimes the gameplay is buggy or repetitive, but i never felt bored. There are some good placed enemies (the TR5 statues at the end weren't working very good) and secrets were not bad, but also not too difficult or orginal. The atmposphere was beautiful and colorful, the new objects looked fantastic and the music was excellent. There are some graphic glitches, but doing a level in a so thight space isn't always a walk in the park. Every gameplay idea was original, but as i said there are rooms where you need to do the same thing over and over, it wasn't frustrating but, for example, there could have been some modifications to a common base (like: you need to put 4 blocks in 4 places geometrically and symmetrically equal, but for one of them you also need to do a different route for avoiding triggering some traps. It's a bad example, but i tried.). I anyway would reccommend this level to everyone due to it beign fun and not too difficult, and also one of the most concentrated and original levels that i played." - Topixtor (10-Jun-2013)
"I simply loved this extremely creative game, full of different and amazing objects and actions. The author is kind: there are even little drawings showing Lara the right way to do things. I enjoyed it all from beginning to end, and when I thought that the bag of surprises was empty, there came that stupefying sequence of the gladiators! You know, it is very gratifying to see an author for whom the pure fun of playing always comes first. Yes. To play Daffy, it is not necessary an extraordinary skill or brilliancy - and nevertheless his games are of the most creative and demanding in terms of acumen and observation. Thanks, Daffy, for a lovely time!" - Josey (10-Jun-2013)