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Search for the Golden Mask by Seth94

Andzia9 8 9 9 9
Cosmos 8 8 8 8
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Gerty 8 8 8 8
janachorider 8 8 9 9
Jay 9 9 9 9
Jorge22 8 7 8 8
Jose 8 9 8 9
Josey 8 7 8 9
manarch2 8 8 9 8
Minox 8 9 9 8
misho98 8 8 9 9
Mman 7 9 8 8
Phil 8 9 9 8
requiemsoul 8 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 8
Sakusha 10 9 9 7
SlyRaider 10 9 8 9
release date: 17-Oct-2013
# of downloads: 258

average rating: 8.44
review count: 18
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file size: 109.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"One of my favourites of this builder, possibly because arsenal variety and combat diversity is magnificient and TR2 sound is solely capable of ticking 3/4 of my immersion boxes. Unfortunately the further we go, the simplier it becomes - from the initial levels, great in atmosphere, gameplay balance and involving unexpected flipmap changes, we proceed to rooms just too boxy compared to the organic sceneries of Furnace of the Gods and Kingdom, but as always I appreciated the escape element no matter of what. The bonus level, possibly the weakest and the only one confusing, was still a nice addition however I'm not sure if it belongs in this particular game or to this particular storyline moment. SUMMARY: Overall worth playing, and a must for The Golden Mask fanclub." - DJ Full (05-Apr-2017)
"This is a fairly lengthy game (took me 6 hours and 38 minutes) in seven sections (plus one bonus level) very much in the vein of TR2 Gold. The areas are very much representative of Fool's Gold, Furnace of the Gods, Kingdom and the Cold War. The gameplay is rather varied, with some block puzzles, timed runs, challenging trap sequence combinations and a nice array of enemies to fight (often, the human enemies will leave valuable supplies, so check carefully). The downside is the heavy backtracking, especially climbing those looooong ladders. It's also rather dark in places. Still, if you're hankering for some nostalgia, give this one a shot." - Ryan (09-Mar-2017)
"Another level in TR2 style by this builder. This time it didn't take me that long as I remembered quite a lot, doing the walkthrough together with Dutchy. The enemies seem a bit fiercer but that could be my imagination. There are some nasty jumps to do in here and although there are a few timed runs, one did give me a headache. But I still love the textures and even the enemies of TR2. Overall better keep your agenda empty, as this is another long adventure where exploring is a must." - Gerty (08-Mar-2015)
"It took me quite a bit of time to finish this level set, but I feel quite fulfilled now that I have completed it. This level set really remains true to the original Tomb Raider 2 game in many ways. Some of the levels reminded me of the Temple of Xian, the Catacombs of the Talion, Ice Palace, Tibetan Foothills, Venice, Bartoli's Hideout, and the Opera House. There is also a lot of exploration in vast spaces with considerable amounts of backtracking, which is great for honing memory and observational skills. While the enemies are challenging, it is possible to get through the levels with enough ammo and medipacks. I think the most challenging parts of this level series were the jumps and the timed runs. It took me weeks to figure out a jump or a timed run to the smallest detail. While I think the gameplay was the strongest point of the level series, I think the aesthetics were the weakest point of the level series. I felt like forests didn't go well with golden lava, and textures were bland in certain areas. Nonetheless, the bases, the temples, the mountainous areas, and the urban squares were enjoyable to look at." - Sakusha (19-Dec-2014)
"Well what can i say? its nice to have a TR level that emulates Old TR Gameplay and Style and this level is not the exception.although the Base/Digsite parts were tedious the "Mystic World" make up for that although i wished it haas more landscapes.but all in all a Really good level." - janachorider (01-Dec-2014)
"A complex but fun set of levels. This game has the nostalgia of TR2, but feels like a worthy update, making use of the TRLE features. I thought that the geometry was good but not great, and could have been improved by reducing the number of hall and ladder sequences. Also, some rooms felt a bit square or block like in nature. Other than that, I felt that Seth94 did a fine job on this. I am looking forward to playing his other level, 'The Sacred Emerald'." - Cosmos (31-Jul-2014)
"Like The Sacred Emerald this is a pseudo-reimagining of an official TR product; this time it's the Golden Mask. The major sore-spot of the original, the lighting, is improved; it's still quite white and flat at times, but it fits the TR2 nostalgia much better than TR3, and there's also much better use of colour and shadows in comparison. Texturing and geometry are competent, but there's a few too many bland flat corridors as transitions, which harms the overall feeling of the visuals and sense of place. It also does a good job bringing back TR2 items and effects (including disabling crawl), and it's nice to mow some stuff down with the M16 again. While I have a personal preference for the TR3 themes in TSE over the Golden Mask ones here overall it's an improvement in regards to presentation.
The gameplay is pretty similar to the author's last pack; quite difficult gameplay that ramps up well throughout. It also cuts down the amount of combat; there's still a lot, but I recall TSE being overkill at times whereas it feels okay here. Unfortunately, while it seems to be reduced a little, redundant backtracking is still an issue, and long ladder climbs also get irritating at times (and suggest structural issues at times). Like the last pack it also has a bit of an issue with outstaying it's welcome; I found the final Venice map easily the weakest part, and the progression felt so detached and backtrack-heavy I found it quite obscure, with none of the craziness that being a follow-up to Nightmare in Vegas should suggest. It's an overall improvement on TSE, but, given the obvious skill and talent on show in the strongest parts, I don't feel it's as big a step forward as it should be, plus the smaller size makes the individual flaws stick out more; so my ratings are more unforgiving." - Mman (11-Feb-2014)
"This mix of TR2 and later Tomb Raiders took me a while to finish but I didn't give up and finally made it to Venice and Lara's nightmare there (I still prefer the original Nightmare in Vegas). It's all pretty well done and I have no complaints other than there may be a bit too many enemies (as in TR2) and the oh-so-tiring constant back and forth throughout the levels, sometimes not too obvious. Still I find the experimente of using the TR4 engine to build what is basically a TR2 set of levels interesting and it's recommended even though it may actually take a while before you hit the finishing trigger." - Jorge22 (21-Jan-2014)
"Great classic adventure. I'm not a big fan of TR2 for some reason but this levelset is great. I didn't like the long ladders, some enemies were very annoying, some jumps as well and if you try to play it in a hurry you can get quite frustrated. But if you take your time it's very enjoyable. Those are the only flaws, there are many positive elements like level three, level six and the last one. The structure in those is just perfect, I love it. There are huge rooms, which are textured and lightened very good with the original TGA. It's not perfect, but I've never paid much attention to the texturing - as long as it's not awful I'm okay, and here it's far from awful. Every level is unique in it's own way and I really liked the game because it had a lot more jumping to do and finding items than moving blocks. I didn't find all the secrets but they were put perfectly - not very hard but you still have to do some thinking to do in order to get them. I loved the Venice level, it was a great change from the snowy ones. The levels can seem a little confusing in the beginning but once you start finding the needed keys it's all good. By finishing this levelset I felt the need to start playing the debut by this builder since I stopped at level 4, but I'm not quite sure if I'll make it to the end. We'll see. This one took me 7 hours, recommended!" - misho98 (29-Dec-2013)
"Although this level set is only a third the size of the builder's maiden release, I didn't have as nearly as good a time with this one. For one thing, the levels in the middle portion are painfully dark, and I'm amazed that Dutchy was able to make his exploratory jaunts to map out the gameplay for the walkthrough. One of the earlier reviews points out level #3 as a highlight. To me, that was the most excruciating level of all because of the unrelenting darkness. Even with Dutchy leading me each step of the way I felt like a blind man groping about without a cane. And when I could actually see, I soon got this feeling of sameness that never quite wore off until near the end. Pull a switch, kill a yeti, climb a ladder, kill a goon, etc. Anyone reading this review might conclude that I hated the gaming experience, but it's actually a pretty fun raid when taken in small doses. I especially liked the change of scenery in the concluding Venice level. The whole thing took me a little more than 10 net gaming hours, so the fact that I stuck with it bears mute testimony to its addictive qualities. I would just ask that the builder give us more variety and more light in his next release." - Phil (04-Dec-2013)
"A good TRLE level that I appreciated a lot for his loyalty to TR2. There really is no story, not many enemies, the level is rather based on puzzles, and happens to be pretty maze." - SlyRaider (09-Nov-2013)
"I deplore the incredible number of ladder in these levels. And many are extremely long. Otherwise, I liked it, although the gameplay is too repetitive, jumps, timeruns, mounted ladders. The scenery is beautiful, huge caves and beautifully structured. Some timeruns are not easy but doable. Recommended." - Minox (08-Nov-2013)
"Among the official games, TR2 is my favorite; but I cannot say the same as to TR2 Gold. Therefore, in my opinion the author should have used TR2 itself, and not TR2's sequence, as basis for this game. From TR2, there remained only the enemies... and the monks. But, quite differently from TR2, Lara had to kill monks at least once, in this game - for she was being attacked, without the least reason, by them. So, a nice characteristic of the original game was lost. I also didn't like the excess of enemies and very long ladders; and in several instances, some camera hints would be lovely. As to the rest, it deserves all the praises it has been receiving, and I enjoyed particularly the job of looking for switches and items very well hidden (hugging myself when I found them), and the task of discovering the exit in places that apparently didn't have one. In resume, play it, please!" - Josey (08-Nov-2013)
"Excellent custom. All textures, sounds and moves from orignal TR. Very well and hard hidden secrets, luckily we don't need them all to play bonus level. But pity, that author didn't use objects and moves from tr4 or tr5, it could be more interesting." - Andzia9 (30-Oct-2013)
"This is the second epic-sized levelset of the builder, and, judging from the TSE levels I've played so far, manages to maintain the overall quality of his debut. The first and most important thing I have to say is that the builder did a brilliant job in recreating the TR 2 Gold game. Here and there one can see slight resemblances to the official game, but this game succeeds to be totally unique nonetheless and the gameplay never felt the same in any part. It's just as what you'd expect from a TR 2 - style game - lots of classic exploration and platforming can be found in here and most of the time I found this to be highly enjoyable, though at some point in the game, the feeling of monotony kicked in, and the lever-pushing was quite prominent in this game too. It would have been easy to turn the play into a death-tiring burden to finish this game (as it happens with a recent game I've not even finished yet), but I applaud the builder for preventing this feeling, I don't quite know why. Maybe because the best levels (for me that were numbers 3 and 6) were "placed" at strategic points, maybe also because there were clever touches in any of the eight levels. Still, at the end of the day, I felt like some parts could have been cut down a bit. Most of the levels lasted nearly an hour for me, only the last three levels were a bit shorter, and it might have been a better choice to concentrate the same amount gameplay in 4-5 levels. Especially the "escape" level could have been much more of a quick adrenalin rush than a relatively standard level among the others. I'd also like to say that the amount of enemies was a bit too high in some levels, where you meet some around nearly every corner (in average 30+ enemies/level), and not all of them are very nicely placed, they mostly come when you'll just expect them to come, which is never a real plus. But while the enemies and also the object design (which, despite being good and fitting throughout, lets the rooms bit barren at parts) didn't fully manage to grab me, the great quest for the 21 secrets more than made up for it. Some are really fantastically hidden, especially in the first levels you have to be the good observant to find them; all of them are fun to find. The visuals in this level are also very good, texturing is generally strong and gives the level a good look despite having some mistakes at parts. The lighting is quite dark at times but mostly very realistic and aptly placed. It manages to be better than the TR 2 lighting while still mostly only using the same resources. All levels are highly atmospheric, and are well equipped with matching sounds. Maybe the only thing I can fault here is that in the first levels, some natural cave areas look overly blocky, which downgrades the atmosphere a bit, but the architecture gets better as the game moves on. I'd like to award an extra point here because the builder has managed to recreate a certain element to the levels that is heavily reminiscent of TR 2, not only the gameplay or the atmosphere themseleves, but rather a certain style of approaching the various areas, kudos to that! Overall, this is a very well balanced and enjoyable 6:30 hour lasting game, which ends with a bonus level as a reward for finishing the game (not finding the secrets), and if you've always felt nostalgia for the old games and want to try out something that handles the "remake" element with care without being an actual remake at all, this might be a very good choice. Strongly recommended." - manarch2 (29-Oct-2013)
"Another great adventure from this author. As in TR2, Lara can't crawl, shimmy around corners, monkeyswing, use the binoculars... It seems that the reviews about the very long crawlspaces in the last adventure had some impact on this author, but it was not really necessary to remove all that movements from the engine. The gameplay is confusing in the first levels, but generally is good with no difficult tasks except a couple of very tight timed runs, one of them in the forest area and another one in the next level (melted...?). There are few puzzles in the game (some pushbles and another ones with switches) and usually most of the tasks are gymnastics and look for keys or pulling switchtes. In this sense I didn't like the long backtrackings I found sometimes. Even so the game was entertaining for me with all that old TR features (I'm a nostalgic; je je je). Architecture is quite good, with a lot of interconnected rooms and sometimes shortcuts here and there. The ammo and medipacks are very well balanced this time, and the enemies too with lots of action in all levels but usually the rooms are very empty of objects and furniture. I've missed some more musics in strategic areas and also some more cameras when doing certain actions, but usually the triggered things are not far when there's not a camera. There are some defects with the textures, specially in triangular surfaces, but the environment has always a good look. Thank you so much for this new work! Recommended!" - Jose (25-Oct-2013)
"Whilst not being the mega game his last offering was, this is still, at eight parts, a substantial level that will keep you occupied for a few days. Whatever your taste in raiding, I can pretty much guarantee there will be something here to entertain, encompassing as it does plenty of shooting, agility tests, puzzles etc. I certainly appreciated the balance of gameplay and the occasional longueurs are more than compensated for by the overall enjoyment quotient. The bonus level (which thankfully does not require the finding of all 21 secrets or I would not have had a look in) is set in Venice, which is always a pleasure and makes a nice contrast to the previous icy, base or molten gold filled areas. It's far from linear in construction, but feels logical and flows well so that getting stuck is not likely to happen other than fleetingly. In summary, it's a cracking good raid in some highly attractive surroundings. The difficulty level is mainly moderate, with one or two more challenging moments that might tax the inexperienced. Definitely recommended." - Jay (22-Oct-2013)
"The first three levels are fantastic, varied and enjoyable. The next four are a bit repetitive: many jumps, stairs and yetis xDD. Good atmosphere, textures and "feeling" Tomb Raider. In short, another great level. Recommended" - requiemsoul (18-Oct-2013)