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BtB2014 - Fire Path by A_De

Christian 8 7 8 7
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Drakan 8 9 9 8
eRIC 8 10 9 8
EssGee 8 8 8 9
Gerty 9 8 8 9
janachorider 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
JesseG 7 9 8 7
Jose 8 8 9 8
Josey 8 10 9 9
m.julien 8 9 9 8
manarch2 8 7 7 7
MichaelP 9 8 9 8
misho98 9 9 9 8
Mman 8 9 8 8
Mytly 8 8 8 8
OverRaider 8 8 8 8
Phil 9 8 9 8
Relic Hunter 8 7 8 8
Ryan 9 9 9 9
Treeble 9 10 10 10
release date: 02-Aug-2014
# of downloads: 131

average rating: 8.38
review count: 22
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file size: 88.60 MB
file type: TR4
class: Cambodia

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This may not give off the best first impression, what with missing ambient audio, a boxy outdoor world with invisible walls here and there, and flat lighting, but it does evolve into a nice little raid. There are a few of those buggy monkeys, I always hate killing the fellas but make sure you do so before continuing to use savegames. There are also some crocodiles, double-headed tigers and shiva statues to fight off, and once more we see that nonsensical "jump forward into a statue to break it" mechanic. As I've explained in a prior review it is not a good game design choice. Lara goes through a few gauntlets to collect serpent gems, and it is enjoyable overall between the pushblock puzzle and various traps to dodge. The one area that really struggles though is the moving spike wall gauntlet, there are some timed levers that I guess are supposed to stop it for a few seconds, but instead pulling the switch stops the wall permanently and pulling it only moves it forward for a few seconds. That means you have to stand there and keep pulling it until it passes by for you to progress. Combine that with the fact that it resets when you reload a save and that section just comes off as janky. Once she has completed these tasks, Lara will revive a nice guide and watch him complete the fire path, which may not be as exciting in terms of gameplay but is a nice immersive way to end the adventure. 46 minutes." - JesseG (06-Mar-2021)
"One of the few BtB2014 levels i missed and i'm glad i've played it now, for it's a well made level i enjoyed playing for the most part. The gameplay is diversified , and what i noticed the most is the clever use of some objects of the Wad , also it is a level that never becomes predictable. This builder has some good ideas. Well done. One of the better levels of that 2014 edition." - eRIC (16-Jul-2019)
"One of few BtB levels I can describe as "clean" - there's never too much, never too proud, never overwhelming, everything focal is in focus and every background is in the background. Also, it's one of few contest maps which didn't fail the challenge of proper materials, colors and lighting - it's all just cute. The triple challenge hub might be boring but just for 5 minutes, then it goes back to the plot for a neat twist and solution... I really need less than more and this level nails it. Straight into my favourites of the pack." - DJ Full (06-Jul-2019)
"Well what a great debut this is, although rather straight forwards it has nice puzzles and tasks to get through. Getting your hands on three gems in different areas was well thought off. The only part what is a bit buggy was to get that spiked wall out of the way, but I blame the editor for that. I liked it very much." - Gerty (02-Jul-2018)
"This level clicked with me well. Just the right level of gameplay: challenging yet doable. Nice tasks to perform, good enemies and nothing frustrating. Nice use of the guide at the end. Great level!" - Ryan (01-Feb-2016)
"I can't believe that this is a debut level. The gameplay is not very hard but neither too easy, it flows perfectly as you explore a camp and then go inside a temple. I had a little problem with the mirror room with spikes but once I understood how it works it was all good. My favorite moment was probably the battle with the Shivas and the final boss. The bit with Lara's friend helping her was clever and I loved the animation of the bridge. The only bit I found kinda boring was probably the water room. I loved the use of music and the atmosphere was very strong especially on the outside. The architecture was simple in some rooms while in others it was quite impressive. My favorite places are the opening room and the one one with the camp (well, the whole complex of rooms actually - camp area, tower area etc). Textures and lighting were great, kinda bland at times, but overall the game has nice and enjoyable visuals. I really had fun with this one-hour-long adventure, strongly recommended!" - misho98 (27-Dec-2015)
"Really it's a very good debut. The gameplay is very entertaining with no difficult tasks and innovative puzzles which will make you think sometimes. Enemies are well balanced and secrets not very difficult. There are some timed situations but not too tight, and the guide near the end was a nice touch to see that this athor is a very good promise for all the TR fans. There are many dark rooms, but at least I found enough flares. Not very well textured, but cameras and musics are very well implemented. Definitively a pleasure to know that new builders make things so good. Recommended." - Jose (01-Feb-2015)
"Another nice looking ruins/jungle environment in the first half, with plenty of objects, the second part is a temple with multiple challenges to do. There's a really cool use of the Guide at the end too. It's good visually and the atmosphere is executed well, although it doesn't fully distinguish itself in that regard. This is another relatively straightforward level, with mostly light tasks and not too demanding difficulty. It does toughen up a little later on though, and there's some creative mirror rooms in particular. A good level, but lacks a little extra for it to become a favourite for me." - Mman (04-Oct-2014)
"A quite compact level but where everything is done rather nicely. Gameplay is fairly straight forward and the tasks are quite well thought out. Lighting and texturing is good, as are the audio cues. My favourite part is the guide sequence. Generally a solid and most enjoyable level that perhaps only lacks a bit of WOW factor." - EssGee (15-Sep-2014)
"Sometimes a level just clicks with me and this was definitely the case here. There is such a great variety of nice little ideas which create a fast paced, never too difficult, yet highly entertaining progression through this 55 minute adventure and you really feel like being part of something, getting closer and closer to your objective. The three areas for acquiring each of the gems are well designed and it then all culminates in a wonderful ending sequence. Very original and a little off the beaten track, I can only say I enjoyed this level greatly! Don't miss it!" - MichaelP (13-Sep-2014)
"Fire path. This level is aptly named, most of puzzles are based on the fire element. Outside area at the beginning was rather fun and a little underused. The builder made an effective effort in the second half of this level. I really liked the inside area with the three challenge rooms. As mentioned in the bug/comments thread we have some troubles with the savegames in the spike wall room. It's not difficult to achieve it in one time. The guide's resurrection was well thought after placed the green orb. Recommended 8/9/9/8" - m.julien (05-Sep-2014)
"the first level that i played from the btb2014 and is good however,i couldn't finish it because a bug in the guide room but since it was near the end, i think i have played enough." - janachorider (03-Sep-2014)
"Ok, I have a new favorite. I have to admit I felt it started out rather slow, and I feel as though as the initial outdoor areas were a bit of an afterthought. Inside the temple, however, it's where this truly shines. Each and every room oozes a dense atmosphere, and throughout a few trials you're given gemstones to eventually retrieve the coveted sphere of life. You also get to use it, and I definitely did not expect what came next. Great fun and enjoyable straightfoward gameplay. 45 minutes, 1 secret. 08/14" - Treeble (01-Sep-2014)
"The first time I played this one, I didn't think that Lara should step in the obviously spiked tile that held the skeleton and the Jungle Sword (crowbar). Without a single hint about how to proceed, I cheated to obtain all ammo, broke the crates, opened the underwater door, and exposed the bell. I saw the little balcony with the Flares, and even used the grassy slopes near it to put Lara very near the bell and the end of the world (a very difficult thing, believe me). I never saw the invisible ledges and I didn't pick up a torch, but I had opened the main entrance, of course, and so I proceeded until I arrived at one of the Serpent Gems' sites and discovered that I really needed that crowbar. Well... I had to try again; and in the second time, I tried to pick up the crowbar... and was amazed when I got it! But even then, I only noticed the invisible ledges when Lara was looking at the jumpswitch, just below one of them. I am saying all this only to illustrate how a perfectly lovely game can be spoiled by a little joke from the part of the author. And this was not the only joke, oh, no, you'll see. But let's be serious. This is a very fine, creative and varied game, full of good surprises. It is not difficult, if you are of the daring kind that braves possible spike or fire damages. In fact, I enjoyed so much this game that I will forgive the crowbar's joke, the occasional darkness, and some puzzle rooms where the desired action was a little obscure (the jumpswitches/torch/pedestal one,for example). All in all, you must play it, if only to see one of the best ending sequences I have met up to now." - Josey (31-Aug-2014)
"The two BtB levels I've thus far completed appear destined for the lower tier based on reviews to date, but I've found both of them to be quite well done while providing some sophisticated entertainment. I was particularly impressed with the concluding sequence of Fire Path, where a guidess is brought to life and promptly sets about the business of doing what's needed to allow Lara to finish the level. And just before that I had to deal with a pair of oversized hogs, making me glad that I saved my MP5 ammo for the occasion. There are lots of neat touches in these BtB levels - underwater chains that are pulled like levers, spears used as swingpoles, swivel-headed shivas and a longbow instead of the more familiar crossbow. There's some annoying back and forth in Fire Path that you have to endure in the middle stages of the level, and the lighting is considerably darker throughout than what I like, but the gameplay reflects the touch of a seasoned builder. I'm using my home and office computers (both using XP) to play these BtB levels, and so far I've experienced none of the crashing issues mentioned in a forum topic thread. Highly recommended." - Phil (26-Aug-2014)
"There's just a not quite convincing outdoor area in the beginning. But after a disapointing start the game grows better in all categories ending with a nice sequence with a guide after Lara has placed three games she has found in the temple area. Up to there there's fluent and fast gameplay, most of the Tasks are a bit too easy. This is not an outstanding game but a very pleasant one." - Christian (25-Aug-2014)
"You start in rather unimpressive outside area where end of the world is too much visible but as soon as you enter the temple the atmosphere is quite good. You will be not too long in outside as there are few tasks to accomplish before entering the temple which were for me quite enjoyable and the tasks and puzzles inside the temple were even more enjoyable also audiovisually inside areas are more interesting. When you arrive in a hub area of a temple there are three serpent gems required to get in three different areas which every single has its moments, puzzles, tasks which were really creative and entertaining, but the part with moving spike wall could have been thought out better so that there would be no forcing save and reload due to reset the position of the spike wall, it`s the matter of designing a puzzle and also again didn`t like the way of reviving statues. Despite these issues this level has many puzzles and tasks which you will like. Objects are very well placed and making a part of solving the tasks or puzzles and also I liked enemy placements but I think secrets could have been better hidden but still they are not that easy as you can miss those if you don`t explore a little bit deeper. I also must mention that I didn`t really like the choice of background sound in outside areas but I liked the choice inside the temple and also soundtracks are well fitting too. Hm and I don`t know what to think about guide-man as for him it is not a problem to pass through deadly fire crawlspace but well he will be revived from a "skeleton status" so he is rather undead :D Nice level where I had quite a good enjoyment. 8/8/8/8" - OverRaider (21-Aug-2014)
"Fast paced and fun, this does live up to its name as there is indeed quite a lot of flame activity going on. There's quite a bit of swimming too just as a nice contrast. The gameplay really is interesting and finding three serpent gems involved a variety of enjoyable tasks. Enemies are not over used, but crop up at appropriate times and the whole thing just flows along beautifully." - Jay (20-Aug-2014)
"I didn't have the best feeling about this level when I slid down into the outside opening area, but that feeling quickly subsided once I started playing. The environments improve significantly right away and they are accompanied by brisk gameplay that smoothly guides the player from one area to the next. The first act of the level is based more on exploration to find switches and other necessary items to progress, and there was a neat moment with some floating platforms that get summoned by lighting torches. The second part of the level, once in the temple is definitely a lot more enjoyable, and the action shifts to discovering three serpent gems in three different sections. Two of the sections dealt with mirror rooms, one being enjoyable due to it also being a race against a moving spiked wall, and concluding with a dual-Shiva battle. The way back from it was unfortunately buggy due to the resetting nature of the spike wall, but it is possible to get past it without having to resort to earlier saves. The other mirror room has a neat little puzzle to open a door, yet it doesn't particularly stand out as special. The other section contained a water room with spike traps, and it had good entertainment in acquiring the gem. I also particularly liked how the guide comes to life at the end of the level and helps Lara find the way out. (S)he even is willing to crawl across burning coals to assist her! Now that takes serious toughness to pull off. I mentioned the buggy spike wall earlier, but also the way of bringing the Shivas to life felt clunky, and one secret was in plain sight and might as well just have been a regular pickup that is part of the level. Still though this is a neat level and I almost got an hour of entertainment out of it. Not a bad entry at all." - Relic Hunter (18-Aug-2014)
"I loved this level, it is very classic with a relatively easy end, just follow the guide to finish this level. found 1 secret." - Drakan (15-Aug-2014)
"My first impressions of this level weren't that great, as the outside area looked pretty flat and not all too realistic and the end of the map is clearly visible, but shortly afterwards the game moves to mainly indoor areas, which are definately better handled. There's a fairly nice variety of short, yet imaginative puzzles which put your thinking cap on and the gameplay is extremely fast paced, though there are areas to calm down a bit. The mirror room is certainly something different, though it's a bit buggy as noted by the builder, even the switches don't always work as they should and one door opened only after a reload; jumping into statues to make them alive is still not a very great idea if you ask me. On the plus side, the "transformation" of the skeleton is really a great idea. Lookwise, the visuals are rather solid, yet not really impressive and mostly the architecture feels a bit functional. The lighting feels a bit too uniform at times, although as said before it's much better in the interior areas than outside. Sometimes I missed some cameras to explain the function of a lever, but the sound choices are actually pretty fine. Overall a fun little level that took me 30 minutes to finish with both secrets found, of which one practically can't be missed." - manarch2 (11-Aug-2014)
"This is a simple but sweet level. Gameplay is mostly very straightforward, and quite enjoyable. The 'fire' aspect of the title can be seen in several fire-based elements, such as shooting a barrel to make it explode and light a fire, or a fire-breathing statue that 'forges' a key. The three challenge rooms where the serpent gems are found are nice - the mirror room with the spike wall would have been my favourite, if the spike wall hadn't kept resetting itself every time you load a savegame (note to players: try to do this sequence in one go, as there's not much point in saving and reloading). I really like the guide that 'comes to life'. She helps Lara quite a bit too, including crawling over a burning floor - now that's one dedicated guide!
The opening area looks rather bland, and is underused; also, the end of the world is all too visible (the latter is a problem in a later room as well). The lighting in the outdoor areas is rather flat, though the profusion of greenery and sound texturing creates a pleasant overall look. The indoor rooms are all very simple architecturally, but there are a few pretty rooms, such as the hub room and the final room. Though the setting is mostly realistic, there are some oddly unrealistic elements, such as transparent floating blocks near the beginning. There are just enough enemies to keep Lara on her toes. However, most of them can be killed from safe spots, so there's not much challenge.
Overall: While not particularly exciting or memorable, this is an enjoyable level nonetheless, and a good entry in this BtB. Recommended." - Mytly (11-Aug-2014)