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One Room Challenge - Secrets of Babylon by AgentXP

alan 8 8 8 8
Christian 9 8 7 8
Dick 8 9 9 10
DJ Full 7 6 8 10
eRIC 5 7 7 8
Feats 9 10 10 10
Jay 8 8 8 9
John 7 8 8 9
Jose 8 8 8 9
Josey 9 10 8 9
Larabiker301 8 9 9 9
manarch2 6 6 7 7
MichaelP 7 8 8 9
Mman 8 9 9 10
Mytly 8 8 7 10
Orbit Dream 8 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 10
Rambo 7 6 7 8
Ryan 8 8 8 9
Thiago 8 8 9 10
vandit 7 8 8 10
release date: 26-Jul-2015
# of downloads: 216

average rating: 8.25
review count: 21
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file size: 153.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Persia

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Well if you enjoy platforming, climbing, jumping around on ledges and columns with the use of some new Jumping/ flipping moves your in luck here because a large bulk of this level involves just that! It’s a lovely looking level with great textures, objects and visuals just as I’ve now come to expect with agent xp’s work and I just love the cream and blue colours here. Gameplay also consists of avoiding a lot of spikes both in and out of water, fire traps, a torch task, puzzles involving raising platforms and pushable objects and also some exploring underwater for objects and switches. A large portion of the tasks and quests here are fun but the downfalls and annoyances lie in the lack of some camera clues or any kind of clue actually to what a switch has opened what or where the devil your supposed to put the pushable object, also I found if you do certain tasks in the wrong order you’ll find yourself very confused and also have to backtrack or reverse your actions/ steps with can be quite irritating. Enemies consist of harpy’s, skeletons, a head Helmet boss from TRC and a bull you have to navigate to a switch so lots of variety here and I do Like it when it changes to a night time setting later on near the end of the level. Overall I feel if you can forgive some of the confusing gameplay or play with a walkthrough close by then you will not be disappointed because the gorgeous setting and variety of activities are most enjoyable indeed." - John (10-May-2023)
"I played this straight after Return To Nevada: (the scores are similar but the playing experience was quite different). Compared to Nevada this really did feel confined and restricted, but the gameplay flowed easily this time, maybe it felt like less of a challenge because of that. I did get confused about the shootable swing-ball because it didn't seem to serve a purpose - I could access the rope without shooting anything. The Persian wad & texture-set is one of the best, imo, and AgentXP used it well." - Dick (26-Mar-2023)
"After playing and enjoying Bolivia by AgentXP, I thought I'd give some of her other One Room Challenge levels a go. For the most part I really enjoyed this level, it was beautiful to the eyes and ears, I especially liked the music when switching to night. The gameplay flowed pretty nicely until right near the end where I missed one thing and essentially softlocked myself! At least I think I did, I was a little inebriated while playing this haha! Luckily I had multiple saves to go back to. But all in all this was a very good level and would highly recommend!" - Feats (01-Sep-2022)
"Very beautiful Babylon level with interesting tasks. I even liked the idea of the pushable puzzle, but for a while I didn't know how to get the trapdoor to the water room open again. More camera hints would have been welcome. The flickering of the raising blocks and the repeated climbing of the columns in the room with the rope dampened the mood. The revolver and the laser light seemed useless to me, because you can shoot the swinging gem relatively easily with the pistols. Due to the fact that only one room could be used, I found it a pity that you could see into the void beyond the room border. Unfortunately there were no secrets. BUT all this is totally compensated by the wonderful Babylon atmosphere as well as the matching objects, I was very well entertained for 1 hour." - vandit (06-Aug-2022)
"Probably this is the longest ORC I've played, although it's not that difficult. I think more cameras would have helped with the many levers that we find here. There are many ways in which you can do certain actions, so it's not very straightforward. There are even some water passages and an underwater boss that can only be killed by using an artifact. Lots of traps to avoid, mostly spikes, so save frequently. There is a puzzle with a movable statue, the torch, levers and a bull that we have to lure to a giant button. The place changes to a night sky later in the game and that's a nice touch, as well as the new moves. Recommended." - alan (11-Oct-2018)
"Beautiful textures , pleasant lighting , very nice plant objects will be the positive things that will stick in mind with this level. For the rest , it is a bit of a mixed bag. Maybe this is caused by the limitations of the One room challenge which may explain that the limits of the playground area are seen a couple of time , this somehow ruined a bit the feeling of a real place. In the visual category too , in the room with the 3 raising blocks , i understand why the squares on which they are placed are not textured with transparency given the gameplay at end , this shows that from a builder perspective it is not so obvious to think both visual and gameplay or the design at the same time. Enemies (harpies , skeletons and a bull) are well chosen , the big underwater Head a very poor enemy though except for making noise once Lara is back on solid ground and it does not seem very Babylonian , but that 's a minor point. Some things are a bit more questionable : the unmarked death tiles in the courtyard with the torch as the spikes were quite sufficient, also the use of a flame emitter instead of a flame emitter2 for the burner to get the revolver, which by the way is rather useless as well as the lasersight as one can shoot the blue ball with the pistols. What i liked the less is the courtyard with the blue ball , there is redoing there with going from block to block even if the player raids this area in the more optimized way. On the whole this is a nice level , but with a gameplay not varied enough (spikes , switches , crevices) to be more enjoyable." - eRIC (16-Apr-2017)
"A nice Babylon level. I wish it was a full level and not "one room challenge". Gameplay is good but I got lost sometimes, I felt it was something like "all together and mixed". Atmosphere and sounds are okay. And finally, the beautiful textures and lighting give a wonder apart. Good level and congratulations to author." - Thiago (14-Apr-2017)
"This is another nice level in the One Room Challenge that manages to pack quite a substantial amount of gameplay in. I loved the overall look of it and the textures used are beautiful, along with the use of light and dark hues. In terms of gameplay, you get to climb around on pillars, avoid spike traps, complete a small object puzzle, use a torch and play matador to a bull. Very enjoyable stuff." - Ryan (25-Feb-2017)
"Only one room? Difficult to believe with all that water rooms. Very entertaining level not difficult to play with variety of tasks and almost 1 hour of net game. Many traps to avoid, some enmies to shoot, good texturization and lighting, I didn't find secrets. perhaps I missed some more cameras when doing certaing actions but usually the gameplay is fluid and not tedious. Recommended." - Jose (03-Nov-2015)
"It's nice the see the Babylon theme again given how little it's used. For a one room challenge this is about as far as the idea can be taken visually, with multiple great looking rooms (if confined as a result of the contest limits). There's also a nice twist at the end that changes the appearance a lot too. Most one room levels take 20-30 minutes maximum, but this could almost pass for a short-medium length level at 45+minutes for most players. There's almost too much content as there's a lot of random underwater switches with no camera hints (probably as a result of the limits), and the one underwater switch that actually has to be used multiple times has a camera hint that doesn't communicate that too well. A rope is also oddly placed so if you jump into it using surrounding geometry it's easy to end up in a wall. Despite it's complexity it's not too bad once you realise the challenges in individual rooms are relatively separated (even if they add together into a bigger puzzle). There's a good chance this will be my favourite in this contest, and it's the largest one-room level I've played, but I guess I'll see." - Mman (16-Oct-2015)
"This game shows that really a lot of tasks fit into one room. A lot of climbing, shimmying, jumping from column to column using the"new moves", swimming-tasks through spike traps, a lot of lever puzzles not all necessarily to be performed in a given order are the background for verified gameplay, spiced up by some harpies and skeletons. Highlight certainly is a room with a machine head chasing Lara while she has to perform several actions. Finally a bull is needed to crash a button in order to deactivate some spikes protecting the final artefact. Graphics seem sometimes a bit unfinished, the monotone sound and the environment don't create a real convincing atmosphere. All in all a lot of nice challenges in a confined area. (9 - 8 - 7 - 8)" - Christian (21-Sep-2015)
"The visuals are the best part of this level. The Babylonian textures are gorgeous and colourful, and the lighting - both the golden lighting in the daytime part and the deep blue lighting at night - is lovely. The only criticism I have of the looks is that the nighttime horizon is rather ugly. The atmosphere leaves a bit to be desired, as there are several gaps in the walls that open onto nothingness, breaking the illusion of realism.
The gameplay is complex and really rather ingenious, given the space constraints, but the complete lack of camera clues makes everything confusing. Yeah, I get that there are limits to how many 'effects' (which includes cameras) that you can place in one room, but I think that it's part of this kind of Challenge to build a level that functions like a normal level (camera clues included). Still - despite the confusion, the puzzle where you have to get a pushable up on raising blocks so that it gets hit by a hammer is pretty good. The use of the bull in such a small space is quite remarkable too. I also liked the use of the gladiator-head enemy underwater, though I do wonder how it fits the Babylonian theme. I found a revolver and lasersight, but didn't use either; I assume they were meant for shooting a ball, which I shot quite easily with the pistols.
I am not really sure how this level fits into the rules of the One Room Challenge, since there are at least two rooms here, the upper dry room and the lower water room, the latter of which has a large amount of gameplay. And that's not counting the flipmap room!
Overall: A nice level that packs quite a lot into a small space, and provides a lot of eye candy as well. Recommended." - Mytly (09-Sep-2015)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: A bit buggy but I liked the gameplay course which is quite nicely laid out. The elaborate statue puzzle is quite good too and the few traps and jumps are good. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: The enemies are okay, fit to the scenery but I found them to be a bit boringly placed, as well as the objects. No secrets. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The level starts with an untextured wall, there are a few more at the end of the game, but the rest is quite nice. A bit unnatural but still atmospheric, sounds and cameras are solid. Lighting & Textures: The lighting is okay but not very good. The textures are used nicely with a few mistakes. Total: 7/10, fun and nice to look at, but not outstanding." - Rambo (24-Aug-2015)
"This ORC level seems a bit under-rated to me. To my tastes it's almost perfect in terms of lighting and visual amenities. I never once even thought about lighting a flare. It's a good thing the player has no trouble seeing what's around him, as there are some harrowing traps to overcome. One of the things that gave me the most trouble was that spiked passage where you have to pass one set of spikes, stop and hope you're completely within the cramped safety zone, then proceed past the next set. The pushpiece puzzle, which was obscure enough as it was, could have been made more manageable if the builder had used a smaller piece. The revolver and lasersight, provided for the limited purpose of shooting a swinging blue ball, came in handy when a skeleton was awakened. I had a surprisingly easy time in the room with that green-eyed bobbing head, as this particularly enemy usually fries me before I have a chance to get my bearings. Maybe the fact that it was underwater slowed down its reflexes a bit. And I have to take issue with Ian on one point. Even with the walkthrough close at hand it took me 72 minutes to play the level. I experienced none of the bugs mentioned in the earlier reviews, perhaps because I was using the walkthrough. This is a solid effort, my favorite thus far in the ORC competition." - Phil (14-Aug-2015)
"A nice little idea to offer an outfit choice at the beginning and then you dive into a compact and colorful adventure of about 40 minutes that I quite enjoyed. Maybe a bit too much back and forth and repetition of some of the paths that you follow here, but it is all short and brief, so not much of an issue. Maybe a few too many spike tiles and underwater levers, but in the end all quite bearable. Good use of not so commonly used elements, such as the head and the bull and the new moves are easy to apply and put to good use. So, all in all, quite a well rounded experience that was a relaxing and fun to play." - MichaelP (13-Aug-2015)
"This level was quite the adventure. From the start you're greeted with the task of locating the many switches that are located throughout the level. From here the player is tasked with finding crevices and switches upon switches that activate a door that leads to another...switch. As tedious as it sounds, the game play does spice up a little bit with each area offering traps and the usual to impede Lara's path which is pretty enjoyable for the most part. Most of the level will be finding ways to snatch two pretty important puzzle pieces but I won't spoil anything else. Enemies aren't a nuisance and are efficiently placed. The harpies did, however; get stuck in corners and in the ceiling up above the hub room. Of course, that didn't effect the game play as much as the many paths that player can choose. The problem (only a little problem) is that there's multiple paths the player can take to complete the level. I didn't need a certain weapon to complete the game that I'm sure the author intended us to use. I skipped a switch entirely and only came back to see what it did and found out that I didn't really need it. Again, it's little. Atmosphere is very nice with the surreal and ancient ambiance background music. The lack of camera hints really did make this level harder than it needed to be. I was more confused looking around for something a switch did then actually looking for the switches themselves. Lighting and texturing was okay. I don't know if being able to see the end of the world was intentionally but I'll treat it like it's not. Overall, this is a very enjoyable level that seemed to be littered with a few issues and even in saying that, is still to fun to pass up. I recommend." - Larabiker301 (06-Aug-2015)
"I like Babylon levels, we don't have many of these and why? The architectonic structure of this one makes sense, all is painted very well and covered with a solid dose of smooth transitions which make the place look properly buried in time. Various sets were used to prepare a texture blend for this game, but they were mixed seamlessly. Lighting would be hard to get better as well. Unfortunately the level only uses default enemies which don't fit total innovation in the graphics aforementioned. Also the background loop can get tiring in time. Gameplay suffers a bit from some "one room drawbacks" existing here just like in rufierto's level - for instance I never had to use the revolver but could just shoot the ball with shotgun/pistols, I could visit the whole (in theory inaccessible) roof, I wasn't sure if I solve the pillar room in the intended order and I found the bullswitch already pressed when I got to it in the night phase. Also, interaction has its "hotspots" and "coldspots" - for instance there is nothing in the outside pool but a lever to press several times in another one, and when you realize despite of much unutilized space this game which is about secrets doesn't include any secrets, the next obligatory question is why. I understand the object limit but just throw out few pieces of grass and you can have some Sumerian artifacts instead. The prefinal complaint will be about the pushable: if it stands on a tile, just never place identical ones around the level (I wasted a lot of time here), and the ultimate advice will be about instantly triggered enemies: wait with these until they are needed and stop them if not seen, otherwise their noises tend to disturb all the time (same for spikes). SUMMARY: A lot happens in small space, a double edged sword as usual - but the level looks so organic it's hard not to like it and the ending is rewarding. Recommended." - DJ Full (06-Aug-2015)
"This otherwise excellent level is bedevilled with tiny problems;none of which detract very much from the players overall enjoyment,but (when combined) do present a problem when it comes to an overall assessment.For a start,various levers can be activated without having to perform the tasks that the builder intended.A few of the consequences of certain actions were not especially clear;and the final enemy (the Bull),whose activation was vital for the levels completion,failed to materialise properly for me until I'd replayed the final section of the level several times. If all these minor gripes had been ironed out,this would probably have been my favourite of the competition.It looks suitably grand.It's been very well constructed.There are plenty of devious puzzles and traps.Enemies (an element which the other four entries have not used particularly well) are incorporated creatively.The scale is large enough to completely immerse,yet compact enough (and with plenty of useful linking passageways) that the issue of backtracking never becomes a hindrance to enjoyment.There is even a delightful and creative flip-effect near the end. It took me 75 net minutes to complete;but I suspect that,with the aid of the Walkthrough (necessary for avoiding the buggy elements),it would be about forty-five enjoyable minutes shorter." - Orbit Dream (04-Aug-2015)
"Secrets of Babylon 8/8/8/9 This is another really fine entry in the One Room Challenge and, again, it's amazing what the builder has managed to achieve within the somewhat limiting remit. It's packed full of interesting gameplay and even includes an underwater laser head enemy, which is definitely different. Good agility tests, puzzles and lovely environment make this a pleasure to play." - Jay (04-Aug-2015)
"Even when being set in two rooms (one water) only, the builder has a grasp on still putting in some rather clever ways of progression and a not too linear and easy flow. The pushable statue puzzle is quite complicated indeed and the scenery change with the "night guardian" is really well implemented. In fact this level could have been quite a good one but I think there are too many annoyances in it. Firstly, there are way too many and rather obvious shortcuts in this game that make it very hard to follow the builder's intended route - the rope appears by using the underwater levers in the machine head room (making the whole revolver/lasersight task unnecessary), the rope can be reached from the ground, the jumpswitch opening the gates in the same room can be reached with a run-jump from one of the pillars, you only have to raise one block to get the statue up... and some more. At least there are no game stopping bugs and you can continue playing even if you do everything in the "wrong" order. Still this is rather enjoyable, even with not too challenging or remarkable tasks, and the few jump sequences with new moves are pleasant. The enemies are harpies, skeletons and the machine head which pose a little diversion and the (admittedly few) custom objects are only a little decorationg, there could've been a little more diversity for a rather seldom used theme. The setting is solidly designed, but the things that stick out most are the room connections and the flyby changing to night and not so much the general atmosphere which feels a bit bland. Textures are often creatively used but the application is not that well done everywhere and there might've been a way to hide the end of the world a bit better than here. Overall certainly a more fluent effort by the builder and quite good considering the constraints but there are other levels in the contest that show that even more can be done with that. 20 minutes, no secrets." - manarch2 (02-Aug-2015)
"A well imagined level, full of interesting actions and places, not too easy or too difficult. In reality, I found only two faults in the game: unnecessary difficulties for grabbing wall cracks, and the absence of camera hints to show what some levers had accomplished - a confusing thing that becomes more confusing still when we have a lot of levers to use, and this is the case in this game. But when we understand the function of a particular lever, the sequence of actions is very interesting and gratifying, the whole representing a nice work that I certainly recommend emphatically." - Josey (02-Aug-2015)