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BtB2015 - The Greek Files by Jesus C.Croft

Adrian 6 7 9 7
Amethyste 9 8 9 9
DJ Full 8 9 10 10
Drakan 9 10 9 9
eRIC 8 9 10 10
EssGee 8 10 8 10
janachorider 7 8 9 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jose 7 7 9 9
Josey 8 9 9 10
Magnus 5 5 6 6
manarch2 6 7 10 8
MichaelP 7 8 10 9
Mman 8 8 9 8
Mytly 8 7 10 10
Pablo Fuentes 9 10 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Relic Hunter 7 8 10 9
requiemsoul 7 8 9 9
Ryan 7 8 10 9
TimJ 7 7 9 8
Tolle87 8 9 9 10
Treeble 10 10 10 10
release date: 11-Oct-2015
# of downloads: 189

average rating: 8.52
review count: 23
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file size: 153.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Another very huge level from this contest. We all have to recognize the very big effort from this good builder. There are several large areas to visit, and in the outside city and buried temple areas you can suffer certain backtracking. Usually you'll find a good architecture and texturization; the atmosphere is great too, but there are some things I should change: the enemies are not well balanced, very few in the first parts of the level and excessive in the last areas; the shotgun is difficult to miss, but if a player advances to the first lava area without it, he/she will be forced to finish the level only with the pistols (it's ridiculous shoot all that big enemies only with her pistols) so the author should place some more extra guns here and there; in the room with the Poseidon statue, the jump around the pillar to the ledge to get the water skin was very hard for me; the receptacle to place the ingots never worked in my game, Lara approaches to the object, take several steps but she was never able to place them. Anyway the level is worth to play, with variety of tasks and several entertaining puzzles. Recommended." - Jose (18-Oct-2017)
"Now, back to basics allow the builders to build lengthy levels for the better or the worst, and in the case of this level , it was mostly for the best. It is divided in 3 parts, of which the 2 first are short and a bit uneventful. The first one , a desolate monastery area which could have been textured with more variety , with fluent and easy gameplay , globally i can't explain why i liked it here despite there was not a lot of things done. The second part is a typical Greek village, i think there was too much look alike places and too many people in the streets with not a lot to do. This part could have been shorter , but the level though begins to look nicer and nicer as you progress such the place where Pierre is met for the first time. Anyway these overground parts were only the warmup for this adventure for storyline sake. The fun really begins once the mythological underground world is reached. First a room with many fire burners that surprisingly looks more difficult than it really is, and then a very atmospherically world with impressive design and scope , this part was a delight to explore and raid , discovering area after area or room textured diffently from the previous ones , always convincing with rich use of the objects. The gameplay manages to always be interesting although not very difficult. I really had a great time raiding here , exploring all the areas dedicated to the mythological figures or history of the past. This was a very immersive playing experience and that's what i looked for in a level. Great job overall." - eRIC (30-Apr-2017)
"The Greek Files is a long and challenging level. Sometimes I think we become victims of our own creation by creating such diverse BtB wads when we get a 3 hr plus (4:30 in my case) level like this one that admirably uses nearly every component of the wad and texture set but becomes excessively long. Seems my computer had enough grunt to handle this level better than others experienced. The only lag I had was when I had a temporary 'hang' whilst making a couple of saves. This could easily have been two levels - Modern City and Ancient World, but with BtB we only allow one level albeit with internal jumps which are used here. The gameplay includes a mix of classic TR puzzles. Clues are provided for lever puzzles making them fair, a well-designed multi-level push puzzle and some creative platforming. Issues that are mentioned in the readme may have been better addressed. Collision with Lion statues for the burner platforms make negotiating this section clunky. Tricky to know whether it would have been better to sacrifice the lion architecture in favour of smoother gameplay. A failure at the Scales should be killed outright so as to remove a potential dead-end. Yes the flare bug kicks in with the large amount of emitters used, however the level is so well lit I don't think I used a flare in game. In a game that features some heavy enemy battles I think it should have been made essential to get the shotgun and Zeus stick. I got the Zeus stick but missed the Shotgun, leaving me with a truckload of unusable Shotgun ammo during the final conflicts. The player should feel that the builder is looking after them in this department, not punishing them for a careless oversight. Personally I never felt overwhelmed by the amount of objects used - quite the opposite - I thought it was a brilliant use of the object pack. I always wanted to see what beauty the next area would hold. The only issue I had was that Invisible columns were largely not used on architecture arches so you could run through their columns. The atmosphere throughout the level is outstanding and I liked the choice of music and enemy placement. There were plenty of camera clues used but the cam triggers should have been setup with rollball triggers so that they showed for 5-7 seconds and then automatically returned control to Lara, rather than having to use Esc key or jumping Lara clear of the trigger. There may have been some technical reasons for some of the reverse cameras, but there felt like there was too much of them. Lighting and textures for me was perfect. All the city and temples are beautifully constructed, but special mention must be given to the all geometry-created 'Demon' that is found in the Final battle area - a definite 'Wow' moment for me. I also really liked how the colourful corals were creatively and unexpectedly used in the Realm of Zeus. All in all a great level, that has a few shortcomings in the gameplay and camera departments." - EssGee (04-Jan-2017)
"Probably the hardest level for reviewing in BtB15.First thing I have to say is that the marks I have given are bigger than I usually would for this quality, out of respect for huge effort and time the builder spent in order to create all those detailed areas. Gameplay&Puzzles: Although I pretty much enjoyed exploring all those lovely areas, somehow I feel this is one of those levels where all other great categories are covering all gameplay flaws.The builder asked the players not to cheat, but I think that in certain ways he himself cheated with some "dirty" building tricks.First thing that got my attention is the scroll that you get at the beginning.When your level contains game-stoppers, you can't just mention it in a scroll and think it solves the problem.Either find some solution for that or just drop some ideas to make level work properly.It's better to impale Lara on spikes than to leave her alive inside the game-stopper.Next "trick" is that the level contains many "fake" puzzles to fill the gameplay.There are many places where you just have to pull 3 or 4 levers that are literally next to each other in order to do something, some mindless pushing sequences, there is a "labyrinth" which has only one huge corridor that drags on and on, there are too many teleports that builder used to bypass some additional building...On the bright side, there are some good puzzles, especially the one with raising blocks and flames.Unlike many other reviewers, I didn't find it tedious and I enjoyed every part of it.Simply, there is no way for the builder to shorten puzzles like this one.There are also two good scaling puzzles, although a clue for one of them could be a little misleading if you look at it in a certain way.Overall, it all comes to what I said at the beginning.These "pure" gameplay aspects are nothing special, but still decent enough to get carried by other categories.Which brings us to.... Enemies, Objects & Secrets: This level uses full potential of the wad.Although it might look messy and a little random at the times with inventory overload, it was satisfying to collect all those items and secrets.Enemies usually attack in (very big) groups, especially near the end where you have several tight fights with demonic creatures.That's not a big problem because you are provided with too much medipacks and ammo.If you use a shotgun all the time, even for breaking the vases, you'll still end up with some 50 shells.It's still better approach than putting players in tough fights using just pistols, so I guess it's ok. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: This is where this level shines!Great storyline, supported by some in-level touches, well chosen audio tracks, camera hints, 2d effects, some lovely flybys....The only thing I didn't like here is the usage of some epic boss tunes for regular fights against couple of lions or gorillas. Lighting & Textures: ....and the overall geometry and design, because I think it should be added to this category.Simply, this level looks wonderful.One more category where the builder uses full wad potential to create beautiful villages and temples, but also some hell-ish areas near the end.For me, the most impressive part is the geometry.Every area consists of one main zone surrounded by temples which you can enter or even climb on.Whole level consists of many hub-like areas and every one is special in it's own way.True, there are some lagging problems because of too many objects, but I can't force myself to take points for that when I look how wonderful the result is. Bottomline, if you want to enjoy this level, just don't overthink it.Enjoy it's good visual sides, don't expect as much of a gameplay as the first impression suggests and you will spend quality 100-120 minutes.Recommended." - Tolle87 (02-May-2016)
"There's an odd conflict in the design of this level; a lot of the settings look great on the surface, with creative geometry and nice lighting but it don't quite come together. There are major performance issues throughout as objects are spammed everywhere, when a more conservative approach might have brought out the geometry strengths (and there are plenty) on top of not tanking the frame-rate. Stuff like music cues also get used in strange ways (like a single track playing three times in a row for sequential combat encounters). Also even in the "real- world" segments at the start the design feels completely abstract and strange, so there's no grounding for when you enter the areas intended to be surreal later. It ends up feeling too heavy on excess.
This also extends to the gameplay; outside of one slightly filler- ish block puzzle there's nothing too flow killing, but something feels off about it all; at times you do puzzles or complex navigation for minor items and then find essential or secret items just lying there, then in the next area things are back to "normal" again. The inventory overload is also pretty absurd even with how much combat there is later. The teleport based progression also feels a bit disruptive; it's mentioned in the story, but it ends up making the level feel a bit disjointed and you don't really get an impression of how the level comes together as a whole. While the level does climax nicely in terms of combat, a random teleport to a couple of mini-boss encounters part way through also felt like it came out of nowhere. A good level in itself, but the divide between the strong design contrasted with a lack of restraint and sense of incoherence makes it straddle the line between an expert and newbie level in a way I've seen pretty rarely." - Mman (21-Apr-2016)
"I had decidedly mixed feelings after playing this one. In hindsight I enjoyed it, but there were some aspects that could have been improved. The lagging was distracting, and I didn't enjoy the labyrinth although the idea was good. Great area at the end though." - Ryan (06-Mar-2016)
"I loved the atmosphere of this level, despite the many objects that make the game lag. Good gameplay. Recommended." - Amethyste (11-Jan-2016)
"This is an ultra-long level (nearly 3 hours long), in a variety of settings, from a lovely Greek town to a complex set of underground ruins, to some sort of underworld place. Gameplay is initially mostly exploration-based, but once you start getting deeper into the level, there are more traps, platforming and a few puzzles. The long pushable puzzle with the timed flames is good in theory, but running back to turn off the flames constantly gets tiring after a while. There other pushable puzzles unfortunately require no thought at all, just dragging objects to a designated spot. There are a few good traps and platforming challenges, such as the rollingball room, the medusa room, and the excavation site. The most tiresome part of this level is the pointlessly long 'labyrinth' section - which isn't a maze (thankfully), but rather a super-ultra-long winding corridor. While the idea of seeing it from high above is rather cool in theory, it gets old very quickly, and not being able to break out of the top-down view is particularly annoying when you run into the minotaur.
Enemies are a constant presence right from the beginning, though initially they're mostly lions and large scorpions that you can usually shoot from safety. Later, tougher enemies start joining in, including an encounter with the minotaur in the labyrinth, and a medusa soon after. And at the end, you have to go up against about half a dozen huge supernatural enemies at once. The builder provides a lot of shotgun ammo - an insane amount, actually - but no other weapons, apart from the thunderbolt, and you can get that only if you find all three ingot sets (a sort of additional secret quest). I'm not sure why Pierre tagged along on the adventure, given that he didn't actually do anything to help Lara - or antagonize her either.
The highlight of this level is the great visuals and atmosphere: the builder uses the colourful textures and objects of the BtB package in combination with simply lovely lighting and great architecture to create a vast number of spectacular locations, such as the gorgeous, sunny town area near the beginning, the entrance to the 'ancient world', the arena, the huge, awe-inspiring structure in the shape of a devil at the end, and many more. The large amounts of decorative objects used come at a price, though - in terms of an extremely low framerate throughout the level. The town area, in particular, is almost painful to navigate, given that Lara moves in slow motion through it. Camera angles are often used well to show off the looks of the level, though sometimes fixed cameras can get in the way, such as in the case of the jumps around the walls of the arena.
Overall: A little too much combat for my taste, but otherwise a very nice level. Recommended for the beauty, despite some obvious flaws in the other areas." - Mytly (31-Dec-2015)
"This level comes with in-game instructions, which is pretty weird. The first of them is, "Watch your step." This is useless advice, because no one ever watches their step in a Tomb Raider level. I just run into rooms guns blazing and hope for the best. Anyway, it's weird that the level comes with instructions when the level itself is so confusing. Unlike Dionysian Rite, which I played a few days ago, this level is not confusing to the point where it becomes difficult. Rather, there are just so many doors and switches and keys - way more than there needs to be - that you just keep going and going without ever really having any idea what you're doing. So you get instructions on how to play, when what you'd really need is some direction! I was very rarely stuck, but I never had any idea what my goal was. "There are three secrets in this adventure." I found two of the secrets, and I have *no* idea how. Both of them were behind open doors, that I guess I had opened at some point in all my aimless wandering? Picking up keys and not getting to the keyhole until half an hour later is not unusual. Usually an unrelated door will open when you pick up the key, but since you must have the key when you get to the keyhole, why bother with the key in the first place? The whole thing's a mess. "Use your ammo carefully." As opposed to using your shotgun to light up dark hallways, I assume. The level actually gets really heavy on enemies towards the end, but if you pick up any ammunition and medipacks you find, you'll still easily end up with a hundred extra shotgun shells and a dozen extra medipacks when you finish the level. A certain balance has to be struck. There's no point in throwing six enemies at the player at once if you're going to give them two-hundred shotgun shells, and then still give them three large medipacks after the battle. "The white crosses are only decorations." This is true. Also only decorations: shrubs, pillars, arches and the like. (Edited to add: after playing more BtB levels and coming across more white crosses, this part makes more sense.) It's an okay-looking level, but like the gameplay, it's a bit messy. I liked how colorful Poseidon's temple was, and the final area was a pretty cool idea, although limited by what the author had available in the wad and texture set. Spending some time outside was nice, but the streets were so narrow that I felt like I was still underground. "Don't kill Pierre..." I admire the author's attempts to convey a story through the use of Pierre, even if I didn't really understand much of it. I know he got captured once, and then at the end I thought he betrayed me, so I killed him in cold blood - and he just came back to life in the next flyby. That guy will bounce back from anything. At an hour and forty minutes, this level feels way too long. It's not that it's bad, but it's so aimless that you never know what you're doing, and you rarely feel like you're making progress. There are some good ideas here and there (I almost forgot to mention the whole torch/maze fake-out!), but they're sandwiched between aimlessly running around randomly pulling switches. Anyway, I'm going to leave you with this final note for Phil: "Please, don't use cheats."" - Magnus (30-Dec-2015)
"This is HUGE! It's almost unbelievable to witness such a massive effort taken in such a short time - but it happened. The cityscape is one of the most convincing I remember and its prologue casualness harbinges nothing extraordinary. Everybody including Lara seems to chill out so hard that in some moment I started to wonder if I will actually find anything important, or will I rest forever. But not yet. From this slow-paced exploration we gradually proceed towards insanity: while the following "ancient world" part is grander and massive but still explainable by casual physics (I like how some areas are vertical rather than horizontal and the drops in Neptune's "dry aquarium" are a very nice touch), then the ending bursts with root evil, handling raw geometry with completely off-mainstream and flawless approach. Pierre is here and behaves a bit strangely, I can't tell if he really helps or if he is a secret villain, but I guess this is what I was supposed to experience. There's one question which can't let me go though: what did the author think about these shells? I agree it's better to provide more than less, but shouldn't it ring a bell if you start a fight with 36 and finish with 79? They should definitely go together with secrets instead. Also, even with all ingots collected, the thunderbolt can be missed while it should be accessible without luck involved. And next time please, PLEASE give more time when extinguishing the flames for pushable. One switch doesn't need to be pulled so many times. SUMMARY: Resist unnecessary pickups and nothing will stop you here. I see the hat of the final sculpture is gone, and so is mine." - DJ Full (28-Dec-2015)
"This level has plenty of good and bad things. Some puzzles are a little obscure, as that of the levers at the beginning, some are really good, as the boringly difficult one of the blocks/fires/statue and crowbar lever, and the major part are simple and entertaining. The village is large and lends itself to disorientation, and there's also certain number of backtracks, in this place and others. Some places, mainly among ruins, are pretty realistic, though. As to challenges, there was a fiery blocks' room that I can only consider buggy, because it was so difficult to put Lara in a good position for leg-jumping. This is also the case at the Medusa's room fiery platforms, although this Medusa was the easiest one to conquer that I've seen in the series (a good thing). As to the Minotaur's labyrinth, it certainly could be much, much shorter (by the way, the objective of the torch in this game was only lighting?), but at least we were able to see the whole labyrinth for above (another very, very good thing). I liked specially the realm of Zeus' part, with its tasks, and the hints for the scales' and other puzzles. Visually, the game is good; some of it is a feast for the eyes. The music and lighting are also good, but the number of enemies, and the places where the camera is fixed, were a little overdone. Nevertheless, here's a valuable competitor for this Btb." - Josey (02-Dec-2015)
"Very nice level that took me a long time to finish. I liked the huge city and excavation area. There were lots of enemies (and amo and medipacks). The level is very enjoyable. Only part I didn't like was the maze." - Pablo Fuentes (20-Nov-2015)
"I tend to agree with many things the previous reviewers have described. This is a most impressive game, one of the longest in the contest, and offers an amazing variety of areas you go through. All of these are wonderfully designed and help the immersion of the player into the game. The crypt and chapel at the beginning, the beautiful village, the excavation and ancient underground place, Neptune's realm and the true highlight at the end with the demon statue - a real wow moment there. But then the gameplay is just not at the same level of quallity as the environment is. Often times it is painfully slow. You run around and search quite a bit, you need to complete tasks that are quite repetitive (like shooting 10 boxes in a room to collect pickups) and even one of the stronger puzzle rooms - where you need to get that statue to the top past the timed burners - ends up being a bit too tedious for its own good. Same with the Minotaur maze, which actually is not a maze but only a - too long - corridor, so the original idea with the camera gets a bit lost in the tedium again. So, patience will help you enjoy this game to its fullest, with marvelous use of audio and cameras, a worthwile sidequest for the gold ingots and a boss ending that deserves that label. This adventure may not make the top 3 of the competitioon, but it sure stands out from the pack. [118 min, 3 secrets]" - MichaelP (18-Nov-2015)
"Here's another long (nearly three hours), good-looking and complex level in the BtB competition. In the builder's readme we were implored not to cheat, but I found that ledge jumping from one wooden platform to the next (early in the level and again at the very end) was impossible to achieve by the accustomed means (up arrow key followed by the action key). So I was obliged to fly to those areas in order to progress. And, of course, having enabled the flycheat, I was tempted to use it again and again along the way in difficult situations. This is an ambitious level that has many commendable moments. It may be a bit difficult for a player of average skills, but I had a good time here and applaud the builder for a scenic and challenging raid." - Phil (16-Nov-2015)
"While this is no doubt a very impressive level, it's also one I found difficult to score. To start with the positives: The level is absolutely gorgeous with its environments. From the initial large courtyard, following with the meticulously detailed town and ancient world settings, to the wondrous temple rooms and the final demonic edifice, each area exudes a unique and compelling aura and atmosphere. The accompanying camera work and music is nothing short of masterful either, giving each area and important event a very engaging presentation. The buildings and structures are crafted with great detail and realism due to the use of objects, but the object use is a double-edged sword in this level. The objects really helped bring the setting to life, but their sheer overuse unfortunately caused heavy lag throughout the more densely object-packed areas, the town and the first part of the ancient world especially. Furthermore the narrative of the story is nicely presented in-game as Pierre reoccurs and events continue the level's plot and conclude nicely. I felt the extra detail from objects is appreciated, but I also feel it shouldn't come at the cost of performance. While the game is compelling to play too, the quality of gameplay felt uneven. A great deal of it is running by places to hunt for objects that open doors of progression on their own, or lead to places with very simple puzzles or tasks that don't provide much of a challenge. On the other end of the spectrum there are great platforming sections like the flame room and the spiked platforms on the way to the water scales, and the gorgon's room was well put together too. The fights at the end were also appropriately challenging given the copious amounts of shotgun ammunition the builder gives to the player. Then in the middle there are interesting ideas that didn't necessarily have the best execution. I liked the presentation of the minotaur's labyrinth and how it tied the beast and Lara in its own myth, but from a gameplay standpoint it amounted to running down a long series of corridors for ten minutes with an easily eluded-and-killed enemy. The statue pushing puzzle in the middle of the level I also had mixed feelings about. It felt repetitive running to the switch to disable the flames and push the statue a few tiles at a time until it made its way to the top, yet I found it a satisfying puzzle upon completion. On a final note, most of the level looks fantastic, though I did spot a wrongly rotated texture and I think the sewer area used noticeably lower-resolution textures than the rest of the level. To summarize, the author knows how to make great areas and knows how to present them well. I think if he or she would put more focus into engaging gameplay and eliminating repetitive or mundane elements for the next level, it would no doubt be a smash-hit. Still it's a good level worth playing that made for a good evening of tomb raiding." - Relic Hunter (15-Nov-2015)
"This level promised much but missed too many opportunities in gameplay and, for me, eventually failed to deliver. There were too many 'empty' areas - well they were brimming with so many objects that my fast computer was lagging, but none of any use. I didn't like the picking up of an object triggering a door just doesn't seem realistic/in context. There were a couple of puzzles where the solutions were trivial - the switch room where the only 2 that worked were the ones needed, the maze that wasn't a maze just a long winding corridor. And the torch was not of any obvious use as it wasn't needed to light anything. Finally you can kill Pierre at the end (well he is holding guns and you target him) yet he still appears in the final flyby unscathed. There were good parts as well - great flybys and the atmosphere was very well created. Secrets were relatively easily found." - Adrian (12-Nov-2015)
"It took a good while until this level clicked with me, I think it's probably safe to say it only happened a good half an hour in, once the 'hotel' areas were over and the real adventure truly began. There's such an unusual use of objects throughout the whole level, peppered with equally outstanding camera work - including a rolling storyline of sorts of your not-quite companion, Pierre. Tasks are varied and despite the expansive areas, you're always on the move. I got stuck in one or two spots, but generally thought gameplay flowed rather well. There seemed to be an abundance of supplies for too little actual combat, but that's quickly reversed in the final rooms. 145 minutes, 2 secrets. 10/15" - Treeble (04-Nov-2015)
"This is a really hard to score level, as there are so many great and also many not so great things in it that don't quite iron out at the end. First of all, the atmosphere created here is nothing but wonderfully designed, with quickly changing, yet still authentic locations and masterful camera and audio work - there are some truly incredible sceneries on display here. While not quite perfectly applied and even low-res at times, the texturing evokes quite a different feeling than most other levels and makes this level quite unique, the lighting is intriguing too (but sometimes too flat). Dramatic fights, a few good puzzles, secret system, a complete and nicely involved storyline... nearly everything a level needs is there, but this level still fails to be the masterpiece that it definately should have been. The largest issue was the extreme overuse of objects in every single room. Not only that the sheer mass of them is just too much for the eye in itself, but they cause a fairly annoying lag on my PC (in which I never had any such problems as of lately), especially in fights that were mostly in slow motion and sequences the 2D jumps, which were generally a quite nice idea, was quite painful as a result. Another problem is that, even without those lags, the gameplay in large parts of this game is fairly uninspired. Why would anyone create a puzzle where one can only use the correct levers? Or already the first time boring pushable puzzles that have to be done twice? Or a boulder slope that poses little to no challenge at all? While a good idea and interesting for the first few moments, the labyrinth with overhead view is merely a long corridor to pass with an easily disposed enemy. The village section is merely a boring search for levers and items and the wading in the sewers is a lowlight too. Things are better from time to time, with a few better puzzles like the extensive (if not already tedious, but that is forgivable) statue pushable with several timed runs and a few regular puzzles are decent at least, but I think that in a level of this length the amount of creative and enjoyable tasks is very low. Most of the enjoyment comes from a still rather immersive experience and a logic and mainly fluent progression, so this level is not a fail, but I think the builder is able for something much better. Even with a fantastic finale and an atmosphere that never fails to impress more and more this level was a disappointment for me. Found three nice, not very hard secrets in 75 minutes." - manarch2 (02-Nov-2015)
"This level is not particularly difficult but very long. Before joining Pegasus there is a huge number of puzzles to discover. Very good level." - Drakan (02-Nov-2015)
"For the most part an excellent level, it does undoubtedly have its longueurs, most especially the labyrinth. Yes, it was cleverly devised with its overhead perspective etc., but it also went on far too long and ended up merely irritating the player - well, this player at any rate and I suspect I shall not be alone there. OK, negative comments done and please don't let a bit of criticism put you off playing this as there really is a lot to enjoy. The gameplay is varied and of a medium difficulty level, the enemies can be challenging at times, especially the boss (and I do mean boss) ending - you will be glad of the generously supplied shotgun ammo at this point. The builder has also taken full advantage of the variety of textures available, to create a generous mix of scenery ranging from the pretty Greek village of the earlier exploration through to the imposing and dramatic final room, complete with huge demon head edifice." - Jay (28-Oct-2015)
"Maginificent level.great athmosphere,gameplay and final fight!." - janachorider (27-Oct-2015)
"The Greek Files is a long level, subdivided into three main sections. At first, I thought that I would be playing a simple level with catacombs hidden beneath a little greek village. But what awaited me were not catacombs. It was a huge complex with a labyrinth, a giant Medusa, a Colisseum and some gigantic Poseidon Temple. That gave me the feeling of playing three levels instead of just one and that was, in my opinion, a bit too long. There are clever ideas in The Greek Files but, given the length of the level, some could have been avoided or improved. E.g. the labyrinth was something memorable but simply added to what seemed a never-ending journey. One of the scales puzzle also involved a series of jumps through spikes from the pool to the scale, that one might have to do several times if the clue left by the author wasn't spotted. After more than two hours spent in the level, that was unnecessary backtracking to my taste. Some additional camera in that place would have done the trick and prevented a blind guess to solve the puzzle. To summarize : G&P - I consider this level good but with too many things, as if the author had wanted to stuff every single object of the wad in his level. E,O&S : Enemies were often placed in "Arena" that I did not find really interesting, even if impressive. Too many objects made the level lag sometimes ; lighting of the statics was poorly executed, with forest-green objects in rooms with another ambiance. Secrets were easy to find, if not given free (except of one of the gold bars). A,S&C : great work on this side, even if there was maybe too many intervention of loud music to my taste. I really liked the beginning that made me think to the Trajan Markets of TRC! Work on geometry was impressive, especially at the very end. L&T : Lighting could have been better at some places, but overall it was good. I regretted that the author chose sometimes to use partial textures that gave a ugly look to some part of his level. A good level, but a bit too long, recommended for experienced raiders." - TimJ (27-Oct-2015)
"This map is aesthetically impressive. The last room has a epic scale . The gameplay has some too long and slow section: fire emitters puzzle , the Labyrinth or the village. I like the spike trap and The last fight is crazy. Difficulty: Easy/Medium. 70 minutes." - requiemsoul (20-Oct-2015)