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LB Advent Calendar 2015 - Lost in the Canyons 2 (Demo) by shabaobab

Cosmos 10 10 10 10
DJ Full 8 9 9 9
Hedteur 9 9 10 10
JesseG 9 9 10 10
Jose 9 9 10 10
manarch2 8 8 9 8
Mytly 9 8 10 9
Phil 9 9 10 10
Rambo 8 8 9 9
requiemsoul 9 9 10 9
Ryan 9 9 10 10
release date: 11-Dec-2015
# of downloads: 174

average rating: 9.20
review count: 11
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file size: 160.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Steampunk

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
  • In the Infiltration level there is potential for a lot of backtracking if the player hasn't opened up certain doors. Thankfully, even if this is the case the backtracking would mostly be just for secrets.
  • This is a demo, so naturally some things will feel incomplete and the ending is abrupt.
  • Nicely sculpted and lit natural areas sit alongside the steampunk buildings.
  • I always enjoy a puzzle, and there are several here. Pushable blocks are maneuvered to help Lara reach some of the switches, and she must find the right switches to pull to disable a corridor of flames.
  • The platforming is nothing to sneeze at either; plenty of timed runs will test Lara's agility across the many slopes and parallel bars, among other parts of the environment.
Time: 2 hours 25 minutes | Difficulty: Medium | Rating: 9.5/10" - JesseG (30-Aug-2023)
"This may be intended to be a taster of a much larger forthcoming project, but this could easily hold up as a standalone game in its own right. The surroundings are awe-inspiringly made, particularly the authentic outside areas. Thankfully it's not dark (only where it needs to be) so I was able to appreciate it more. The gameplay is also well done, with challenging times runs, jump sequences, lots of ninjas (those feminine Steampunk ones) and a couple of crate puzzles). I eagerly anticipate the full version. Highly recommended." - Ryan (29-Jan-2017)
"'Demo' is a bit of a misnomer for this 2.5 hour game that takes place over 3 separate levels (granted, only one of them can be fully explored). IMO, the builder should have called it 'Part 1' or something like that.
Infiltration - Recover the Power Disk: This is the only full level in this demo. It begins in a beautiful set of caves and canyons featuring a lovely waterfall. Once Lara enters the base (?) area, she is apparently captured and imprisoned. Getting out and getting weapons is the first task, with an optional quest involving freeing the other prisoners. Fighting multiple guards at once with only pistols is a bit tough; killing them by pushing a boulder down on them is more fun. The hunt for the disk involves a number of timed runs and platforming challenges. There is one particular jumping sequence that is quite tricky enough even in the version that I played, but which was apparently far tougher in an older version (as can be seen in a video linked to in the bonus content). The quests for the 5 secrets are mostly enjoyable: I especially like the one where you have to sneak past the guards in a maze. However, the last secret involves a lengthy backtrack, including redoing a timed run, which is rather annoying. I hope this backtracking is cut down in the final version.
The lighting in the caves is predominantly green while the base area is mostly reddish-brown. The overall effect is not bad, but a bit more contrast and variety in colours would make the locations much more visually appealing. The geometry in the natural areas is particularly impressive: it's hard to believe someone could build such amazingly organic-looking areas using the blocky old level editor! I like the camera effect that kicks in whenever Lara remains in one place, but IMO, it kicks in a little too quickly - sometimes even when Lara is performing an animation.
Western Section: The levelset begins with Lara in the train station in this level, but she almost immediately hops into a teleporter to the Infiltration level. Upon return, she uses the power disk to open up the door to reach the beautiful outdoor area. Most of this level, however, is unfinished and inaccessible, so it serves only as a short hub to the next level. (However, I did explore some of the inaccessible areas using bugs, and was very impressed with what I found, even in the unfinished areas.)
Town of Viridia: The only accessible portion of this level takes place in a building that seems to be a cross between a greenhouse and a warehouse. There are two somewhat long but intelligent crate-pushing puzzles, and a good timed run over chandeliers. At the end, Lara liberates a motorbike and smashes her way outside, to be treated to a flyby of a spectacularly beautiful town area ... and then the finish trigger. Needless to say, it left me longing for the final version (and unsuccessfully trying to find a bug that would enable me to explore it).
Overall: A very impressive game, with some interesting ideas and gorgeous locations. Really looking forward to the full version! Recommended." - Mytly (30-Mar-2016)
"Gameplay & Puzzles: For a demo there is much to do here, some actions are very nice, only sometimes the game gets less interesting. The puzzles are fun and diverse too. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: Very well placed enemies and good objects, the secrets are tricky too. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere is successful, there's a very nice feeling of being there, very good cameras too and good sounds. Only a few rooms are designed so simple. Lighting & Textures: The texturing is clean and looks good, the lighting is okay - not too great in a few parts but not uniform at all and consistent. Total: 8,5/10, good demo and I'm looking forward to the full game." - Rambo (14-Mar-2016)
"A project taken seriously from Steampunk contest into a whole new level. Consistently improved and polished, now perfectly executes points of a demo version, offering much more than TR demos usually do. As a level it still has some things overdone or underdone, for instance I would reduce the amount of pushables (like in almost every other level), clear unintended access zones / shortcuts, fix the errors remaining in the package (like texture artifacts persisting on these objects since they were first hosted), intensify contrast in lighting and add some more open areas, but every location is original and creative, with very little casual parts. I particularly liked the jail escape followed with care taken of the bandits and concluded with a secret miniquest (I don't remember secrets being applied in such form until now). I also like classic setups like a mutilevel traverse around the locations, or a great effort taken to reach the twin switches unlocking the disk but which are in fact very close to their destination doors so you can see their action through a glass wall, or a boss fight with two ninjas which gives enough space for fair balance - these are all little things which add a lot. I also had a laugh at the baddies who can handle rollingballs as well as Lara, and at the TRNG workers building the extra WIP zone. Near the finale you need to repeat a quite long cave in order to get a secret, so it could be better to reduce this one in the final version, but thankfully you get a rewarding revolver in return. SUMMARY: This builder is consistently evolving what raises high expectations for the full version of the game, especially after you watch the final city flyby of this part. I will patiently wait for whatever comes. Recommended as a solid level but also as a comparison to upcoming final version, to witness evolution in process." - DJ Full (07-Jan-2016)
"Really a very long "demo" I was playing several days to finish it. The environments are the best of the game, taking much care with the architecture, texturization and lighting, with all kind of details and well placed objects to ornate the areas. I missed some more enemies here and there and also an extra weapon. The secrets are well hidden, but findable. The gameplay is usually good, with no much backtracking and interesting puzzles like the six switches puzzle or the moveable crates puzzles in last level; but the timed run with swinging poles and chandeliers will be too hard for many players. I also liked the good use of the cameras and sounds, but the author must be sure that the players pick up the necessary items before abandone a level (Heart of a Temple Guardian), 'cause once I got the disk, I though I could go back to the teleporter to use it in the train station. Anyway a very good adventure with a lot of hours of work behind. We'll see the final version. Recommended." - Jose (30-Dec-2015)
"This is one heck of a demo. I nursed it for over a week while playing (and writing walkthroughs for) other Advent levels, and even with Dutchy's thoroughly documented walkthrough I spent two hours and 17 minutes here. Although this game has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, it's a tour de force of the highest order and I applaud the the builder for a completely satisfying raid. I can only imagine the magnitude of the full version, as this "demo" takes in three distinct tr4 files (although the second, Infiltration, provides the bulk of the gameplay). I had to bypass the final complicated secret documented for that level in the walkthrough, as I was unable to jump up into that E cave as Dutchy had instructed. Despite that failing, I had a grand time and can only give this masterpiece my highest recommendation." - Phil (29-Dec-2015)
"Just complete the demo, and I can tell this one is really good and it announces us a real nice adventure incomming ! Graphics are great and smooth, steampunk theme is greatly respected, same as for the music. The gameplay is basic, but good (though, I found a shorcut to reach the bandit's lair faster), puzzles are worth the try aswell. Finally, the sidequest system is a great idea ! Ennemies have a good amount of HP and still easy to kill. That toke me approximatly one hour and a half of gameplay, and it was totally worth it :) Super hyped for a full result." - Hedteur (23-Dec-2015)
"Even if this is called a demo, you'll probably spent much more than an hour in this offering (my time was 75 minutes at the end, and I'm likely a rather fast player). There is plenty of good stuff already, although there are still unfinished parts (loved the one with the workers though - you have to see it for yourself). The gameplay is fairly intense with always something to do and a quick progression with not always quite easy platforming parts, a fair variety of puzzles and also good elements of combat and exploration thrown in. The first pushable puzzle in the last level was quite intelligent, while the second can be skipped completely. I first downloaded a version with the delayed running animation, but thank god the builder changed it - otherwise, in all honesty, I would have deducted some points (which I will also do with all future levels which use this animation) because it's nothing else than a painful addendum which truly nobody needs - it's quite annoying especially on some trap parts. Back to the game - there's really a nicely involved storyline in the game and an immersive hub-based area with various interlinking parts, and overall the progression feels quite sophisticated in this game - thumbs up for that. There are a few lengthy long corridors and not so interesting parts but I think that with a bit of tweaking the builder can do an excellent job in the full version (but please don't cut down the difficulty too much or at least provide two difficulty versions). The atmosphere is working fairly well already with all areas having received enough care, the flybys and music choices are professional and the texturing is also fairly nice, also with good lighting (perhaps a little too monotonous and grey in some parts with a couple of coloured spots, but definately not flat or highly lacking at all). The enemies are well used, perhaps there could be more weapons and ammo for them already. The object design is good too, with only a few slightly misplaced objects (like the pillars below platforms that create collision and a boulder that never stops rolling); the five secrets that all can be found in the second level are fairly hard to find. I'll still hold off some even higher marks because of the incompleteness of the whole thing, but the full version will most likely be a Hall of Fame contender for me. If the whole thing won't be finished, you can at least play this already very nice demo, so definately recommended for now." - manarch2 (19-Dec-2015)
"Excellent demo. Clever puzles, brilliant athmosphere and sound, some hard platform section and a lot of fun game. The full adventure will be a must-play. Very well done." - requiemsoul (18-Dec-2015)
"One of the most unique TRLE levels I have experienced. I clocked in just north of 2 hours of this "demo", having completed it with head scratches and a lot of backtracking. There is just pro after pro, including some fantastic puzzle sequences, and some jaw dropping level design. There is usually a tendency to think "Oh, it's just a demo, so I guess it's just the LD's excuse to be lazy and not give us anything substantial", but much to the contrary with this, there are numerous levels to go through, and tonnes to explore off the beaten path. There is even a promise of side quests in this, and by the looks of the later parts, seems to be open hub based. There are some huge sections that looks almost finished, but have been blocked off for the purpose of the demo. You will be thrilled!" - Cosmos (11-Dec-2015)