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Chambers of Knowledge by Sharon

DJ Full 7 8 7 7
Drakan 8 8 8 7
Gerty 6 7 8 8
Gorty 7 7 9 9
Jay 8 7 7 8
JesseG 6 7 6 8
Jorge22 6 6 7 7
Jose 6 8 9 9
manarch2 4 6 7 8
Phil 8 9 9 8
Ryan 7 7 8 8
release date: 01-Oct-2016
# of downloads: 156

average rating: 7.39
review count: 11
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file size: 116.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Nordic/Celtic

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not sure what to think of this level. Looks were pretty good but looks alone just doesn’t cut it. Gameplay wasn’t bad but the bugs and/or glitches made it bad. Shooting the gem in the lion’s mouth, not ideal! Not enough flares is also a let down for me. Some ladders that were climbable were not working as they should. Then of course that timed run, and the first couple of times I made it I fell to my death, as that ladder was not obvious at all. Not funny. Saw some textures that could use a bit of TLC and I even spotted a few missing textures. The walking bridge for the timed run was pretty strange, as you couldn’t grab it at the edge. The bees that came out of that beehive, probably had the wrong WAD. Oh well, one learns from the mistakes. But Sharon shows a lot of promise as she clearly has a keen eye and shows quite some talent." - Gerty (06-Jun-2017)
"After two hours on the clock and just 30 minutes of progress, I gave up and checked the walkthrough, however I must admit that pushable hint was followable, if only spotted on that wall - next time make some larger resolution, in this case it matters. But the crossbow is just unjustifiable - not only the most unfocused square but also masked with flat lighting, so I missed it despite of visiting the place four times - and to add, 3/4 of the map is open at the time you reach the shooting task. That weapon could be for instance placed behind the grate where the fake bag currently is, with some alternate way to it. Yet another unfocused bit is the timed switch in the final tree yard - I visited everything in there, including the end of the world, which is btw my favourite location, but I only noticed the lever after 15 minutes of running. Also, a location that epic could contain much more than a single interaction, same about the conference room or the demigod temple. Some things went out of control, for example you can get the candles before using the zipline, or even light its fire without placing it - I did so by accident, because the hint says "truth in wine", so I tried to light the smoke over the wine but the candle burnt instead. I don't know what's wrong with the lion head switch but you cannot precisely target it, what could be solved with some unmissable and replenishing kaboom arrows. Finally, the music, a love-hate affection: the track choice is great but looping every song was a huge mistake - after few repetitions these relaxing bits made me so dreamy I lost the last bits of focus and started to run brainlessly over more places I've already been in. Or maybe I was just tired, but some levels keep me focused even if I am. Nonetheless I will remember to redownload the game if I want to listen to these bits again. SUMMARY: One of the most charming but also unfinished and confusing games I tried this year, where's my head? So I speak: take the walkthrough and enjoy the magic, otherwise it may be difficult. I feel much common vibes with this builder, I currently witness her BtB building and she's definitely worth to keep an eye on." - DJ Full (18-Jan-2017)
"A slightly underrated game, I would say. There are some stunning and beautiful created rooms with excellent choice of audio. Very peaceful and relaxing to play. I played much worse games that had higher rating than this one. Texturing was mostly great, but I found many texturing errors, not some rough ones. Also, there were thin walls, flying objects, weird climbable walls and wrong placed objects that went through walls. Some objects needed more light adjustment and were totally in the way while walking. Gameplay was mostly easy ( which is not a bad thing ), but had some very annoying and hard moments ( and weird ). I did encountered a game stopper ( the elevator platform at the beginning ). I would say this game was not beta tested, but I'm sure that even one person beta testing this could find all this little easily fixable flaws. Overall, I did enjoyed playing this one. Mostly because of this fantastic atmosphere and design of some parts. I'm hoping the author won't stop making games. I'm sure the next one will be a huge success ! Recommended !" - Gorty (09-Jan-2017)
"This is rather well done for a debut level. However, there were a few downsides, which I'll deal with now. There are possible game stoppers if the game is saved in certain locations (although I never experienced any), some of the outside areas looked rather rough (although there are some beautifully built rooms) and there were a few overly dark corners. Okay, the positives. The gameplay is varied, with an elements puzzle, some swimming and a block puzzle. I also liked the audio choices here and there. I definitely look forward to more from this builder." - Ryan (03-Nov-2016)
"Very good debut even with all that "obscure" parts in the gameplay section and the bugs preventing to advance in certain places. The four moveable blocks puzzle was confusing for me; could be a camera target in the place with the hint so players can take a look and think. Shoot the gem in the lion mouth was a real torture, even with Phil's indications; why didn't give some explosive arrows or even the revolver? The flares were not enough for me and I had to "light" a lot of areas shooting the pistols. The environments are very well builded with all kind of ornaments and well applied textures, but some rooms are too dark for my old monitor. The nice musics create a good atmosphere and the cameras work good (I had to use the "look" key to restore the main camera), but I also missed some more enemies here and there. Certainly a builder with a great potential; looking forward for future Sharon's levels. Good work." - Jose (24-Oct-2016)
"After many vicissitudes, I managed to finish this level. Vicissitudes: from the beginning I got stuck in the pit with impossible to go back because the freight elevator was already risen before I found the lever - missed jerrycan to the start level (not much open eyes) - puzzle difficult to understand with pushables and where (I have not seen truth) - when I put the sandbag the game froze, unable to continue, I rebooted a dozen times and one suddenly, miraculously, I could continue -Some thin walls, stretched textures or lack of texture - unnamed objects... Despite all these setbacks I enjoyed this level which is the first of the author, and that promises much for future levels.I have not found a secret." - Drakan (15-Oct-2016)
"I'm biased in favor of this level, as I usually am when I (1) write a walkthrough for it (2) with the builder's active assistance. With that disclaimer I can say without shame that I had a very good time here. The surroundings are rendered with painstaking care, and the flare pickup at the beginning was more than enough to last me for the entire level. There indeed are some glaring issues that beta testing should have ferreted out and corrected before release -- the game-stopping bugs in the two block puzzle areas and the generic name "load" given to all essential pickups -- but knowing about those in advance kept them from becoming a source of annoyance. The music is another matter entirely, but the less said about that the better. Most of the level is truly gorgeous, although that large dark area at the end, devoid of anything but a demigod with a crowbar in his hip pocket, could have been put to better use. I was able to "master" that timed run near the end before reading Jay's review and learning that I could have made it much easier simply by shooting those rails. I decided to leave the harder way in the walk anyway. I didn't keep track of time, since I was writing the walk while playing, but I imagine that most of us would require an hour to complete the level. A remarkable debut effort, and heartily recommended." - Phil (14-Oct-2016)
"I must say I found this most enjoyable, but there are a couple of occasions when bugs crop up so I had to resist my usual urge to save all the time and leave it until I had completed the entire action - to whit, a couple of box pushing puzzles. Apart from that, the gameplay really appealed and the builder has created some very attractive areas, my only quibble on that score being that a few of the indoor rooms are very dark in places and I never did find any flares. It's enemy free right up until the end, but there's a nice mix of puzzles, traps and exploration, plus a timed run that was causing me no end of trouble until I realised a shootable fence rendered it very manageable after all! I also really liked the choice of music throughout the game. An accomplished debut level I can definitely recommend and really look forward to more from this builder." - Jay (13-Oct-2016)
"A level, full stop. Not bad, not great, lacking in some areas that show you it's a debut level. So, the things I didn't like about it... For a start, the looping music which everybody by now should know needs to be avoided at the risk of becoming annoying. Think of it as a movie. How would we like to watch a movie with looping music, the author's choice, instead of atmospheric sounds/music when needed? That's it. Other than that, there were basically no helping clues (I'm thinking of the block puzzle near the start and the timed run near the ending, for instance), which leaves the player much on his own and takes away the entertainment. Finally, the way the objects interconnected in a manner that you can't really place the level anywhere that makes actual sense (I have indeed seem much, much worse, but that was back in the old days). Still, I thought it was a good effort and, taking into account what I've seen globally, I count on Sharon to listen to what we have to say and deliver something much more polished in her next game as this wasn't really as bad as it may have sounded - just think of it as important tips. Looking forward to a next installment, hoping I can rate it much higher." - Jorge22 (12-Oct-2016)
"Lara takes on a quest to find a valuable book named "Load". The gameplay is heavily tilted toward puzzles, but most of them are not very enjoyable. They involve a dreadful trial-and-error process with push blocks that can sometimes be glitchy if the player loads a save. The time spent not doing that will be spent on either backtracking or hunting for hard-to-see switches. There are also raising platforms which can get the player stuck if they don't get onto them in time. The decorative objects are used pretty well, although the mix is a bit eclectic and I couldn't tell just what kind of environment this was supposed to be. There are also a lot of smaller details that add up to make for a less than immersive experience: Missing sound effects, paper thin walls, a locust swarm appearing as Lara's legs, and unnamed inventory items. The looping audio music can be tiring after a while, it is better to make such tracks play once only. This level needs camera cues desperately, especially for those timed run trapdoors. The texturing was decent, although there were quite a few missing and warped textures especially near the end. The attention to lighting is very good except near the end again where it is just a bit too dark. It is certainly a creative adventure, it is just that each aspect could have been improved to make the level much more polished. 1 hour 6 minutes." - JesseG (08-Oct-2016)
"For a debut level some areas are surprisingly accomplished and some inside areas actually quite spectacular - only the outside areas seem to be a bit rushed and there are both strange/random geometry and end of the world views that a builder who proved to build better areas should be able to avoid. Also the missing sounds and paperthin walls are a downer here, some background audio in certain rooms is inexistant as well as some animation sounds (e.g. for pushing boxes). And things like floating objects and pickup items, all items being named "load", ladders you can't climb and unmarked ladders you can climb are also not so great, but all in all not so bad either. What really annoyed me was that with the exception of the very first pushable task literally all puzzles are flawed and highly buggy, may it be because of no or very misleading hints, invisible walls in front of doors if you save/reload before going through, raising platforms that are unreachable if you do things in a different order than the builder intended, items you have to find or you'll be stuck for good later on, the very confusing placement and lighting of the candles (why not only one candlestick?) ... this is really not a well tested level (or better corrected, as the builder blames herself for that) and it clearly shows. The zipline was also unnecessary because you can easily climb up the rocks yourself. There are some nice tasks (like timed runs, the multiple use of the torch and the crossbow and several others) in here, but most of the time there are just many obscurely hidden levers or passages hidden somewhere in large rooms or in the dark you have to find with relatively few flares and not such a nice flow. Later areas show a lot of promise and the builder is really talented in creating great looking halls, it's such a shame that the gameplay doesn't come up to this and there are simply a few too many flaws to call this a thoroughly enjoyable level, but it definately has its moments. Found no enemies (except the boss) and no secrets in 35 minutes." - manarch2 (04-Oct-2016)