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Ankh of Death by alan

DJ Full 8 7 6 5
Gerty 6 7 5 5
Jay 7 7 6 5
Jose 7 8 7 5
manarch2 4 4 3 3
Orbit Dream 7 7 3 4
Phil 7 8 7 8
Ryan 7 6 5 5
release date: 11-Nov-2016
# of downloads: 139

average rating: 5.91
review count: 8
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file size: 39.80 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Nice outfit Lara is wearing but the textures could use a lot TLC as they are stretched, squashed and misshaped and some are missing. A pity though as with a bit more attention this would have looked much better than it now did. Nasty fixed camera while Lara had to do some jumping though and the gauntlet I had to ask someone else to do it, as I just wasn’t quick enough. Then that loooong drop down into a pool at the start of the second level, that was thrilling. Not liking the popping out of thin air ninja’s, that was a bit over the top. And please no long earthquake as they make me quite queasy. Haven’t got all the secrets but that is OK. Keep on building but don’t forget that the eyes of a player also wants to be entertained." - Gerty (14-Nov-2017)
"For heaven's sake, WIDESCREEN! I cannot count games which are missing that already, not only the display is squished but I also need to relearn steering anytime this happens... and this has been heavily repatched with TREP so I cannot update that myself. Also, what's with these guys attacking on a monkey swing, just don't... and you better save before climbing down that ladder as it appears a long way back from later passage. That said, this guy is better with ugly textures than some pro builders are with pretty ones - the fun factor evolved much in the right direction, however as the author's drafts got complex, so did the errors. For instance, we can encounter a "reverse flare bug" - the flares shine in Lara's hand but not when dropped on the ground, opposite to the familiar situation. The same affects the grenades, they just tend to disappear after being thrown out of Lara's hand - could be missing wad items, surely the case in the final Seth fight which is missing bubbles. But hey - there's as little backtracking in this level as any project should aim to contain, all pickups feel progressively important, every next weapon is stronger, every next fight more challenging, and though health loss was involved I could still finish without medikits. Have I mentioned the strong ending with a relic treasure and a disaster sequence to escape into the sunlight? Watch and learn. SUMMARY: We don't only play for fun, atmosphere is not secondary aspect so therefore a thing to fix, or simply to include by this builder. If that happens to his next project, we may witness one of the most rapid rating leaps between two subsequent releases. Possibly a great career ahead of this author." - DJ Full (17-Jan-2017)
"Previous reviewers have complimented the builder on the remarkable learning curve he has displayed in his second release, but the scores to date don't match the praise. I'm a notoriously generous grader, but I think this game is underrated by at least a full point. The surroundings are more pleasing to the eye, the gameplay is much more engaging and varied, and the ten secrets are for the most part quite well hidden. The short second level is nothing more than a shootfest and a Seth-dodging exercise, and the builder might well have left that part out entirely. But I thought that the first and much more comprehensive level was engaging from start to finish, and I had a jolly good time while writing a walkthrough along the way. There were perhaps too many long and tedious ladders, but that's the only criticism that readily comes to mind. Firepower and ammunition are plenteous to deal with the many enemies that come your way, and the lighting is such that I rarely needed to use a flare. The most difficult tasks I remember were sliding past the traps and shooting the barrier at the end to avoid the spike ball, and the circuitous jumps across many breaktiles in a lava room. Good fun, and recommended." - Phil (02-Dec-2016)
"A surprising improvement over this builder's previous (short) level. There are two distinct parts here, the first being the most substantial, the second being little more than a boss ending. Lighting and texturing still needs work as some were still rather stretched and some rooms were bare. But, the gameplay is more involving here with a couple of fun timed runs, an Eye of Horus, a couple of keys and hand of Orion to find. It all culminates in a standoff against ninjas and Seth himself. Some of the secrets were well hidden as I only found 6. Keep improving!" - Ryan (01-Dec-2016)
"Well how unexpected. After this builder's somewhat underwhelming debut level, I fired up this, his second offering, and groaned when I saw how it looked, thinking it was going to be a real chore to get through. Wrong. It's actually rather good in terms of gameplay, with a variety of tasks to achieve, including some really interesting agility tests and super traps/gauntlet runs. The second part is pure carnage, with massed ninjas and a final meeting with Seth. You should by this time have found sufficient fire power to deal with the ninjas and as usual Seth just has to be outrun. If this obviously creative builder can manage to master the actual building side of levels then I feel we should be in for a real treat. Massive improvement on the debut level, well done!" - Jay (15-Nov-2016)
"Bravo Fernando! After play the first level from this author, I never expected a great advance like this. This level has nothing to do with the previous one; a very complete and solid level with variety of tasks, no much backtracking and entertaining enough to be recommended. Well balanced enemies, enough guns and ammo, I found 6 or 7 secrets so, some secrets are well hidden. The second level is too short, only to fight with dozens of red ninjas and Seth, but I was heavily armed though. There are some cd tracks to create atmosphere in certain rooms, but I missed some flybys and more cameras or camera targets in some places with their corresponding musics. The worst of the level is the texturization; even when I noticed an effort with the lights, the textures in many rooms are very elongated and give a bad aspect to that rooms. I think the author should spent more time dividing the wall panels or stacking more rooms to properly apply the texture tiles in square surfaces in this sense. Anyway congratulate the author for this good advance. Buen trabajo!" - Jose (12-Nov-2016)
"An improvement over the builder's debut level and actually this provides some decent entertainment for about 35 minutes, but it's also a level with very uneven quality. Some of the rooms are actually more okayish-ly designed, some even with bearable lighting, but then there are almost horribly streched textures in other rooms, unbelievable geometry and very odd lighting. While the cameras are rather well done, several sounds are quite messed up (there's no real need to change them at all IMO so that could've been avoided) and there are also strange usages of objects like the torch fires that are just way too large and misplaced. The gameplay starts rather badly with a door leading to a key that closes if you save and reload and a fixed camera during a slope jump sequence that was fairly irritating to be honest, but afterwards there are at least no game-stopping issues I found. The trap design is quite nice here, especially the gauntlet with the boulder slope, and despite a lot of uninspired tasks the game is fluent and not without its moments and the quest for the ten secrets is also rather enjoyable, as this time they are actually hidden and not too easily found mostly; I even missed one. Enemies are also rather effectively placed. All in all I think the builder is on a good way but there's still much to learn." - manarch2 (12-Nov-2016)
"This two-level adventure almost never makes any concession to beauty.Textures are stretched on almost every surface;often to breaking point.Lighting,while capable enough,adds little to atmosphere;as it serves only to illuminate the poor quality of the texturing.Objects are rarely used,lending the surroundings a bare and sparse quality;while architecture is generally restricted to rooms of the huge-and- rectangular type.Nevertheless,I found the gameplay to be extremely entertaining,and occasionally thought provoking (especially in regard to ways of progression). It isn't always clear where to go,nor how to get there;but careful observation will enable you to find the way - usually aided by various interesting acrobatics.The layout,while often interesting,frequently involves epic ascents and descents in order to bring Lara back to an important location;but is hugely spiced up by numerous exhilarating gauntlets (oh,how I genuinely loved that slide to the shootable barrier;with a boulder at your heels!) The second level is very short;contains a melange of enemies (not all of them defeatable),and is brisk and exciting. 70 minutes of visually basic,but highly energetic and enjoyable,raiding;and a huge improvement over this authors previous work." - Orbit Dream (12-Nov-2016)