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Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Tomb Raider Battle Arena by matrix54

alan 5 10 9 9
Baratheon 10 10 10 10
BHM Productions 6 7 8 7
Ceamonks890 9 9 9 9
Cosmos 9 10 10 9
DJ Full 7 9 9 7
Gian Carlo 6 6 8 8
Gorty 6 7 7 5
Jose 2 5 6 7
Kubsy 8 9 9 9
Lara_Fox_Croft 8 8 10 10
lokky99101 10 10 10 8
manarch2 2 9 5 6
Mert 5 9 7 6
MichaelP 3 10 8 8
MigMarado 8 10 9 10
Mman 8 10 7 7
MrJavi94 10 9 9 8
Mrshina 10 10 10 10
Orbit Dream 3 5 5 8
Phil 2 7 7 8
phms2010 9 8 8 8
Raider99 10 10 10 8
Ryan 6 9 9 8
Sabatu 10 10 10 10
SeniorBlitz 8 8 8 8
smcandrew 8 7 8 8
SrDanielPonces 10 10 10 10
TombExplorer 9 10 8 8
Torry 3 5 6 6
Wolf7 5 10 7 9
release date: 02-Dec-2016
# of downloads: 224

average rating: 7.98
review count: 31
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file size: 316.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Shooter

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Not my cup of tea this one and as so many other reviewers have said, this simply is not Tomb Raider. I played three different outfits and each has it's own weapons and some are more useful than others. The enemies just keep on spawning no matter how quick you are on the trigger. I started off with target practice to get a feel for what was to come and aced that pretty easily but that was nothing compared to the actual arena. Unfortunately it became boring after 15 minutes or so." - Torry (23-Oct-2022)
"Ok, this is probably the most controversial level to review ever on this site.
This is not a Tomb Raider level. This DOESN'T want to be a Tomb Raider level. This is trying to be an arcade, shooting, score game.
For what it offers, it's good. It's generally fun to play for some time, the scripting on this levelset and some objects are INSANELY GREAT and OUTSTANDING(and the author was not given too much credit for it). A map system, a class systemp and bonus items!
I see so many reviewers here putting even as low as 2 in rating just because "this is not Tomb Raider". If you want a Tomb Raider game, download another level instead of forcing yourself through this.
The graphics... well, it's mainly some official tomb raider maps(for the most part) so nothing too fancy, but it works.

Overall, this level is not Tomb Raider, and is a completely new experience that required a lot of thought and work to make, it's fun for a while but probably it's not that much replayable.
It's good for what it is, nothing more sadly. Good job by the way! It's impressive.

Recommended? Yes, definitely, to give it a try.

Difficulty? Medium-Hard

Duration? As long as you want. Approx. 1-2 hours for me." - TombExplorer (09-Oct-2022)
"I finally got around to the playing this iconic yet polemic level, and I liked it for what it was.

If you enjoy the battle part and the varied weaponry and enemies in Tomb Raider, you'll enjoy seeing Lara jumping around trying to kill as many enemies in a row as she can.

There isn't any story or puzzles, still the gameplay is faithful to the premise. The sounds get repetitive, but are adequate. Otherwise, a very interesting game based on Lara's legendary fighting skills.

Thank you, matrix54! Well done! Congrats on a taste of mayhem." - MigMarado (06-Oct-2021)
"I can see how everyone struggles about how to score this concept level, as it really does not fit the normal categories well, so everyone needed to get a bit creative in their way of scoring this. But maybe more importantly, let's focus more on the comments people have given. Personally, I can clearly say: Not my cup of tea. I tried several of the arenas out to see a bit of the nice variety that is being provided and kind of liked the target practice. Hence, I can really not offer a higher score from my end on gameplay and puzzles, which by all means do not exist here. However - my hats off to the builder for the idea in the first place and then how elegantly it has been pulled off. If shooting enemies is your thing, then you will be in total heaven. The scoring system, the various enemy waves that come in, the artefact concept - all really well thought out and even if this is not your thing, like for me, you do want to at least give it a quick look to be impressed by what can be possible when a creative mind gets to work. Well done!" - MichaelP (15-Jun-2021)
"As the title says this level is a Battle Arena for special CaC levels where you can choose a map, Lara's outfit (each with different weapons), and different enemies when choosing a map. In my opinion, this is a good custom level as it is a time killer and have fun whenever you want to, and the maps are from different Tomb Raider games to celebrate 20 years of it, which I loved. I don't understand people who chose low scores but that's fine - it's their reviews. Overall if you are bored and have nothing to do then play this one." - Kubsy (07-Jul-2020)
"IMO this level was rated pretty unfairly by some reviewers, from the summary it makes it clearly what it is all about and expecting it to be your standard trle level is kind of silly, anyway all things considered this level is a lot of fun, yeah it is pretty mindless, and classic TR combat isn't exactly compelling, so even with the new additions there is only so much you can do with it, however and there is a lot of raw fun for you to enjoy." - SeniorBlitz (02-Apr-2020)
"This is something completely different; a battle arena mode inspired by things like Mercenaries in Resident Evil. There's four arenas (with two texture themes to choose from for each), multiple Lara outfits that all have different weapons and unique super-modes, power-ups, scoring systems, training mode and general changes to the combat to facilitate pure action (for instance, using medikits removes fire as well). The arenas do their job; they're nothing special visually but they provide different experiences and look decent enough (it's a shame the alternative texture themes have the same enemies as it's obvious the choices are for the original). The base problem with making a TR battle mod is that's TR's combat simply isn't very deep and engaging; all the choices and new stuff helps, but it doesn't do that much to the core. This is probably the best classic TR combat experience you can get beyond rewriting most of the gameplay though, and it's a very original idea with tons of obvious effort put into it. There's even some bonus content behind a riddle (PS the password is AOD related)." - Mman (03-Dec-2019)
"Well, this is something different in a good way. Of course, there is no puzzle but I am giving 10 because matrix was able to make fully working enemy waves. Overall great projects. I would like to see more areas or maybe NG version. Or maybe bigger areas. And some area( whole level) would be amazing. Something like from Medievil level called MadHouse. Where you killed enemies and went to another room with more challenging enemies to the last room(part) with a really hard battle." - Sabatu (04-Aug-2019)
"This is hard to rate, because it is a great game but ... it kinda doesn't match with a TR game. I mean, I put 5 in the gameplay even if the game is a little gameplayless. The atmosphere is too not that important for this type of game ... Texturing was great indeed, but honestly this was not what my eyes cared to while playing. Combating is of course awesome and it is what makes this game one of the greatest game of the CaC contest, although it is not a TRLE game. Go and check it out, it is as refreshing as nostalgic sometimes! Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (07-Mar-2019)
"I'm agree with Phil's review. This level is not a classic, but only a simple shooter. Shoot hundreds of enemies and open chests to get various artifacts without a real gameplay and no puzzles is not my idea of fun. The best, the texturization." - Jose (20-Apr-2017)
"i havent got much too say about this one apart how much fun i had playing so much so that it was on my PC for days and literally couldn't stop playing it. I loved the crazy amount of weapons and also the outfits plus the locations. One of my favourite weapons from this had too be sophias secpter the amount of fun that i had blasting enemies with it was alot of fun :) - Lokky99" - lokky99101 (15-Mar-2017)
"I consider myself a pretty easy grader when it comes to custom levels, but I'm amazed at some of the high scores awarded by previous reviewers. For such a gargantuan download there's really very little to do here. There's no gameplay at all, and your sole task is to kill as many enemies as possible while staying alive during the allotted time. Not really Tomb Raider as we've come to know it. There are chests to open whenever you can catch your breath long enough to do so, but they usually contain something useless such as a skull or some other relic instead of a weapon or ammo. The worst thing is those flameblower guys that appear without warning, usually behind you so that your first awareness of them is being enveloped in flames. Playing in god mode as I do, this didn't present a problem, but I consider it a mean trick. I played three of the five environments provided, got bored in short order and went on to something else." - Phil (08-Feb-2017)
"Wow, this one was a tough one to score. There's no doubt there's a creative mind and imagination at work here. There's a brilliant idea being put into execution here: recreate well-known sceneries from TR1, TR2, TR3 and TR4 and have Lara battle the odds against hordes and hordes of enemies, all the while trying to attain the highest scores and combinations possible and acquiring brilliantly creative power ups. I can't quite give it all 10s or even a 10 in Gameplay and Puzzles as some other reviewers simply because the enemies were often present in overwhelming bunches and those annoying flamethrower guys kept torching Lara more often than not. Worth a look for something completely different from your average Tomb Raider experience. The best weapons were the Rapid Fire Grenade Launcher and the Sophia's Sceptre lookalike...*laughs evilly*." - Ryan (16-Jan-2017)
"I'm a big fan of the mercenaries mode in Resident Evil games and i was following the thread for this game on tombraiderforums and couldn't wait to see how it turned out. Unfortunately i got bored after like 4 rounds as it's just always the same (but what else could you include in a shooter anyway..). The Tinnos Wasps were really annoying as they always poison you but still good use of enemies overall. And to be honest i think the mercenaries theme from the Resident Evil games would fit better in this game as the original TR ones annoyed me after a while but i understand that it wouldn't fit the classic theme. Architecture was nothing special but that is not important to me in this kind of game. Texturing and lighting were okay. Overall: Very good use of the TRNG Engine and i recommend to try it out. It's just that i don't like shooting in a TR Game." - Mert (10-Jan-2017)
"It's a great shooter game. The gameplay is very similar to the mercenaries mode in some Resident Evil games: kill as many enemies as you can before the time ends, and increase the combo of enemies in a row to get even higher scores. But that's the only gameplay. In Tomb Raider, besides killing enemies there are also puzzles to solve, some platforming like difficult jumps... A bug prevented me from saving scores. After Lara dies or the time runs out, the screen to save your game (in this case your score) automatically opens, but when I pressed enter on some of the slots it kept reading "empty slot", sometimes it saved and others not. The objects are used very well, there is a variety of them. Every object found in chests (which open so slowly) has different powers such as make Lara invincible, invoke creatures to help you, get some extra seconds, among other things. The tracks are great, they are the essence of the stages to make the gameplay fluid. I really like that track of TR Chronicles: "Von Croy Industries", just cool. Something a little uncomfortable here is that when Lara is shooting and jumps backwards, the camera points to her while it should be behind her. In other games I don't remember this happened. And textures look good, the temple stage has like a green fog all over the place though. So yes, it's entertaining but some gameplay elements were missing. Anyway congratulations to the author for all the new features he added to this game. If you've played mercenaries mode in RE, then you'll already know how it works. If not, then give it a try ;)" - alan (03-Jan-2017)
"This is an incredibly original level with so much replay factor! I will be loading this time and time again to blow off steam, to remember the classics, and to have some fun. There were areas of this game that I wish I could see fixed (perhaps a re-release later on that acts as an "expansion pack") but overall it is highly enjoyable. The gameplay is relatively simple - shoot baddies. This can, at times, require a bit of strategy. If a baddie with a flamethrower appears, you need to focus on eliminating him. If an enemy is taking too long to kill, you better work on eliminating an easier opponent before your Counter # resets. The gameplay could be improved and expanded upon to include platforming or puzzles (at least to maneuver from level to level?) but I am also not sure of the mechanics of how this game works with regard to enemy spawning and "game over." The "palettes" were confusing to me and I think could have been explained a little better. The enemies are fun and represent a mixture of baddies from the classic TR games. I feel like, in my experience, I have seen more of the raptors than I would like to. Man, those things have bothered me since 1996. I think there is under-representation of some games (most notably TR1). The wasp is a very annoying enemy to encounter, as it is incredibly strong, persistent, and can poison Lara. It may be meant to act as a "boss," but I found it a little too aggravating. The atmosphere is well done. Each level represents an area reminiscent of a past TR game. I did not have any issues with the arenas built as far as that goes. The sound was alright, but I would have liked to see a few more tracks enter the game. Some of the songs are annoyingly short and repetitive to be a background track. The lighting is a tad flat in some places and overall lacks dynamics like effective sun bulbs and shadows. This could be enhanced in the future, but for the purposes of the game, they are inoffensive and blend well. I saw no glaring issues with textures and all seemed to be well applied. Thank you to the creator for working so hard with TRNG to create a very unique game. This perhaps has some of the most replay-ability of any custom level (just open it up and go!) and it is great to see something aside from the ordinary to honor 20 Years of TR." - phms2010 (30-Dec-2016)
"If you only want to play one shooter TR level, I advise you to play this one which really has it all if you are searching for that kind of levels. Enemies en masse where you have to use some strategies to kill them all (especially those nasty enemies on fire), self-choosable arenas and weapon sets, a score you can try to maximize and even a rating system that reflects on how well you've done in the game. If, however, you are searching for a real classic TR feeling or gameplay, you'll certainly be disappointed as only a few textures are reminiscent here and the architecture is very functional and basic. There isn't any actual gameplay here and of course no puzzles either, but it's just a case of definition if you enjoy this level or not for its shooter nature. I didn't really, it's just too much of one thing and for me the concept could've been integrated in a greater whole. Anyway, it's a fantastic achievement and hats off for the builder to construct something like this." - manarch2 (29-Dec-2016)
"Okay, so this is a shooter. No big deal at all. In fact, I like the idea, except it's not executed that well. Way too many enemies with no time for breathing, waps with HP of a tyrant (plus the annoying dizzy effect), it takes too long to open the chests and also the lack of features to keep the player interested in the long-term. I got bored in 15 minutes. Its strong point are definetely the well made arenas and the action music, which keeps the atmosphere vibrating. The creative use of items, different weapons and costumes also are a nice touch. Needs a lot more work." - Gian Carlo (21-Dec-2016)
"I played this while it was still a work-in-progress, and I saw a ton of potential for it. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if that potential was totally achieved, but it certainly delivers on some cheap, mindless fun. I like the variety of options when it comes to playing the game. The different weapons for each costume allow for some strategy. I liked the creative use of items. The music really added to the vibe of a fast-paced shooter. The arenas were well-made in my opinion and did what they needed to do. I also like how you could switch the palettes, that was a neat addition! I did not like, however, how ridiculously long it takes Lara to open the chests considering hordes of enemies bombard you while you do it. Also, the wasps were way too hard to kill and would poison me NON-STOP, and the distorting camera as a result made me seriously dizzy and I still somewhat see the effect even now after exiting the game. Also, the overall package lacked some genuine flavor and polish to keep it more engaging. There needed to be unlockables, different modes, a more reliable difficulty scale, maybe other playable characters, and definitely more stages. Overall, this is a fun, mostly well-made TRLE shooter, and it's worth playing to kill some time once in a while. But due to a lack of genuinely engaging content, it may not hold your attention for long." - BHM Productions (18-Dec-2016)
"This was a tough one to accurately rate. For instance,how can I give an elevated gameplay score to something which contains no puzzles whatsoever? It seems to me that all you do is leap around like a mad thing,shooting incessantly until you run out of health.You can collect pick-ups,but the chances are you'll be pounced upon while you're performing the action and have your health severely depleted;so it hardly seems advisable.Enemies are undoubtedly the strongest feature and,regardless of which scenario you choose,are rich in variety and will pounce upon you in bewildering number.Objects and textures were probably placed with care;but to be honest it was hard to tell,as I never had a single opportunity to stand still for even one second.Lighting seemed decent,and the pounding action music certainly helped to keep the adrenaline racing....but,really,what ultimately was the point? If you adore pure shooters,you'll doubtless also adore this;but if continual running and shooting to the exclusion of absolutely anything else is not your thing,you will probably give this a quick once- over and move on to something else. A neat and perfectly valid idea from the builder,though." - Orbit Dream (16-Dec-2016)
"I'm not really sure what to make of this level set - it certainly is unique - it pans away from the classic TR gameplay mechanics and employs those of a mercenaries game - this would be a perfect add on / extra to a complete level set as a bonus for completing the game. For a standalone game, it still certainly stands out above the rest, I can't say I've ever played anything like this on a TRLE game. It seems like a lot of hard work has gone into this and I congratulate the designer immensely and hopefully this style of levels could evolve into something much bigger one day, with different new enemies and bigger and better challenges. The atmosphere in each of the areas is fantastic - yes it lacks a degree of complex geometry but I don't feel that this needs it. Overall, a good game and I would definitely suggest it, especially if you are wanting to play something different." - smcandrew (13-Dec-2016)
"I don't understand the hype about this level and why other players are giving 10-10-10-10. I don't think it's even fair to give so high grades, but that's just my opinion. First, I will start with the best aspect. Yes, this game is very innovative and original. Clearly the author knows how to use NGLE and all of his possibilities. We never had before a game like this. In that part, a good job has been done by the author ! It's a shooter. Nothing more or less. I have to say that it gets boring after just a few minutes. Ok, I'm shooting and what else ? Picking up the chests was annoying as many times I was rushed by a horde of enemies. It's very repetitive as mostly shooters are. The ˝arenas˝ didn't look very good. Most of them had a very basic style created with not much care. The best one was ˝the catacombs˝ which looked nice. If I did it right, 2 arenas are even the same ?? Just another starting place ?? And some levels are exactly the same just with another texture template. Haven't found no real texture errors ( I couldn't look actually that much around as I was always shooting at something ), but the lighting shows that the author has not so advanced building skills. When creating a shooter like this at least I would expect to make some new enemies and pickup objects as this seems to be the main aspect of the game. All enemies are seen before. For the pickups I'm not sure if they are all old as I don't remember them all. We have here a set of under average created little levels ( ˝battle arenas˝) wrapped by a talented author who made something new with the NGLE, but sadly, I think that there was more to do ( new enemies, new pickups ). Maybe connect the arenas with some real gameplay/puzzle parts. Why not make some epic fights with a big creature, I don't know ... anything would be better than just making these little arenas and shoot, shoot, shoot. Would be a good Idea to let someone else create the arenas. someone more skilled in that department. I don't want to be rude, but in most categories this game is under average. It's not an excuse to build levels with poor design, light etc... just because it's supposed to be something else, a shooter with new features. Waiting for a battle arena 2, will play it for sure." - Gorty (13-Dec-2016)
"Fantastic and original game! I hope to see many more games coming out inspired by this." - Cosmos (10-Dec-2016)
"Now this is something really innovative and unique! I can see that TRNG engine was put in good use. It must have been a huge job making all of this work properly, but I must say, it was worth it, I loved it! It offers various arenas in the style of classic games with our dear classic Lara skins. The goal is to... shoot as much enemies as you can! Even though that's the only task in this game, I still enjoyed it a lot! The enemies were done really well, all sounds applied correctly, and their AI was alright. Artifacts were an amazing addition! I don't have anything to say for cameras and sounds, the choice was music was really good. But I didn't really enjoy the arena choices though, atmosphere in them felt kind of flat, could be the fog that softens it too much, I'm sure stronger colors would add to immersion even more. I'm really looking forward to more arenas, this game can be expanded quite a lot to make it even more enjoyable. Highly recommended!" - Raider99 (07-Dec-2016)
"This level is a very different game compare to classic levels, even if this was made for a Create a classic, I realized how hard I was with the builder instead of admitting how much I admired the way he used the engine to make something new out of it. The gameplay is very close to "The Mercenaries" from resident evil series, the player can chose the stage, the outfit etc etc. There are a lot of available weapons to deal with the numerous enemies. I think this mode could be an amazing add-on to a full adventure, a bit like my training in search for the golden elephant part 3. To sum up this level was judged wrongly by a lot of people, including me, but we have to admire how far the builder went with our beloved but quite old TRLE."" - Lara_Fox_Croft (07-Dec-2016)
"One of the more original custom levelsets to have come out in the past few years, Battle Arena is where you combine elements and locales from across the Tomb Raider series with the Mercenaries mode made popular in the Resident Evil franchise. And by god does it mix together perfectly! Sure, the gameplay is nothing but you surviving against set waves of enemies within seemingly overwhelming odds. But it can quickly become addictive as you struggle to improve your personal score and earn the best rankings possible, to satisfy the completionist within us all. So in that sense, the lack of any puzzles or semblance of a story quickly veers to the back of your mind(as you continue to gun down opponents utilizing familiar weaponry and incredibly creative artifact powerups to succeed, with different outfit setups available for Lara that each give her a unique arsenal which have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the map chosen). Enemies and objects fit their respective environments very appropriately, musical choices are very well-chosen and really help to get you pumped for playing. And finally, the lighting is handled very convincingly. So in conclusion, a very well-crafted game that should be played by absolutely anyone willing to try something different from the traditional Tomb Raider mold. Highly recommended!" - Ceamonks890 (06-Dec-2016)
"Wow, wow, wow! I never imagined I would see something like this in a TR fan-made. Builder's inspiration in the Mercenaries mode by the Resident Evil franchise enabled him to create a amazingly new, completely different and unique adventure you're not likely to miss. As the title say itself, here we can pick one from along eight arenas (although I prefer to call them 'scenarios'), with the chance of using a wide variety of outfits as well, each of which comes with a rich variety of weapons, from single pistols or uzis to the insane power of Plasma Charge, Book Spell, King Arthur's legendary sword Exaclibur or a tremendously powerful Rocket Launcher for one of the outfits. There's also the possibility of transforming Lara into a different human-kind person that grants her more special abilities, such as being able to heal herself over time, being entirely invulnerable (except for poisonous attacks) and even carrying out new weapons like the ones I already mentioned few lines above and a few of them this time with unlimited ammo. Just like the Mercenaries mode, the main goal is to kill as many foes as possible in the least possible amount of time and chaining as many kills as possible. This can also be done thanks to the special power-ups that can be obtained in chests along each round. Timeless sands for example gives an extension of 60 seconds that a player can exploit to earn a much higher score. Gameplay category deserves a 10 and only a 10 for the effort the builder paid to build such an innovative game in the Tomb Raider community. Another fact I really enjoy was introducing well-known revisited areas from the classics (TR1 through Chronicles) and preparing the battle in areas like Offshore Rig from TR2 or The Crash Site from TR3 probably gave you back quite a few nostalgic dreams. As a conclusion, this is something very well-crafted with a great design and a big effort put behind by the author in giving us such a pleasant level to enjoy during a long period of time. Highly recommend for everyone as this might be the start of a new world in the TR community. Kudos, matrix54, and thanks a lot for delighting all of us with this unique masterpiece. Looking forward to seeing more of this!" - MrJavi94 (06-Dec-2016)
"I just can't put anything below 10. This is such amazing game. It's really well made, the gameplay ideas there are so different yet so familiar from what we have seen so far. The design of the game is fantasticly done, it's all so nostalgic, and the amount of work done there is really incredible. Well done Michael this is so much fun..." - Mrshina (05-Dec-2016)
"Lara in Puna mask is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen in a custom level - how is she able to see anything through these black holes? But I couldn't instantly recognize which beasts are supposed to help me and which were hostiles, so it all makes sense. I had one great problem with this game and it was my secret hunter heart: enemies may come down swarming on me but I still choose to use my weapons to lighten a dark corner instead to defend myself. I'm just not a combat player - after exploring all the arenas, unfortunately very simple, I felt like having finished the game, without any need to run for high scores, so if the luck-based secret system didn't halt me for few hours I would have run through each map and proceeded to a level with real sense of discovery. I thought about ways of introducing it here, but none would really help - even if it was the final enemy dropping an artifact to unlock an escape door, in this case it would only delay the next fight, much undesired here. So I guess it's a game I just cannot fully enjoy no matter of quality, but also one I could very likely enjoy building an arena for - and a Venetian map is definitely missing, especially when the boat theme isn't. I presume the project may attract many builders to contribute multiple memorial topics like Atlantis, Barkhang, Coastal or Karnak, the last one to host default ninjas, not fitting any location they currently occupy. SUMMARY: I'm a bit worried because if Cain made this, people would complain about unfair loads of enemies, here somehow justified. But this is a unique thing, possibly a start of a larger event. Folks, what about a Battle Map Competition?" - DJ Full (05-Dec-2016)
"Battle Arena sets out to create something new and engaging in regards to game play for the Level Editor community and well, it does just that - and more! I cannot stress enough how much fun I have had over the last days playing this on and off returning to fan-favorite locations. Diving back into that classic atmosphere but playing like an arcade game is just incredible. If I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about it - or watching other people play it on YouTube! THIS is how you celebrate Lara, and THIS is how you make a winning game! Standing ovation all around, and I look forward to more Battle Arena in the future (custom levels, anyone?). A clear and deserving 10/10. Well done!" - Baratheon (05-Dec-2016)
"Battle Arena? WHAT? On a 1999 editor? Oh yes, that's right!! Michael aka matrix54 made something brilliant and completely original. This level in particular just made me had fun. These are the kind of games I'd like to play when I'm bored and alone somewhere (work, school, waiting for the bus etc). God, I just love THIS! The idea is very simple but there are so many features you can use. There are many outfits and many different maps. Each map has different kind of enemies while each outfits has different guns and different 'little helpers' (as I say :p). Of course, your choice of different outfits and maps will define the difficulty and damn, these can be pretty hard sometimes!! If there are flaws, I don't see them. I just thought the flamethrower guy was a bit OP but that was before I noticed I could stop Lara on fire with a medipack lmao. I'm going to give a 10 to everything. I just don't see how I can give a 9 or anything like that. Gameplay is just awesome: 10. Enemies and 'little helpers' work great, no bugs noticed: 10. atmosphere, sound and cameras: only sound bug I noticed is Lara opening the box, but that won't make me put a 9 instead of a ten tbh. Lighting & textures: lighting is not too complex but it isn't ugly either. It's enough to make the experience good enough, so another 10. IMO this so much deserves to be in hall of fame. It's just something different and god I CAN'T DESCRIBE THIS. I'm looking foward to see more of this!!" - SrDanielPonces (02-Dec-2016)