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Natla Technologies Building by Greywolf

Alien Autopsy 7 9 8 9
DJ Full 8 9 8 7
Gerty 7 8 7 7
Gorty 8 6 9 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
John 7 8 8 7
Jorge22 8 9 8 9
Jose 7 9 7 9
manarch2 6 8 7 6
Moonpooka 8 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 9
Penne_Pesto 5 6 6 4
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
TombExplorer 8 9 10 7
Torry 7 8 9 9
Treeble 7 8 8 8
release date: 28-Dec-2016
# of downloads: 181

average rating: 7.74
review count: 17
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file size: 44.30 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"This level had the premise of being a level that analyses what happens to Lara when she gets to the Natla Teconologies Building in TR1, between Tomb of Qualopec and St. Francis Folly. I didn't expect this level to be this good.
The gameplay and lighting/texturing is quite simple, but it's effective. It really works out in this level.
But not only this level is very fun to play(despite getting stuck sometime), but also the storytelling is amazing. But first things first.
Gameplay is mostly platforming and puzzles. Some puzzles are really interesting, like... math puzzles. I LOVED THEM A LOT. Was interesting!
A lot of custom enemies and objects which I liked.
And then, the storytelling. Cutscenes, details and even plot twists are so good. I promise you, the ending cutscene was jawdropping, totally unexpected in a good way!

Overall, Greywolf brings this level that may seem like a bad or simple level at first, but I can assure you it's very memorable and it's interesting and fun through all of it. The storytelling is top tier, good job!

Recommended? Yes, definitely.

Difficulty? Medium-Hard.

Duration? Approx. 60-90 minutes." - TombExplorer (09-Oct-2022)
"What a great idea and concept to have a level based in the natla technologies building from the first game! you even get the original cutscenes from the game here. You start off outside on the famous roof and then have to make your way through the building looking for ways to progress as your aim is to find natlas office and open her safe. Its definitely safe to assume that gameplay involves a lot of searching and finding items to open doors or new areas but there is also some shocking surprises such as scary monsters to defeat and an intriguing library with traps, there is some timed runs and a couple of interesting mental puzzles to solve including a riddle one and mathematics one so there is definitely variety in gameplay here which is always good to have, the only time i needed a walkthrough was with the shooting of the light which opens the door to the library, again that was a great idea but it really needed some kind of hint for that. Its nice to see natla again this time spying on lara at the end of the level haha" - John (18-Jan-2022)
""Creator of all things bright and beautiful", they said. I love the concept behind this level and it's such a nice tribute to the occasion. As far as gameplay is concerned, the first half is pretty much what you'd expect out of a VCI-style level, by entering offices and opening drawers and the like, but the second half takes quite a few liberties such as a twisting library which leads to an egyptian shrine. Natla is certainly full of surprises and the ending cutscene also shows that in a brilliant way. I ran across the entire building twice before giving up and checking the walkthrough to learn of a shootable lamp (no sign it could be shootable whatsoever), but other than that it was a fairly linear and pleasant raid. A couple of animations are off synch, but it's not a major issue so it didn't affect my experience. 40 minutes, 3 secrets. 09/19" - Treeble (29-Sep-2019)
"I actually quite liked this level that filled in one of the glaring gaps from the original story. Yes agreed, it was a key hunt at the end of the day but everything flowed nicely and back tracking was kept to a minimum." - Torry (21-Sep-2018)
"I found the fixed camera’s very irritating, as they don’t serve any purpose than to annoy the player (me). Overall not a bad idea to explore Natla’s building. Lots of pick-ups, not that you need it, but it makes life a bit more pleasant, although you can kill all the enemies with Lara’s trusted guns. Nice little critters that made me jump in my chair the first time I saw them. If you want all secrets you have to explore every nook and cranny and that is how I like it. The library puzzle made no sense and I had to run around a lot before I got any result. The start and finish had great cut scenes. A nice tribute for 20 years of Tomb Raider." - Gerty (30-Jan-2018)
"Another good level from this author. Not fantastic puzzles, but some interesting ideas and an entertaining gameplay, except for the lamp I needed to shoot (yes, it's marked in the map, but still not very clear for me) and the odd situation in the second part of the library (I never know what triggered the opening and the exit; just ran around; perhaps the ceiling marked tiles?). Correct cameras and sounds, cool new objects, well applied textures, well made cutscenes... A good tribute to the 20 years of TR. Recommended." - Jose (03-May-2017)
"This was a nice level overall, celebrating 20 years of TR. A few too many doors and cabinets to open, but it's mainly the exploration that matters in this instance. Turns out Natla keeps a whole load of hideous creatures here (particularly those retextured giant scorpions). The last part in the library with the ceiling tiles and Bastet statues was rather unfair, but it's otherwise a pleasant enough level." - Ryan (09-Mar-2017)
"Yet another tribute to the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider, in december we were really blessed with them. This particular level nicely uses the storyline of TR 1 as background to tell a previously non-playable part. There's really plenty to like about this game, like the object and enemy design (especially the mutant spiders), the gameplay also contains a few interesting parts (the timed bridge, all events in the library among others, and of course the implemented cutscenes (I had to watch them in windowed mode, though, because the game would freeze otherwise). But perhaps this just didn't quite convince me as much as Greywolf's previous levels. There's really a bit too much running around, opening doors and exploring drawers and the gameplay really misses a bit the magic present in other games, it's almost too ordinary for the builder, despite the mentioned tasks being decent. Also, the looks are a bit monotonous because of the fairly repetitive blueish lighting and very basic architecture; not that an office building doesn't look monotonously from time to time but I think adding a bit more variety would've been quite helpful. The objects are also lit a bit strangely; while I was not a huge fan of the fixed cameras (you often can't see anything behind the curtains), I at least understand why they are used. Perhaps the amount of pickups should've been drastically reduced, as all those ammo, flares and health reserves almost felt ridiculous. The five secrets are excellently hidden; one was that well hidden that I couldn't even find it at all (and I don't seem to be the only one). Overall, enjoyable and quirky despite being a bit behind the builder's potential, at least if you ask me. 35 minutes." - manarch2 (02-Mar-2017)
"I picked up so many medipacks during the course of this game that I was constantly braced for a bloodbath, which never occurred. There's the odd enemy lurking around (including some rather interestingly re-textured critters) but it mostly fairly peaceful and involves exploring the large building, which does mean quite a lot of running up and down stairs. The ending section in the library is somewhat esoteric and a touch confusing, but it's a pleasant enough raid and, at under an hour, certainly doesn't outstay its welcome. Something slightly different and kudos to the builder for trying that." - Jay (01-Mar-2017)
"This is a nice little level with a good balance between fighting enemies, figuring out how to do things and conquering timed runs, although there's a little too much running up and down stairs to suit me. I used the posted video walk to play through and write a written walk. It documents two secrets, so of course that's all I found. Plenty of flares are provided, although I rarely had to use one. I never did figure out what was going on in the library at the end, but by sheer trial and error I was able to switch the geography around to gain access to the Egyptian room containing the Note that provided a clue that to me was total nonsense and didn't fit the correct keypad code. Maybe it had something to do with those two Bastet Statues I found near the end that had no apparent use. Anyway, it's a pleasant enough raid that's certainly fun to play." - Phil (05-Feb-2017)
"This was one of those levels which I'm pretty certain I completed without experiencing everything that the builder intended.It all looked very slick (albeit a little too empty at times)and generally flowed well despite the olympian use of interactive filing cabinets (remodelled from those slightly annoying glass-fronted ones.You know the sort - where you need to take one step backwards in order to get them to open). The layout mostly consisted of corridors;but they were well lit and textured,and had some nifty enemies lurking around many of the corners. The gameplay tried very hard to be puzzle based,although clues could esily be missed. Nonetheless,the level had a sense of fun running throughout.From the bizzare little baddies;to the strange library;and the animaton of the paper being spat out by the Printer - this was a good-humoured and quite stylish and inventive little adventure." - Orbit Dream (18-Jan-2017)
"Thank you for making playable what always felt like a cancelled level. It's a wonderful idea to recall it for the anniversary, to repair it the way Lara may remember it, so a part of my life is not missing anymore. I liked the invention - when I read about "alive library" I knew what's going to happen but I was still surprised it did, and a triple room change is something new - however it would be better with players locked in, as you can miss the second flip and leave too early. Fighting the wolf (or Greywolf, a deeper meaning?) is unexpected yet foreshadowed, so you feel it in the air but get surprised again. I'd like a stronger weapon for these tougher battles, the Uzis would fit an earlier secret to reward careful players. As usual for office levels, there are too many cabinets - I wrote bits of this while opening them hehe. I would exchange few of them for one lab to explain the mutation. Any hint on which computer I'm supposed to use would be good, and I'm not fond of turning jumpswitches into statics - after Ran's levels I tried to pull them all. But these weren't much trouble, as I expected one to work and another to fail - the real risk was to change the bunch hole, so if someone played the default, he may ignore it, or at least leave it for last to try. One big door never opened but I think it's the official entrance Lara was never meant to use (well... Tomb Raider). And you better watch FMVs properly because the outro is as satisfying as the intro, and the original cut was neatly cut in two cuts to make space for gameplay in between. The conclusion unexpectedly fills more than one storyline gap, yet another surprise. SUMMARY: Among the most inventive and least confusing levels from this author, short but well balanced. Something with more unique spots instead of repetition, a tad less confusion and telling a full story usually becomes a legit adventure, and I believe Grey is one step in right direction from making something timeless." - DJ Full (16-Jan-2017)
"This was a rather basic and not super fun level, but it has some perks that make it worth the download. It's not complicated or in your face, which allows you to progress at your pace. The objects were well used and some of the room designs were pretty cool. I also liked how the level really tried to be puzzle and mystery driven. However, the level just lacks flavor. There were way too many filing cabinets to dig in, a lot of levers to pull, and hardly any enemies (although the mutant spider things were cool), making the gameplay rather bland. Although there were cool aspects of the gameplay here and there, such as the library and the printer and notes. The whole level had a pretty basic and kind of empty look/feel, and the lighting was too intense. The music choice was fun at times but the background ambiance needed to be something different that matched the feel of a modern building. An interesting concept for sure and I really like the way the author tied it in with events in Tomb Raider 1, but overall it just wasn't that fun, polished, or investing." - Penne_Pesto (14-Jan-2017)
"This was a fun level to raid with its VCI reminiscences. Never overly complicated, I found it looked good and I did enjoy a few things such as the way Willard the spider was retextured to make it look like a different creature. Way to go, thanks for sharing." - Jorge22 (11-Jan-2017)
"I love VCI style skyscraper/lab/secret base riding, and it's not so easy to find good levels in this area. The texturing is excellent - choices and quality of textures I can be fond of. Panorama behind the window is pretty. Found myself quite enchanted with the atmosphere of the place. The recreation of the main scene from original TR + added videos are a great flavour which deserves some love. Lighting was excellent - very unique and very crisp&technological, I found myself dazzled by these flashy lights. Neat. The place is full of fluorescent, blue hues with futuristic spice to it. There is a lot of details everwhere. The place really feels like secret lab and office at the same time. Big fan of huge glass windows and doors with the semitransparent colours. Adored the lab parts. Weird diagrams and shelves that are suiting it. There are few tricky/hidden switches, pretty nice logical puzzles that forced me to write on the paper and wake up my brain a bit (that's great!). [Spoiler warning here]. Secret hideouts and libraries with a moment of horror twist... great idea. Lara's comments add to the adventure and make it more personal. The egyptian puzzle & hidden room was my favourite. Also liked the timed puzzle with water and the animation of the water itself. It was really cool for me and I've got good memories from this level. Now, to the flaws... as I have to pick them, as usual. I had more than 20 medipacks various sizes, while I used only 2 of them. Yes, a lot of them were picked up in secret places, but still... that's way too much, way too easy for me. Also, too much ammo and guns which I had barely any use of, again - making game even easier. The only not easy part about this level was getting stuck and exploring, the ammo and abundance of medipacks should have been reduced to around 3-4 medipacks maximum. Secrets were well hidden and I had fun finding them. Some objects were not fitting with the light around them sometimes. Overall, fun level and I am glad I downloaded it. I want more. Want more levels like this one/perhaps something similar." - Alien Autopsy (10-Jan-2017)
"A very nice and creative level. Gameplay was easy and on some parts very interesting and innovative. Did get stuck a few times because I couldn't figure out that to do with the floppy disk and, of course, figuring out the code. The level had a nice atmosphere. The blue light fit in really well. The FMV cutscenes were also integrated very good in the game. Didn't seem that the lighting of the rooms were monotone, so that's a good point. Many objects had wrong applied lighting on them so that they excelled from the surrounding. Few objects were totally black. Didn't find any big texturing errors. I have to mention that few rooms felt a little bit empty. The fixed cameras were a good Idea, but they did prevent me from seeing where I was walking because the window object was not transparent completely. I assume that they were placed to hide ˝the end of the world˝. The library part was made very good !. Overall, I did like it. Maybe doing a new version and putting it in a bigger project could be a good idea. Just a suggestion." - Gorty (05-Jan-2017)
"What a nice level this was. Lara enters Natla's offices to search for info on the Scion. You will be searching many offices for items, killing some small robot spiders, guards and large scorpions. There are also a few laser traps to negociate and a timed run. On the way, you will collect clues to what you need to do next, which was cool..Nothing too taxing and great, if like me, you enjoy exploring." - Moonpooka (31-Dec-2016)