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Rescue Anaya - Part 1 by Mert

DJ Full 8 9 9 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 5 6 7 5
manarch2 7 7 7 7
Phil 9 9 8 9
Ryan 7 8 8 7
Teone 9 8 8 7
release date: 26-May-2017
# of downloads: 155

average rating: 7.64
review count: 7
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file size: 171.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Considering the few reviews this game got in 4 years, it doesn't seem to be a very popular game. Anyway I gave it a go and I was not disappointed. From an aesthetic point of view it's not very attractive, it's an odd mix between egyptian and oriental textures and objects. All Core stuff, nothing really innovative. However the gameplay is enjoyable, sometimes not linear and a bit confusing but, with the help of a walkthrough, I found my way. At the beginning I was a little worried because I thought there are few medipacks and ammo, but progressing in the game I saw that enemies are few and you don't need more pickups than that. Mainly there is a lot of exploration and platforming, and yes... also some backtacking but it's because maps are very big. Surely it's a game for patient players. If you are not patient, you probably give up or get annoyed." - Teone (23-Sep-2021)
"I'm surprised this clever game isn't known better. It had my various personalities, especially the atmosphere lover and the pushblock denier, debating for entire night of playthrough since I found many bits admirable and many bits unnecessary. It's indeed a very serious and ambitious effort and if you are patient you should definitely try it." - DJ Full (01-Jan-2018)
"There's admittedly a large amount of backtracking in this quite lengthy game (despite there only being three levels). There's also a bit too much climbing and shimmying across previously trekked routes. Luckily, it's fairly balanced out by some fun timed runs, enjoyable (if rather repetitive) traps, block puzzles and brief torch action. I wasn't a fan of the overdone sloping grounds in the first level that made movement hard, nor the weird sounds in some areas (not a major issue), but it's a game that's worth playing if you persevere." - Ryan (07-Oct-2017)
"The backtracking is quite a prominent feature in this game, especially in the first level there's a lot of to and fro and I think that the long ladders and repetitive tasks might have been reduced a bit overall. Still, there are a lot of fun puzzles, platforming sections and timed runs so if you can bear a bit of tedium there's something to enjoy here. The usage of enemies is decent and I think the secrets are quite well hidden too. Concerning the looks, there are some obvious texturing mistakes (the amount has been diminuished but there are still a few in almost all areas), the choice is also a bit eclectic and not always fitting so well. Still the looks work fine in a way and the lighting also got better. Cameras and sounds are aptly used, although the missing sound for flares and water surface animation are not so nice. The architecture still bears a few shortcomings, but is definately less blocky than before. Overall a good 2:20 hour long game that is not exactly perfect and perhaps released a bit prematurely but still has its certain something." - manarch2 (24-Jun-2017)
"I started off feeling rather irritable at this game as initially it seemed to be full of annoyingly uneven floor surfaces that had poor Lara tripping and stumbling a lot. Mercifully that settled down and I have to say I found this three-parter better as it went along. There's quite a lot of backtracking and an over reliance on push blocks throughout the game, but there's also a lot of fun stuff, especially some of the timed runs (fairly generously timed) and some good puzzles. Enemies are generally well used, although the four demigods at the end could have been a bit tedious if relying on the tried and trusted method of kneeling in front of them and plinking away with pistols for an eternity. Luckily, by this time I'd amassed quite enough fire power and medipacks to blast them to oblivion quickly and have a health top up. Not at all bad an adventure as long as you have the patience for a lot of running around." - Jay (19-Jun-2017)
"While spending the better part of a week playing this elaborate three-part release, I realized how much it reminded me -- both in terms of looks and the quality of gameplay -- of the TR3-themed Relics of Power series. Each level required more than an hour for me to complete, and by the time I finished this evening I was in a state of near exhaustion. There is no doubt but that a great deal of thought and planning has gone into the execution of these levels, and although a certain amount of backtracking is required, the game maps are so compact that no great distances need to be traveled in order to do this. The many cut scenes are quite helpful in directing the player where to go next. All three levels, but especially the last one, are quite nonlinear, and if anyone out there intends to play while referring to my walkthrough, I strongly recommend that you follow it from start to finish and not try to pick up my directions in mid-stream. Otherwise, you'll likely find yourself stuck again in short order. This is a game with many twists and turns, and part of the fun is trying to figure out what the builder intends that you do next. Some of the tasks are a bit daunting, but nothing so difficult as to make me feel I should provide a set of savegames. The lighting is quite good, and I had many more flares than I was required to use. This builder provides good, solid entertainment, and I feel that his releases have shown steady improvement. High recommendations." - Phil (11-Jun-2017)
"Good effort, but apparently the author totally ignored the comments from the reviewers for his last levels. For me, the gameplay was quite bad; the first level was really a nightmare, with a lot of backtracking and forced to do the same tasks a lot of times; always leaving behind closed doors and forced to go back and repeat the same movements again and again many times. About the "puzzles", no imagination to create new puzzles, but only the same old classic tasks: the timed runs, the pillars with fires, move blocks onto marked tiles... and repeat and repeat the same "puzzles" in all three levels and also in the same level. Not funny for me. The second and third levels were better; at least, in the second level, some doors closed behind you and you are forced to get the artifacts before leave the big areas (good!); but still forced to backtrack a lot and repeat the same tasks excessive times finding often dead ends and going always back and back to the closed doors you leave behind. The number of switches to pull in all the game as very excessive; hundreds of switches to pull and many timnes pull two or three switches to open a single door with no sense. The last level was the best of the three; no much backtracking and entertaining tasks with some camera hints to help, but still tedious tasks like the dry pool with a dozen of moveable blocks to move only to find a lever and go (again backtracking) up to flood the pool and use it. The secrets are well hidden and nice to find, but the rooms are often not well ornated and empty of objects and furniture with a rude architecture. There are some (few) TR3 nice musics, and also few flybys to create a better atmosphere. There are many, many texture defects too in all areas (I think that was the author said as I could notice in the readme file). As I said, a very good effort, but I think not well betatested and hastily released, without fresh ideas. Sorry." - Jose (02-Jun-2017)