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Tomb Raider Re-Imagined - Peru by AoDfan

Ceamonks890 8 8 8 8
DJ Full 8 9 10 7
eRIC 6 8 6 6
Gerty 4 7 7 7
JesseG 7 8 9 7
Jose 6 7 7 8
Killer Gameplayz 10 10 10 10
Klona 9 9 10 10
manarch2 5 7 7 6
Mert 7 8 8 8
Mman 6 7 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Raider99 8 10 10 9
Ryan 6 7 7 7
Sethian 10 10 10 10
TheStig 8 7 7 7
Tolle87 9 10 9 9
TombExplorer 6 8 8 8
Torry 8 8 9 9
Treeble 7 8 7 8
release date: 30-Jul-2017
# of downloads: 187

average rating: 7.91
review count: 20
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file size: 110.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: South America

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"A rather subtle remix of the first four TR1 levels. Expect to see the same areas for the most part, with some changes here and there. Quite a few stretched and wallpapered textures present, but the architecture itself is pretty good. The save system is a bit strange but once you know how it works, it is not too bad. There are two pieces to it. There are single-use checkpoints scattered across the levels that allow you to save. I got nervous when it took a while to get to the first one, but that was before I realized there are also 5 savegame crystals in your inventory that you can use whereever you want (like in TR3). It would have been cool to see more of those given out as rewards for exploring areas, but I didn't see them used that way. Combat includes the same kinds of enemies, from Larson to a T-Rex to bats and wolves. Plenty of relatively simple pushblock puzzles break up the climbing sequences Lara will be doing, as well as dart and blade traps and spikes. I particularly liked the Tomb of Qualopec chamber that you had to flood and unflood as you maneuvered the columns to where they needed to go. Overall it's not a fresh enough experience for me to recommend in general, but if you want to see a slightly different take on the first couple of TR1 levels, check it out. 1 hour 16 minutes." - JesseG (03-Nov-2020)
"This was a tough one for me to review, and I thought for a while as to how exactly one should score this sort of thing. It’s becoming very difficult with this new trend of retro/classic levels to decide how to score them and how they should compare to bigger projects where the builder spent months creating object meshes for a room, new high res textures, and new animations. At the end of the day, I looked at rating this almost like one would a BTB level. It is clear the intention of the author was to re-create the TR1 experience in every way possible, and this includes the primitive rooms, pixelated textures, blocky object meshes, simplified gameplay, and lack of colored lighting – and in all of this, he does an outstanding and refreshing job and I loved every minute of playing this. So, this is why I am scoring something like this so highly, and placing it in the same rank as say, a Titak or Piega masterpiece.

It is interesting how once upon a time, all the focus in the TRLE world was to make something like a Crystal Dynamics game, and for many that is still the focus and the preference. When it comes to most remakes of TR1, everyone tends to keep gameplay the same but enhance the visuals to make it all look and feel like CD’s TRA – perhaps adding a few different routes, switches, and secrets to freshen up the gameplay. I think AoDfan’s approach with this release here is probably the most interesting of all, because instead of enhancing the visuals, he kept all that as it was in TR1, even following the general themes of the 4 Peru levels, but then changing the gameplay around completely so that it really is a new experience. This is the reason why it warrants these high marks that I’ve given because the author didn’t just copy and paste all the TR1 levels, or simply make everything prettier. There are real brains behind this entire creation.

It is almost as if these 4 levels are part of an alternate reality that never happened, but could have. Pretend we are in 1996, and AoDfan is an employee of Core Design, and has been tasked to make the 4 Peru levels of TR1. All he knows, are the rough brainstormed ideas for these levels created by the team, but it is up to him alone to decide how exactly it will all be structured and play out. This is what we have here with these levels. They feel “official” – like something that Core could have legitimately released back in 1996, so in the same way that I would rate a custom level from the beginning days of TRLE (when all we had where the few Egypt WADs and TGAs to work with) as stellar if it could pass for a real TR4 level or even better, that is how I rate this re-imagining of TR1. And, I know this is blasphemous to say, but had these Peru levels been the official ones released back then: they’re better than the originals…!

For the first time ever, I wasn’t even annoyed by the Save Crystals – they are provided very frequently and you even have a few extra ones in your inventory. I think the author reached a good balance here, but I don’t know how I’ll feel about this if he uses this same approach when we get to really difficult levels such as Atlantis. Perhaps even more crystals should be provided in the inventory?

One thing that is very interesting about how the gameplay has been restructured partially involves the secrets – which are quite well hidden. You’ll run through an area that feels vaguely familiar and reach a fork in the road. Your brain will go “Aha, I remember this – to the left was the way for the main gameplay, to the right was a quick detour for a secret.” So, you’ll go right, thinking you’ll quickly grab that secret before continuing on… but then after some traversing you’ll realize you’re actually on the level’s main route, and the side-quest for the secret was in the other direction. This is utilized a few times, and forces you to re-wire your brain a bit, and shows real intelligence from the builder’s part at twisting us around like this. A perfect example is at the end of Lost Valley: the way we would normally go once draining the waterfall to grab a quick secret, will actually just send us to the next level. Instead, we need to traverse back to what draining the waterfall revealed, which in the original is the way to Qualopec’s tomb, but in this version, is actually a secret.

Also, with everything being changed around so much, exploring the Lost Valley actually becomes scary again. By this point you are 3 levels into the game, you know the author has re-imagined everything, and so now, you have no idea when the T-Rex will come at you out of the darkness. Another cool aspect about the gameplay is how it comes up with new ideas that still work in that simplified and quirky TR1 way – such as pushing a block in order to “stopper up” a waterfall and so drain water out of a room. It’s so simple and silly, but somehow so right.

I liked how the enemies were weaker, like in the original TR1. The wolves go down pretty fast, as do the raptors and you’re not stuck shooting them for too long since you only have pistols. I also always love when the bats are downed in one shot (just like in TR1), and not the industrial strength TR4 Covid-19 bats that are sometimes more resilient than a demi-god. What is a cool twist though is that enemies seem to be more powerful when wounding Lara. I noticed this first with the bear – the cute, adorable, fat little bear, like always, slowly waddling towards me… but one bite and suddenly I was dead. This also applied to the traps. I was accidentally hit by one of those swinging blades and I was instantly killed. That was a little frustrating due to the Save Crystals, but once you notice that sort of thing you become that much more careful with every move you make. Again, a very interesting way of re- defining the formula we have all become so complacent with – suddenly small and easy tasks become more challenging and refreshing.

I also liked the added bonus in Lara’s Home: that we can find a hidden key under a crate, and so change Lara’s outfit in her bedroom, to then have a different look when playing the game. The only downside I found with this is that swapping into a new outfit doesn’t let you finish the training level… but finishing the training level all the way to the pool room doesn’t let you return to Lara’s bedroom in order to use that key and put on a new outfit. My suggestion for the author, if he continues this project and creates this setup again, perhaps have Lara find the hidden key not under a box in the main hall, but in the pool room. This way, it even makes sense that she says “Right, now I’d better take off these wet clothes” – encouraging the player to go with that key to her bedroom and change clothes. Just a suggestion so that no part of this cool feature is missed.

I could go on about other cool things the author added and changed around – there is a great cinematic fixed camera setup in the Lost Valley level when diving down from a waterfall; I love Lara’s attitude-filled stance she assumes if you leave her waiting around for too long; there is some simple storytelling with the broken pieces of the bridges in the water that show us there used to be a simpler way through this cave, but we have to find a different route; and returning back to Vilcabamba via Qualopec after grabbing the Scion, for the shootout with Larson, is also cool and different. I really and truly hope AoDfan manages to re-imagine the entire game like this, because I find it to be a truly ingenious and refreshing way to re-experience something that we all know and love. Looking forward to the Greco-Roman levels and how different St. Francis Folly could be!!!" - Sethian (20-Aug-2020)
"I would start saying that I don't like remakes that much, as I would rather see some original content from the author. But this level, feels completely like a different game. Even if I can still determine and recognise that I am playing through Caves, or Vilcabamba, at least they look almost different, so it is one span over other remakes. The game forces you to use save crystals, and unlike other people I saw, I liked the idea! There were more than enough. Another thing that was more than enough were medikits(and that is a good thing): I managed to finish the level without meds and I had a lot of small and large medipacks. I also loved the fact you could choose the outfit: I personally used TR2's bomber jacket in TR1 style, it was majestically done. The secrets were clever and well placed for the most part. Another positive thing is the ending: I love how Lara and Larson's cutscene happens in another area compared to Tomb Raider 1, that was fantastic and a nice touch! But there is one BIG thing that ruined the experience for me(not fully but almost), and that is the controls. AoDfan limited Lara to TR1 animations and moves(and that's good, it fits)... but for some strange reason, the author also implemented the CONTROL DELAY for the jumps, like in Tomb Raider 1. That was the worst choice the author could make. I know it is more faithful to Tomb Raider 1, but it was the game's biggest problem and you decided to port it into your project. It really messed up most of the jumps for me and made the experience way less fun, I am sorry. The rest of the game though is very good, even if it is just a remake. Only one thing about gameplay and puzzles: I got stuck in vilcabamba for a lot of time. I took so much to finish the level, things were a bit too hidden for my taste, but maybe it was just me so I won't downrate because of it. Recommended? Yes, especially if you are a Tomb Raider 1 fan. Not recommended if you dislike Remakes or Tomb Raider 1 delayed jump controls. Difficulty? Medium-Hard. Duration? Approx. 2h30-4h" - TombExplorer (07-Aug-2020)
"It's been 14 months since I've last played a custom level, so I am (very) out of the loop when it comes down to all recent developments. I've had this level sitting on my "pending" folder since release though, so I thought it was finally time to check it out. Even though it's listed as a remake, it feels like anything but. Sure, the areas are familiar and the engine has been incredibly tweaked to play and sound just like TR1, but everything is quite different. The Lost Valley, for instance, feels like it's been increased to twice its original size, and the same can be said for Tomb of Qualopec -- I particularly smiled when I ran up the boulder path, expecting the Scion, only to find myself on an all new floor for this tomb. All in all, possibly my favorite version of what might be the most remade level in TR history. The tweaks to the engine come with a few hinderances, however, I noticed Lara's jumps aren't as responsive as they usually are (eventually I made a mental note to always make the proper run-up) and as the areas are just so much bigger (and some seem too flat and plain for their own good), I think the sprint ability could have been kept in. The save system is also changed fundamentally, F5 is disabled but you are given plenty of crystals along the way so that never became a problem for me. 140 minutes, 8 secrets. 09/19" - Treeble (30-Sep-2019)
"I'm normally quite ambivalent about remakes as I would rather play the original levels that served as their inspiration (although I'll admit that some have positively surprised me, "Late Summer" for instance). This one I also have mixed feelings about. On the positive side, I'm glad that this wasn't a straight up copy of all four Peru levels otherwise I may have scored it even lower. It's also very faithful to the original and I loved seeing all of the familiar sights and those old Core Design audio files sent a shiver down my spine. The additional areas (the ones that aren't plain corridors) also spiced up the experience slightly. On the negative side, I did have a feeling of "been there, done that" as the majority of the areas that are new are actually very easy and you'll be through them in a flash. The save crystals never became an issue for me as I only died a couple of times and had used my own just beforehand, but I would have far preferred to use the usual save system, or at least had the choice too. Overall, it's an enjoyable levelset if you're in the mood, but it doesn't quite add enough to break the mould a bit or provide a new insight into TR1." - Ryan (28-Apr-2018)
"OK some of this I loved and other parts I hated. From a TR1 perspective it was a really good re-imagining of the first four levels with there being sufficient differences and twists to keep the raider happy. I liked the great big rooms with the long route of getting to the objective. It was simple and pure and in my mind uncluttered with superfluous objects that were simply placed because you can. Puzzles were relatively easy for any raider worth their salt and atmosphere in my mind was exactly like TR1. The enormous six foot thick gate holding the T Rex was a nice touch and even though a knew damn well that beast was behind there I had to go and open it didn't I? What I hated was the damn save crystals. OK to employ them but then to disable the F5 save key is unconscionable. I read in the reviews there are extra save crystals in inventory but I never saw them to be honest. This Editor is for the PC. You cannot play the editor levels on a Play Station or Sega Saturn or whatever console you may have so please, do not force your playing preferences onto us players. I would have scored the game play higher if not for this." - Torry (25-Feb-2018)
"Certain rooms were too big to avoid the boxy feeling, if you want to keep this size you need a lot of extra work to make every room organic. Especially in this scale I'm not sure if the old jump mechanics should have been restored and the sprint key disabled, because the progress is simply too slow, also the savegame crystals should also be placed more frequently and in better strategic spots. But the only thing I really didn't like was the Lost Valley with the arch room copied twice so going through the second one brings no extra gameplay value. My favourite thing was definitely sticking to original enemy health since I died to the wolves in previous remakes. Also fun and raising proper suspense was preparing the T-Rex fight, as well as swapping secrets with the intended path, so some interesting places which only served as extra content finally got some deserved prominence. In the end I was astonished AoDfan has actually managed to make a perfectly stable Larson cutscene, because I was trying for three weeks to do it in my Melkor cut and never totally succeeded... sounds like a builder I need a tutorial from. SUMMARY: Probably the most solid remake of this TR1 chapter aside of TR Anniversary Retold." - DJ Full (23-Dec-2017)
"As the name suggests this is a pseudo-remake of Tomb Raider 1's Peru section. The set goes out of it's way to follow TR1 faithfully, including various small details like the annoying delay on the run-jump animation. Visually it does a good job following TR1's style, and there's little to betray it as a Tomb Raider 4 engine set. Given the visual liberties taken at certain points to create new vistas I feel it could have gone a bit further with what it's doing, and quite a lot of the new content (especially in the first couple of maps) amounts to cubic tunnels on a visual level.
The gameplay follows the difficulty curve of TR1, and, while there are a few bits that go beyond what was in TR1 itself (like a large cave you climb around in Caves), it's mostly very easy. The save system is changed to a hybrid of TR1 and 3's system, as you use save crystals found in levels as checkpoints, but you also have a small number of extra save crystals you can use at any time. With how low the difficulty is the limited saving never really becomes an issues, and does at least add a little tension to a few parts. The level layout changes are a bit mixed; as I mentioned above, a lot of the additions amount to empty corridors, but it does seem to improve a little as it goes, with Lost Valley and Tomb of Qualopec having the best additions. The Vilcabamba changes are odd as the bigger parts are smaller and less interlinked than before (though it does set up for a nice twist at the end). Tomb of Qualopec is nicely expanded though, and has the most interesting new content. An okay set if you want a faithful TR1 style set, Overall though I don't feel the changes add anything especially meaningful as far as providing a new perspective on TR1 goes." - Mman (29-Aug-2017)
"A true nod to the orignial game but re imagined through the brilliant mind of AODFAN, Nice graphics that were not so ready available on TR1 original gameplay and placed in an e TRLE folder form for easy use. Check my YT channel for the full walkthrough, enjoy!!" - Killer Gameplayz (24-Aug-2017)
"I believe rating this level while considering all the limitations of TR1 is the only fair thing to do and thanks to the author himself, I discovered some of the limits of TR1 engine I didn’t know up until now which helps me making this review as fair as possible. The builder really "nailed" whole Tomb Raider 1 experience, to the smallest detail, kudos to that! The gameplay is pretty casual and simple, maybe even more than supposed to, but what more to expect as it's based on TR1? I do like some of the puzzles and added areas, like water puzzle in Tomb of Qualopec or a whole new watery cave. I liked save crystals, just like from the demo. They were placed nicely and appeared frequently enough. Enemies are done and placed perfectly, no complaints on that, the same goes for secrets! They were all really hidden, and I wasn't fortunate enough to find the magnums. The whole atmosphere, lighting and textures (placed perfectly with a lot of care) together were really true to the original. I only didn't like few areas as they seemed to be even less complex than they were in Tomb Raider 1, like the waterfall in the Lost valley. I have nothing to add, except that I wish luck to the builder with other parts of the game as I'm looking forward to it!" - Raider99 (24-Aug-2017)
"In many respects I could copy and paste my review of the original preview level that formed part of 2015's advent series as my opinions remain largely unchanged. Whilst again I appreciate this may not be to everyone's taste the touch of nostalgia combined with seeing familiar spaces so radically re-imagined is hard to resist. For me there's something oddly satisfying about the original geometry of TR1 that creates a whole different design language in itself. One thing AOD fan definitely succeeds in is making these spaces feel vast. I am (with some mixed results) now playing some TRLE levels in 21:9 ultra-wide, which made the up-scaled lost valley recreation feel absolutely huge! I didn't really mind the save crystals originally until I got squashed by a boulder in the Tomb of Qualopec and found myself having to replay a fairly large section. Again I understand it's inclusion for authenticity but it will make it unpopular with save fetishists (like me) who generally press F5 before any remotely perilous jump! On a side- note, Lara's home was a nice inclusion, and I started here to spring off in one of the many custom outfits available. All in all I netted close to 2 hours from Re- Imagined - Peru. Play with patience, cast your mind back to TR's origins and I'm pretty sure you will enjoy. Thanks, Stiggy :)" - TheStig (16-Aug-2017)
"A Peru TR1 world reimagined , a few places are the same , but in all the new areas generally gameplay differs. Still we find the same type of gameplay : straightforward progression in the 1st level , exploration for 3 cogs in the lost valley and more puzzles in the last one. The two first are quite uneventful but the two last are more fun , in Tomb of Qualopec we have some good traps and serious flooding combined with lever activation to align blocks. The game is not difficult so the blue crystals where you can save the game are quite enough, and there is 5 more green crystals to save the game in the inventory if you want to. Secrets seem to be well hidden, i got only a few but i did not really hunt to find them all ; as a result as extra weapons i got only the shotgun , anyway enemies which are the usual suspects in this world die rather quickly , so the pistols are enough to get rid of them. Texturing could be improved by segmenting the walls more , in some rooms textures are very stretched. All in all , a pleasant game but i would have prefer even more changes : why making some levels just as uneventful as the officials ones ? It is obvious this builder is able to make levels better than the official ones , both in gameplay and texturing, but it is not evident with this first world." - eRIC (13-Aug-2017)
"This mini-game bears no resemblance to the first four levels of TR1 except for the familiar surroundings. Gameplay is completely fresh and new. That being said, I felt that the first three levels were rather ordinary and worthy of little note. However, the last level (Tomb of Qualopec) delivered in spades to boost my overall scores a bit. I managed to gather all twelve secrets (the first one in Tomb of Qualopec being the most challenging of all), together with a healthy supply of magnum clips, but the magnum itself was nowhere to be found. Perhaps the builder is saving it for later levels or (more likely) I just missed it. I was more impressed with the full TR1 remake released a number of years ago, but this one is certainly worth the download. Recommended, mainly for the variety presented in the last level." - Phil (06-Aug-2017)
"A huge big NO is the use of save crystals. No matter how you toss and turn, I hate them. If I wanted to play a Playstation I would have bought one. So for me the joy wasn’t there at all. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to play remakes with a twist, but (and here we go again) with the normal save/reload function. And if you must… why not let the player make the choice, Playstation or computer aka crystals or normal savegames. This just isn’t it, sorry." - Gerty (04-Aug-2017)
"For the record, City of Vilcabamba hasn't really gone through any alterations since the builder released a demo for the TR Forge Advent Calendar of 2015(aside from the Santa Claus outfit code no longer working). But as a compromise, we can select alternate outfits in Lara's Home via finding a key to unlock her bedroom akin to TR Anniversary(with the options being her early Laura Cruz design, a Home outfit inspired by TR2's variant, the South Pacific outfit from TR3 and the AoD camo shorts reskin from the relatively obscure N-Gage port of TR1.) So it isn't like our options are limited or anything. The real star of the show however is the altered level design(which shakes up well-trodden environments most of us can do in our sleep, by moving standout moments and areas around a bit, whilst still managing successfully to retain the original feel they conveyed). And I really have to commend the builder's ingenuity here(as dynamic camera angles in Caves or a real-time water room flipmap in Tomb of Qualopec among notable differences, help go a long way in keeping things fresh & engaging, for even veterans like me). Sure, everything else is practically identical to the actual TR1 game. But at the end of the day, that knowledge shouldn't stop you from enjoying this imaginative, high-quality remix. Looking forward to seeing how AoDFan tackles Greece, Egypt & Atlantis in the foreseeable future!" - Ceamonks890 (03-Aug-2017)
"If you score this game in terms of authenticity, this is really a decent work and I'm sure a lot of technical knowledge and care was needed to create a level like that. It's also obvious that there is a target audience for games like this, but you know my opinion about those games. Even if this game is not a total remake, there are a lot of similar tasks and the levels' structure is also heavily inspired from the first TR, which doesn't let me play this game with that great enthusiasm to say the least. The actual tasks are barely interesting enough and any kind of exploration is somewhat destroyed by the save crystal system. It's of course better this time with some more added ones in the inventory, but I really would make this optional and would allow players to choose if they like to play with crystals or the normal save system. On the plus side, the secrets (of which I didn't find all, maybe also due to the limited saves) are quite well hidden, the enemy placement is quite nice and the looks of the levels are rather solid, although a few wallpapered sections and even more bland looking areas than in TR 1 are present as well. The last level has at least a few interesting tasks and the location of the end was also a positive surprise. More of that, a different save system and I might even end up enjoying the next installment(s) of this series... we'll see. Took me 55 minutes to finish." - manarch2 (02-Aug-2017)
"Definitely the author has succeeded in creating an adventure very close to the Playstation version of TR1. Even the jump delay is included here. I will not give less points for gameplay here because of the Savecrystals since their placement was okay and your extra saves in the inventory refreshes again to 3 when you start a new level. The looks are not the same like in the original. Some areas will remind you of TR1 but represented in a very different way so its never really the same. And because of that i wasn't able to find all secrets. Gameplay was like in the orignal (without being able to duck, crouch sprint etc.) but had some good puzzles too. One where you have to flood/drain a room and move two columns by using switches in order to reach the next switch to progress. The recreated Valley in Level 3 was gorgeous with great architecture and texturization. In general, the texturization was good even though i saw some stretched ones but i can remember it being the same in the orignal. I only found a shotgun in Tomb of Qualopec but the author will probably place the magnums in the Colosseum Level in Greece and the Uzis in the Sanctuary of the Scion like in the original (just a theory). Overall recommended for everyone and definitely a project i will follow. Good job!" - Mert (01-Aug-2017)
"Walking through all the levels certainly made me feel nostalgic. The atmosphere was equivalent to the original, textured to perfection. If only the author was able to force the game to play in a low resolution like the PS1 version, I would've probably forgot that I was using a PC to play the game. The save crystals were perfectly placed, and also the inventory included a save crystal count that refreshes for each level. The author went off with a complete re-imagining of the levels while still maintaining their original charm with new twists everywhere. Sophisticated puzzles (especially in the final level) and huge spaces for exploration kept me occupied throughout the whole game. Other than the dinosaurs, I think some enemies died too quickly. The second level was lacking when compared to the other three because they all got a complete makeover. I'm also pretty shocked to find out that some people couldn't find the shotgun in the lost valley! I expected it to be where I found it, hehe. I've missed a couple of secrets and went back to find them all, they've all been cleverly placed. Lara's home is pretty much the same, but you can access Lara's bedroom this time and change outfits! If you loved the original game, you should like this adventure like I have. I'm looking forward to how the Greece section is going to look like!" - Klona (01-Aug-2017)
"I can't give a high rate in the gameplay 'cause the save system; sometimes I died and I had to repeat the same movements and tasks again even with some extra save crystals in the inventory. As in TR1, no "modern" movements for Lara: not duck, not monkeyswing, not shimmy around corners, not sprint... Not really puzzles to solve except an interesting one in the tomb of Qualopec level; the levels are based only about the exploration to find items or passages and many gymnastics. At least it's not a pure remake, and you'll find a lot of new rooms and environments. I never found the shotgun, automatic pistols or uzis, but I was able to finish the game only with the pistols; the enemies were easy to kill and even the T-Rex was not so heavy. There is a good work with the cameras, but I expected much more cd tracks in all four levels. The textures are well applied, and the architecture is good too, but the low resolution textures and the old pixelated objects don't help to create environments with a good look. All in all these could be good levels for all that TR1 nostalgics." - Jose (31-Jul-2017)
"Not so long ago I replayed TR1 and thought.....If only I could go back to that day when I played it for the first time, so I can live through that new adventure again. If there is something I want to do for a long time, it is to create a remake of TR1, so I was really curious to see this ambitious project and maybe get some inspiration. No matter what the builder says, this IS a remake. However, it's also true that these are different levels. And good ones! Classic four levels have been recreated to give you fresh experience, but they also kept some memorable trademarks of the originals. You will enjoy some more elaborate Caves, a slightly different City of Vilcabamba, completely different Lost Valley and the alternate Tomb of Qualopec which doesn't have wolves but has really cool puzzles, several entrances and is actually connected to the upper parts of Vilcabamba! As expected, there are bats and wolves in the caves, while the raptors are in the later phases (yes, there is a T-rex again). Every level has 3 secrets (I think I got 6/12) and there are many medipacks and ammo, but their usefulness is yet to be seen in full project. One thing worth mentioning is a save system. Yes, good old blue crystals are back and you can use them to save. Fortunately, you have additional saves available (3 to 5, depending on a level) which you can use wherever you like. They are refreshed when you complete a level, so you won't get frustrated if you happen to save just before level ends (TR3 fans will remember that issue). I won't discuss particular level details, I will just say this - If you enjoyed TR1, you should definitely check these nostalgic levels and I hope the builder will continue the series." - Tolle87 (31-Jul-2017)