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Templars Secret (Beta Release) by Feder

BHM Productions 9 10 10 9
DJ Full 9 9 9 8
Gerty 7 8 8 8
Gorty 7 8 9 6
Jay 8 9 9 9
Jorge22 9 9 10 10
Jose 8 10 9 10
Jungle Raider 10 8 9 10
manarch2 7 8 9 8
McRaider 8 9 9 9
Mortensmor 8 10 9 9
Phil 8 9 9 8
Ryan 8 9 9 9
SeniorBlitz 9 9 10 10
Torry 6 9 8 8
Treeble 9 9 10 9
release date: 20-Aug-2017
# of downloads: 162

average rating: 8.73
review count: 16
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file size: 74.20 MB
file type: TR3
class: nc

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I just wanted to say Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun! Man, the last level... that church was amazing, and what about stealing that artifact key? damn ! congratulations! very good job!" - Jungle Raider (05-Oct-2020)
"It seems a little redundant to be playing a "beta" release now that the complete levelset has been released, but still, as I aim to review every TR3 level I'll be playing the more recent release in a few days. Also, truth be told, "beta" really is the wrong moniker for this, as all four levels are fully working, finished and polished, so it's only a beta in the sense that the author meant to develop and add even more levels to the bulk. Anyway, this is a brilliant series of city levels, ranging from rooftops to the undergrounds of a cathedral, and although it might seem a little overwhelming at times with a lot of running to and fro in search of keys and buttons, I thought it was rather linear as the environments are laid out in a way things don't get too repetitive or boring. I only found myself stuck at one point in the last level, in that maze with the series of pattern buttons and doors (wasn't too fond of that sequence in the original game as well, but it does work exactly the same way so it's nicely setup), but other than that it was all good fun. There are some nice touches along the way as well, such as enemies ambushing you by falling through trapdoors, or demolishing 'fragile' masonry by removing a foundation underneath. Lastly, the soundtrack selection is spot on and definitely enhanced the overall atmosphere of these levels, which was already quite enthralling on its own. My stats are probably wrong as I got away from keyboard for a while and left the game running, but still, this was an excellent teaser and I am looking forward to experience the complete version. 2h30min, 4 secrets. 03/20" - Treeble (09-Mar-2020)
"First off, do yourself a favor and lower the 'gamma' levels to '1', it really enchants the atmosphere and there is more than enough flares for you to finish the level. I was going to be play the full release first, when I decided I should check out the initial one to see what improvements/differences I could spot on the former, but surprised I was to find a very robust package for a so called 'beta' with creative level design, well hidden secrets, creative puzzles, and gorgeous texturing and atmosphere, I'm excited to see what the full release has to offer!" - SeniorBlitz (07-Dec-2018)
"This is a solidly entertaining four part adventure. You progress from a city environment, then onto a museum, sewer and finally to a cathedral. All of the locations are really well constructed and are attractive to look at, surprisingly for the TR3 engine. It's also nice to see a game that doesn't rely on overly complex puzzles or obscure gameplay to keep the players entertained, instead focusing on a varying mix of tasks ranging from exploration to puzzles that are enjoyable to work out. Enemies are fairly numerous, but thankfully more than enough ammo and medipacks are provided) I don't think I used more than three or four through the whole game). Highly recommended." - Ryan (30-Aug-2018)
"The overall atmosphere and the visuals seem to get better with every level. (So, my impression is the exact opposite of what another reviewer wrote earlier...) The mixture of TR3 and TR5 music seems to fit the mood perfectly. Gameplay-wise, the game runs pretty smoothly. It requires a couple of precise jumps (which I'm fan of) and dexterity in avoiding deadly traps (well, the passage with both pendulums AND pistons was a little too much, at least for me). After you're finished with the first level, there is not much backtracking, which is good. The first level left me a little cold (again, this is just personal preference, I'm just not a fan of street surroundings and mansions), but the following three make up for it immensely. All in all, I'm impressed! I'm waiting for more, keep up the good job. Bugs which I encountered: Lara was teleported onto a block after pulling it (Egyptian Adventure in the Museum) Lara managed to climb "into" a ladder instead of going up (The first room with fragile masonry in the Abandoned Cathedral)" - Mortensmor (17-Apr-2018)
"Here we have another one of those levels that without a walk through the player will be wandering about aimlessly for hours wondering what on earth made him load this level up. Guys, keep it simple. Then we have the almost impossible hoist, jump, back flip and veer to grab an offset ledge which really annoys me. If the general raider cannot make a jump in 10 tries then it should not be there in my opinion. Sure, make the jump sequences difficult but not damn near impossible. The first level in Paris was the worst for butt scratching, back tracking and cursing the author. The last level had the near impossible jumps (one trying for a secret) and also a most frustrating switch puzzle whilst the middle two were really good raiding." - Torry (11-Apr-2018)
"This is a splendid little adventure. Gameplay is overall super solid, fun, briskly paced, and well designed. There were some moments that irked me a bit (such as the three pistons and swinging metal trap in the third level that seems like you have no choice but to take massive damage on, as well as a few too many climbable walls where you have to make a backwards jump to something you can't see, and having to know that you can pass through the curtain textures). However, the sheer variety of things you have to do that challenge you but without causing too many moments of feeling stumped or frustrated makes for quite an enjoyable experience. Adding to that enjoyment was also the excellent use of enemies, objects, secrets that were really well placed, and incredible atmosphere and use of music. Many of the views and environmental designs in this level set reminded me of my favorite parts of TR3 and my favorite aspects of the TR series in general. While there was some pretty flat lighting throughout it all, the texturing was great. The final level was impressively large and complex. I loved the progression in each level and the way you opened up paths back to and through previous locations. In that regard, it kind of reminded me of a Dark Souls game. Overall, this is a wonderful level set. Great gameplay, incredible use of technical assets, awesome level and environmental design, and a mysterious and fun vibe that permeate each level. Despite some pretty minor flaws, this truly felt like a TR-worthy adventure. Great job!" - BHM Productions (29-Dec-2017)
"Keep them coming Federico, as this is another nice level to play, although I wouldn’t call it a DEMO as such. There are four levels to go through and each has some puzzles, traps and platforming and luckily all not too hard to do. It was rather dark at my end but gladly with unofficial editor you can change the brightness. All in all there is nice exploring to do as well and it was over all too soon (at least that is how I felt). Didn’t get all the secrets first time around but I don’t mind to go through it again on a later date." - Gerty (07-Nov-2017)
"Another very solid game by this author, I enjoyed it a little bit less than Feder's previous ones since I'm allergic to London setting and TR3 in general, however I cannot deny the complexity and consistency of execution showcased here - this just makes sense. The ending is again too abrupt, it really doesn't matter to me how long a game is but it needs to leave some time to resolve all tension gathered. I would also choose some more texture variants and intensify some shading, because some wallpapers and occasional lighting monotony is there." - DJ Full (28-Oct-2017)
"One more great TR3 game in 4 parts (named "beta release but actually not only fully playable but also long enough and flawless enough to be a final version - let us wait for the continuation). As I usually enjoy well crafted TR3 levels, I must say I had plenty of fun with this one and its well balanced mix of different tomb raiding things, namely traps (but not in excess), exploration (but not in excess), puzzles (but not in excess) and, of course, the admirable TR3 atmosphere. All fit for the average player, which is always great. I enjoyed it, could have enjoyed it even more if there had been more and I think it's a fitting homage to our dear friend mugs/Pat Chancey. Recommended." - Jorge22 (05-Sep-2017)
"Not exactly a beta version as this is fully playable - maybe more something like a part 1 of a larger series to come? - and the storyline seems to be complete and is actually very nicely implemented into the game. You slowly explore the nighttime Paris in order to break into and escape from a museum where you get the key to explore a Scottish church, and all levels have received decent care and are polished to make this an enjoyable game. Ok the gameplay in the first level is at times quite a bit of slow with a lot of backtracking, but that is reduced later on and I actually liked the stealth elements in the second level (which are mostly optional, but you save a lot of trouble if you do so). Much action revolves around minor puzzles, traps and platforming, nothing of which is exactly groundbreaking but it's varied and provides for some fun here. Enemies are also quite decently used here and all the secrets are quite fun to get. The atmosphere of the levels is quite believable and there's a lot of smaller and larger details that make all levels stand out in a unique way. Cameras and music tracks are also appropriately placed and add a lot to the scenery. The texturing and lighting are quite well done as well, with only minor mistakes here and there, a few rooms with a wallpaper feel and sometimes a bit too flat lighting; in that regard changing the gamma in-game can really help a lot to create maybe a nicer mood or, if it's too dark, brighter settings where you see what's going on. Overall a quite nice game I can recommend and as always I'm hoping to see more from this builder soon. Found all 10 secrets in 1:30 hours." - manarch2 (02-Sep-2017)
"This builder appears to be specializing in non-TR4 releases, which is fine with me so long as he maintains the high quality he's demonstrated in his three releases to date. This four-part game makes use of the TR3 engine and offers a fun, satisfying raid. If you wait until the closing credits at the end are over you'll get a screen of your cumulative stats, and in my case I spent just under three hours in total playing time. You also get a screen that promises a forthcoming sequel. Contrary to Gorty's review, I found the final level to be quite complex and engaging, and I especially appreciated José's walkthrough in which he clearly and concisely leads the player through that maddening button/switch/door puzzle about halfway through. One unique and helpful feature of TR3 levels is the ability to boost the gamma level to a brightness of your choosing, so I rarely had to make use of the generous supply of provided flares. You also get the desert eagle early, together with a copious amount of ammunition along the way, so I was able to dispose of the various enemies with little fanfare. José has graciously dedicated his walkthrough to the memory of our dearly departed Mugs, who was such a beloved fixture here for many years. May she rest eternally in peace." - Phil (01-Sep-2017)
"An entertaining set of levels with different tasks to perform without complicated puzzles. If we consider that it was used the Dxtre3d that has fewer limitations than the official editor, I think the author did a good job. Has so far three levels launched with a respectable average score and sure that will come better jobs.." - McRaider (27-Aug-2017)
"This is quite the adventure. It's a four parter and I found it held my attention throughout and not once did I find myself wanting it to end. It's very well constructed and sees Lara roaming the night-time Paris streets, breaking into a museum, battling through an industrial zone and running around an abandoned cathedral - all sections very well realised and furnished with entirely appropriate enemies. Overall, the gameplay is quite logical, with minimum backtracking and good progression. It's not a game that should cause players to get stuck very often and the action is mainly very achievable. There are one or two challenges that would perhaps not be for the very new player, but mainly it's nicely balanced and great fun. Definitely recommended, especially for fans of TR3." - Jay (26-Aug-2017)
"In less than two months Feder gives us his new creation, a beta version of a London/templar level set. A little bit surprising to see so soon a new game from the author. Right at the start it reminds me heavily of ˝The Requiem˝ from Vinraider ( the first level ) and gives a good level for comparison. Actually, the whole gameplay idea seemed to be inspired by the future hall of fame level, but of course, Feders level is few standards under it. It starts in a London street with good texturing, fair architecture and some very flat / monotone light and object placement leaving many parts looking empty-ish and dead. The first level mostly involved simple tasks like get a key, pull a switch, get another key, pull again a switch …. Also involving many times depressing backtracking and remembering where a keyhole was. Later some nice jumping passages come into play, again, reminding me very much of Requiem ( same gameplay ideas ). A very buggy looking wire object was placed on the roof ( too much photoshop ? ). The first level continues with more backtracking and remembering where a keyhole was on the opposite site of the level. I can’t say I enjoyed the first level that much …. It seemed like a beta version of the Requiem level or just too rushed and unpolished with not much care for details. The second level had the same problems as the first. The rooms had nice texturing but still looked very empty-ish, monotone and unfinished. The design was worse than in the first level ( meaning that the room looked very often too basic ). It did include some more interesting gameplay parts. The outside parts were just too bright and too flat in light comparing it to the dark-night horizon. After entering the Egypt like area the lighting got much worse even for a TR3 game unsatisfying. There are placed several lamps on the wall through the whole level but no work around the light ( are they supposed to be turned off ? ). Those long monkey swings were just odd. Soon the third level started. I must say that in this level I’m starting to notice texturing errors ( haven’t really seen them before ) and some very hard pattern texturing. Like the author lost every will for building. The first few rooms really looked catastrophic in texturing. Some objects had totally wrong applied light. Gameplay didn’t differ much from the first two level ( the Author must really love pushable puzzles ). Also, the author starts to repeating himself in terms of gameplay ( similar room design with similar problem solving – like a long monkey swing or pushable ). Is it really necessary to make four levels if there is a lack of Idea ? Later the gameplay did got better and even the atmosphere, including the overall feeling got much better, but then again, a pushable puzzle got again into play to destroy the little time I enjoyed the game. What is the Idea behind these pushables ( ˝I had 4-5 pushable puzzles why not put another one ?˝) ? After the pushable, of course, another monkey swing. Some rooms after that looked just teriffic … like a simple ˝texture floor˝, ˝texture walls˝ room. Soon the third levels ended and the 4th started. The gameplay in this one was also very similar to the first 3 levels ( again, high repeating frequency of same gameplay tasks ). It had also many rough and easily fixable texturing errors. Some of the main big rooms looked at first sight nice but a little bit chaotic and still very flat in light with an empty-ish vibe. In the end, Lara finds the green gem artefact and can return peacefully home. After playing all levels I’m really asking myself how fast is Feder building ? Seems like it was more important the quantity than quality of the game. Why not make one or two levels instead of four with such lifeless design. I remember playing the last level form this Author, and I must say that I like this one less than his previous creation. He claims: ˝ This is an early release, although it’s FINISHED and fully playable˝, meaning that this is not really a beta version of the levels. I don’t’ understand the rush to release something so fast. It’s not like the author hasn’t released anything in years. It’s so obvious how the quality gradually drops from the first level to the last one. For some reason many players and reviewers are enjoying levels that are made in one or two months, not meaning that it has to mean it’s bad, but in this case it does reflect in the overall style, design, complexity, light and so on … Overall, I would say it’s a ˝good˝ game, but far from something very good. Maybe my review seems too harsh, but I have to give a detailed description for my ratings and it has to involve pointing out negative facts I noticed. I would suggest Feder to take more time for his levels, put more effort in every room, unless he has really some weird deadline. Recommended for TR3 nostalgic player." - Gorty (25-Aug-2017)
"Another good work from this author. Again, good care with the architecture, texturization and lighting, good use of cameras and sounds and well balanced enemies. Not great puzzles, but entertaining tasks with no much backtracking; the corridor with the combination of thumpers and swinging machinery in third level was really challenging, and the multiple buttons/doors puzzle in last level was about to drive me crazy, but usually the gameplay is fluid and funny. As usual, I found enough guns, ammo, flares and medipacks, and the secrets are cleverly hidden. Thank you Feder for this small TR3 jewel. Looking forward for the complete adventure. Highly recommended." - Jose (23-Aug-2017)