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Extravaganza Level by Park Hyung Woo

alan 1 0 0 2
bERT 2 1 0 0
Ceamonks890 1 0 0 1
Dimpfelmoser 1 0 1 1
DJ Full 3 0 0 2
eTux 0 0 0 0
Gerty 2 0 0 1
Jay 1 0 0 1
Jose 0 0 1 1
Josep 2 0 0 1
Kristina 1 0 1 2
Lizard Queen 5 5 0 0
manarch2 2 0 0 1
MichaelP 3 0 1 3
Orbit Dream 1 0 0 1
RaiderGirl 3 0 1 2
Ryan 1 0 0 1
Sakusha 5 0 0 1
Sash 4 0 0 0
Scottie 1 0 0 2
Spike 0 0 0 1
Torry 1 0 1 3
Treeble 2 0 0 1
release date: 03-Mar-2001
# of downloads: 92

average rating: 0.89
review count: 23
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file size: 12.66 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Ok, so it appears that I am one of the few players out there that actually likes mazes so when some of the reviews said that maze lovers would enjoy this level, I had to try it. What I liked about the level: 1) Well… it’s a maze! 2) No enemies! 3) The correct path out is oddly intuitive. I just kept going straight, climbing up or dropping down when the path dictated and somehow miraculously found the end trigger. What I didn’t like: 1) The name. I mean… Extravaganza Level? How is anyone supposed to take that seriously, lol. Conclusion: Just as the other reviews say… if you like mazes you will like playing this level. The trick is not to overthink it. I did it without the walkthrough (which is a first for me) and in 5 mins. 50 seconds." - Lizard Queen (15-Sep-2020)
"It's just about a labyrinth that uses the same texture, apart from others that are placed in dead ends or floors. After a while I got frustrated and dozied around, but I never got to the finish trigger, not that I wanted to." - alan (21-Dec-2017)
"I usually never give a "0" in the gameplay section, but this time I had to do it 'cause I hate the mazes, and this level is only that: a huge maze. After ten minutes runing, climbing and dropping with no sense, I decided to take a look at the walkthrough (thanks, DJ) and it was what I suspected. No objects, enemies or secrets, no musics or cameras except the background music, and all the corridors textured the same way with the same texture tile and flat lighting (except the water texture in the exit corridor). Claustrophobic." - Jose (14-Nov-2017)
"The key word here is MAZES. What a boring level. Lara runs around a blandly textured maze in vain pursuance of a finish trigger to end it all. Luckily for me it happened quickly, thanks to DJ Full's walkthrough. Only recommended if you're very bored." - Ryan (10-Jul-2016)
"If there is a more boring level that this anywhere out there, I rather hope never to come across it. Basically, you get to explore a blandly textured, three dimensional maze, with nothing of any interest in it. Unless you really just can't get enough of mazes, I wouldn't bother with this." - Jay (27-Jul-2015)
"All you're doing here is exploring an empty, repetitively-textured maze aimlessly as Lara for no real reason, other than to hopefully find the exit(if you don't happen to have a walkthrough available on hand, that is). So, if you're incredibly bored out of your mind, give this one a go. Although don't be surprised if you find yourself more bored(compared to what you were like beforehand), after going through this once, as it was practically the case with me upon proper completion." - Ceamonks890 (29-Nov-2014)
"As far as mazes go,I reckon i've been stuck in worse;as this is rather three-dimensional and perhaps not as confusing as some (the dead end corridors are small and don't take up too much of your time with unnecessary exploration).It won't appeal to anyone,though;and is only for us completists." - Orbit Dream (02-Nov-2013)
"Apart of the monotonuous textures there were four, five others. I think they are not that bad. Maybe the game can last hours, for me (and I think I was very lucky, not reading the walkthrough) it only dured 15 minutes. Some might find mazes good, me not in such an exaggerated way - so decide yourself." - manarch2 (22-Oct-2010)
"Why nearly everyone concentrate on what is NOT included in this level? Let me rate things which ARE present here. IMO texturing and lighting deserves 2 points - 1 for each of them, as they don't cause any troubles with playing or finishing the game. Gameplay is monotonous, but the whole level is one huge enormous puzzle and, for someone who likes mazes, it won't be boring. So I don't lower the rating due to the fact finding the way may seem difficult. SUMMARY: If finding the right way is too hard for you, draw the corridor scheme on a piece of paper to help yourself. Level suitable for all maze fans." - DJ Full (07-Oct-2010)
"Oh yes, I love such level. They are absolutely beside the question, are absolutely dull, lasts as a rule only a few minutes, are bad till real bad and have, actually, only one purpose. Because to push the number of own Reviews upwards. To more they are not to be used at all. This is valid of course also for this level. But the central issue is, I have written down my insignificant opinion. Should I write yet something in addition? Hmm, nothing more occurs to me. So I leave it." - Scottie (22-Mar-2010)
"You must be REALLY bored to decide to go for this one. Basically there's no innovation here - the only object in the whole level is Lara - meaning you will not encounter any enemies - consequently you won't need any guns to fight them or health packs to treat the damage they might inflict, there are no decorative objects, there are no puzzle items and such and maybe I should be grateful for that, because that would mean that it'd require me to wander through the maze to find that elusive star or cartouche first and then find the place to put it! There's no camera work, lighting isn't touched - rooms use the same texture throughout the whole map, with the exception of some randomly applied greenery or hieroglyph textures to apparently help you orientate. Depending on how lucky you are - you might spent less than 5 minutes till you reach the finish trigger or wander around for more than half an hour without seeing the end any closer as pretty much everything looks the same and it's very difficult to recall where you've been and where not. The level shows that the author knows how to build rooms, connect them, segment the walls, make them climbable, place Lara in the level and a finish trigger by the end - but does any of that warrant a higher rating than I've given if the best the author could do with those skills is conjure up a maze extravaganza? Maybe - but I've rated incomparably better (yet still terrible) levels with close to nothing too, so it's only fair to them if I skip that trouble altogether for this level. If you're still wondering whether this is something you'd like to play - I'd recommend to give it a miss, getting lost in this maze is not even worth the time to up your review count." - eTux (25-Jul-2007)
"Well, it's a maze, and unless you love running around clueless for hours on end in an uninteresting, bland, badly lighted environment, then this is not for you. A wonderfully joyful experience that provides literally seconds of fun." - Spike (25-Jul-2007)
"Hmm...How can you make this level playable? By opening this .prj file outputting a wad by clicking on tut1.tom and converting tut1.tom into a .tr4 file you can play this level. The author should've included a readme for those who have never downloaded a custom level before because you have to use creative thinking and logic in order to find out how to install this level without messing anything up. The lighting is always at R 128 G 128 B 128 atmosphere is nonexistent and I think the textures are pretty bland and in certain cases incorrectly placed. This maze consists of three huge rooms. Due to the absence of objects I had to give a zero for enemies objects and secrets. Unlike 'The Labyrinth' by Dancing Dead this maze was quite easy to go through and I wasn't frustrated at all. The author uses some textures to break the monotony every now and then even though they serve no purpose whatsoever. The level ends abruptly when you see a transparent animated water texture." - Sakusha (09-Aug-2004)
"This is a maze extravaganza. I saw that of course while opening the prj to make the level but I wasn't expecting it to be all climbing and confusing corridors with no hints at all. Well there are some textured single tiles here and there but again it's difficult to navigate. I was lucky to get out in twelve minutes. There is nothing to see and it's not really a level I am guessing it's a test project about building mazes. If you like torturing yourselves load it up." - Kristina (17-Aug-2003)
"Considering that this comes as a prj. file I hope that doesn't mean that we'll see this in someone else's level someday. I think most people will agree that mazes are not our favorite thing. It looks pretty straightforward at first but soon becomes very confusing as the tunnels go up and down and it' s hard to remember where you've been. Even the different textures scatted around don't seem to help much. This is a great level for when you're really bored." - RaiderGirl (14-Feb-2003)
"After 9 minutes of running and climbing through this mono texture multi-storey maze I was just on the brink of giving up and having a look at the reviews to see if there is a finishing trigger when I unexpectedly reached the end. The author seems to have worked very hard in order to make this level a particular boring one. No objects nor enemies no gameplay no atmosphere. Only recommended for the maze addict." - Dimpfelmoser (01-Dec-2002)
"Not so difficult to orientate in as you might think. It gets 1 for objects because compared to the other extremely short levels this one has a finish trigger folks! Again not one for the claustrophobics." - bERT (22-Sep-2002)
"Eight minutes and it was over. Maybe I was just lucky and picked the right route. It ended abruptly when I saw a water-filled room. This is just a three dimensional maze with little to do." - Torry (02-Sep-2002)
"A MAZE and I say it with capital letters. Not my favorite gameplay and specially this one. Probably made a wrong turn as I was lost like it seemed forever. The only interesting thing is the prj file I might have a look at in case I want to build a maze. 15-07-2002" - Gerty (17-Jul-2002)
"This is purely a fun maze run no more no less and I am only scoring on gameplay for that reason for the first half of it the moves are quite linear but come the second half and you will find yourself either running around for hours hoping to find the elusive end or lucky enough to pick the right direction so if you've got some time to waste then go get lost in the maze." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"This one indeed would only be of interest for the hardcore maze addict or (as it is a PRJ file) for a level builder who wants to incorporate a maze into his level. Not more to it not less." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"Nothing in Extravaganza Level is good. It's all around a 3d maze totally climbable with a texture through all the way (except for the ends that are texturized differently) there are no objects to interact no lighting and after 30 minutes wandering around this level I was so bored that I decided to quit." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"There is not too much to say about this level well this is not really a level it could be a small piece of a level but these are 3 stacked rooms that conform a big maze. If you like mazes use the paper and pen to take notes and find the exit: play it; if not there is nothing else to do with the level. There is no use of sound light enemies only a couple of textures are used no secrets objects. Only a 3D maze." - Josep (21-Jun-2002)