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The Sanctuary of Light - Part 1 by tombraider1703

DJ Full 8 10 9 9
eRIC 8 9 10 10
HaniHeger 5 9 7 10
JesseG 7 8 10 10
Jose 5 8 7 9
LOTRKingluis 8 8 7 8
McRaider 8 8 10 10
Minox 9 8 9 10
nerdfury 6 9 8 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ryan 8 9 9 10
release date: 18-May-2020
# of downloads: 207

average rating: 8.52
review count: 11
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file size: 144.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Too foggy and some progress is really slow, but for now this is as close to a TR4 remake/remaster as we get. It's of those HD revisions which don't hurt eyes but also make aesthetic sense so if you like eye candies you might have a good time here. Sound design could be better tho." - DJ Full (16-Nov-2023)
"I really appreciated all of these levels, the lighting and the texturing are very well done. I liked the large rooms of the last levels with this climb, not very complicated but well done. I just found the passages on the tightrope are a bit tedious. Excellent" - Minox (07-Jul-2021)
"(6/9/10/8) Temple of Horus
I generally enjoy tricky platforming sequences, however I felt like this level had too much platforming until the end. Then, I had to face an annoying underground maze and an illogical waterskin puzzle (with no clue on the correct water amount). I feel like more varied gameplay sprinkled in with the platforming would have made the level more enjoyable and less monotonous. The level was decorated very well with static objects, and the spooky atmosphere and architectural design was of the highest quality. I did not find any misshapen textures, however, I found the orange and blue color scheme unpleasant to look at, and the level was too dark, without a generous amount of flares. If the builder wants a dark environment due to the nature of underground Egyptian ruins, fair enough, but perhaps the side rooms could have been more brightly lit, with a central dark pillar room; otherwise the darkness is too omnipresent.

(7/8/9/9)Race to Alexandria
The first half of this level is a cheesy but enjoyable jeep ride, and the second half involves some tricky platform to ascend an outdoors dig site. I enjoyed the gameplay of this level more than the previous level, and was having a jolly good time, up until the end. OK, so towards the end, there is a tricky swing pole jump, followed by a tricky pixel-perfect jump to a pointy ledge. They were fine. However, I did not initially notice the jump switch in the wall, and you CAN make a pixel-perfect running jump to grab the unextended scaffolding -- you just can't climb up after you grab its edge. So, imagine my frustration, performing this running jump to the unextended scaffolding over and over, thinking that it's just another running pixel-perfect jump (logical, given there was one of these a few minutes prior). Then, I lookup the walkthrough, find the jump switch, and the scaffolding is extended. I don't think this is good game design, and it's stuff like this that gives me my "nerdfury" name. Gameplay rants aside, I felt like the level was lacking in decorative static objects (the dig site feels especially void-like), and I noticed warped textures here and there, unlike the previous level. Of course, the level is very well lit, however, I felt like the outdoor decorative background textures to be "same-y" and bland, despite being high-resolution. I feel like a contrasting color added to the architecture and natural backdrops would have made the level look less flat in terms of color usage.

(4/9/6/10) Catacombs
Prepare for an arduous exploration challenge. This level is the most beautiful of the 3, but unfortunately the gameplay wasn't fun at all once I fell into the pool of water, entering the second part of the level. The level is lacking in camera guidance towards objectives, and there's too much backtracking. There's non-linear and then there's spaghetti non-linear, and the second part of Catacombs was the latter. I don't understand why the builder included tense music for a timed run in Temple of Horus, but did not provide such sound queues in this level, so I had no idea whether the switch I pulled was a timed run or not. Unfortunately there are no traps or puzzles, except for a spike trap near the end of the level, and by that point I was mentally done.

In sum, I was very excited to play this level set as I absolutely loved Palace of Himeros, the builder's previous level. Alas, I just didn't find the gameplay fun or fair here, aside from most of Race to Alexandria. I wouldn't recommend this level unless you're a huge fan of TR4 settings, are willing to follow a walkthrough step-by-step, and have a full head of hair to pull out. Average ratings of 3 levels, using .50 as a cutoff to round up or down: 6/9/8/9." - nerdfury (15-Oct-2020)
"Not very agree with the other reviewers. Indeed, the levels are very well builded with a very good architecture and texturization, the rooms have a good look, well ornated and the lights are well worked (sometimes too dark for my monitor). But the gameplay is usually bad, with many repetitive tasks based only about many gymnastics with no puzzles to solve (where is the hint to know the amount of water to place in the scales?). The first level was very monotonous, always in rooms with pits performing more and more jumps and a nasty underwater maze. The second level was the best, with more light and except the very tricky jump to the pointy ledge, the tasks were not boring. The last long level in the catacombs was really a nightmare; it's a very huge labyrint itself where you'll explore very huge areas with a lot of backtracking and too many tight poles to cross. At least I found the crossbow to use the explosive ammo. If you want to take a try, I recommend to play it following the walkthrough. Thanks, Phil." - Jose (04-Aug-2020)
"I was a little disappointed in the gameplay of this game, The Temple of Horus is a lot about jumping around in the right places, I honestly like that, but it became too repetitive, it was the same mechanic over and over again, moments of the gameplay too weren't very smooth, like when there was an abyss and you needed to hang on the edge at the side, and for that some unnatural mechanic was necessary. Race to Alexandria was even worse for me, the principal thing that I didn't like was how this level was a straight forward ripoff the Valley of the Kings original level, as far as I know this is no remake level, but a TR IV after-math level right? There wasn't even a reason for the ninjas to be there or to be a race as far as I know. It gave me a sense that it had no intention of bringing something new or being unique. It has a fairly nice title: ''race to Alexandria'' it kind of gives me a little epic felling, so this race could've been made much better and original. (Would like to point out too, some ridiculous hard and specific jumps in race to Alexandria, they even made me see the walkthrough just to be sure.) There were too some sound problems, like one song that went in loop at Race to Alexandria, Lara underwater in Temple of Horus having monkeyswing sounds, the ninjas gunshot sounds having swimming sounds too, this last one is actually one of the most basic sound problems in TRLE that even I had with my levels and managed to fix them with no sweat. So with that I can see that this builder has probably some difficulty in sound, don't know if I can blame him/she. In Catacombs (part 1) the same thing happens, it doesn't looks like a revisit to the level, which was the most appealing thing about this game, but more like a remake of it, once again there wasn't anything new and the own main puzzle was already something from the original game. In Catacombs part 2 and 3, things change a little bit, it looks more original, like Temple of Horus was, not amazing gameplay, but much better, not so repetitive either. I did get all lost in it lol, and it remembered me of Piega's Catacomb Towers, one of my favorites. The bad collisions were a problem for so much underwater doing, when you had to lower the water level I constantly drowned. Catacombs part 1 seemed quite pointless for me, if it wasn't in there maybe I would've enjoyed part 2 and 3 more since I firstly entered the Catacombs part with high hopes. Some other aspects of the game: I liked how in Race to Alexandria, there was a moment when a ninja's appearance helped me find out where I had to go. There was an awful big quantity of vases in the catacombs part 2 level? No idea why, and they were always in the way. Really liked when cameras were used, all of the graphic elements (atmosphere, texturing,lighting) were impeccable, which was another part that was the most appealing thing in this level, and was done incredibly well. It seems like this builder is very talented with those, it only lacks in gameplay and sound really, I'll keep my hopes high about part 2!" - HaniHeger (28-Jul-2020)
"I played this three-part release weeks ago while writing a walkthrough for it, and for some reason I neglected to review it before moving on to other things. The details have faded in my memories, so this review is nothing more than past recollection recorded, which is admissible under the rules of evidence. What I recall after scanning my walkthrough and reading the other four reviews is uniformly positive, hence my elevated scores." - Phil (29-Jun-2020)
"Here we have poles to swing on, skeletons to blast off of ledges, and sunken ruins to swim through. The bulk of gameplay is exploration and plattforming. The majority of the time is spent in the last level, the Catacombs, which is split in two parts with many large chambers to climb up, flood and unflood. My main critique is that the adventure needs more variety in each level. The first level has too many abysses, the second level has a short audio track playing in a loop, and the third level has too many skeletons and tightropes. The only other things I would change would be to reduce the amount of backtracking if something is missed, and include more traps and puzzles to break up the pace of the large amount of exploration. The one puzzle I remember encountering, the scales that you put water in, didn't seem to indicate how much water was needed. I guessed it, but maybe there was a hint that eluded me. If you like the idea of remastered TR4 levels, you will likely enjoy this levelset. Each level looks very nice and the lighting really helps add to the dusty atmosphere. 2 hours 11 minutes." - JesseG (28-Jun-2020)
"These two levels stick closely to the original TR4 source materials for their construction and it's recreated some familiar sceneries rather nicely (I actually think they look even more ravishing than the original game). The overall texturing, lighting, and general architecture is absolutely exquisite, enemy, object and secret placements are all well executed despite a couple of the latter being easy to find and a few of the platforming areas are undeniably impressive, while the gameplay generally keeps you on your toes with its fast paced and generally linear flow. This is especially prevalent in the highly enjoyable Race to Alexandria segment, which is much more bracing than the original KV5 level, as you have the opportunity to explore more on foot in this case. A couple of sound issues crept up in the first level, but nothing annoying. What I felt could have been improved is that like eRIC says, the gameplay in the Catacomb levels dragged on a bit too long for my liking, with its numerous tightrope walks and extended swimming sections, so a little more action and puzzling there wouldn't have gone amiss. Nonetheless, it undoubtedly augurs well for a possible (and hopeful) continuation." - Ryan (11-Jun-2020)
"Temple of Horus / Race to Alexandria (10/10/10/10) Simply put , the builder has made a no-fault with these two first levels ; they are a lot of fun to raid. No need to have long levels with complicated puzzles , if the progression is that enjoyable and pleasant and atmosphere top notch. I enjoyed myself a lot with the first level which has a subtle progression and where we have to make a few enjoyable curved jumps , a timed door or other stunts, while being often on our toes. The second one evocating the KV5 race is technically well done and was quite jubilant all along, better than an official level. The levels are beautiful , textures and objects harmonious , and lighting superb. Catacombs / Catacombs (7/8/9/10) These last two levels are also well built with majestic large areas where heights are impressive. They last a bit longer than the first two but were less exciting to raid (i rather like the exloration in the first visit of the 1st Catacomb level) as you search what is needed to shoot a big bell. You'll find the laser-sight in the second Catacomb level where a lot of swimming is required to find two pharos pillars so to half drain all these areas very well connected. The search for the two ways to the pharos pillars can be a bit long, and gameplay began to become a bit redondant ; what i disliked the most were the boring walk-on-tightrope parts. Aside from these gripes, the builder has built these levels with lots of care in many respects. Congrats and thanks for the many fun portions of the game." - eRIC (26-May-2020)
"I really had a good time at this level, it has a very good atmosphere due to the good texturing and lighting work. The gameplay is interesting at times and in catacombs a good exploration is necessary ... although the levels are generally good ideas, I would have liked to find interesting puzzles (that is the difference and the score would be higher), but in general, good adventure.." - McRaider (25-May-2020)
"I have mixed feelings about this TRLE. In fact, it seems like the first 2 levels are a completely different trle from the last 2 levels!! Gameplay & Puzzles: The best about this TRLE is the jumping and swinging. There are various types of jumps of various skill levels that you need to know to successfully finish this game. The gameplay isn't straightforward, it has quite a lot of exploring and a healthy bit of backtracking, which is great. What stops me from giving a higher score is the repetitive use of the chronicle's tightrope and the overextensive underwater exploration on the gigantic catacomb water level area (+annoying underwater collisions). Enemies, Objects: Enemies are well positioned and triggered (it's always fun knocking skeletons from a high place). I felt there was an overuse of empty shaterable vases. I didn't give a higher score because I felt a lack of a boss level or ending, the ending felt empty. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: The atmosphere was amazing on the first level, but identical to the core design on the remaining levels. Sadly the sound and music was disapointing, specially on the catacomb levels (many doors and events where shown with cameras, including flybycameras, WITHOUT music). There were some sound bugs, but not a big deal. Lighting and textures: The lighting and textures looked superb on the first 2 levels, but felt of short on the last ones (they seemed rushed on the last catacomb areas). Some vast areas were too dark to be pleasant. With this being said, I recommend this level to any raider who loves the Egypt or Catacomb areas, specially those who love exploring and jumping over puzzles and shooting." - LOTRKingluis (22-May-2020)