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Mystery of Mystical Fluids by BlackWolfTR

Charles Kane 8 9 8 9
DJ Full 7 8 7 7
eRIC 7 8 8 6
g12STL 8 9 8 7
Jose 6 7 8 8
Mahetus 8 9 9 7
manarch2 5 6 6 6
nad 8 8 8 8
Neltharion 5 6 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 5 7 7 6
StormChaser 7 7 7 7
Sylwia 8 8 8 8
Torry 4 6 7 6
release date: 30-Nov-2020
# of downloads: 191

average rating: 7.25
review count: 14
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file size: 173.00 MB
file type: TR3
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"Technically correct but not the most creative underwater base map. Has harpoons but also space to use them. Has casual puzzles which get quite boring as the progress is rather slow but also non-demanding and chill so it's a good one to think to (unless you don't like thinking like me). Not many pickups but I managed to handle combat so I guess it's fair (I would still include one more flarepack tho). Resolves properly after a climax and getaway so you get satisfied in the end. Optional." - DJ Full (13-Nov-2023)
"Good level rather long at 1h37 with the 4 secrets , baddies and mutant fishes, puzzles with movable boxes , a few traps with power hammers , and a lot of swimming until reaching the final area which was the most interesting place to raid, too bad there is a bug here as from a secret area you can pass through fences to get the ritual key without using the card or the bike ; even so you don't miss much. The big areas are a bit dark, some textures are stretched and there are some visual bugs in the main underwater cave but that did not decrease the enjoyment much. The secrets are a bit plus for the level as you get extra gameplay to get them. Good atmosphere. The final boss does not take long to kill and that was fine like that." - eRIC (03-Apr-2021)
"I didn't play the The Lost Artifact yet, so I can't compare them now. However, this is a lengthy, claustrophobic, yet decent adventure. If I'm talking about realism, there would be some offenders, namely: paper-thin walls, unrealistic mechanisms (a switch in a sunken submarine opens a door in an entirely different room?). But I think they aren't hampering the gameplay in general. But the most significant problem would be the 9-lever puzzles, that I don't think anyone without reading the walkthrough could have guessed (unless they're a psychic). Another significant problem would be the lack of trigger cameras in later parts, which would make it difficult to show which door have been opened by a certain switch. Anyway, it's a nice and intense level. The enemies are tough enough, so you have to conserve your medipacks to make your way. The same can't be said about the ammo, since they are plenty enough, I still have a lot left when I beat the boss (an unexpected returning character, tho.). In the end, this level is simply worth of your time, and will leave a good lasting impression for you." - Charles Kane (18-Mar-2021)
"I've said in my review of previous level by this author that he has a lot of potential and here we are at a very good level, heavily inspired by "Sleeping with the Fishes" level from TR3 Gold. There are a lot of improvements done by this author. Firstly design of the rooms, more variation in texture placement and rooms are no longer boxy as it was supposed to be in "The Coastal Town" and areas are more polished. According to the textures with the more variety made by BlackWolfTR he created a great atmosphere that worked in the favor of this level. However there are a lot of pushable and long swimming sequences that some players may not like at all. Overall gameplay and atmosphere is very good and interesting. Secrets are well hidden and positively rewarding you after finding them. Enemies are quite varied, they are well placed and spawning in places are they supposed to be. The downside is lighting, although gamma in TR3 also doesn't help much here, so it is hard sometimes to properly rate it. The lighting seems to be pale, I think it should be more intense and colorful to increase the atmosphere of this level, however it is my personal preference. Personally I love "Sleeping with the Fishes" vibes at this level, it was executed very well. Great work BlackWolfTR! Definitely Recommended." - Mahetus (01-Feb-2021)
"This level was requested to be played and I do not regret accepting the challenge. This was one of those TRLEs that don't require an insane amount of skill to complete, but isn't so easy that it is boring. The theme was very reminiscent of the TR III sequel towards the later level of the official game. Playing this game, it did have a lot of backwards-and-forwards traveling, as well as a switch-to-pull-a-switch-to-get-a-key situation. But it made up for it with the enemies that were involved. I don't have any stern gripes about this level. It was a huge step-up from the author's last level and I will have high expectations from this point on. I am looking forward to the next level!" - g12STL (27-Jan-2021)
"Not bad this TR3 level, well playable, very long and with a good design. The worst was the unnecessary backtracking, even when sometimes the cameras were showing you the way back to already explored places. Another thing I didn't like was the few pickups, if you don't discover the secrets sure that you'll get problems with the medipacks and the ammo at the end of the level to fight with the Boss. I think there is also an abuse of the switches and buttons to pull/press and few puzzles to solve; the ride with the quad in the final area was a good detail, but very short. On the other hand, the enemies are well balanced, the areas have a good look with well chosen textures (but not very well applied in some places) and the lights and sounds are well worked. Anyway a fresh unofficial custom level worth to play for many fans. Please, don't stop building." - Jose (04-Jan-2021)
"A big improvement over the authors previous debut level. Overall I enjoyed the level but found the underwater sections quite hard (I don’t really like underwater sections). Secrets and enemies were good. Well worth playing if you like lots of swimming." - StormChaser (04-Jan-2021)
"I like the atmosphere of Sleeping with the Fishes, so I had a lot of fun playing. I understand the idea of playing "Lara's last breath" and carefully planning the route and exploration. Nice hidden secrets. From the technical side, I do not see any major errors. You can see a great progress in the author's work." - Sylwia (30-Dec-2020)
"I found this to be a rather engaging TR3 raid that unfolds rather slowly but steadily. Underwater activities never pose a problem for me, since I play in god mode and don't have to worry about drowning, but for those who play by the book I imagine that this one would present some major challenges in that department. That issue aside, I felt that the level was put together with skillful foresight and presented a nice balance of investigation and warfare. In most cases a marine enemy could be enticed to a place where conventional ammo could be used in lieu of harpoons, which was a nice touch. There was an MP5 pickup partially buried in the dig area that was probably overlooked by the builder, as the weapon itself was not made available. Finding the secrets gives the player a considerable advantage in weaponry. I enjoyed the hour I spent here." - Phil (29-Dec-2020)
"This is certainly an improvement from this builder's first offering, but unfortunately there were a fair few annoyances that severely hampered my enjoyment of the level. It's undoubtedly a fairly lengthy adventure, but unfortunately the majority of the gameplay constitutes the tried and trusted format of pulling countless levers and wheels to open countless doors, not to mention some extremely gruelling swimming sequences that only engendered a sense of tedium, particularly as they had to be negotiated numerous times. The quad bike sequence was a neat addition though. Settings-wise, it evokes the original Sleeping with the Fishes segment rather nicely, although I experienced a couple of flickering texture issues in the larger areas and something seemed a bit odd with the water surface texture (then again, that may symbolise some sort of underwater algae thing). Enemy and object placements are perfectly fine, but the guard attacks tended to become repetitive after a while and you start to expect them around nearly every corner. Not a bad adventure in the end, but it overstayed its welcome for me." - Ryan (28-Dec-2020)
"This level bordered on boring as you are tasked with finding endless switches and levers and at times you wondered why you even bothered and this just went on and on. Add to that the incessant drowning as many of these switches (including a switch puzzle)were underwater the level became tedious. Med packs are few and far between unless you find the secrets. The short quad bike ride brought a little relief BUT the journey to the Ritual Key was something that the raider would simply not be able to figure out in my opinion and the only way I found it was to watch a video walk through. Some clues as to how to proceed would have been helpful. Atmosphere was good but I did have texture fade outs quite regularly. Not the worst level I have ever played and this certainly could have been better by excluding 50% of the switches and incorporating a puzzle or two." - Torry (27-Dec-2020)
"Here we have a level with a lot of water, just as TR3 gold level. Gameplay is mostly going from one point to another, pushing blocks, drowning lara and avoiding some traps. Last fight was too much, I also didn't liked the switch underwater puzzle where enemies who and attack you and don't let you trigger the switches. Cameras are well placed in my opinion, music was good too. Lightning and texturing was the strongest point on this level but some parts in the underwater caves look bad because of very abrupt texture changes, transition textures would've worked here. The labs zones looked very boxy. If you enjoyed sleeping with the fishes you will probably enjoy this level, but for me it wasn't fun." - Neltharion (20-Dec-2020)
"A quite huge second level from this builder who shows improvements. The gameplay is heavily based on underwater exploration which works okay for the most part, but grows tedious after a while and at least that TR 3 underwater boat might have been a good addition here. Another problem is that the amount of lever to be used is just too high, many parts are basically the usual "find a lever to open a door to another lever" type of gameplay that does little else than prolonging the playtime. Even some other parts felt rather dull, e.g. the three wheel switches in the corridors or the block puzzles. However, I enjoyed some of the traps and the quadbike ride. The looks of some of the underwater structures are fine, but the caves aren't particularly realistic with wallpapered, streched and wrongly rotated textures everywhere, and the lighting was also a mix of better and worse areas. There are several missing sounds, too. Enemies are decently placed, almost too predictable and repetitive, but the four secrets are nicely hidden, although the last one was a bit questionable. On the whole not unenjoyable but there are still things to work on before releasing the next level." - manarch2 (12-Dec-2020)
"This is a typical TR 3 Base/Lab level that I liked very much. The tasks, except for the swimming actions, were not exactly difficult, but very varied. For some of the swimming actions, you had to play the scene more than once to figure out how the whole thing was thought out. With the nine levers, it was a bit frustrating to figure out which three were the right ones. There were a few places where you had to walk and swim a long way back, but there were enough clues so you didn't have to search for long. The level is very well built, the underwater caverns varied, even if the walls were quite monotonous, and the actions and enemies well thought out and used. There was always enough ammo, which is not always the case with these levels. A very ambitious level that I can happily recommend." - nad (11-Dec-2020)