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Big Brother by Pedros

alan 3 2 4 4
bERT 2 2 2 4
CC 2 3 2 2
David 1 2 1 1
Dimpfelmoser 2 2 3 3
DJ Full 3 0 1 4
Gerty 3 3 3 2
Jay 2 3 3 3
JoeTheCrazyGamer 0 1 0 0
Jose 1 1 1 1
Josep 5 5 5 5
Kristina 3 3 2 4
Magnus 0 0 0 1
MichaelP 3 4 4 3
Monika 4 4 3 3
Mulf 1 2 2 2
Orbit Dream 0 1 2 2
RaiderGirl 3 3 3 3
Ryan 2 2 2 1
Sash 2 3 2 4
Scottie 1 1 2 1
Torry 3 3 3 1
Treeble 3 3 2 1
TrueRaider 2 2 1 2
release date: 20-Jun-2001
# of downloads: 104

average rating: 2.25
review count: 24
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file size: 12.34 MB
file type: TR4
class: Base/Lab

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"We are in some weird-looking rooms where our goal is to collect a few puzzle items and kill ninjas. And that's pretty much it!" - alan (20-Oct-2022)
"What I know about Big Brother I know from Charlie Brooker's Dead Set, watching which is a much better way of spending your time than playing this hollow shell of a level, whether or not you've seen it before. But then, even people who for whatever weird reason are more knowledgeable about that - scripted reality' series have stated that this level's relation to it is tenuous at best; it may therefore be safely ignored. At the beginning, you get to pick up loads of stuff, though not as much as at the beginning of Edward Orhue's beloved Section 13, nor is the level remotely as much fun. Essentially, you run around a lot and shoot some ninjas, and that's it. The level's pièce de résistance - a puzzle item hidden in plain sight - is unfortunately undone by the unmarked climbable wall you need to find in order to get it (either the entire cage is climbable, or none of it; go away with your half-arsed nonsense)." - Mulf (12-Oct-2019)
"Even being a short level, it's easy get stucked 'cause the unmarked climbable wall to get one of the cartouche pieces and the absence of a camera or marked trigger tiles to open the door near the start. Some rooms are too dark, even to explore with flares, and there's not much interest about pull a lonely lever, place a couple of items and shoot some white ninjas. At the end the game crashes. Forgettable." - Jose (14-Dec-2017)
"Not alot to talk about so many wafer thin walls, and killing dudes buts theres not really any puzzles. But i wanted to be one of the few people who played this whilst watching Celebrity big brother and it is NOTHING like it, No Diary Room and No Big Brother stuff." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (05-Jan-2017)
"Spend five minutes (well, it was five minutes for me at any rate) running around a listless, nondescript base environment, gunning down ninjas and gawping at paper thin walls. And no, there is no connection to the widely known TV series, sorry to spoil the surprise;)." - Ryan (07-Sep-2016)
"A scant ten minutes of running around an interestingly designed but not very well constructed area, finding a couple of artefacts and shooting some ninjas. Doors open without the need to use levers and I found a totally unexplained and apparently unnecessary walk through wall. Somewhat odd overall." - Jay (25-Jun-2016)
"Am I the only one player who didn't see the hand? Urrgghh... Recently, I'm frightened by my own blindness. Definitely, I don't let my eyes rest, spending too much time playing, building objects, writing reviews... but I can't help it, as I just love TR. What can I do? For the review, it will never be appreciated by most of players, but it's simply too well constructed to belong to the group of those "trash" levels we either love or hate. Sometimes I think average and low average levels suffers from their rating more than those mindless projects from the bottom of the list. That's because if a level gets 0.25 everyone wanna know why this happened, and if it gets 9.92 everyone wanna know this as well, and, as a result, average levels are those played the most rarely. Shame. We can see well-placed central control room in this one, but this is what was already mentioned. What I liked here was I didn't run out of flares. At last, I played a level where complete darkness is justified. So I don't lower my rating for lighting. SUMMARY: One of these average levels which are never going to come out of the shadow. But it can be played. It's acceptable. At least for me." - DJ Full (26-Oct-2010)
"No idea, what the level name should mean, but it doesn't figure. This level is ok as a test level, but nothing more. Lara must find one star and both cartouche parts. In addition she can gather the Uzi's, substantially ammunition, some Medipacks and Flares. Most grid doors open by themselves. A few rooms have a nevertheless very strange colour, others are pitch-black, what is not a big problem, because one finds enough Flares. And one is at the level end after using the cartouche. Opponents are Baddies. It is too light. The rooms and the undeveloped outskirt area are strange textured. Textures are completely sometimes absent. There is nothing to act or to see. Paper-thin walls are still to be marvelled at. As I already said, this level goes through at most as a test level. The only good thing is, that it lasts only a few minutes. Result: Only for those, who play everything" - Scottie (03-May-2009)
"No gameplay to speak of;no connection to any TV version of Big Brother that I've ever seen; wafer thin walls; rather too much darkness. But the design isn't too bad and the size of the download is absolutely minimal." - Orbit Dream (12-Nov-2007)
"1984 this is not and since I have no TV I would not know what this may have to do with the world all over famous TV-program. But I think the link is with the latter one. Because there's one room that with some imagination looks like the tv-control room. Other than that the author obviously was learning: wafer thin walls walls Lara...just walks through (!) enemies appearing out of thin air unicoloured rooms. But then again this author doesn't take it easy either because the center room that looks like a cross with see-through windows takes a little knowledge of building. Gameplay wise there's really not much to do (collect cartouche pieces and one hand). Why you should play this level: to see how much longer you take to find the hand (ok I'm a dummy so I did not notice it at first)." - bERT (22-Jul-2003)
"Big Brother? Oh brother! A level for absolute beginners or just for a laugh. Very short (see if you can make it last more than 5 minutes) and easy. You are in a house of sorts and yard. Your aim is to get a star and two halves of a cartouche and you get plenty of uzi ammo to deal with the ninjas. Is this supposed to be the tv programme Big Brother? I've never seen it and to be perfectly honest I don't want to - can't imagine anything more boring - no wait maybe watching paint dry. But if the Big Brother houses all over the world look like this God help them is all I can say." - CC (18-Apr-2003)
"This was a very short level. It took me about 10 minutes to look behind the open doors into empty rooms pick up the UZI some ammo and flares. I had to kill a few ninjas. Got a Hand of Orion and 2 cartouche pieces. Well after using the Ba-Cartouche and running along black passages on the left and right the level was over." - Monika (05-Dec-2002)
"Well I pretended that the Ninjas you meet in this one were Slatko Jürgen Alex etc in disguise and suddenly the level was great fun. I replayed it actually because it is so short and to have them die in more painful ways. There is nothing else to do here really apart from collecting three crucial items that are not very hard to get. I liked the dark corridors where the cameras would be in the real world and the room without corners but the texturing was a bit sloppy and there could at least have been some furniture. And what happened to the poultry?" - Dimpfelmoser (28-Nov-2002)
"Lasting around 10 minutes this level replicates a Big Brother home although totally bereft of furniture and allowing entry behind the forbidden 2 way mirrors where the cameramen stand. But sadly there was really nothing to do except shoot some ninjas and open a gate to the end with a cartouche." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)
"Not much to say about this level. In theory a nice idea to rebuild a Big Brother Home but if you would not know by the title you would probably not even recognize this level as an example of that. Little to do and several thin walls and the dark walkways did not help to make this level an enjoyable experience either but anyway it only lasts around 10 minutes." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)
"This was a very simple level that took 8 minutes of gameplay with no real reason for being released. There was no object to the level except to get to the end textures were missing completely in some rooms and the dark passages were too dark." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)
"While I was downloading this level I was expecting an enjoyable level but I was wrong. The level is ugly dark in some parts and if it was wanted to be a house it's very bad designed and textured." - Treeble (21-Jun-2002)
"This is a very poor attempt at a level and looks nothing like any Big Brother house from any country. What I found strange was a completely orange room and the complete lack of decent gameplay just some enemies and a cartouche. Worth a look if you are going to make a Big Brother level yourself although I wouldn't take any tips from this level." - TrueRaider (21-Jun-2002)
"A search in the dark level. I would suggest to the author to avoid the flat walls and review the 'toggle opacity' in several of the transparent doors." - Josep (21-Jun-2002)
"An unfinished level. Not sure what the point is. Not much to do." - David (21-Jun-2002)
"I'm not really sure what 'Big Brother' is but apparently it's a home with a lot of ugly rooms with a yard that looks like the exercise area of a prison. This is a short easy level with nothing to do but pick up two pieces of the cartouche and shoot a few ninjas. The house and yard seem to be surrounded by long dark rooms with some sort of control panel - not sure what's going on there. There are a few strangely textured rooms but most of them are completely empty except for some ammo - some rooms were only the size of one square! You can walk through one wall leading to the yard but to get back inside you have to use the doorway. Strange level." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)
"Big Brother big schmother. I do understand that a Big Bother level could be a challenge and translating that into a level would be nice but this one falls short on everything. Rooms with loads of ammo Uzi NOT my favorite hardware so you know there will be some shooting. And of course there is. You can see them even popping out off thin air ninjas. The only challenge you can bring into this level is to shoot them only with Lara's trusted guns. Strange very very dark passage surrounding the building and I take it that that should be the control room. I know in real live that the control room isn't dark but hey after all this is fantasy. 23-06-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)
"Poor contestants in Big Brother! I've never watched the show but after playing this level I understand how horrible it must be to be locked inside that horrible building for such a long time! I almost didn't last the five minutes the level lasted. I think I'm going to start collecting money for them so that they can get some furniture and some good-looking wallpaper. Lara seems to be quite eager to win though since she kills the other contestants..." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)
"I don't know what to think of this level. Doors are opening while Lara is approaching and behind there are coloured rooms. Stepping in them another door opens somewhere until you reach the outside area with the hand and the cartouche hole. There are two black rooms and I mean total blackness inside. Placing the hand gives you access to the second half of the cartouche so you can enter the second black room and after taking one of the routes in there the level ends. As I said very very short and with textures that are not matching and not good lighting." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)