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Rebirth - Part 1 by Sabatu

BlackWolfTR 9 9 10 10
DJ Full 9 9 9 9
eRIC 9 8 8 8
g12STL 10 10 9 10
Jorge22 9 9 9 10
Jose 9 9 9 9
Kubsy 9 8 10 10
LuxQSD 9 8 7 9
Mahetus 9 9 10 10
manarch2 6 8 8 8
Mister-B 8 8 10 9
Mman 8 9 9 9
p1kaa 8 6 9 8
Passalaqua 7 8 7 9
PedroCroft_ 8 7 9 9
Ryan 9 9 8 9
Torry 9 10 10 10
Wolf7 9 9 10 8
release date: 26-Jan-2021
# of downloads: 459

average rating: 8.78
review count: 18
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file size: 181.00 MB
file type: TR1
class: Rome/Greece

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I couldn't help the feeling this project is unnecessary since every element included here can be found in the author's other projects, and the visuals are also of equal quality to these. Still, for a fan of classic raiding this is a sanctuary, so if you didn't play much of Sabatu then sure, give it a go." - DJ Full (27-Jul-2022)
"A set of classic styled levels that are very much reminiscent of the original TR1. Part 1 of this series will have you exploring greek and egyptian temples (3 levels each) in search of two life crystal artifacts. The levels are very fluid and fun to play, every location evoking that excitement of wanting to dive in and see what it has to offer. The gameplay is focused on parkour and a few simple puzzles. I had a lot of fun traversing the big complex areas and I never had any trouble figuring out where I was supposed to go. The texturing is correct and does a great job of bringing locations to life. However I do have a slight criticism: None of the levels have set pieces or themes attached to them. Levels in both locations just sort of blend together into generic temples and caves. Very beautiful looking temples and caves, of course...but you wouldn't know what a location is supposed to be unless you saw the level name in your passport. The difficulty takes a spike in the last two levels in which you will be up against a lot of atlantians. Luckily you will most likely be well equipped to deal with any threats due to an abundance of supply drops in the previous levels. Any intermediate players shouldn't have a problem though if they have completed the last few levels of the original game. If you're interested in a classic TR1 adventure then definitely give these levels a play. I am certainly eager to play the continuation of this series when the author finishes it!" - LuxQSD (10-Apr-2022)
"Interesting Level and I definitely enjoyed it, so much original tr1 vibes, I would say the level design and sounds were the best thing in this level. There were few things that could've done better, first thing is there were too many enemies specially those you fight in one place, because I prefer exploring and solving puzzles more than just shooting enemies which is what TR games are all about, and there were too many med packs but less uzi and autopistols ammo. I can't wait to play the 2nd part, Sabatu have really beautiful levels and I found some similarities from the other level he mad (Crystal of life) which I really enjoyed playing 8/10 :D" - p1kaa (11-Jul-2021)
"This 6 levels adventure is surely entertaining , the first half takes place in small/middle size areas with good and mostly straightforward progression and enemies that are not too threatening. It all changes at the end of the third level with an ambush with 3 centaurs and the rest of the game you keep dealing with scary mutant mummies , flying or not. This second part takes place in bigger and great rooms some are very atmospheric like the one at the end of Grottoes and the 2 last levels are mostly 2 big areas to raid that was a lot of fun , in City ruin the player can takes what is probably the longest dive of the whole TR scene. Too bad the background audio loop continued to disappear and come back for a brief while after level 2 and i for my enjoyment there were too many enemies generally with a few stuck in walls (flying mutants or crocs) , even if Sabatu is generous with pickups and finding the secrets was fun. Battling the enemies in the large open areas was fun not so much in the smallest interiors. Adventure recommanded for player who like platforming traps and enemies." - eRIC (30-May-2021)
"An excellent level for the limitations of the TR1 engine, with a well-designed architecture and some classic elements that remind us the nostalgia of the classics. The main quality of this set of levels is the exploration element. The exploration of the map in search of keys and switches is very good and perfectly elaborated, although I don't like the position of some keys, which are in a previous scenario and can be easily forgotten. There is enough ammo and medicpacks to face the enemies present in the game without any problem. However, despite the limitations of TR1, i consider the gameplay a bit monotonous and very similar to the previous levels of this same author, with few puzzles and some repetitive tasks. Althought this things, the skills of this author should be highlighted, as working with the classic TR1 requires double work. It's a recommended level set for those who want to remember the scenery of Greece and Rome of this classic TR1 that celebrates 25 years in 2021." - Mister-B (07-Apr-2021)
"this was another excellent sabbat level set as always, i had a great experience, but there are details i need to mention: Gameplay & Puzzles: I liked the gameplay, yes it was really fun, but I missed more exploration because the tasks are very repetitive (I know the limits of the TR1, so it would be unfair if I gave it a low note) Continuing, the author could have done more exploration, because what we have to do is activate a lever here and there. Enemies, Objects & Secrets: so, the textures were well used, the lighting was really good, giving the old classic atmosphere of the TR1, but something the author needs to take care of is the spawn of the enimees that left me frustrated, the author mixed atlantis with panthers which really doesn't work , I missed music at certain times to distinguish that moment has enemies and I was taken by surprise making me sweat kilos of medpacks, other than that, this is enough solidarity Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras: the atmosphere is impeccable and it is not even discussed. Lighting & Textures: the textures were very well placed, especially the light that gives a very good vipe of the TR1 as always sabatu sends well. although i can't find all the secrets it was fun trying to find them, i recommend it !! 1h55min, only 4 secrets found." - PedroCroft_ (09-Mar-2021)
"During this TRLE, there was rarely a safe spot to rest and think about your next move. There were plenty of difficult enemies throughout the game and it left little room for someone to be bored. The map was big but not confusing or easy to get lost in. Some of the swimming sections were redundant but it added to the stress of the game. I'm waiting on part two and can't wait to play it. I really enjoyed this TR1 TRLE!" - g12STL (18-Feb-2021)
"Definitely TR1, and it must be seen as such. It's a pretty huge level set, with plenty of exploration, platforming, crocodiles, lions, panthers and dangerous Atlanteans a-go- go (and that is why I can't use the term isolation here). It seems very carefully planned, even when the routes become multiple and somewhat confusing. More than enough ammo and medipacks (and they are indeed needed, maybe not as much, but I prefer it that way). Very good in the TR1 department, with consistent design and atmosphere. The only thing I'd actually fault would be that extra mili-second it takes when Lara's about to jump, but that's not Sabatu's fault at all. We've been warned about the final black screen, so... Recommended." - Jorge22 (14-Feb-2021)
"Very good level set by Sabatu. A lot of things are on point and executed pretty well, especially for the TR1 engine. Gameplay is pretty much focused on exploration and passing through the simple and hard tasks. Also there is some creativity in creating quite interesting and enjoyable puzzles that I didn't see in TR1 custom so something new. Enemies are placed very well however I think at some moments there are too many of them or they do not fit in a particular area. Secrets are hidden well and can be found by good exploration with nice reward. Atmosphere is very well made with no ambient music that plays only on certain moments creates a lot of mystery and the feeling of being alone in exploring caves. Textures and lighting are on point and they are consistent, I don't have any remarks to this. Recommended for every TR fan." - Mahetus (09-Feb-2021)
"Too much of a good thing actually. I really liked the quirky usage of boulders in this one but the rest has the same gameplay setups repeated many times and it is hard to remember the separate levels as they felt very similar. A thing that worked better with varied environments in the previous solo release of this builder. The design is appealing, with nicely looking larger areas, and the technical side in terms of visuals and object design (with exception of some doors going through solid walls when opened) is fine. It just feels hard to enjoy a level that makes you doing the same things in the same kind of enviroments again and again. Found 15 nicely hidden secrets in 2:10 hours." - manarch2 (04-Feb-2021)
"This sticks to pretty much the same format as what you've come to expect from Sabatu's TR1 releases by now. It won't set anyone's world alight, but it doesn't do anything really wrong either. The environments are well constructed under the constraints of this (by now) rather primitive engine (aside from a couple of minor texture missteps in places), atmosphere is aided well by those nostalgic Nathan McCree audio files, ammo- to-enemy ratio is pretty much spot on as although there are a few overwhelming spots, I never found myself running low and although the gameplay may rely nearly solely on platforming and finding the right route rather than complex puzzles, that doesn't really work against it (but maybe a couple wouldn't have gone amiss throughout a six-level set such as this). I did have to score the audio category lower than the rest because of an issue that seems to be unique to my experience (maybe because I had to install this game via Feder's Nordic Adventure folder as the tombati exe provided with the Rebirth download refused to run) where, in levels 5 and 6, Lara kept saying "nice" every few seconds, except when a new ambient track started. It might just be my game, but it did take away from the atmosphere quite a bit. Still, a solid raiding experience for what it is." - Ryan (04-Feb-2021)
"Okay, I have mixed feelings in regards to this set of TR1 levels. Sabatu is a very good builder when it comes to design and texturing - these levels look great, really polished. He has to be commended for that. However, I found this set to be a bit of a drag to play through because the gameplay was just a little straightforward, and over six levels (which took me 4 or 5 hours) became a little drab. Most levels consist of very linear areas with smaller hub rooms in which you need to find a few keys to open a door, which leads to another small hub room in which you need to accomplish the same task. There are a few puzzles, which I enjoyed (They mixed it up a little), and a lot of enemies to kill. Also - boulders. Sabatu has some kind of boulder fetish. They are everywhere. There comes a point where you begin to tire of the endless supply of boulder traps. I also experienced a fair amount of glitches with this set, including Gorilla's that levitated into the ceiling and centaurs that kept getting stuck in doors they were guarding. Overall, I don't want to go in on Sabatu too hard here, I appreciated these levels and still liked them. I think he is a talented builder and will continue playing his levels. These ARE great TR1 levels. I also understand that he's limited as to what he can achieve with the TR1 engine. But I cannot help agreeing with another reviewer in hoping that his next release is a little more 'daring'" - Passalaqua (03-Feb-2021)
"I cannot roll this enough, this level is "Rolling balls - The game".
Wow, what a nice series of Tomb Raider 1 levels! Sabatu has put his foot on basically every engine, except TR5 one, and conquered it! (Apart from Tomb Raider 3 imo). This level is a bliss to play and brings us in places such as Greece (arguably the best part of the game) and Egypt (still surprisingly good but not my most favourite) in a simple but pretty engaging adventure that helped me relaxing (most of the times) in this terribly stressing period I am experiencing.
The Gameplay is nearly perfect on its own being fun, fast paced, not too repetitive for my taste (despite the find keys formula) and often rewarding. I am not putting a 10 because of one thing I joked on before, there are too many balls in this game! And while it is nice seeing them used quite a lot I deeply felt like some of the placing was either too predictable and unfun to run back to not get hit, either too unforgiving to my unfortunate manner of not saving or saving too much hehe. They are not a bad add, I am not saying this, but they became too predictable so I would hope Sabatu does not make such a high usage next time because ... hehe, that was too much :3
Object usage was quite okay in the game I do not have anything wrong to say on this, same as Secrets, quite nice when found, with the exception of one that was rewardless (maybe Sabatu forgot something in there?) and combatting was good ... EXCEPT the last level, that level is ... oh my gosh, too many Atlantis enemies it ended up really annoying me off in the last rooms and that is a shame becuase otherwisely the rest of the game is quite okay on combatting, still I am gonna go for a 9, that still does make you understand that it is pretty good.
Atmosphere is wow, pretty good actually, I adored Greece's level, especially the intro to the second one, wow! It was gorgeous! Same applies to Egypt! It was pretty good looking and truly was giving me a great vibe! Camera hints were good luckily! But sound usage apparently I had a bug and no track would loop, that is not Sabatu's fault tho, so I am gonna move on :3
Lighting is good enough, I found myself once finding some lighting too bright and sometimes finding it too dark, but still it was pretty decent so it was pretty okay I would say, a 9, except ... the texturing. I am sorry but while the level looks great there are some minor texture errors plus some quite less minor entirely missing textures, not to mention some rooms have some very, very lazy texturing that I really cannot let pass and give it a 9, I will still give it a 8 because the issues are surprisingly minor, but next time Sabatu should slow a bit down and check better around, there are mistakes in the game, quite minor but there are. They is a very fast developer, but they should also remember to test a bit more.
This is overall a fantastical game that really did manage to keep me entertained for a good 3 hours I assume, recommended to check out as it plays surprisingly good and does manage to capture arguably the best of Tomb Raider 1. Waiting for Part 2 ^w^. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (03-Feb-2021)
"Wonderful Tomb Raider 1 level set. Absolutely gorgeous with enough traps, enemies, puzzles and platforming to shake a ponytail at. My ONLY complaint is right at the start of the last level. If you drop down from the passageway there is no way then to get the first key in an alcove off to the left of the entrance. You need to jump and grab the crack above the switch that opens the main doors. As the player has no way of discerning this, it is poor level design or perhaps just mean level design so I am deducting a point off for that. Other than that I really enjoyed my time here over the last two days and it brought back the glory days of raiding for me." - Torry (02-Feb-2021)
"Another good adventure from Sabatu. As always, easy-to-play, hassle-free levels with enough medikits and ammo for extra weapons. This time there may be too many enemies in some areas, but the gameplay is still great with a flavor of old TR games. Excellent work. Looking forward for the next part of this adventure." - Jose (02-Feb-2021)
"Sabatu presents us with another well done tr1 level. I had a chance to play it before it was released and I must say that the environment is beautiful especially in the 5th and 2nd level. The texturing is perfect as well as the lighting. The secrets were well- hidden. However, the only thing I dislike in this series is that I think there were too many enemies, especially in the last level I had 3-4 flying mutants and both were stuck and preventing me to go to the next area. Overall, I enjoyed this adventure and looking forward to play part 2." - Kubsy (01-Feb-2021)
"Another very good levelset made by Sabatu. This one gave me huge nostaligic feels. We exploring there Greece and Egypt. Some locations were very spectacular, mostly in Egypt but also in Greece. Gameplay had some few nice puzzles and some cool tasks but I didn't gave 10 points because there could be some more puzzles. This game had many traps which came unexpectedly and most of time killed me. I noticed that Sabatu loves to hide pickups near the walls, around the corners which are easy to bypass. Texturization and lighting were on tip-top, very good. Secrets were hidden well. Overally, very good TR1 game from Sabatu which makes big nostalgic feels. Definetly recommended and waiting for second part!" - BlackWolfTR (30-Jan-2021)
"This is a Tomb Raider 1 set in the vein of all of Sabatu's more recent releases, with a set of Greek and Egypt levels that are great looking and have lots of multilayered areas and great object use. The texturing and lighting is generally very good, but there are some issues with untextured surfaces which sticks out when everything else is so well executed. The gameplay also follows in the vein of earlier releases, with semi-linear settings and quite a lot of combat (along with a quite well balanced ammo supply), along with a lot of boulders. The gameplay is well executed and provides a decent amount of playtime and variety, but the downside at this point is I can't say I was especially surprised at any point (and what I said in reviews of author's earlier sets generally applies here), and the style has become a little predictable at this point, however refined it is (I also feel TR1 kind of limits the gameplay a bit). Another great set, but I hope the author's next release is a little more daring." - Mman (28-Jan-2021)