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Picard vs Romulans by Franky

DJ Full 5 7 6 6
Jay 7 8 9 9
Jorge22 7 8 8 9
Jose 6 7 8 9
manarch2 3 7 6 5
MichaelP 6 8 7 8
Phil 7 7 8 8
Roberto 8 9 9 9
Ryan 7 8 7 8
release date: 24-Feb-2021
# of downloads: 114

average rating: 7.33
review count: 9
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file size: 129.00 MB
file type: TR4
class: Alien/Space

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"I actually quite liked this short 40 minute adventure in a futuristic setting. The strong enemies are a nice change of pace (but still easily dealt with thanks to equally strong weaponry provided with the revolver and the explosive crossbow ammo). The choice of intense colors gives it a certain vibe that worked for me and the object selection and placement helps the atmosphere. The relatively few tasks to acquire the 5 energy cells are maybe a bit repetitive, but it was not too bad pushing and dropping a few blocks around. The hint texts for the secrets are a nice touch too and of course the ending scene is indeed very cool, so definitely recommended to play through this level, if only to see that one." - MichaelP (19-Mar-2024)
"In the same line of previous levels, Franky offers here more of the same. Sometimes you can get stucked 'cause the new objects you don't know you can move or shoot, but the tasks are not very hard. In the main room, when I shot a borg he died on one of the square objects, so I couldn't pick up the sight and I had to reload (anyway, I never needed the sight to finish the level); and the elevators, if you drop/grab the edge from above and drop to land on them, Picard trespass the moving platforms and can die. In the mirror room I couldn't find a hint to know how to proceed (trial and error) and in the final room again not a hint to know where the finish trigger is. The last video with the captain escaping is very cool. Nothing really innovative here but entertaining anyway." - Jose (06-Sep-2021)
"Here we get 6 elevators leading to 6 rooms from the hub area, and that's it. With gameplay content identical as before, unfortunately such a simplified map doesn't get a chance to work well. Of course the new enemy is a challenge, and the BTB18 package still helps the atmosphere, but the previous episode was much better." - DJ Full (16-May-2021)
"This was not a step upwards for me in the builder's evolution, mainly because the gameplay is even less inspired than before (apart of a very long block puzzle, there is little to do else than exploring a lot of large halls with several side rooms, and only few mild tasks here and there). The looks also feel even wallpapered than before, even if the builder's style has its certain charm and a few areas look better (like the sleeping area). It's all okay in a way but disappointing if you search for creative and inspired gameplay. 30 minutes." - manarch2 (23-Mar-2021)
"This very much carries on where the last one left off so basically if you enjoyed the first outing with Jean Luc you should equally enjoy this one. Franky does seem to have found a niche market for alien levels and, although they are undoubtedly shooters, the atmosphere raises them above the average shooter for me, especially given the good choice of music. Not a long level, but lively and entertaining enough." - Jay (19-Mar-2021)
"Well, I'm glad to see the technical and aesthetic progress in Franky's work (in spite of the huge rooms where, sometimes, things appear out of nothing or aren't so visible - a certain switch - and one has to run around the entire place before finding things). The music (and that has to do with the aesthetics too) is also much better applied than it once was, not just looping, but instead many times when we don't need to put up with it all - a balance. Still, I'm starting to feel the formula is getting a little worn out. Well, you know what you expect, so play if you find sci-fi appealing." - Jorge22 (17-Mar-2021)
"Picard this time has to contend with the Romulans who have occupied his Enterprise. Clashes with enemies are more difficult due to the weapons possessed by the opponents, which sometimes act in pairs and by surprise. Good technical system with the addition of mirrored floors, typical of the spaceship. Secrets are facilitated if the player has forgotten to take them in certain areas, others are well hidden. The music, the sounds are appropriate to the situations that must be faced. The textures and lights have also been taken care of. The level ending makes us foresee that maybe there will be a further adventure or maybe the captain will take some rest, we'll see.." - Roberto (27-Feb-2021)
"If you've played the previous installments in the Stargate series, then you'll have a very good idea of what to expect with this latest one. Not to say that it is tedious, not at all, but just that nothing unexpected occurs and the gameplay tends to follow the same strict format: rather a lot of combat against hordes of enemies (the armoured guards' AI seemed a bit skewed in their favour and they did get overwhelming at times), decent enough looking environments, neat usage of dramatic music (although ambience was a bit silent at parts) and the good old anti-gravity tiles make a return once again. Not a showstopper, but a decent, playable raid." - Ryan (27-Feb-2021)
"I've now played two space levels back to back, something I haven't done since the BtB competition with the outer space motif. This gives me a chance to compare the somewhat disparate offerings, and I must say that I preferred Into the Depths of Space with its TR3 engine. Although Franky's space levels have been a welcome change of pace, I think he's stuck in sort of a rut with the most recent chapters being released less than a month apart. The tasks, the enemies, the secrets, the surroundings, the special effects, all are starting to run together in my mind. I like being supplied powerful weapons with plenty of ammunition to deal with all the alien rogues that are sprinkled throughout these levels, but search and destroy starts to get a bit old after a while. Moreover, this level is shorter than the others, clocking in only at about a half hour in Doggett TV's glitch-free video. Still, it was fun, and if you haven't played the others this does quite well as a stand-alone." - Phil (27-Feb-2021)